Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 18

Animal Attraction

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 10, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • As Ron and Kim climb the wall to sneak into the Seniors' lair, his pants are black instead of the usual grey color.

    • While on the conveyor belt, Kim's gloves briefly disappear.

    • When Kim and Ron are on the conveyer belt, they pass the same set of stairs three times.

    • Ron and Kim board Pop Pop Porter's "big 'lil corndog" in their normal outfits, without any extra baggage, save for Kim's backpack. In the next shot they appear in (presumably after the ride), they're both wearing their mission outfits. I know cargo pant pockets are big, but big enough to hold entire outfits? And as long as I'm here, Kim's backpack vanishes in the shot where the blimp lands, just before Ron walks over to it.

    • During the segment where Ron's trying to convince Kim how great Animology is, the spine of the book he's holding changes sides several times.

    • As Kim says "Señor Senior, Jr." after Wade gets the air quality anaylisis, her shirt sleeves are longer than they should be (down past her gloves).

    • The Middleton High gym doors are blue in this episode instead of the usual orange.

    • When the flowers fall out of Kim's locker, some of the flowers can be seen to the left of the monitor. When the locker is seen from the front, these flowers are gone.

    • In the opening sequence, SSS and SSJ escape via jet packs, however prior to the opening of the vault, they are not wearing any.
      ^-- The jet packs could've been hidden. In all of the 007 flicks, they always have hidden parachutes for aerial stunts.
      ^-- The jetpacks are bulky, metal, and appear seemingly without disturbing the Seniors' relatively close-fitting clothing. Were this not an animated series, the "hidden" theory would be entirely implausible... unless, perhaps, the jetpacks were hidden off their persons. The safecracker robot is large enough to conceal the packs, but its tentacles would have to work almost impossibly fast to distribute them during the quick cut to SSS's remote control.

    • As Kim takes the animalogy quiz, her tongue is colored white, not pink, as she sticks it out.
      ^-- Either those are her teeth, and not her tongue, or somebody mistakenly assumed this to be the case. Considering all frames: I'm going to have to go with the former.

    • As Kim and Ron are lying on the conveyor, Kim's glove goes missing twice: The first time before they start moving, and the second as Rufus runs out of Ron's pocket to push the red button.

    • NITPICK: Senor Senior, Sr. remembers Ron's name in "The New Ron", apparently forgets in "Coach Possible", but in this episode, he immediately remembers Ron's name without any help!

    • Addition to Logistics error: Kim's breakfast in "Twin Factor" - bacon and eggs? So fried!

      -ALSO: Corndogs aren't even fried!

    • Logistics error: During the call from Wade about Pop-Pop Porter, Kim says she "avoids fried foods." Yet she eats often at Bueno Nacho. After all, they're not called reBAKED beans.

    • At the end of the episode, after Wade has delivered Senor Senior, Jr.'s e-card, Wade laughs with his hands in the air. His left arm is hidden behind his computer monitor. As the screen fades to black, the monitor fades away and Wade's left arm can be seen.
      When Ron is polishing off those millions of corndogs and he flicks away one of the cocktail sticks, he has no gloves.

    • The exterior of Middleton High is shown five times, utilizing three sequences of flag animation. In the sequence used for the first and fourth shots, the flag has no stars, in the second shot, it has has five, and in the third and fifth, there are seven.

    • How exclusive can the Billionaire's Club be? Among those seen fleeing its island: three of Middleton High's more ubiquitous students and three of the Mad Dog Squad's cheerleaders (including the mysterious Ponytail).
      When Kim goes to cheerleader practice, she goes through the single door of a Middleton High classroom yet when she gets to the other side they're the double doors of the gym. Someone could say that is not actually a goof because the two shots are not
      technically consecutive, but the intervening shot is
      Ron blinking his eyes twice, and there is only one sound of a door opening and closing.

    • When the cryovator first arrives at the Billionaires Club, the swimsuit on the woman at the far left of the screen first changes from an apparent one-piece to a bikini, then swaps colors with that of the beach's other bikini-clad sunbather.

