Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 14

A Sitch in Time

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 28, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Kim and Ron are fighting the stone gorilla, Kim does a flip off the wall to get over the gorilla. When she does the flip, she grabs Ron's hand and pulls him to run with her. In the next cut, Ron is a few yards ahead of her, and they aren't holding hands. Cut again, and they are holding hands but with Ron pulling her.

    • When Monique is trying to make Kim feel better by pretending to be Ron in Bueno Nacho, she wipes her mouth with her arm and there is some cheese on it. In the next shot, there isn't any cheese on it (with no get away for her to wipe it off).

    • After Monkey Fist delivers his speech about the stone guardian of Satsuma, the camera zooms out and his body (except for his head) is missing.

    • Drakken, Killigan, and Monkey Fist are handcuffed after the incident with the rock gorilla. Then when Kim says "Your Supreme One's right here.", Drakken has his finger in his ear . . .when he was supposed to be handcuffed!

    • During the movie Shego is missing the black collar around her neck and even the people in the future don't have it either. Neither does the "Supreme One"

    • When Kim says, "No not at all" her lower lip is not filled in.

    • Before the scene where Kim is beeped and waken up by Ron in the middle of the night, it shows the Possible house with all the lights on.

    • The man who drove Kim & Monique off in the Australian outback was driving a Hummer with left-hand drive. Australian cars, buses and trucks have right-hand drive.

    • She thinks the Supreme One is Drakken because the clothes are worn by Shego, his sideckick, or underling.

  • Quotes

    • Shego: I'm stuck with the Freak Stooges.

    • (Monique is commenting on Duff Killagan's modus operendi)
      Monique: Golf balls that explode?
      Kim Possible: Welcome to my world.

    • Ron: 'Scuse me, scary orb thing? Where are you taking us?
      Robot: The attitude adjustment center.
      Kim: Isn't that the high school?
      Robot: Prepare to be drained of all individuality and spirit.
      Ron: Yep, high school.

    • Ron: (explaning why he can't wait for Latin class) Are you kidding? I can't wait for Latin class! The salsa dancing, the salsa eating... (Rufus licks his lips) ...I already know my research project, The Down-Low on J-Lo.
      Kim: Ron, this is Latin as in the language. The dead language.
      Ron: No salsa?
      Kim: No J-Lo.

    • Kim: (about the sewers) So far so good.
      Ron: (frowning) Oh really? Tell that to my shoes.

    • Kim: (sadly watching Ron as he moves away) ...Bye Ron.

    • Kim: Then we'll go lower.
      Ron: Sewers. Aw man! There's a whole rainbow of smells down here!
      Rufus: Pee-Yew!

    • Preschool Ron: (preschool Kim is being picked on by Preschoolers Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Killagan) Leave her alone! It's her turn! Taking turns is the basic foundation of pre-school. The jungle-law of daycare is behind us. We have structure, we have rules!

    • Dr. Drakken: There's no such thing as mystical monkey power.
      Monkey Fist: You wouldn't know mystical monkey power if you held it in your tiny little hands.
      Duff Killagan: Aye, they are wee small digits!

    • Preteen Kim: Okay, type in
      Preteen Ron: Loading... Loading...Kim Possible: She can do anything. Yeah, you know, it sounds a little braggy.
      Preteen Kim: It's like a commercial, Ron. It's supposed to be braggy.

    • Dr. Drakken: Shego! Have you forgotten the talk we had about hurting with our words?

    • Kim: Shego is the Supreme One? Well, you could've mentioned that.
      Rufus 3000: I thought it was obvious.
      Ron: Uh huh, sure. But just run it down for Kim's sake.
      Rufus 3000: Wasn't it clear that Shego was the only one smart enough to take over the world?
      Kim: Uh, well, I guess it always seemed more like a guy thing.

    • Rufus 3000: (with all naked mole rats gathered) Rufus Prime, what is the meaning of life?
      Rufus: Cheese!

    • Kim: talking to Ron who is in Norway Sounds like you're adjusting.
      Ron: Oh, ja. That's Norwegian, or French.

    • Ron: (to Shego) You know, in this light you're kinda cute.

    • Duff Killagan: Ah've got yer rebels right here, oh, Supreme One, no thanks ta Monkey Boy.
      Monkey Fist: There were so many mole rats. So naked!

    • Kim Possible: Didn't they miss me?
      Future Jim & Tim: Jim Oh, yeah. But, Dad always said...
      Dr. Possible: Well, at least Kimmie's just lost in the time stream and not staying out late with some *boy*.

