Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 15

All the News

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 01, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • After Kim deployed her jet pack backpack to save Brick, we see the jet pack packed up and back in the undamaged pack at the very end.

    • At the end of the episode, when Kim says "You do?" to Brick and "Thank you" to Rufus, her backpack is missing.

    • During Adrena Lynn's midair admission to being less-than-extreme, the gray bands around her wrists disappear.

    • This is one of four episodes where Ron changes his image to get more popular, with the other three being The New Ron, Ron the Man, and Ron Millionaire.

    • When Wade faxes the paper to Kim, which should contain the highlighted area's from Ron's picture of Andrena Lynn, it is blank.

    • When the squad is doing their routine out on the field and saying, "Hips to the left, hips to the right," At first their hips are facing left, then right, but when the camera closes in just before they twirl, their hips are pointing left again.

    • As we all have known, there are pictures of Shego and Drakken on the inside of Kim's locker. At the very beginning, these pictures were replaced by some kind of text papers, later in this episode, they reappear.

    • When Adrena Lynn takes over all the television stations, the television is on Channel Four. Next, Kim's dad hits the Channel Up Button. Then when they pan out onto the television, it's still on Channel Four.

    • Several times in this episode, the point where Ron's black (mission) shirt sleeves meet his shoulders changes appearances. At times there's a line, possibly a seam, while in other shots it's a smooth, uninterrupted connection.

    • At the beginning, when Ron takes the paper away from Kim, it looks like he's stuffing it in a paper folder, but in the next shot it looks like a bunch of loose papers.

    • In the far away shot of Kim and Ron on the motor scooter, when Ron says there's nothing down the road but the old Middleton fairgrounds, his mouth is missing. In an even wider shot, as Adrena Lynn ties Ron to the swing ride and Ron says the ride always makes him throw up, his mouth isn't moving.

    • As Brick talks to Kim at lunch, the button on his jacket disappears.

    • Tara is not seen to be at the first cheerleader practice, yet she, not Blonde-Straight, is one of the cheerleaders who runs off past Kim and Brick and Ron a few scenes later.

    • When Ron was playing back the interview with Kim the tape is rewinding even though he didn't press the button.

    • During her cheer routine, when Kim says "Who's gonna win against Eastside? Who? Who?" her hair is parted on the wrong side (flopped cell).

    • When Brick Flagg first approaches Kim on the football field, he has his helmet tucked underneath his right arm. For the rest of the scene, the helmet is not there.

    • The Middleton High pay phone that Wade uses as a landline to contact Kim is missing a few buttons.

    • In the close-up shot of Kim and Ron riding to the fairgrounds, Kim's left glove (the hand holding onto Ron, before she puts both around his waist) is missing.

    • While Bonnie and Amelia are talking to Ron about his stories in the cafeteria, the bottom of his shirt changes from red to black often.

    • When the Adrena Lynn 'falls' out of the blimp, she seems to move around quite a lot. Making a lot of excessive hand gestures and actually jumping off the blimp. Yet, when the rope snaps and Kim catches her, it is revealed to be a dummy.

    • In this episode (and other S1 eps by Toon City Animation), some character's mouths don't move for the first moment or so after they enter a scene. Their lips catch up on the third or fourth word or so.

  • Quotes

    • (After Adrena Lynn is arrested)
      Kim: Listen, I'm sorry you almost plunged to your death on worldwide television...
      Brick: Kim, stop. I get it now.
      Kim: You do?
      Brick: Sure. You had that skinny guy expose Adrena Lynn so she'd freak out and set this whole "save Brick" thing just to prove you dug me. Kim, you're nice but you try too hard. If you'd just aske me out, that's cool, but this is too much. I'm sorry, but it's over.
      Ron: I can't believe it!
      Kim: I know!
      Ron: Headline: Quarterback sacks Kim Possible! She has a dislocated heart and will be out for the remains of the season!
      (Rufus shuts Ron's mouth)
      Kim: Thank you.