    • Kim's eyes alternate between green and grey thoughout the episode.

    • As Bonnie attempts to wave Amelia over, the, erm, "solidly-built" cheerleader from "Tick-Tick-Tick" is back and sitting with Bonnie, along with a pony-tailed cheerleader, who, though we see only the back of her head, doesn't resemble any of those seen on the squad before or since. The latter's hair also changes from black to blonde, as she gains a bracelet (or wristband) and loses an ear.

    • The photo of Drakken on the inside of Kim's locker door vanishes as an embarrassed Kim indirectly admits to taking the Animology quiz, because she "can't resist a challenge".

    • Junior's given a wandering mole in a couple of the opener's shots.
      Ron's perpetual cowlick poofs out between shots, from a few thin hairs to a massive tuft, as Kim leaves him and his Animology book to head for practice.
      Cleanup Goof: Just before the above, a stray line appears beside Ron's nose (presumably mistaken for a nostril).
      The pony-tailed cheerleader is also on the bleachers near the episode's beginning -- but as a redhead, this time.
      The cheerleader sitting behind Bonnie on the bleachers has black hair in the wide shot, and blonde when we cut in closer.
      Is Phillipe Bullion's monogrammed medallion on a chain, or pinned to his clavicle? If that line beneath his ample chin is meant to be a chain (rather than simply a neck crease), it detaches several times, leaving the gold piece floating on Phillipe's upper chest.

    • When Kim says "Good little hairless rodent", one of Ron's feet can be seen, clearly not frozen.

    • Continuity error: Pop-pop Porter. Kim knows nothing about him in this episode, though she interacted with him in "All the News".
      The Billionaire Club lobster (which is so large that it appears to have an apple in its mouth) is facing the wrong way as Junior tears off a claw. The contents of the table it sits on are also very inconsistent, and, in this specific case, none of the candles, grapes, and glasses that are sometimes seen in wider shots are present.
      Bullion's copy of "Euro Today" disappears from the table from the time he sets it down, to the time he picks it up again.
      As seen in the pics for the lobster and Euro Today goofs, the picture on the front of Junior's Animology book temporarily disappears.

  • Quotes

    • (At Middleton High, Kim opens her locker; which is filled with flowers)
      Kim: Wade?
      Wade: Morning, Kim. Did you get the flowers?
      Kim: Uh, yeah.
      Wade: There's an e-card. I'll stream it.
      Señor Senior Jr: My blue fox, I count the hours until my father's criminal activities bring us near again.
      Wade: That is so beautiful! (laughs)
      Kim: And so, yellow trout.
      Ron: I don't want to hear another word about Animology! Ron Stoppable is no pink sloth!
      Amelia: Phew! That's a relief. A pink sloth is supposed to be my soul mate.
      Ron: Soul...?! Amelia! Wait! I'm a textbook sloth! Outcast, follower, socially inept! I smell like corn dogs! We're made for each other!

    • Señor Senior Jr: (from the mic in their helicopter) Kim Possible, you are the blue fox. I am the yellow trout. We are meant to be. We are... soul mates!
      Señor Senior Sr: Junior! Dating an arch foe is... spitting upon villain tradition.
      Señor Senior Jr: But, father!
      Señor Senior Sr: Back to the lair with you! Tradition dictates we must begin to plot our revenge immediately!
      Kim: Wow. I think my blue foxiness just saved us.
      Ron: That was weird.
      Kim: I guess Animology isn't all bad.

    • Phillipe: Help! Anybody?
      Kim: I'll get you! Okay, this is gonna get a little warm (heats up the door handle so his hand gets free).
      Phillipe: Ow! You wouldn't want to dash in and fetch my caviar, would you? (Kim stares at him) I thought not.
      Kim: Look out!
      (a laser fires at them)
      Señor Senior Jr: Why did you not just aim the laser at their bodies?
      Señor Senior Sr: Junior, if you do not understand the traditions of villainy, I have failed as a father.
      (Junior hear Ron's voice in his head)
      Ron's voice: You blue foxes think you know everything.
      Señor Senior Sr: (prepares to shoot a rocket) Farewell, Kim Possible. It's been, as you say, a blast!
      Ron's voice: You blue foxes... Blue foxes... Blue foxes...
      Señor Senior Jr: No!! You must not harm my blue fox! (he disrupts Sr.'s aim so the rockets hit the cryovator instead)
      Señor Senior Sr: Do you understand why I am angry?

