Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 15

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Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 01, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • (Kim comes home)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, Kimmie, your boyfriend called while you were out.
      Kim: He's not my boyfriend!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: That's not what Ron said on the Ron Report.
      (Kim sighs)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Is something wrong, honey?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (pause) You have our undivided attention. (pause) The TV's broken.
      Kim: Ron made up a story about me liking the quarterback, and now I'm stuck dating him or we'll lose the big game. Meanwhile, there's a worldwide satellite crisis.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, you have to be honest with Brick. If the football team loses, it's not your fault. (pause) I can't help you with the satellite thing.
      Tim: (pointing to the TV) Uh, I don't think you have to worry about dating Brick tonight.
      Brick: (on TV) Hey, I thought you said Kim wanted to meet me here.
      Adrena Lynn: Oh, she'll be here.
      Jim & Tim: Adrena Lynn!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Huh, I thought she was cancelled.
      (Mr. Dr. Possible switches through all the channels, but all of them show Adrena Lynn)
      Kim: Well, I think we know who's jamming the satellite transmissions.
      (Kim takes up the Kimmunicator)
      Kim: Wade?
      (Adrenna Lynn's broadcast appears on the Kimmunicator)
      Adrena Lynn: Tonight, Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible versus me in extreme combat! And, to raise the takes, I have Kim's boyfriend.
      Kim: (angry) He is not my boyfriend! (everyone looks at her, and she sighs) Don't worry, I'm going.

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