    • (After Kim has saved Brick)
      Kim: Let's see. (imitating Adrena Lynn's voice) What will I do next?
      (She takes Adrena Lynn, and flies high up with her using a jetpack)
      Adrena Lynn: I do extreme stunts for a living. You think I'm afraid of heights?
      Kim: You fake extreme stunts. Let the world see how brave you are when there's real danger. (Kim flies wildly) Not so extreme after all now, are you? Are you?!
      Adrena Lynn: (terrified) No.
      Jim & Tim: (watching it on television) Now she tells us!

    • (Ron tries to talk some sense into Andrea Lynn)
      Ron: Adrena Lynn, you can not do this!
      Adrena Lynn: And why not?
      Ron: I'm the one responsible for you've been cancelled. I called you a fake.
      Brick: What?
      Ron: I guess takes one to know one. I made up that stuff about Kim liking Brick just to sell my story.
      Brick: Oh, harsh!
      Ron: It worked, kind of, but the thing is that if the fake part about you is what people like, what good is that?
      Adrena Lynn: You're right.
      Ron: From now on I'm keeping it real.
      Adrena Lynn: Me, too. Starting with my very real defeat of Kim Possible! (she laughs manically)
      Ron: Okay, that didn't work.

    • (Adrena Lynn ties Ron to a swings ride)
      Ron: Kim! No, please, this ride always makes me throw up! Argh! (he spins around) ...Kim! ...Kim! ...Kim!
      (Kim stops the ride, just before the rope breaks)
      Adrena Lynn: Oh, that move's gonna cost you!
      (Adrena Lynn pushes Kim onto the ferris wheel)
      Adrena Lynn: The quarterback's almost out of time and you're going the wrong way.

    • (In the Possible residence, the Possible family is watching Kim fighting Adrena Lynn)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: That girl doesn't play fair.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Come on, Kimmie, show 'em what you got!
      Tim: Go get her, Adrena Lynn!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Jim, Tim, there'll be no rooting for your sister's foe!

    • (On the Middleton Fairgrounds)
      Ron: This place gives me the creeps. (something howls) Waah!
      Rufus: Creepy!
      (Sddenly the Fairground lights up, and one light lights up a roller-coaster car in which Brick is sitting)
      Adrena Lynn: High school quarterback, Brick Flagg, takes the ride of his life! And only one person can save him! His beloved girlfriend, Kim Possible!
      Ron: And me.
      Kim: Drop the dramatics, Adrena Lynn. This isn't a game!
      Adrena Lynn: Exactly! It's real, it's extreme, and it's freaky!
      (Adrena Lynn starts the roller-coaster)
      Adrena Lynn: Clock's ticking.
      Kim: Come on, Ron.
      (The ground under Kim and Ron starts to move, and they end up in a fun house)
      Adrena Lynn: Freaky! Ha ha! Gee, I wonder how the quarterback is doing?
      (Kim & Ron manage to get out, but they end up at the bumper cars, and Adrena Lynn tries to run them down)
      Ardena Lynn: Kim, playing games when poor Brick is hurtling towards his doom. What kind of girlfriend are you?

    • (Kim and Ron are driving through the woods on Ron's scooter)
      Ron: Kim, the only thing down this road is the old Middleton Fairgrounds.
      Kim: That, and Adrena Lynn.
      Ron: That place is haunted. Plus, I lost ten bucks trying to win a stuffed hippo.
      Kim: Too bad, Ron. If it weren't for you and your stories, we wouldn't be here!

    • (Kim comes home)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, Kimmie, your boyfriend called while you were out.
      Kim: He's not my boyfriend!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: That's not what Ron said on the Ron Report.
      (Kim sighs)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Is something wrong, honey?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (pause) You have our undivided attention. (pause) The TV's broken.
      Kim: Ron made up a story about me liking the quarterback, and now I'm stuck dating him or we'll lose the big game. Meanwhile, there's a worldwide satellite crisis.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, you have to be honest with Brick. If the football team loses, it's not your fault. (pause) I can't help you with the satellite thing.
      Tim: (pointing to the TV) Uh, I don't think you have to worry about dating Brick tonight.
      Brick: (on TV) Hey, I thought you said Kim wanted to meet me here.
      Adrena Lynn: Oh, she'll be here.
      Jim & Tim: Adrena Lynn!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Huh, I thought she was cancelled.
      (Mr. Dr. Possible switches through all the channels, but all of them show Adrena Lynn)
      Kim: Well, I think we know who's jamming the satellite transmissions.
      (Kim takes up the Kimmunicator)
      Kim: Wade?
      (Adrenna Lynn's broadcast appears on the Kimmunicator)
      Adrena Lynn: Tonight, Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible versus me in extreme combat! And, to raise the takes, I have Kim's boyfriend.
      Kim: (angry) He is not my boyfriend! (everyone looks at her, and she sighs) Don't worry, I'm going.