    • (Junior notices Kim and Ron from his helicopter)
      Señor Senior Jr: Did we not leave Kim Possible on a conveyor belt to her doom?
      Señor Senior Sr: Yes. A proper villain always leaves his foe when he's about to expire.
      Señor Senior Jr: Why?
      Señor Senior Sr: Well, it would be bad form just to lull about, waiting for it.
      Señor Senior Jr: Why?
      Señor Senior Sr: Tradition! (he also notices Kim) She's really testing my patience, this Kim Possible.

    • (Kim and Ron arrive at the Billionaire's Club island)
      Kim: Wade, what have you got?
      Wade: This giant cryovator's solar-powered. No plug to pull!
      Kim: So what can we do?
      Wade: Destroy it?
      Ron: Follow the money?

    • (At the Billionaire's Club)
      Phillipe: Well, he knows he's not welcome here. Señor Senior Sr. won't darken our door again.
      (a Helicopter with the Seniors appear)
      Señor Senior Sr: Release the tether line, Junior. Junior!
      Señor Senior Jr: It says the yellow trout cares only about himself. They make that sound like a bad thing.
      Señor Senior Sr: Activate the solar panels. Initiate freezer start-up.
      (the freezer is deployed, and it freezes everything)
      Phillipe: My caviar! (tries to open a door, but his hand gets stuck instead)
      Señor Senior Sr: I am revoking your club, Bouillon!
      Señor Senior Jr: My perfect match is the blue fox. I'd like to know this blue fox person.

    • (After Kim has found out that Señor Senior Junior is a yellow trout)
      Kim: No!! Junior's a yellow trout?! Gross!
      Ron: KP, don't you think we have bigger problems?
      Kim: My perfect match cannot be Señor Senior, Jr.
      Ron: I'm sure you'll be happy together... if he can defrost you!
      Kim: Rufus! Push the red button! (he doesn't managed to press it down) He's too light!
      Ron: Rufus! Look in my pocket. (Rufus eats a lot of Corn Dogs) Scarf 'em!
      Kim: Hurry, Rufus!
      Ron: Now I'm cold.
      Kim: Good little hairless rodent.
      Ron: Corn dogs rock! Why can't I feel my feet? (he notices that his feet is frozen) I've got foot-sicles! Maybe if I ... (he slips) whoa, whoa! Whoa!
      Kim: We need to find something to get us to the Billionaire's club.
      (they see a water scooter)
      Ron: I think we'll manage.

    • (Kim and Ron is captured by the Seniors)
      Señor Senior Sr: Next, I will freeze the billionaire's club from which I was so rudely ejected.
      Ron: You're doing all this just to tweak some other rich guys?
      Señor Senior Sr: Yes. Wonderful, isn't it?
      Kim: You can freeze us, but there is no way Pop Pop Porter's little cryovator can freeze an entire building.
      Señor Senior Sr: Well, actually, it's more of an island. Which is why we studied Pop Pop's cryovation technology to create... this.
      (shows them a giant version of the cryovator)
      Kim: That oughta do it.
      Ron: Do you realize the jumbo mini corn dogs you could flash-freeze with th... (Kim kicks him) Ow!
      Ron: I will miss our fearsome rivalry, Kim Possible. Come, Junior. Junior!
      Señor Senior Sr: Father! I am the yellow trout!
      (they exit)

