Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 19

A Very Possible Christmas

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Dec 05, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • We get to see Ron, Shego, Drakken, and the Possibles in a whole different way!

    It starts out when Ron goes to the Possible's house for Christmas, I don't know why. Ron said that nothing is gonna bring him down, but when the chancelle Snowman Hank. He loses it big time! Kim tries to cheer him up by giving him his Hanukkah present, a video scrapbook. Kim has to leave for a while, so Ron feels very guilty because he gave her Bueno Nacho bueno bucks. So when Wade tells him that Drakken and Shego are on the lose, he ends up stopping their next plan.
    Meanwhile, Shego brings the last part of his "take over the world" plan. She says that she is leaving him for her vacation. So ends up having to do his plan all by himself.
    That's when Ron and Rufus are at his Lair, right before Ron got out of an awkward moment. Drakken is about to accually do his work, "correctly," Rufus pulls the plug. He gets mad at Ron, and they start to fight. In the middle of fight, they send off the escape pods and a self disstract button. So the end up going in to a trash bin, and go to the North Pole.
    Kim and her family get back from caroling, Kim notices that Ron left. she gets worried and wonders why he is gone. In the middle of a Possible family thing, Wade call Kim to tell her that Ron's in big trouble. She doesn't want to leave, but she does want to go help Ron. So her family tells her that it is okay for her to leave.
    She ends up going around the world to find him, but no luck. So her family pitches in to help her out. Jim and Tim fing out that they are at the North Pole, because they saw Shego there on Xreme Xmas.
    The Possibles go to the North Pole to save Ron. She runs into Shego, who is here because Drakken did something nice for her. Kim finds Ron, and thanks him for what he has done. Soon, Drakken and Ron tell everybody about how they made up until New Years. So they all sing a song to celibrate how happy they are!
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