    • Ron: My dad finally said I could have a pet, but no fur. And you'd be surprised how many mammals have fur.

    • Shego: Hey, guys! Why don't you work as a "team", and put the stupid head on "together"?
      Dr. Drakken: But I hate sharing!
      Duff Killagan: No sharing!
      Monkey Fist: Then we shall not share, together!
      Dr. Drakken: Yes! (Drakken, Monkey Fist and Killigan struggles for control of the idol head. Shego hangs her head and sighs in defeat)

    • Dr. Drakken: Why you got to leave me hangin' like that, yo?

    • Kim: (giving Ron his own communicator) Now you can call me or beep me, you know, if you wanna reach me.

    • Kim: I'm tired of playing defense. I'm taking the fight to Shego.
      Ron: You're going to the future?
      Kim Possible: Yeah.
      Ron: Okay, okay. From here on out... (cracks his knuckles) We're in this together, KP.
      Rufus 3000: But the danger to the time stream... it's impossible.
      Kim: 'Impossible?' Check my name.

    • Kim: (to Ron) I couldn't save the world without you.

    • Dr. Drakken: surprised KIM POSSIBLE?
      Monkey Fist: WHY do you always act SO surprised?
      Dr. Drakken: confused Hmm... I don't know.

    • (Future Shego pulls Present Shego off to the side)
      Future Shego: Listen, we don't have a lot of time. Ok, actually, we do. Well... we will.
      Shego: When you want to make sense, just let me know.
      Future Shego: Grab the Time Monkey.
      Shego: Why?
      Future Shego: You need the Time Monkey.
      Shego: Can't I just use yours?
      Future Shego: No, this is mine! OK, well, actually it's yours too. I mean, well, it's the one you're gonna to steal, so technically...
      Shego: If you need me, I'll be in there watching Kim Possible lose.
      Future Shego: Trust me, this whole rock gorilla deal is gonna go south. So when it does, make sure you get that Time Monkey!
      Shego: Run through this again for me.

    • (the villians are discussing how best to use their newly-acquired time travel ability)
      Dr. Drakken: I have run a complete analysis of Kim Possible's life, and have calculated the exact day when she will be most vulnerable.
      Shego: Sounds smart.
      Dr. Drakken: We must go undercover, using this juvenator.
      Shego: Juvenator? Wh-wh-what's a juvenator?
      Drakken activates the juvenator, which turns him into a 4-year-old
      Young Drakken: Cool.
      Shego: Okay, just got dumb.

    • (Drakken and Killagan are bickering aboard their jet airplane)
      Monkey Fist: Can you two buffoons take this outside?
      Duff Killagan: At 30,000 feet?
      Monkey Fist: Precisely.

    • Young Ron: Sharing is one of the fundamental principales of pre-school. The jungle laws of daycare are behind us! We've got rules! We've got structure!
      Young Drakken: Get him!

    • Kim: Okay, they've got to be looking for the head. Can you tap into the Global Justice spy satellite?
      Wade: In my sleep.
      Kim: Then take a nap, and scan for Drakken.

    • Monkey Fist: Calm yourself, Killigan. I have returned and I've brought a piece of the past with me.

    • Future Monkey Fist: (after Ron breaks time monkey) Fool, you might unravel the very fabric of time!
      Ron: Wait, I can fix it!

    • Ron: Time travel... it's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.

  • Notes

    • Contrary to popular belief, this movie is actually considered a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie).

    • The "Call Me, Beep Me!" remix was only used in the broadcast version. The DVD uses "This Year," by the A*Teens as the closing theme.

    • Songs from the "KP" soundtrack heard over the course of the movie: "Work It Out", "Get Up on Ya Feet", "E! is for Everybody", "It's Just You", and Tony Phillps' "Call Me, Beep Me!" remix. Instrumental cues based on the "The Naked Mole Rap" are also present in the score (as is not uncommon this season).

    • This is the first Disney Channel Original Movie based on a TV show not to be shown at the end of the series' run.

    • Animation Production by: Starburst Animation Co., Ltd
      Released to Disney DVD and video on March 16, 2004.

    • This was the first Disney Channel TV Movie that was made into three completely seperate episodes

  • Allusions

    • Bring It on:

      The opening sequence for ASiT is just like the opening sequence for the movie Bring It on, where the cheerleaders are dancing to a song in the beginning. (And showing close-ups of individuals)

    • Title: A Sitch in Time:

      The title "A Sitch in Time" is a play on the old proverb "A stitch in time saves nine".

    • Shego: I am stuck with the freak stooges.

      Shego is referring the three villians as the three stooges when they are acting like idiots and arguing