    • (Kim and Ron is breaking into the Senior's lair)
      Kim: The cologne! (a giant robot attacks Kim and Ron)
      Señor Senior Sr: Ah, Kim Possible. And so our little game of cat and mouse goes on, eh?
      Ron: Are we the cat or the mouse?
      Señor Senior Jr: Mouse. Ron: But we were stalking you. That's cattish, my friend.
      Señor Senior Jr: This is a good point.
      Kim: No, it's not.
      Ron: Let the corn dogs go, Señor Senior!
      Señor Senior Sr: Dear boy, this is not about tiny breaded sausages.
      Kim: Mhm. Ron: You blue foxes think you know everything.
      Señor Senior Jr: Blue fox? You study the Animology?
      Señor Senior Sr: Oh, please, Junior. Do not start. The time has come to prove my villainous mettle. First, I will flash-freeze you.
      Ron: You don't need to prove anything to us.
      Señor Senior Sr: Well, that is very kind, but... it is part of my plan. You understand. (he sends them both towards the cryovator)

    • (Kim and Ron are breaking into the Seniors' lair)
      Ron: The Señor's plan is pure evil. Wait until the world is in a mini corn dog famine, then make us pay, pay big!
      Kim: Señor Senior's after something bigger than mini corn dogs.
      Ron: What could be bigger than mini corn dogs?
      Kim: You are such a pink sloth.
      Ron: One: Animology is bogus, and two: Senior's after corn dogs.
      Kim: Is not, is not. Look at this lair. He's all about big crimes.
      Ron: Mini corn dogs.
      Kim: Crime.
      Ron: Corn dog.
      Kim: Crime. Ron! Look! The cryovator.
      Ron: Snack thief!
      Kim: Shh!

    • (At Pop Pop Porter's warehouse)
      Pop Pop Porter: Here we are, little lady. The scene of the crime.
      Kim: Do you smell that?
      (Ron cries)
      Pop Pop Porter: Are you feeling right, son?
      Ron: It's too heinous for words. I just love your product!
      Pop Pop Porter: Don't do that.
      Kim: It smells so... familiar. (takes up the Kimmunicator) Wade, I need an air quality analysis.
      Wade: Activating olfactory sensors.
      Pop Pop Porter: The real shame is that these little doggies 'll go to waste, unless somebody eats 'em, and soon.
      (shows Ron and Rufus a load of Corn Dogs)
      Ron and Rufus: (grins) Oh!
      Kim: Go, Wade.
      Wade: That smell? Cologne. Very expensive. Custom-blended for an exclusive clientele. Guess who's on the list.
      Kim: Señor Senior Jr

    • (Kim and Ron gets a ride in Pop Pop Porter's Corn Dog Blimp)
      Ron: Dang! That's a big little corn doggie.

    • (Kim has got a hit on her site)
      Wade: Streaming the video.
      Pop Pop Porter: I need your help, little lady. Someone stole my state- of-the-art flash-freezing cryovator.
      Kim: No flash-freezer? That means no mini corn dogs!
      Wade: No bite-sized goodness? Both: No!!
      Kim: Pull yourself together, Wade, and get me the down-low on this cryovator.
      Wade: I have this commercial. Commercial Man: ( Singing ) Are you hungry? Then dive right in. Our mini corn dogs are a man's best friend. These bite-sized doggies are sure to please. Made from Pop Pop's corny secret recipe. We flash-freeze the flavor. That's why they're guaranteed. Pop Pop Porter's mini corn dogs
      Pop Pop Porter: Flash-frozen flavor, folks. Ron: You gotta love little corn doggie.
      Kim: Yeah... Okay. We'll need a ride.
      Wade: Pop Pop's on it.

    • (After Ron has discovered that Kim has taken the Animology test)
      Ron: I can't believe you are into Animology.
      Kim: I am not "into" it, Ron. I took the test for laughs. No big. (the Kimmunicator beeps) Who's the yellow trout?
      Ron: So into it.
      Wade: Still looking, but you did get an interesting hit on the site. From Pop Pop Porter.
      Kim: Who?
      Ron: Shame on you, KP. Pop Pop is the genius who revolutionized the heat-and-eat snack industry.
      Wade: Pop Pop's Mini Corn Dogs?
      Ron: Nature's perfect food.
      Kim: Have you ever read what's in them?
      Ron: (pause) That would be stupid.
      Kim: I avoid fried foods.
      Ron: Never fried! Flash-frozen.

