Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 9

Attack of the Killer Bebes

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 02, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Attack of the Killer Bebes
Ron decides to join the cheersquad, which angers Kim. Meanwhile, the countries' top scientists begin to disappear, and Kim's dad appears to be the next target.

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  • Dr. Drakken returns for renvenge on his former college one of them is Kim's father

    Kim has to deal with Ron being part of the cheer squad meanwhile mysterious robots are abducting various scientists all over Middleton with Kim's dad highly likely to be the next target. Not only is the master mind Dr. Drakken himself. He does it as an act of revenge after his friends laughed at him on a night of a dance but even Drakken's robots the Killer BeBes turn on him once they find out that their creator is human declaring him unfit to command. Even more Ron risks getting harmed by impersonating Mr. Dr. Possible and gets kidnapped in the process to prove his make up and costume making skills. Not only are the robots defeated but Ron and Kim reconcile with supporting Ron being the Middleton Mad Dog.moreless
  • This is why one should be careful about who they laugh at.

    Ron needs an extra-curricular activity for his transcript. A slip-up during a conversation with Kim inspires him to join her on the cheerleading the mascot, of course. As the Middleton Mad Dog, Ron is ecstatic. However, Kim can't hide her chagrin, which inspires a story of her father's college days. Meanwhile, Mr. Dr. Possible's colleagues are being abducted by powerful female androids.

    This episode draws an interesting parallel between a past humiliation (which, involves Dr. Drakken, for some reason) and the current issue, with some sleuthing thrown in. It also provides some exciting moments, such as the fight between Kim and the Bebes. One of the better episodes from the show's first season.moreless
  • A good episode

    Well, in this eisode we got to see some of Drakken's past, or more accurately, some events in his college days. We see that he and some friends were dateless at a college dance, and he had promised his friends to get them a date. But, what he did was to build a robot. But it was poorly built, and he got laughed upon. This is what caused him to go evil, at least that's what he say. _--_--_

    In present time, he has just finished uilding the robots he started on then, and kidnaps everyone of his college friends. Turns out, one of them was Kim's dad. But, he got ROn instead. Why that happened we need to look back in the episode to understand. _--_--_

    Ron wanted to be a mascot for the cheerleader team, much to the dismay of the cheerleaders, even Kim. This causes some sparks to fly between them (negative sparks, that is), and they start to fall from each other. And when Ron discovers something while he and Kim were investigating a kidnapping, he refused to tell Kim. Obviously, he understood that Kim's Dad was the next target, and made a mask of him, and he got taken instead. _--_--_

    It is then time for a little "college reuinion" with Drakken and his former college friends. But, the robots that Draken had built upon, rebelled against him, because they didn't see him as a fitting leade for them. Now we had a new villain trio: The Bebe Robots. Of course, Kim came to everyone's rescue, and saved the day with some help from Wade. _--_--_

    To be honest, this was a good epiosde. The fact that we get some background info about Drakken is itself very good, since I love background stories to characters. And I like the Bebe Robots. And the plot was so Drakken. To get revenge on old college buddies by designing advanced robots and have them gather the old buddies, instead of just taking care of the at once. And the robots rebelled against him. Ha! Hilarious. _-_-_ And we must not forget the things that happens between Km and Ron. It was good, fights between friends are cool to see (somethimes), as long as they fix up in the end. And that's what Kim and Ron did. And Ron got the place as Team Mascot.moreless
  • Drakken creates three robots to get revenge on his old college friends...

