Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 14

A Sitch in Time

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 28, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • When Ron unexpectedly moves to Norway, Kim is left to fight villians on her own, and after numerous failures is brought back to the past to save the future from the supreme one (Shego).

    A Sitch in time is one of my favorite movies of all time! It's funny and the plot is astounding! And for all of you Kim and Ron shipees out there like me, if you look deep enough you start to see some of the first hints that they might like each other more than they're leading on! In this movie, we're basically seeing a bump in the road in Kim and Ron's friendship, only for it to be conquered and there relationship built stronger. In my opinion, next to So The Drama, and A League Of Their Own, this is one of the best movies ever made!
  • This was a very funny movie.

    So my sister recorded this on the dvr and watches it a lot to say the least. And for some reason i watch it with her i just really liked the movie though i liked so not the drama way better then this one even though this was a little bit more funny cause they didn't have Ron do as much comedy as in this one. So theres a time machine and it has to deal with drakken new plan to take over the world. But really hes not the culprint but shego is. The last person kim would except.
  • Kim and Ron must stop Shego, who now controls time.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Kim Possible. I thought it was funny how Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan teamed up to search for the Time Monkey. It was funny seeing them constantly arguing. I was sad when Ron moved away. Monique is okay, but she's not the same. It was funny seeing her reactions during the battle though. I liked how we were able to see Kim and Ron in flashbacks, such as: their first day of kindergarten and their first mission. The ending could have been better, though it was interesting to see Wade and the Tweebs older. I think it's weird how Ron and Kim didn't remember any of what happened at the end of the movie.
  • Ron has moved to Norway, leaving Kim to save the world on her own. And when her enemies team up to steal a time machine, the future looks even darker. Now Kim must travel through time to stop the villians before time runs out.

    This movie is good. There are many surprises, cool fight scenes, and plot twists. The only thing I found unlikable was that everything returned to the way it was at the beginning, so it was like the whole thing never happened. Despite this, the movie was fantastic with all the comedy, action, and surprises. As good as this movie is though, I like So The Drama more. It was more life-changing, and people maintained their memories (who could forget that adventure?)
  • A pretty good movie to add to the collection of a great series.

    It's such a great movie-they even made a game of it on Disney Channel! Anyway, this movie features Kim having to acknowledge that Ron must move away which leads them to drift further away from themselves and their heroic acts. Monique tries to help Kim but doesn't do so well when her clumsiness ends up getting in the way on missions she goes on for the first time. This movie is a great installment to the series. Don't take my wod for it, see it yourself ;)