Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 18

Animal Attraction

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 10, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Kim jumps on the Animology Band Wagon...

    In order to see what the whole fuss is about Kim takes the Animology and she (as well as other I'm sure of) found out some disappointing results such as what they are or who's their perfect match. Ron discovers that he is a pink sloth which is something he doesn't like while Kim discovers that her soul mate will be Senor Senior Junior or someone with his same personality type. Meanwhile the Senors (mainly the father who is trying to get revenge on a billionaires club for kicking him and his son out). Thanks to Animology lives are saved and the club is spared thanks to Junior finding out about Kim being his ideal soulmate.

    Overall this was a funny and engaging episode. I'm assuming that Animology falls out of favor due to so many people displeased with the results although Kim's parents tried it and found out that they matched.
  • One of the funniest, most bizarre-yet normal episodes ever made, even if it did spawn one of the creepiest pairings known to man.

    It happens at least once a year in most high schools - something catches on for no good reason. How long that thing stays trendy is always up for debate and uncertain, but at the time it always seems like a big deal. This is the case with Animalogy. Like normal teenagers, everyone picks up on it fairly quick, and with strong results like certain girls not sitting with one another because of what they got. This element of reality, although taken a little farther than is realistic, is what made it so fun to watch. Kim's perfectionism was nicely and smoothly emphasized in this episode, along with giving Junior some more development and screen time. The entirety of it was funny in a subtler way than is typical of a Disney series. But more than being funny, it spawned one of the most bizarre, humorous pairings in existence: KimJunior. The mild shock factor of him being her 'soulmate' was funny within itself; that it took him THAT long to put two and two together was even better. Some fans have taken this episode as 'proof' of the already-in-existance but at the time little known pairing. Personally, I find it funny the way a car crash is funny. And the end of the episode was fairly open, leaving Junior's feelings still lovey but not clearly stating how Kim felt. That's good, because, well, quite frankly I hate endings where the characters end up doing something specific. This way, there's some wonder left as to her feelings, and it ended on a semi-funny note. Even when Junior is trying to be romantic, it's enough to crack me up. He so clearly thinks Kim is going to be amazingly impressed with his speech... I hate to use this term, but, well, lol. Lol to the inth degree.
  • Kim and Ron take personality tests that show them their perfect mate.

    I found this episode to be my favorite. The entire plot was very interesting and the way they even threw in Kim's parents taking the quiz was funny, and cute because they were "made for each other", acccording to the quiz. This episode's a classic Ron example, too. In that one episode where Shego and Dr. Drakken take over a toy factory, he insisted they were trying to steal Christmas, and this time, he thought it was something to do with stealing Pop Pop Porter's hot dog business. Classic Ron, as I've said. And, this is when I became a Senor Senior Jr/Kim shipper. I thought it was adorable how he saved her in the end, and sent flowers.