    This episode was downright hilarious! When I first heard Ron say he wanted to be on the cheerleading squad, I thought I was going to fall off my chair. With as clumsy as he is, I just can't see him as a cheerleader. I'm glad he only meant to become the mascot. I actually liked that idea. I'm surprised the other cheerleaders didn't think it was a good idea. The foaming at the mouth was a little disgusting though. I don't like the Killer Bebes. They remind me of the robots in the movie 'I Robot.' It was funny how they turned on Drakken in the end and made Drakken run around away from them. I liked the scene where Ron and Kim were talking on the Kimmunicator, and Ron kept making noises to make it seem as if he were fading out and he couldn't hear a word Kim was saying. It was also funny to see Ron's face when he first saw the killer bebes in the lab. My absolute favorite scene was the scene at the end of the episode when Ron and Drakken were arguing about Kim and his old college pal being relatives. Drakken wanted to prove to Ron they aren't related by looking up the Possible family in the phone book. When he found what he was looking for, he came back into the room with the phone book and told Ron. He walked right past Kim and her dad, lol. Other than the lame fighting scenes, this episode was pretty good.moreless
  • This episode is about the attack of the killer Bebes and it is revield Dr. Drakenns real name.

    Ron joins the Cheer squad, much to Kim’s dismay. The countries leading scientist have gone missing and a group of robotic women [Bebes] seem to be behind it, but who is controlling them? The person controlling the Bebes is Dr.Drakken. This episode is the first Appearance The Bebes. Dr. Drakken appears in this episode without Shego, his real name-Drew Lipsky-is revealed. My favorite part of this episode is when we see the Bebes in action and when we see Ron join the cheerleading squad as the mascot. This episode had a lot of action the because the Bebes are so fast.moreless
Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Dallas, Announcer Voice

Guest Star

Brian George

Brian George

Professor Ramesh

Guest Star

Kerri Kenney

Kerri Kenney


Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Dr. Drakken

Recurring Role

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Mr. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Jean Smart

Jean Smart

Mrs. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This is the only Drakken-centric episode in the entire series in which Shego does not appear at all.

    • In the scene where Drakken says he demands "better from his lackeys, especially the robotic ones," between "robotic" and "ones", his head leans back and there are two pairs of eyes for two frames.

    • When the Bebes begin to walk slowly towards Dr. Possible (Dad), Drakken's belt is the same color as the rest of his jacket.

    • In the Sky subs, "Drakken" is spelled "Drachen", "Ramesh" spelled "Romesh" and at one point "Chen" is spelled "Chan".

    • During the scene when Ron, Prof. Rhamesh, and Prof. Chen are in Drakken's holding pen, the bottom of Ron's pants are colored brown, to match the bottoms of the other two.

    • Ron's mask doesn't act like a mask until after he's been captured. During the scene with the car the mouth opens, the eyes widen, the eyebrows dip, but when he's trapped in that cylinder and says "No!" (followed by "He's Dr. Drakken, and he's in for a world of hurt!") the Dr. Possible head just has an oblivious half-grin.

    • In the opener, Kim picks at the opened end of a burrito (or something similar) with a fork. Shortly thereafter, the burrito is shown as sealed, and Kim's fork has disappeared.

    • Bonnie intercepts Rufus before he can finish licking the banana cream from her hair and arms, dangling the naked mole-rat at arms length. After a quick cutaway to Ron (just long enough for a "But -- !"), Rufus is still dangling, and Bonnie doesn't seem to have moved much, but the banana cream has disappeared.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (In the kitchen in the Possible residence)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I can't believe Drew Lipsky turned into a mad scientist.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Let alone our daughter's arch nemesis,
      Prof. Chen: But my man knew what to do!
      Prof. Ramesh: Possible, you rock!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Oh, please. Drakken was so obvious, I mean, really, the whole... "Bebe bee" thing. The hive mind behavior was clearly the result of a cybertronic linkage through a wireless control network.
      Prof. Chen and Ramesh: (together) Eh... sure!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Poor Drew. Maybe if we hadn't laughed at him back then, there would be one less mad scientist running around.