    • (At the Possible residence, the TV is only showing static)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Darn TV!
      Tim: You have to make it work. What good having a broken leg if you can't watch TV all day?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Maybe this is a good thing. We can have quality family time.
      Jim: (desperate) Dad, please!
      Tim: You're rocket scientist. Can't you do something?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, I could put it in geosynchronous orbit, but I'm not sure how that would help.

    • (A phone rings in Middleton High)
      Kim: Hello?
      Wade: Kim, Wade. Sorry to use a land line but the communicator satellite is down.
      Kim: What's the sitch?
      Wade: It's not just the Kimmunicator. Video signals all over the world are getting messed up.

    • (Adrena Lynn is out in the countryside)
      Adrena Lynn: (About Kim) She is so toast! Roll the camera!
      Camera man: Hello, Lynn, we've been cancelled!
      Adrena Lynn: We're not cancelled until I say we're cancelled! (He starts to film as she talks) A lonely highway, a desperate mission. Tonight I will pull my greatest stunt yet! Revenge against Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable! (the camera man cuts the camera) How's that for a teaser?
      Camera man: Good. It'd be better if we had an audience.
      Adrena Lynn: Oh, we will.

    • (The cheerleaders are practicing at the Middleton football field)
      Cheer squad: Hips to the left, hips to the right, stand and slide!
      Kim: Who's gonna win against East Side? Who? Who?
      (Ron walks onto the field with a crowd of people following him)
      Ron: Looking good, KP. Oh, don't worry, baby. I'm not gonna forget about little people who got me who I am today. I'll be there Friday night to cover your date with Brick. Yeah!
      Brick: Cool. Our date's gonna be, like, newsworthy.
      Kim: Brick, wait! We need to talk.
      Brick: Did you just say "we need to talk"? (Kim nods) That's exactly what Amelia said last year when she dumped me. I mean, when we, you know, broke up.
      Kim: Well, you can't really call it breaking up if we haven't even...
      Brick: I was a wreck. I totally blew it in the big game against East Side. So, what did you wanna talk to me about?
      Kim: Just that... I can't wait for Friday either.
      Brick: Cool.
      (Brick walks off)
      Kim: (in despair) I am so toast.

    • (The Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: What up, Wade?
      Wade: It's your brothers.
      (At the hospital)
      Kim: You were doing what?!
      Jim: Bungee jumping out of a blimp, like Adrena Lynn.
      Tim: Only we didn't have a blimp, so we used the roof.
      Jim: And we didn't have a bungee cord, so we used yarn.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (angry) That Adrena Lynn is a menace!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (angry) She didn't really bungee jump out of a blimp. Don't you boys watch the news?
      Jim: No. The only show we watch is Adrena Lynn. Hey, it's time! (he switches on the TV)
      TV man: And reports that Adrena Lynn is a fake, coupled with the rash of copycat stunts across the country...
      Tim: That's us!
      (He and Jim high five)
      Jim: Ow!
      TV man: ...has prompted this network to cancelled Adrena Lynn in favor of more responsible programming. So ,stay tuned for an extra hour of Stuff On Fire!
      Kim: Excellent. Now I can focus on the looming disaster in my social life.

    • (Kim is watching the TV in ther locker)
      Anchorwoman: And, in our top story, Ron Stoppable of the Middleton High newspaper reports that extreme teen Adrena Lynn is an extreme fake.
      Ron: (shows a paper) I'm in the paper, too. I'm national, baby!
      Kim: (reads from the paper) Ace reporter Ron Stoppable, heralded for breaking the story of TV fake. Adrena Lynn's ratings plummet faster than her fake fall. Can this get any more annoying?

