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There is a panetary system known as the Quad, it is a place on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class war. There is a threesome of fun, love, and intriguing bounty hunters.  They attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly citizens and other impostors living on the four planets.  How their ingenious ways to capture these deadly citizens confront their own personal issues in more than one way....

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Season 1 : Episode 6

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  • Quite Surprised This Isn't Getting More TV-dot-Com Attention!

    I consider this right up with Dark Matter in terms of quality. Sure, it's comparing apples to oranges; what I'm saying is that they're both very tasty. Killjoys, as befits the name, is a flashy, stylish romp, while Dark Matter (as befits the name) is a bit more of a cerebral slow-burn.

    Both shows have done some great work with their characters, with Killjoys succeeding admirably at using a few sparing conceits (long working relationship, brotherly love, history of trauma) to quickly and efficiently bring together a tightly-knit team of three very different, very likeable people, all of whom have great chemistry. (This isn't easy to do---there's a reason you don't see many three-person teams in television... and really, you stupid site, please stop deleting every punctuation mark just because it looks like it might be a URL, I've had to edit this three times)

    And then there's the world-building: Killjoys has done an excellent job at steadily fleshing out the Quad and its citizens while avoiding exposition. It's great that I know the names of three of the four planets/moons in the Quad, plenty of details about their inhabitants, lots of their slang, the "big bads" (corporations/the Nine)... and yet I can't remember all that much exposition, where characters wasted time _telling_ me these details.

    The acting is solid, the storytelling is great, the setting is imaginative and unique (with a few much-appreciated nods to Firefly)... what's not to love?moreless
  • So far; so good.

    They have taken the time and paid their dues by actually establishing their universe.

    They managed to side step (for now) the turd that would have been a Dutch-D'Avin love plot or . . . possible triangle with John . . .

    And it looks like they have created enough mysteries to keep character development going but not so much that they end up as LOST in space.

  • So far so good...

    It's growing on me. I like it more with each episode. But at times the shakey-cam is distracting. Maybe I'm just burnt out on shakey-cam. It was kind of cool & edgy, ten years ago -- but it is just over-used too much these days. Shakey-cam has become tiresome.

    I like the storyline. The action sequences are well choreographed and fast paced, and are tied in well to the story instead of inserted egregiously to fill time.

    For a limited budget production, they do a lot with what they have to work with. I'll keep watching.moreless
  • I Like it!!!

    Yay, nice to see a sci-fi show that doesn't deal with aliens wanting to dominate the planet earth for once but instead focused on enforcers with some mad skills... I'm bored with the repetitive amnesia type series in both fiction and non-fiction where someone, or something are always on a mish to find themselves... a pleasant change, great cast with cool and likeable characters, great FX too.
  • Cookie-Cutter Cliche SciFi

    It's an amalgam of what a scifi show is expected to look like. Nothing new nor innovative. Nor even particularly interesting. Characters are light and two-dimensional (despite the beatings and fights). Pales in comparison to Dark Matter's layered characters and interesting plot questions that are unfolding.

    Syfyght: Which Is Better, Killjoys or Dark Matter?

    Syfy's two new shows have developed two very different fan camps, so let's figure out which show is better and settle this argument.

  • Killjoys Series Premiere Review: A Standard Start for a Stock Sci-Fi Syfy Series

    This show is about as straight-forward as it gets, even for Syfy.

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