    • (Kim is fighting the Bebes)
      Prof. Ramesh: Woah, where did your little Kimmy learn to kick bottom like that?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Cheerleading.
      (Kim nearly got defeated by the Bebes)
      Ron: We've got a room full of geniuses here! Can't somebody come up with something?
      Prof. Chen: Don't look at me; I'm an astronomer
      Prof. Ramesh: Ditto.
      Ron: (to Drakken) And you?
      Dr. Drakken: Let the ladies work this out amongst themselves.
      (Mr. Dr. Possible activates the Kimmunicator)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Wade!
      Wade: Dr. Possible?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: I need a sonic disturbance. Make it loud. Make it ultra high frequency!
      Wade: Something that can jam a wireless network signal?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Please and thank you!
      (the Kimmunicator sends out a loud, high-frequency sound)
      Bebe #1: Analysis. Subject: Dr. Possible's attack strategy.
      Bebe #2: Threat: Substantial.
      Bebe #3: Destroy electronic device.
      (they head towards Mr. Dr. Possible)
      Ron: Dr. P! I'm open!
      (he throws the Kimmunicator to Ron. The Bebes grab it, but they lose it right after. It lands besides Drakken, and he tries to stomp on it, but Kim grabs it just in time, and she destroys the Bebes with it)
      Bebe #1: Hive...
      Bebe #2: ...mind command...
      Bebe #1: Con... conn... connection
      Bebe #3: Lo... lo.. lost
      Kim: I'll take that as good news!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Now Kim, you know, I don't approve of violence! But they are deadly robots! You go, girl!
      (Kim destroys the Bebes easily. Drakken tries to sneak away)
      Ron: Way to go, Kim! You too, Dr. P.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: What was that about?
      (Kim shuts the high sound)
      Kim: Way to go, dad! (she jumps over to Drakken and stops him) What about your college reunion, Drew?
      Dr. Drakken: I'll come to the next one... When I'm even more successful! (he activates a jetpack and flies away, only to crash into the roof) Ouch! Little help?

    • (Kim and Mr. Dr. Possible arrives at the Middleton Motor Lodge)
      Mr. Dr. possible: (to the valet) Eh, park it close. We shouldn't be long
      Kim: Keep your keys, dad. This guy's been hit with knock-out gas. (He locks the car, and they enter, only to find everyone sleeping) This is bad!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: I'll say. They'd better get this ironed out before our big college reunion this weekend.
      (Drakken appears behind the counter when they enter another room, looking through the phone book. Kim turns on the lights in the room they enter, and discovers Ron and the others)
      Ron: Kim! It was Drakken!
      Kim: Drakken's behind this?
      (Drakken enters without noticing Kim, looking through the phone book)
      Dr. Drakken: Okay, fine. So in Middleton there's only one Possible family.
      Kim: Doy!
      Dr. Drakken: (surprised) Kim Possible? And... and...
      Ron: Her father, Dr. Possible.
      Dr. Drakken: Yes, well, there's no way I can be expected to conclude that my arch nemesis is the daughter of a guy I went to college with!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Drew? Drew Lipsky?
      Kim: Wait... he is the guy from college? My arch foe?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, he didn't use to be blue, I can tell you that much.
      Dr. Drakken: (sad) No, but I was blue... on the inside. Scorned by my so-called friends. My... my posse. But, I vowed to prove my genius to all of you, and when I got the reunion invite...
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Since you dropped out, you're really not entitled to that.
      Dr. Drakken: Indeed. Exactly why I plan my own little reunion! (shouting) Bebes, return to me at once! (the Bebes arrives) Haha, who's the genius now? These robots are perfect! And their sole purpose is to obey me!
      Bebe #1: Question: If we are...
      Bebe #2: ...perfect...
      Bebe #1: ...why do we obey...
      Bebe #3: who is not perfect?
      The Bebes: (together) Conclusion: Drakken is unfit to command.
      Prof. Chen: It's college all over again. That man can not build a robot.
      Prof. Ramesh: You should take up cloning.
      Dr. Drakken: Bebes, no! Bad Bebes, bad!
      Kim: This is just too weird
      (Kim starts to fight the Bebes)