    • Wade: Looks like Pop-Pop Porter got so much publicity; he's not pressing charges for the blimp theft.
      Ron: She's getting away with it?
      Wade: Well, I was able to highlight the key areas on that photo file.
      Ron: She calls herself extreme. The big fake!
      Kim: Imagine that. Lying to the public just to build up your own reputation.
      Ron: Disgusting! (pause) Well, Adrena Lynn might get a pass from Pop-Pop, but Ron Stoppable smells a story.

    • (At Middleton High)
      Kim: Ron, get over it, already.
      Ron: Sorry, KP, but discovering that your action hero is a big fake is not something you just get over.
      Kim: And this from a wrestling fan?
      Ron: I don't get the connection.

    • (In New York City)
      Wade: (on Kimmunicator) On target, Kim. I'm tracking the blimp to just around the corner.
      Voice: What?! What?!
      Kim: I know that voice.
      Ron: Adrena Lynn!
      (A giant shrimp blimp appears)
      Voice: What...
      Crowd: Will she do next?!
      Ron: What a story! Adrena Lynn is a real hero.
      Kim: Ron, she stole that blimp.
      Ron: This is art, KP. Sacrifices must be made.
      Adrena Lynn: Tonight I'll attempt the ultimate in extreme action! I will bungee jump from this blimp!
      Crowd: Oooo.
      Andrena Lynn: Blindfolded! Freaky!
      (Andrena Lynn jumps. The rope breaks, but Kim catches her)
      Kim: Gotcha! (she notices that it's a dummy) Huh? Okay, that's really annoying.
      Adrena Lynn: Freaky!
      Voice: She's OK!
      Ron: She made it! Rufus, my friend, guess who got a front-page photo?
      Rufus: You?
      Voice: How does she do it?
      Ron: (he notices the dummy that Kim saved) Oh, no, it can't be! It was just a dummy. She didn't even fall.

    • (At Pop-Pop Porter's warehouse)
      Pop-Pop Porter: (about what was stolen) My Pop-Pop popcorn shrimp!
      Kim: Pop-Pop, you brought us out here because someone stole a crustacean? I don't get it.
      Pop-Pop Porter: Shrimp Force One was my favorite! (cries)
      Ron: A blimp? Should be easy enough to spot.
      Kim: (takes up the Kimmunicator) Wade, do a search of UFO sights.
      Wade: What am I looking for?
      Kim: Anything about Earth being invaded by giant sea creatures.
      Wade: Let's see. Giant pig in Belize. Pterodactyl in Pittsburgh. Wait! I got it! Giant shrimp attacks. New York City.

    • (At Kim's locker)
      Wade: (about Brick) He seems nice.
      Kim: Okay, spit it out, computer dude.
      Wade: Hey, you got an IM. Pop-Pop Porter, the frozen food king, he needs your help. Apparently, he's been robbed.
      Ron: I smell a scoop!
      Kim: What was stolen?

    • (Kim is sitting alone in the cantina)
      Brick: Hey, Kim. Nice, uh, lunch.
      Kim: Um, thanks. Listen, I'm glad you're here.
      Brick: I'm glad I'm here too.
      Kim: No, no. I mean about Friday night. I'm just not sure if...
      Brick: If we should do dinner or a movie? I had the same debate. Then it hit me. Hot dogs at the theatre.
      (The Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Save me!
      Wade: Kim.
      Brick: Hey, you're Kim's computer dude.
      Wade: And you're that "Kim thinks you're hot" dude.
      Brick: (proud) Yeah, yeah, that's me.
      Kim: Excuse me, uh, Brick, I have to go.
      Brick: See you Friday.

    • (Kim and Ron are at the cafeteria)
      Ron: (to the cafeteria lady) I'll have an omelet, whites only.
      (Ron gets a heap of greasy food)
      Ron: (to Kim) She must not know who I am.
      Kim: I'm not sure I know who you are.
      Ron: So I'm thinking I should cover the big date with the Brickster. What time should I be ready?
      (Bonnie and Amelia come up to Ron)
      Bonnie: Ron, you're sitting with us.
      Amelia: I'm having a little get-together tonight. No biggie, just 50 of my closest friends. You have to do a write-up for the paper.
      Ron: I do?
      Bonnie: How else will social outcasts know what they've missed?
      Ron: You could invite them.
      (Bonnie and Amelia laugh)
      Bonnie: You are so funny!
      Ron: Check you later, KP. Duty calls.

