Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 15

All the News

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 01, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • (Kim, Ron and the Tweebs are watching TV)
      Narrator: Tonight, one extreme teen will go into the woods alone. No food, no water, no human contact. Handcuffed to a bear!
      Adrena Lynn: That teen is me! Freaky!!
      Kim: At least the bear won't go hungry.
      Narrator: And now, Adrena Lynn answers the question the whole country is asking.
      Everyone but Kim: What will she do next?
      Kim: I thought you came over to interview me.
      Ron: At the commercial. Got any chips?
      Narrator: Next, Adrena Lynn and the bear go fishing for their lives!
      (Kim turns the TV off)
      Ron & The Tweebs: Kim!
      Kim: This show is a mind-numbing waste of satellite frequencies.
      Ron: You're right. Besides, I'm taping it at home.
      Kim: Some kid's gonna get hurt trying to imitate that girl's stunts.
      Tim: Hey, let's see if we can sneak into the bear cage at the zoo, like Adrena Lynn!
      Jim: Cool!
      (Tim has a steak tied on his head, and gives one to Jim)
      Tim: Here, tie this steak on.
      Jim: Super cool!
      Tim: Hoo-sha!
      (they run off)
      Ron: Aren't you gonna stop them?
      Kim: The zoo's locked this time of night. Alright, let's get this hard-hitting interview over with.
      Ron: So, what's it like to be you?