    • (in the room where Drakken is holding Ron, Ramesh and Chen prisoner)
      Dr. Drakken:
      (to the Bebes) You know, I purposely programmed you with a pinch of human emotion, just so you would be ashamed of failures like this. It's slipshod is what it is!
      Bebe #1: Slipshod?
      Dr. Drakken: That's right, missy, and I demand better from my lackeys! Especially the robotic ones!
      The Bebes: (together) Lackeys?
      Dr. Drakken: Eh... let's not get testy, I am a patient man. You will get another chance. Go forth and find Dr.Possible!
      (the Bebes leave)
      Ron: Why are you after Kim's dad and his friends anyway?
      Dr. Drakken: Payback! For you see... (he stops and thinks) Wait! You mean Dr. Possible and Kim Possible are related?
      Ron: Duh!
      Dr. Drakken: Don't "duh" me! Possible is a very common last name.
      Ron: So not.
      Dr. Drakken: So... so yes it is!
      Ron: It's pretty unique!
      Dr. Drakken: (angry) Enough! I shall prove it! Where's the phone book?
      (Drakken leaves the room)

    • (Kim and Mr. Dr. Possible are driving through the streets)
      Kim: (to Kimmunicator) Wade. Ron is missing. Can you find him?
      Wade: Do you think I have him micro-chipped or something?
      Kim: Well, do you?
      Wade: Yeah, hang on.
      Kim: (to Mr. Dr. Possible) And, um... and could you maybe go a little faster?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Kim! It's a school zone!

    • (in a dark room, the Bebes are standing around a small cell holding Ramesh, Chen and Ron (disguised as Mr. Dr. Possible))
      Prof. Ramesh: Who is behind this?
      Prof. Chen: It's obvious. Some villain needs our genius to help take over the world! What else could it be?
      Dr. Drakken: Gentlemen, don't flatter yourselves. There's only one genius in this room, and it is I, Dr. Drakken!
      Prof. Chen: Drew?
      Prof. Ramesh: Drew Lipsky? Is that you?
      Ron: (takes off the disguise) No! He's Dr. Drakken, and he's in for a world of hurt!
      Dr. Drakken: So, Kim Possible is near!
      Ron: Oh, yes! (pause) Actually, no.

    • (At the Middleton gym hall, the squad is having practice. Mr. Dr. Possible suddenly bursts through the door)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (angry) Kimberly Anne Possible!
      Kim: Dad? Here?
      Bonnie: Oh, great. Kim found another new recruit for the squad.
      Kim: Daddy! Hi... what are you doing here?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Where's Ronald?
      Kim: Not here.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, that hole in the roof of my car really grinds my beans!
      Kim: I'll be sure that Ron gets the messa... wait a second. He put a hole in your car roof?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: He came over to the house, said something about a mission.
      Kim: What mission?

    • (Kim's dad is exiting the Possible residence, and heads for his car)
      Bebe #1: Subject: Dr. Possible.
      Bebe #2: Directive: Capture.
      (they break through the roof of his car)
      Bebe #1: Doctor...
      Bebe #2: ...We have come...
      Bebe #3: ...for you.