    • (in the cafeteria)
      Kim: (to Ron) So, I think Brick Flagg is hot?!
      Girl: (to some boy) It's true. She just said it herself!
      Ron: Did you see it? My name in lights? Well, in ink actually, but still.
      Kim: Ron, you ferociously misquoted me!
      Ron: Woah. I may have done a tiny bit of rephrasing but, come on; you'd think a crime-fighting cheerleader would give a more interesting interview. The paper liked my story so much to giving me a column!

    • (At Middleton High)
      Bonnie: Kim, I think it is so great what you did.
      Kim: Which was?
      Bonnie: I mean to risk utter embarrassment and total rejection like that.
      (Bonnie shows Kim the paper)
      Kim: (reads from the newspaper) Cheerleader Kim Possible thinks quarterback Brick Flagg is H-O-T, hot. By... (angry) Ron Stoppable?!
      Bonnie: We'll totally be here for you when he dumps you.
      (Brick appears)
      Brick: So, Kim, you think I'm hot.
      Kim: Actually, what I think I said was...
      Brick: Cool. What are you doing Friday night?
      Kim: Nothing. I mean nothing with you.
      Brick: Pick you up at eight?
      Kim: I, uh...
      Brick: (to some random boy next to him) Hey, she thinks I'm hot.

    • (Ron plays a tape of his interview of Kim)
      Kim: I'm not so different from anyone else, except that, you know, I have an arch foe or two.
      Rufus: Nah.
      Ron: You're right. After watching Adrena Lynn wrestle a bear, Kim kinda pales in comparison.
      (Ron rewinds the tape)
      Kim: Sure I'm busy, but what teenage girl isn't?
      Ron: Boring! Where's the angle?
      (Ron rewinds the tape further)
      Kim: It feels good to help people.
      Ron: (smashes his head to the table) Argh!
      (Ron plays some more)
      Kim: We have an awesome team this year. Brick Flagg was totally hot in last week's game.
      Ron: Hmm?
      Kim: Brick Flagg was totally hot... (he rewinds it several times) totally hot... totally hot... totally hot...
      Ron: Houston, the angle has landed.
      (Rufus tries to stop Ron, but he shoves Rufus aside)

    • (In Adrena Lynn's car)
      Adrena Lynn: Ratings are up, merchandise sales are up!
      Camera man: M-hm. Copycat incidences are up, too.
      Adrena Lynn: It means they're watching. Not my fault if the little dweebs aren't careful.
      Camera man: Maybe they don't getting you fake the stunts?
      Adrena Lynn: Whatever. The point is if we're to stay on top, the next stunt must be bigger, more extreme!
      Camera man: Like what?
      Adrena Lynn: I'm thinking bungee. Freaky!

    • (Kim, Ron and the Tweebs are watching TV)
      Narrator: Tonight, one extreme teen will go into the woods alone. No food, no water, no human contact. Handcuffed to a bear!
      Adrena Lynn: That teen is me! Freaky!!
      Kim: At least the bear won't go hungry.
      Narrator: And now, Adrena Lynn answers the question the whole country is asking.
      Everyone but Kim: What will she do next?
      Kim: I thought you came over to interview me.
      Ron: At the commercial. Got any chips?
      Narrator: Next, Adrena Lynn and the bear go fishing for their lives!
      (Kim turns the TV off)
      Ron & The Tweebs: Kim!
      Kim: This show is a mind-numbing waste of satellite frequencies.
      Ron: You're right. Besides, I'm taping it at home.
      Kim: Some kid's gonna get hurt trying to imitate that girl's stunts.
      Tim: Hey, let's see if we can sneak into the bear cage at the zoo, like Adrena Lynn!
      Jim: Cool!
      (Tim has a steak tied on his head, and gives one to Jim)
      Tim: Here, tie this steak on.
      Jim: Super cool!
      Tim: Hoo-sha!
      (they run off)
      Ron: Aren't you gonna stop them?
      Kim: The zoo's locked this time of night. Alright, let's get this hard-hitting interview over with.
      Ron: So, what's it like to be you?

