Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 15

All the News

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 01, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • A new reality TV star becomes all the rage...

    Her name is Adrena Lynn and all her stunts make Kim seem dull by comparison but when Kim tries to save from a stunt gone wrong (about to turn deadly) Kim discovers that she just rescued a dummy. Meanwhile Ron becomes a student reporter for the school newspaper and badly misquotes Kim by making it seem like she has a thing for Brick Flagg who must be brain damaged or something because he's lacking some intelligence. Not only that but Ron writes an article that exposes Adrena Lynn as a fraud who faked all her stunts. As a result Adrena Lynn's popularity plummets and her show is axed. To get even and perhaps to salvage her image as a super stunter she kidnaps Ron and Brick at an amusement park in dangerous situations in order to have Kim save them and prove herself. Even more Adrena Lynn's film crew hacks local channels to give them an audience. Not only does Kim best Lynn publically but Lynn is proven to be a petty coward.

    The plot of the show sounds interesting but it falls short due to out of character antics and the villainess was quite weak and lame. Adrena Lynn was athletic and could pull off an elegant stunt but she was all talk and no walk. She wouldn't have gotten far without her film crew. The rescue scene from the amusement park would've be better as a showdown between Kim an d Lynn. Even more Ron should know better than to betray Kim like that; by writing what he knew was a lie in the paper because it got him and Brick in danger plus put Kim in a awkward situation. Guess he didn't learn from Royal Pain. Kim should ditch him for another friend for pulling that little stunt.
  • You see, this is why I skip to the comics.

    Okay, take a beleaguered heroine, severely out-of-character behavior, inconsequential plotting and a weak villainess. Put them together and what do you get? You really wanna know? Okay, but you were forewarned.

    The villainess, such as she is, is Adrena-Lynn, an extreme stunts enthusiast whose supposedly dangerous (and dangerously imitatable) stunts lead to her cancellation. In coming to her rescue, Kim has a hand in exposing her as a fraud.

    This is just one more problem she has to face here, as her social life takes a nose dive when she's linked to footballer Brick Flagg, who's missing a few eggs from his dozen. Much to her horror (and my chagrin), the post-pubescent paparazzo behind the story turns out to be...her best friend Ron?! Did somebody say 'bad writing'? Yeah, me!

    And Adrena-Lynn seeks revenge on Kim by kidnapping her "boyfriend".

    Brick's lack of smarts inspires some laughs and Rachel Dratch (late of "Saturday Night Live") is good as the would-be bad girl. Despite these assets, this is not an episode you need to see more than once.
  • After Kim and Ron expose Adrena Lynn, a popular extreme TV star, as a fake, Lynn goes looking for revenge. Also, a misprint by Ron in the school letter has everyone thinking that Kim has the hots for Brick Flagg.

    I have to admit, I was disappointed with the episode, especially with the villain. Adrena Lynn could have been much cooler than she was. The fact that she was just a big fake made her a lot less threatening. Even though the amusement park sequence had some pretty entertaining elements in it, I never felt that Kim was in any real danger. It would have been better if Lynn was a renegade extreme sports star, like Vin Diesel’s Triple X, and she challenged Kim to a one on one showdown. That would have made the episode more interesting. As far as the sub plot of Ron and his attempts to get into the school newspaper goes, I was a little disturbed that Ron would so quickly betray Kim’s confidence and print a flat out lie. Ron really acted out of character in this episode. On the plus side, I thought Brick was pretty funny, as the goofy jock. To sum it up, “All the News” wasn’t all that.