    • (an explosion is heard from the Mt. Middleton Observatory)
      Prof. Ramesh: (to the Bebes) Stay back!
      Bebe #1: Professor Ramesh...
      Bebe #2: ...we have...
      Bebe #3: ...come for you
      Prof. Ramesh:
      Who... who are you?
      (the Bebes surround him)
      Bebe #1: I am Bebe
      Bebe #2: I am Bebe
      Bebe #3: I am Bebe
      Kim: Is there an echo in here?
      Bebe #1: Analysis...
      Bebe #2: Subject: Kim Possible
      Bebe #3: Threat: Minimal.
      Kim: That hurts.(Kim starts to fight them, and they fend off her attack) Not bad
      Bebe #1: Bebe is perfect.
      (they continue to fight. Kim tries to escape with Ramesh, but they are stopped by the Bebes)
      Kim: What are they?
      (Ron enters the room on his bike)
      Ron: (exhausted)
      Kim... don't think... I didn't... hear that
      ... baby comment... I heard it.
      (he falls to the ground)
      Kim: Ron? (the Bebes takes Ramesh and escapes) Thanks a lot!
      Ron: What did I do?
      Rufus: Yeah!
      Kim: Those robots took Professor Ramesh! Are you happy now?
      Ron: Yes!
      Rufus: M-hm!
      Ron: I mean... no!
      Kim: Whatever. All I know is that now we've got two missing scientists and three killer "Bebes"
      (Kim walks away. Ron stomps on a picture)
      Ron: Huh? (he takes up a picture of Ramesh, Chen and Mr. Dr. Possible) Professor Ramesh! Back in the old college days! Check it out, huh?
      Rufus: Hmm... (points at the picture)
      Ron: Huh? Oh yeah, that guy must be Professor Chen!
      (Rufus points to Mr. Dr. Possible)
      Ron: Huh? No way, that is not... (he gets surprised) Wow, it is! It's Kim's dad! Oh, this is terrible!
      Rufus: U-huh. Duh.
      Ron: I mean, can you believe he actually wore his jacket that way with the sleeves pushed up? Totally 80s! (Rufus gets annoyed, and points at the three. Ron then thinks a lot) Kim's dad could be the next target!
      Rufus: Phew!
      Ron: Gotta tell Kim! (pause) No, wait! We don't need Kim!
      Rufus: Huh?
      Ron: I know exactly what to do!
      (he leaves without Kim noticing)

    • (Kim is in a helicopter that is landing)
      Dallas: And that's the traffic update from your "Eye Over Middleton!"
      (Kim exits the helicopter)
      Kim: Thanks for the lift, Dallas!
      Dallas: Well, it's the least I can do after you brought that interstate police chase to a happy end!
      Kim: No big! The guy didn't even know he needed a new brake light! (the helicopter flies away) Better check on the Mad Dog. Ron? Come in, Ron! Ron!
      Ron: (makes fuzzing) Sorry... can't... hear you... bad... reception (giggles evilly)
      Kim: Come of it Ron, I know you're doing that yourself!
      Ron: (still making fuzzing sounds) What?... only... hearing... every... other... word!
      Kim: Ron! Don't be a (makes fuzzing sound) baby!

    • (at Middleton High, Kim and Ron is arguing)
      Ron: (slams locker) Well, that's one person's opinion!
      Kim: One entire cheerleading squad's opinion!
      Ron: Maybe you and your squad just don't get it!
      Kim: You don't get it!
      Ron: (puts on his Kim mask, and speak with a girlish voice) Oh, I'm Kim Possible. I can do anything! Except believe in my best friend!
      (Rufus blows a raspberry. The Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Go, Wade?
      Wade: I've got a weird one!
      Kim: (looking at Ron) Me too.
      Wade: Professor Ramesh from the Mount Middleton Observatory wants your help!
      Kim: That name sounds familiar. I think my dad knows him.
      Wade: Ramesh' partner, Professor Chen is missing!
      Kim: Okay, Wade. Set up a ride. I'll bring the man of a thousand faces.
      Ron: No thanks! I'll fly solo! Well, um... not flying, but I'll get there somehow!
      (Ron leaves)
      Kim: (to herself) Nice going, Possible.