    • Kim: (to Ron) Why are you looking at me like that?
      Ron: Cause I've found my story. I'm gonna interview you! The Kim Possible!
      Kim: Since when does my name have a "The" in front of it?
      Ron: And Kim, I won't accept anything less than the hard-hitting truth.

    • (Brick comes over to Kim)
      Brick: Hey
      Kim: Um, hey, Brick.
      Brick: Uh, nice outfit.
      Kim: Thanks. It's, er, my size.
      Brick: You know, I think what you do is really amazing.
      Kim: Oh saving the world is no big.
      Brick: I mean how you always spelling stuff in your cheers. It's so C-O-O-L... (pause) That's cool, right?

    • (At the Middleton football field, the cheer squad is having practice)
      Cheerleaders: Middleton is H-O-T! Middleton is hot! Go, Dogs!
      Kim: Good one, you guys. Take five.
      Ron: Help me out, KP. I need an angle.
      Kim: Why ask me? You're the born reporter.
      (The football teams passes)
      Ron: Okay, okay. Which one of you guys is failing a but still playing in this weekend's game? Oh, c'mon, one of you has to be failing at something. (one of the team members kicks him) Whoa! (he lands next to Kim) I've got my story. Football team full of nice, great guys who are not failing anything.

    • (at the office of the school paper's editor)
      Editor: (about Ron's report) "Math, you'll never actually use it in the real world."
      Ron: I'm already working on a follow-up piece about semicolons.
      Editor: Ron! (her phone rings) News desk. No comment is totally unacceptable. I don't care if she is the principal and your mother, I want that story! (she hangs up) You're giving me nothing here, Stoppable! Where's the edge? The angle? You wanna get on the paper?
      Ron & Rufus : Uh-huh.
      Editor: Write a story that makes me care.
      Ron: I'll do it. I'm a born reporter. I can smell a story a mile away! (whispers to Rufus) Maybe Kim has an idea.

    • (Something is printing at Kim's locker printer)
      Kim: Huh?
      Ron: Don't touch that! No offence, KP, but that's very sensitive material.
      Kim: Really?
      Rufus: U-huh!
      Ron: It's a story I'm writing for the school paper. Hard-hitting stuff.
      Kim: You're not on the paper, Ron. They keep turning you down. No offence.
      Ron: This is gonna turn them around. It's an edge expose I call "Math: You'll never actually use it in the real world."

  • Notes

    • This was the only appearence of Adrena Lynn in the series, even though in the first stages of production of the series, she was supposed to be one of the main villains in the series.

    • This episode was published in the Cine Manga Kim Possible Volume 5.

    • Tara Strong provides the voice for Amelia instead of Carly Pope in this episode.

    • One of five first season episodes altered post-release to include songs from the then-upcoming "KP" soundtrack. In this case: LMNT's "It's Just You".

    • Animation Production by: Toon City Animation, Inc.

  • Allusions

    • Adrena Lynn:

      Adrena Lynn's name is a pun on the name of the hormone adrenaline, which your body often produces while doing extreme stunts or sports.

    • New York Times:

      The episode's title comes from the slogan of the New York Times, 'All the News That's Fit to Print'.

    • Ron Stoppable: Houston, the angle has landed...

      A play on Neil Armstrong's report (to Mission Control in Houston) of the Apollo 11's historic touchdown on the Moon's surface: "The Eagle has landed."

    • Jackass:

      Adrena Lynn's stunt show and the reference to children imitating her stunts is likely a reference to the MTV series Jackass. There were several reports that individuals attempted to copy the stunts performed on that series.

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken:

      The character Pop-pop Porter is a reference to the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, Colonel Sanders. He is similar in both the way he looks and the purpose of his character.

    • The Fugitive:

      Dr. Richard Kimble, Lt. Gerard, and the One-Armed Man have their final showdown in an amusement park in the final episode of the TV series The Fugitive.

    • The House of Mirrors:

      Used in a number of movies, but most memorably in "Enter the Dragon" in the final fight between Bruce Lee and Han. (Hundreds of images and reflections, and not one of a camera crew!)