Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 17

A Sitch in Time: Past (2)

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 28, 2003 on Disney Channel
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A Sitch in Time: Past (2)
Kim has to live (and fight) in the past when a Naked Mole-Rat messenger from the future warns her of a supreme evil in his time. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan try to defeat Kim at her most vulnerable: pre-K and pre-teen, while Shego looks to her own future.moreless

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  • The bad guys and fight Kim when she is in pre-K and a pre-teen and Shego looks to her own future.

    Kim has to live (and fight) in the past when a Naked Mole-Rat messenger from the future warns her of a supreme evil in his time. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan try to defeat Kim at her most vulnerable: pre-K and pre-teen, while Shego looks to her own future. This episode is a part of the stitch in time movie. This is part 2 of 3. My favorite part of this episode is when a Naked Mole-Rat messenger from the future that warns her (Kim) of a supreme evil (Shego). Another favorite part of this part 2 of this movie is when we see Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan how they looked like in pre-K and as a pre-teen.moreless
  • This episode showed us a little about Kim's past.

    Overall, this part of the movie was very good. I loved seeing how Kim and Ron met and why Ron got Rufus. The fight scenes were pretty good and I liked how they set up the time travel sequences.

    It was cute to see Kim and Ron together when they were in Pre-K. "You're weird, but I like you." That line was one of my favorites.

    I rated it a 9.2, taking off points for the timing. Jim and Tim weren't supposed to be born for another two years. Other than that, A Sitch In Time: Part Two went well.moreless
  • Like the previous segment, this is the beginning of the end of the series. I liked this episode more than Present (1) but it was not as exciting.

    A Sitch in Time: Past (2) was a good episode. I think it was about high time Kim learnt the words in a dictionary.

    Anyway, I liked pre-K Duff Killigan, he was the cutest! The rest looked like real bullies! Anyway, I think I really couldn't do anything but feel sorry for poor Kim. I think without what the villians did, how will she cope with pre-school. I guess everyone hates school! I also thought as irritating as Ron may seem, I think he is a good friend to Kim who defended her and thats how they saved the world!

    The pre-teen Kim part was also exciting and this episode was "the beginning of the end" as we are being mentioned to Team Impossible and how KP became a crime-fighting cheerleader instead of a babysitter.

    There were no other flaws with the episode excpet for Drakken, Duff and Monkey Fist in jail with i felt sorry for. I hope you read my review for A Sitch in time: Future (3) soon!moreless
  • Separated by different continents, Kim and Ron reluctantly agree to end their world saving team. But then Kim is visited by Rufus 3000, who informs her that she must travel in time to stop Drakken and company from destroying her past.moreless

    Part 2 of “A Sitch in Time” is entitled “Past”. This episode is special because is shows us the origins of the Possible – Stoppable Team. First we see how Kim met Ron during their first day of Pre-K, and we see their first mission, which was rescuing a millionaire from a security laser system gone haywire. Along the way, we see why Ron got a naked mole rat for a pet and how Kim joined the cheerleader squad. The stone gorilla sequence was fun to watch, and it was cool that Ron was the one who destroyed it. Another one of my favorite scenes was watching Ron trying to tell his past self to keep the hairdo he gets in “The New Ron”. Unfortunately, the kid was more interested in Ron’s “future hat”. Shego is my favorite villain, so it was great watching her double cross her teammates and become the supreme one. “Past” was truly imaginative and a joy to watch, and perfectly sets up the final act in “A Sitch in Time”.moreless
Richard Gilliland

Richard Gilliland


Guest Star

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Pre-Kindergarten Kim

Guest Star

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Rufus 3000

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Teacher, Cheerleader, Mrs. Mahoney

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The guard who stops Kim and Ron in the future looks similar to Lars, the new manager at Bueno Nacho in "So the Drama".

    • When Drakken use the Tempus Simia, they should traveled to another time, instead they transported to his lair.

    • When Kim is trying out for the cheerleading squad the bars are together then when she swings on them they are apart.

    • Monkey Fist shouldn't have been late. After he found the samurai gorilla, he could just go forward in time and stop right before Duff says "he has the power of time, and he's late!"

    • Ron is not visible in the wide shot of the napping toddlers.

    • Ron's mouth disappears for a handful of frames immediately after he announces his parents' long-in-coming decision to allow him a (furless) pet.

    • When pre-teen Kim finishes her try-out routine, Bonnie bites off part of her pencil. When you next see it, the pencil is whole (with no cutaway to for her to grab another).

    • Voice-over goof: This takes place during the segment where Rufus3000 first arrives. When we see Wade (in person, not through the Kimmunicator) and he says "I don't think that's Rufus" (I think that's the line), the wrong voice effect is used. They give him the tinny sound we usually hear when he's speaking to Kim through the 'municator, instead of using no effect at all, when we see him "in person".