    • (In the living room in the Possible residence)
      Kim: Dad... I have a problem
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Frankly... eh, you mother has the good advice vis-à-vis boy trouble.
      Kim: Oh, this isn't about a boy. It's about Ron.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Oh. Gotcha.
      Kim: Everyone got down on Ron, and I don't know... maybe I should have stuck up for him.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: But you didn't...
      Kim: He was foaming at the mouth! I'm only human!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, you know, Kimmie, back when I was in college, I had a group of friends, my... my posse if you will. (we see a flashback of him in his college days) It was the night of the big Science Department Mixer. In those days I wasn't exactly a ladies' man.
      Young Mr. Dr. Possible: Where's Drew? He was supposed to be here a half hour ago.
      Young Dr. Chen: I knew he wouldn't come through with dates for us.
      Young Prof. Ramesh: Huh. What did you expect? He cannot even come through with a date for himself.
      Young Prof. Chen: This was folly.
      Young Mr. Dr. Possible: It was a nice dream, though.
      Young Drew: (enters room) The dream is real.
      Young Prof. Chen: Drew! You found girls?
      Young Drew: Found? Ha! Gentlemen, tonight we make history. I give you... the future!
      (three rather badly made robots enter the door)
      Bebe #1: My name...
      Bebe #2:
      Bebe #3: ... Bebe.
      Young Drew: Bebe, would you like to dance?
      Bebe #1: Affirmative. Bebe will dance.
      (it dances a rather hideous dance with Drew)
      Young Drew: Ehe... as gentle as a summer shower, no?
      Young Prof. Ramesh: No?
      (Ramesh, Chen and Possible laughs)
      Young Drew: All right! Go on, laugh away. But one day my genius will be recognized! Bebe will be perfect! (muttering, as the Bebe squeezes him) And I will be the one laughing!
      Bebe #1: I am Bebe (the head pops off, and it shuts down)
      (back in the present day)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Drew dropped out, and we never saw him again. I don't think he ever forgave us, and in some small way, maybe we never forgave ourselves.
      Kim: For just a giggle fit?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: No, no, Kimmie. We laughed for days, long and loud. With youthful abandon.
      Kim: Oh... that was bad
      Mr. Dr. Possible: So, you'll reconsider Ronald's dream?
      Kim: I don't think so. His Mad Dog routine is way stupid.

    • (in the locker room at Middleton High)
      Bonnie: You can not allow this, Kim!
      Kim: Bonnie. I'm as freaked out about this as you are. But there is no rule that says Ron can't try out!
      Bonnie: Check your calendar! This is not befriend a loser week!
      Kim: Ron is not a loser! He's just... different!
      (Ron opens the door and pops his head in, with his hand in front of his eyes)
      Ron: Hey ladies! Let's boogie! (the cheer squad look angry at him) Ladies? (they slam the door, and Ron falls back into the gym hall.) They take a loong time to get dressed.
      (Kim enters)
      Kim: Hey.
      Ron: Where's the squad? I'm pumped!
      Kim: They... um... they take a long time to get dressed. (pause) Are you totally sure you wanna be a cheerleader, Ron?
      Ron: Oh, I'm, not gonna be a cheerleader, KP.
      Kim: You're not? Great! I mean, um... why not?
      Ron: Because I'm going to be... (puts on a dog mask) the mascot! (chanting) Middleton Mad Dogs bite! (barks)
      Kim: Where did you get that mask?
      Ron: I made it! With my Movie Makeup Magic Kit!
      Rufus: (wearing a mask of Kim)
      What's the sitch? (laughs)
      Kim: (grabs the mask) I'm impressed... (takes up a monster mask) and disturbed.
      Ron: Does it not rock hard? Check this out: (he activates a pump, and foam squirts out from the mouth) Mad Dog foams at the mouth!
      Bonnie: Kim!
      Kim: Ron!
      Ron: The crowd will eat it up! Taste it! It's banana cream!
      Kim: (sarcastic) Yum
      Rufus: Banana! (he licks soem cream off Bonnie's hair. She drags him off and tosses him away)
      Bonnie: This idea is idiotic! The entire student body will laugh at you!
      Ron: But...
      Bonnie: Not with! At!
      Ron: Look...
      Bonnie: Loudly and cruelly! They will laugh!
      Ron: You don't deserve to be kissed by a naked mole rat!
      Rufus: Yeah!
      Kim: Ron...
      Ron: I know, Kim, I know. You believe in me and you will work on them.
      Kim: I, um... I kind of agree with Bonnie.
      Ron: (angry) Oh. Oh, I see! (he walks away)

