Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 16

A Sitch in Time: Present (1)

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 28, 2003 on Disney Channel
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A Sitch in Time: Present (1)
Ron's family suddenly relocates to Norway, leaving Kim and Ron trying to keep their team intact. But when Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan join forces to steal a monkey-shaped time-portal stone, the Stoppable/Possible team is quite possibly stopped. Even though Ron tries to make sure it isn't.moreless

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  • Ron moves to Norway, Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan try to steal a monkey-shaped time-portal stone.

    Ron's family suddenly relocates to Norway, leaving Kim and Ron trying to keep their team intact. But when Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan join forces to steal a monkey-shaped time-portal stone, the Stoppable/Possible team is quite possibly stopped. Even though Ron tries to make sure it isn't. In other faster words Ron moves to Norway, Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan try to steal a monkey-shaped time-portal stone. My favorite part of part one of this movie is when we can feel that the Stoppable/Possible team is quite possibly over. I hope that you liked this part 1 of 3 part of this movie.moreless
  • In this episode Ron and his family are sent to Norway. While he's away The villens team up together and have a plot to steal the tempus simia idle. Because of Ron being away the villens get away every time Kim Possible tries to stop them.moreless

    I thought this episode and the other three parts that continue it were really fun to watch. It is a fun concept to think about: seeing your past. This part of the Sitch in Time also shows you what could happen if Kim and Ron were not working together. When they were apart it showed Kim could not defeat anyone. And even though the bad guys did get away with the idle at the end, it showed that in the scene with Kim and Ron trying to stop them from taking the idle they did work really well together. It was a lot of to watch and I really anjoyed it.moreless
  • A Sitch in Time: Present(1) was what I might say as the beginning of the ending of the series.

    Like I said before, this episode was the start of Ron and Kim's new school year. (What are they now? Sophomores or Seniors?) Anyway, the episode was quite well done in my opinion.

    I liked the way the characters were potrayed and how Kim and Ron each dealt with the problem of them not being able to communicate. It seems that i was very excited that Drakken, Shego, Killigan and Monkey Fist teamed up to steal the Tempus Simia Idol. I also liked Monique's attempts to save the day althought I thought she deserved better.

    The only flaw I had with the episode was that we never got a chance to see more about Ron's parents or their jobs which makes this episode not as good as I hoped for.moreless
  • Ron’s family moves to Norway, putting a real strain on the Possible – Stoppable Team. Just as this happens, the villain team up of Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan look to steal the Tempus Simia, a device that can rewrite history.moreless

    Technically, “A Sitch in Time” was the first Kim Possible movie, but since Disney Channel wants to give that title to “So the Drama”, Sitch has been broken up into a three-part episode. Part one is entitled “Present”. This episode shows how much Kim and Ron mean to each other. You could tell that the two who meant to be together. Like the heart wrenching hug the two shared before Ron left, to Kim saying “Ron, I couldn’t save the world without you.” “A Sitch in Time” did a better job selling Kim’s feelings for Ron than “So the Drama” did. Ron’s attempts to stay teammates with Kim was pretty amusing, especially his voyage to Central Africa. My favorite line was when Ron said to the elephant, “Oh, come on! You’re slower than the camel!” The team of villains also provided some good laughs, especially Shego being forced to be the glue that held the “Freak Stooges” together. Monique even got some good screen time. The poor girl got her first taste of superhero action when Kim, using the infamous “Puppy Dog Pout”, dragged her along on a mission. The action sequences were also well done, but the song that was playing during the battle in the temple was beyond annoying. “Present” works well on its’ own and does a nice job setting up the story for “A Sitch in Time”.

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  • TRIVIA (14)

    • A running gag throughout this portion of the movie is Ron mistaking any non-english language for another.

    • When Kim is let out of the sarcophagus in the museum, her hair is messed up. When the camera comes back a moment later, her hair is perfect again.

    • Whenever Ron's parents have something big to tell him, they prefer to let actions speak for themselves. This is apparent throughout the series. In this episode, when asking about them moving, his father replied "The sign was our way of telling you". Another instance is when Ron is taken by suprise of his new baby sister in the episode Big Bother.

    • After Monique finishes eating her grande size nachos she wipes some cheese from her face onto her arm. The cheese disappears in the next shot.

    • When this airs on its own, the movie logo is gone but the sound it made remains.

    • Drakken's collar turns blue twice in this episode: (1) When he says "Hmm. Mutant showoff" and (2) when he says "Who's she? Where's the buffoon?"

    • When Kim is looking in the Latin dictionary she is at "T" but she flips left and is at "S" but S comes before T.

    • During Kim's late-night Kimmunicator chat with Ron, her thumb is briefly colored as though it were gloved.

    • In the temple of The Tempus Simia, when Shego says "excuse me?", both her right and left arms are black.

    • As Kim and Ron pull apart from each other post-hug, Kim's hand goes through Ron's neck and Ron's hand goes through Kim's side.

    • The closed captioning identifies Ms. Ogehs as Ms. Olga, and the Ronnunicator as the Ron Newnicator.

    • Duff Killigan never enters the time portal in the temple. Monkey Fist enters first, then Shego, then Drakken (after an annoying taunt), and then the portal closes. While it's possible Duff could have entered in between Shego and Drakken, they should have at least shown his hat going past.

    • Middleton High doesn't seem like a high school that's focused on anything let alone the humanities, and usually only those type of high schools have languages like Latin.

    • I find it funny that Monkey Fist continually complains about sidekicks in this movie, when on the show HE's needed help from Bates, Fredrick, Fukishima, and Kim herself!

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    • Back to the Future:

      The way the last two episodes of ASiT start out when they air on their own is very similar to the way the last two Back to the Future movies start out: First, it shows an prologue of what happend earlier and then it moves on to the episode.

    • Tomb Raider:

      The idea of an ancient artifact with the power of time travel that was separated and hidden at the opposite side of the earth is very similar to the Triangle of Light in the first Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie.

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