    • (Kim is looking for a Yellow Trout; her soul mate in Animology)
      Boy: I'm a yellow... (Kim looks his way) bear, which is cool.
      Amelia: Guess what? That hottie in english is a yellow... (Kim looks her way) rabbit!
      Ron: You were right, KP, Animology is completely bogus.
      Rufus: Pah! Bogus!
      Kim: I don't know if I'd go that...
      Ron: Because there is no way Ron Stoppable is a pink sloth!
      Wade: (on the locker computer) Kim. I got that info you wanted.
      Kim: Oh, no big. Just give it to me later.
      Wade: But you said it was the highest priority. "Utmost rush"?
      Kim: When ever's fine.
      Ron: No, no, no. Go ahead, Wade. Important news will be a welcome break from this Animology garbage.
      Wade: Okay, I checked all school databases, Kim, but there's no way to tell who's a yellow trout.
      Ron: You took the test?
      Kim: I'm a blue fox. I can't resist a challenge.

    • (morning in the Possible residence)
      Kim: I'm a blue fox, Dad.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Uh... super.
      (Mr. Dr. Possible checks in the Animology book after Kim leaves)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Did you know that the blue fox is a born leader? "Can't resist a challenge, driven to excel... a perfectionist."
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: That explains the all-nighter.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (reads on) Hold the phone! "The perfect soul mate of the blue fox is the yellow trout." Soul mate. I think Kimmie's a bit young to be looking for a "soul mate," or any kind of mate.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: In a few days, Kimmie will have forgotten all about yellow trouts. This whole Animology business is just a silly teen fad.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Hmm... If you say so. So, uh... What are you?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Teal cat. You?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Beige raccoon.
      Both: Soul mates!

    • (Kim is reading Animology)
      Kim: This should not be this hard. If the movie I want to see is sold out, I leave. But that makes me seem stubborn. I'll see something else. That's flexible. Or, it could mean I'm weak.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, aren't you coming down to dinner?
      Kim: Just start without me, Mom. I'm totally swamped!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: What exactly is swamping you?
      Kim: Animology. It says what kind of person you are. Not that I believe it. It's just for laughs.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Sounds like fun. I'll put your plate in the microwave.
      Kim: Thanks, Mom. I'll just be a few.

    • (at the Possible residence)
      Jim: Let's eat!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: What is taking Kim so long?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: She's working on some big test. Didn't catch the subject.

    • (At the Senior's lair)
      Señor Senior Jr: Father, if I was a tree, which tree do you think I would be?
      Señor Senior Sr: One that would be banned from the billionaire club, Junior. This insult gives me no choice but revenge!
      Señor Senior Jr: There are other clubs for the obscenely wealthy.
      Señor Senior Sr: Not the point. World-class villains are defined by disproportionate revenge. Perhaps I engineer a crash of financial markets that freezes the club's assets.
      Señor Senior Jr: That would require a large freezer.
      Señor Senior Sr: I was not speaking literally, my son! (thinks) Or was I?

    • Ron: I finished the Animology test.
      Kim: Let me guess. Blue baboon?
      Ron: Worse. I'm a pink sloth, Kim.
      Kim: A pink sloth?
      Ron: Sloth! The lowest of the low! (reads from the book) "The pink sloth is an outcast, a follower, socially inept and smells of overripe fruit!" I do not smell of overripe fruit! (Rufus takes an old banana peel out of Ron's pocket) I wonder if they have a pink naked mole rat.
      (Ron leaves, but forgets the book)
      Kim: Ron, your stupid book! Hmm... (Kim begins to read) "You arrive at the multiplex, only to find that the movie you've come to see is sold out." Hmm.

    • (At the Middleton High Cantina)
      Bonnie: Amelia! Over here!
      Amelia: I heard you're a lavendar mouse. I'm a red otter. Major conflict.