    • During her cheerleading tryout, Kim leaps from the trampoline to the rings. But she jumps in from the wrong direction; the trampoline can be seen behind and to the right of the rings, but Kim jumps in from the left.

    • After the Juvenator is used, other than size and clothing (for Drakken at least), nothing is changed on the villains (ie- Monkey Fist has opposable toes, Drakken's blue) except for Duff Killigan. When he's napping, you can clearly see he's lost his sideburns and beard and they've turned into hair! In Adventures in Rufus-sitting, it is revealed Killigan is bald. While this can be said is a cover-up, because toddlers don't have beards, Monkey Fist should have normal hands and feet and Drakken should be normal-skinned, which they don't.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (When Kim, Ron, and Rufus 3000 step into the future.
      Preteen Ron: Confused?
      Preteen Kim: Oh yeah.
      Preteen Ron: Good. I thought it might just be me.

    • Shego: Ugh, I'm working with a man named Monkey Fist. My evil career has hit an all-time low.

    • Kim: You like time travel? Allow me to knock you into the next century. (Knocks binoculars out of Shego's hands)
      Shego: Allow me to make you history.

    • Pre-K Ron (defending Pre-k Kim from the villains): Leave her alone! It's her turn! Taking turns is the basic foundation of pre-school! The jungle law of daycare is behind us! We have structure! We have rules!
      Drakken: Get him.
      (villains laughing)
      Pre K-Ron: I'm warning you! I have an imaginary friend. He's huge. Rufus!
      Pre-K Kim: Hey, bullies! Hi-yah!

    • Young Ron: Future me isn't afraid of monkeys! I get brave!
      Young Kim: You'd have to be to be dressed like that.

    • Future Shego: Listen closely...
      Present Shego: I can't believe it; I've told Drakken a thousand times, no clones!
      Future Shego: I am not a clone.
      Present Shego: You're not?
      Future Shego: I'm you, from the Future.
      Present Shego: Ugh. I hate time travel.

    • Future Shego: Look, you need to get the Time Monkey!
      Present Shego: Why, can't I just use yours?
      Future Shego: No this one's mine!

    • Ron: So, everything's hakuna, right?

    • Shego: (Sighs) How long can it take to crush the sprit of a four year old?

    • Kim: Buckle up boys. The hurt is on!

    • Rufus 3000: Hicca Bicca Boo!
      Kim: Huh?
      Rufus 3000: (slowly) Hic. . . a-bic. . . a-boo.

    • Ron: Am I the only one who sees the giant monkey?!

    • Pre-teen Ron: Naked mole rats, they're the pets of the future.

    • Shego: We need a plan, a smart plan.
      Drakken: Sidekicks are to be seen and not heard, Shego. (to Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan) We need a plan, a smart plan.

    • Pre-teen Bonnie: Kim, we're going to start practice!
      Pre-teen Kim: Oh! Sorry! I swear I'll never ever ditch again! Promise!

    • Monkey Fist: Oh no, she's here!
      Dr. Drakken: The little brat?
      Monkey Fist: The big brat.

    • Pre-K Ron: Did that one kid have opposable toes?
      Pre-K Kim: You're weird, but I like you.

    • Drakken: I have run a computer analysis of Kim Possible's life and have calculated the exact day when she will be most vulnerable.
      Shego: Sounds smart.
      Drakken: We must go undercover using this Juvenator.
      Shego: Juvenator? What's a Juvena...?
      (squeak heard offscreen)
      Pre-K Drakken: Cool!
      Shego: Okay, just got dumb.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Recess:

      When Ron says that the jungle laws of kindergarten are over, this is a reference to Recess, also a Disney show.

    • Back To The Future 2:

      When past Rufus and present look at each other present Rufus passes out, in Back To The Future 2, when present Jennifer and future Jennifer see each other they both passed out.

    • Back To The Future:

      When Ron is looking at his photo album history changes and the photo changes which happens in all 3 Back To The Future movies, what Doc calls "the ripple effect of time"

    • Present Kim: ...don't try to kiss Walter Nelson.

      This sounds a bit like something Marty told his parents(in the past) in Back to the Future to make his life easier.

      Marty: If one of your kids accidentally sets fire to the living room rug, go easy on him.

    • Pre-Teen Bonnie: Tin teeth? I gave her a routine no girl can do.

      The scene where Bonnie comes up with a routine she thinks Kim can't do is similar to the cheerleading try-out scenes in Bring it on and Bring it on Again where the head cheerleader comes up with a routine they think the people trying out can't do. And just like Kim, a lot of them prove that they are able to do them.