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AIRED ON 8/21/2015

Season 1 : Episode 10

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There is a planetary system known as the Quad, it is a place on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class war. There is a threesome of fun, love, and intriguing bounty hunters.  They attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly citizens and other impostors living on the four planets, yet their ingenious ways to capture these deadly citizens confront their own personal issues in more than one way....


    Syfy Sets Premiere Dates for Killjoys and Dark Matter

    The space shows will be back in time for America's birthday.


    Syfyght: Which Is Better, Killjoys or Dark Matter?

    Syfy's two new shows have developed two very different fan camps, so let's figure out which show is better and settle this argument.

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    • Not bad... not great... at least we have sci-fi on the market.

      I'm into science fiction and for years it was my predominate genre, back when we regularly had Star Treks and Stargates, and before SyFy ruined itself with a name change to distinguish it's direction away from science fiction and into wrestling, but despite that I'm not a huge fan of this show. I guess you could say that I'm happy to see SyFy try to get back to it's roots but at the same time this show isn't the best.

      The effects are pretty good but the set design seems pretty cheap. I realize it's hard to pull off different worlds on a budget but they all seem to suffer from samey-ness. Personally I'd rather see more bounty hunts rather than the same internal conflicts that plague every episode. It's like they're ruining a great idea for a TV show, instead of "elite bounty hunters in space" we have "trio of angsty soldiers fighting each other in the same place week after week".moreless
    • A Trip Into Predictibility

      After watching the first episode it wasn't hard to see how incredibly juvenile the writing style of this series really was. To top it all off the story line is weak, the plot incredibly predictable and the characters plain and boring like dried out stale bread. Clearly this show was written and produced off a template model archetype, the whole series built into one neat and unsatisfying package.

      As for the special effects, yeah nice and pretty so we know where the budget ended up, clearly isn't wasn't to paying the actors, who do a poor job portraying their poorly written characters with the exception of Ashmore, who at least attempts to show up to the set and not phone the episode in from their dressing rooms. But then even a good actor can get stuck in poor screen writing.

      Maybe this works for easy to please types, for die hard science fiction fans and people who like shows that are intelligent, it falls way too short. Those that would like this series, women and angst driven teens. Sorry sy-fy, maybe you'll have better luck with the next cookie cutter series you pipe out, but this one for most people, DOA.moreless
    • a fun easy ride

      what a great show i really enjoy this its fun easy to watch very enjoyable
    • Pleasantly suprised!

      In search for something new and pleasant after the utter disappointment that Almost Human was cancelled, Killjoys has finally been able to grab and hold my attention. The first episodes were a bit a puzzle for me - not a native speaker, I did struggle a wee bit with some of the terms used in the beginning. But once I got the hang of the do's and don'ts of Killjoys, I was sucked into it big time. The underlying, omni-present tension between the two brothers with Dutch in the middle, their teamwork and at the same time the smouldering uneasiness is a great story arc.

      I'm more of 'less muscle, more brains'-kinda girl, so at first I wasn't too impressed with D'avin, but soon it became clear that there's a lot more to him than meets the eye. His scared, shaken look after the stabbing: 'Dutch, I remember everything!' Great acting.

      Dutch rocks. Period. Strong, independent and desperate to find answers about her unclear past. And don't you just feel yummie about that beautiful accent of hers?

      Johnny is the Big Bang Theory Nerd in the show without the nerdiness but with lots of cool and cunning and guts and I love that character. His clear turmoil about his loyalty towards Dutch and/or D'avin is quite gripping.

      Yes, I'm in. I am. It's a shame the season only has 10 episodes (one of which will broadcast in a few days) and then we're just left dangling until the next season. Which will be.... when?

      And errr... ps... Lucy... can I get one of those? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    • Firefly it's not...

      ... but I'm really enjoying this show very much. Sometimes a small budget pays off in unexpected ways - with Killjoy we get interesting characters and solid world-building form episode one. It has a nice mix of procedural (the warrant of the week) and serialized (why trained Klein Dutch to become a killer, who stole D'avin's memory, what the frac are those rebellious monks up to) elements. The plots always contribute to the world building, although some I liked better than others. Apart from getting a bit exposition on occasion, the dialogues are fresh and funny. Most importantly, the characters have real chemistry and are fully 3 dimensional. Whether it's Dutch & John's deep friendship, Dutch & D'avin's budding romance or John & D'avin's strained relationship.

      Obviously this is all a matter of taste, but I'm really enjoying the ride so far and would like to see it get a second season so I can find out more about this world and these people. Bounty hunters is space - Yay!moreless
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