    • (At the Billionare's Club)
      Señor Senior Jr: I cannot wait to unlock my innermost self!
      Señor Senior Sr: I would prefer to unlock that vault in the weapons research facility. Oh, dear, here comes that pompous... Philippe! Philippe Boullion! Oh, won't you join us for some lunch?
      Philippe: My pleasure, Señor Senior Sr You so rarely make it to the club these days.
      Señor Senior Sr: I have an active retirement.
      Philippe: Indeed. I understand your latest hobby is quite unique.
      Señor Senior Jr: Father wants to conquer the world.
      Philippe: Well, who doesn't? But the Billionaire's Club prizes... discretion and obscenely large personal fortunes.
      Señor Senior Sr: I assure you, Philippe, though my pastime is pricey, I still possess the requisite billions for club membership.
      Philippe: Of course... We checked.
      Señor Senior Sr: Then, how can I help you?
      Philippe: Señor... (brings up a newspaper with Senior Sr and Kim Possible on the front page) A member in a melee with an American cheerleader? It reflects, how shall I say? Poorly on the club.
      Señor Senior Sr: What are you saying, Phillipe?
      Philippe: That I am revoking your club membership!

    • (Kim arrives at cheerleading practice)
      Kim: Okay, let's get started.
      (everyone is reading Animology)
      Bonnie: Do you mind? Some of us are trying to concentrate.

    • (At the Middleton High, everyone is reading Animology)
      Boy: I came out a green guppy.
      Girl: Like, a total red ferret.
      Amelia: Okay, at a fork in the road, you stop.
      Ron: Kim, I need some advice. "You're about to embark on a journey that will change your life. What snacks would you bring along?"
      Kim: Don't tell me you got sucked in by this Animology craze.
      Ron: "Craze"? I think not. Animology is a window into your innermost self.
      Kim: Ron, it's a lame cross between astrology and a personality quiz!
      Ron: Not even close. Animology assigns you a color and an animal. It's science, Kim.
      Kim: Thanks, but I have a life.
      Ron: It predicts your perfect mate. Tell me you don't wanna know your perfect mate.
      Kim: Not if he's some... blue baboon!
      Ron: Don't even joke, Kim. A blue baboon would be disastrous for you.
      Kim: Ah, I pass on the fad, Ron.

    • (Kim catches the Seniors whilst they are breaking in somewhere)
      Kim: Señor Senior Sr.
      Señor Senior Sr: Ah, Kim Possible, my feisty teen nemesis. You complete me.
      Ron: Don't forget me.
      Señor Senior Sr: Yes, of course. Ron Stoppable.
      Señor Senior Jr: Yeah, I'm not so good with the faces.
      Kim: Surrender, Señor Senior... Sr
      Señor Senior Sr: I most respectfully decline, but well played, Kim Possible, well played. But the next time, you will not be so lucky. (they fly away in jetpacks) Until then... be well!
      Ron: Bad man. Good manners.

    • (The Seniors are breaking in somewhere)
      Señor Senior Sr: Ah, the life of villainy is most exciting, is it not, my son?
      Señor Senior Jr: If I want flashing lights, I go to the discotheque.
      Señor Senior Sr: In moments, the experimental prototype inside will be ours.
      Señor Senior Jr: Oh! Could you not simply buy this fancy prototype online?
      Señor Senior Sr: You and your internet! Some things are best done the old- fashioned way, Junior!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jerry Maguire:

      Señor Senior, Sr. alludes to Jerry Maguire when he says "Ah Kim Possible, you complete me."

    • Watergate:

      "Follow the Money"- Ron's Quote is reference to the secret source (Deep Throat) who leaked information concerning the Watergate scandal.

    • M&M's:

      Pop-Pop Porter's mini corn dog commercial, in which a smiling corn dog dives into a pool of batter and stands under a flash freezer beam, is not dissimilar -- even in styling -- to a classic black-and-white M & M's commercial, in which, if memory serves, a smiling peanut dives into a pool of chocolate and stands under a candy-coating shower.