Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 18

Animal Attraction

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 10, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • (At the Billionare's Club)
      Señor Senior Jr: I cannot wait to unlock my innermost self!
      Señor Senior Sr: I would prefer to unlock that vault in the weapons research facility. Oh, dear, here comes that pompous... Philippe! Philippe Boullion! Oh, won't you join us for some lunch?
      Philippe: My pleasure, Señor Senior Sr You so rarely make it to the club these days.
      Señor Senior Sr: I have an active retirement.
      Philippe: Indeed. I understand your latest hobby is quite unique.
      Señor Senior Jr: Father wants to conquer the world.
      Philippe: Well, who doesn't? But the Billionaire's Club prizes... discretion and obscenely large personal fortunes.
      Señor Senior Sr: I assure you, Philippe, though my pastime is pricey, I still possess the requisite billions for club membership.
      Philippe: Of course... We checked.
      Señor Senior Sr: Then, how can I help you?
      Philippe: Señor... (brings up a newspaper with Senior Sr and Kim Possible on the front page) A member in a melee with an American cheerleader? It reflects, how shall I say? Poorly on the club.
      Señor Senior Sr: What are you saying, Phillipe?
      Philippe: That I am revoking your club membership!