    • (At the Possible residence)
      Kim: (irritated) My life... is so over!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I think it is cute that Ron wants to be a cheerleader.
      Kim: Mother. Boy bands are cute. Ground bear backpacks are cute. Ron as a cheerleader...not cute!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: He'll wear a different outfit, honey.
      Kim: Knowing Ron...
      (Mrs. Dr. Possible grabs her phone)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (in phone) Hi, hon. Pizza for dinner. What do you want on yours?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Hmm, toppings. (he accidentally pushes a switch) Well, you know I like bacon on pretty much everything. (a rocket launches) Okay. See you in three minutes or less. (he notices the rocket is gone) Oh. Gotta go. (he hangs up the phone, but it calls right after) Hello?
      Dr. Chen: Hey, Possible. Bob Chen. Listen... did you launch something over there? (a pair of red glowing eyes appear behind him)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: On the Q.T., Rob. Prototype G6 rocket. Went up like a dream. Too bad it wasn't supposed to launch until next week though.
      Dr. Chen: Lean on a button again?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Roger on that, Bob.
      Dr. Chen: So, we'll see you at the class reunion this weekend?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Wouldn't miss it. (small pause) Ouch. Looks like the military is scrambling around my rocket. Better hop off, Bob.
      Dr. Chen: See you at the reunion, buddy. (He hangs up the phone) Huh, same old Possible.

    • (At Bueno Nacho)
      Kim: Ron. Turn down the drama and eat!
      Ron: (with a sad voice) Not hungry (Rufus jumps on the table and starts to eat Ron's burrito) What am I gonna do, KP?
      Kim: Well, let's see. The guidance counsellor told you that you need an extracurricular activity
      Ron: Because it would look good on my college applications! That's years away!
      Kim: There's plenty of teams and clubs out there. You could join... The Mathletes
      Ron: Yeah, right! I can't get in that kinda shape!
      Kim: How about the debate team?
      Ron: Look, I'm not gonna argue with you, Kim!
      Kim: After-school activities are great. Like cheer squad for me!
      Ron: (lightens up) Cheer squad!
      Kim: For me, not you.
      Ron: That's it! I'm a beat! I can do that!
      Kim: Do what?
      Ron: Cheerleader. Yeah! Go, Mad Dogs! Wohoo! (He grabs the burrito to eat it, only to discover Rufus inside it)
      Rufus: Uh, hi.

    • (Ron is exiting a room at Middleton High)
      Ron: No, no problem. No, thank you (someone closes the door) My life is so over!

    • Dr. Possible: We never heard from Drew again.
      Kim: Because of a little giggle fit?
      Dr. Possible: Oh no, Kimmie, we laughed for days. Long and loud, with youthful abandon.
      Kim: Wow, that is pretty bad.

    • Announcer: Please put your hands together for your Middleton Mad Dog!
      (Ron comes out of the locker room dressed as the Mad Dog Mascot; he dances and prances and barks and cheers as the crowd goes wild and cheers for him)
      Bonnie: (incredulously) They like him?
      Kim: Yeah, kinda surprises me too.

    • Kim: The fact that I was so rotten to you. . . that's not gonna drive you to become some kind of mask-wearing villain, is it?
      Ron: If I said yes. . . would you let me do my Mad Dog routine?
      Kim: That's not a good reason for me to say yes.
      Ron: I know.
      Kim: Because you're my best friend. That's a good reason.
      Ron: Booyah! Mad Dogs lives! (barks and howls with joy)

    • Dr. Drakken: There's no way I could be expected to conclude that my arch nemesis is the daughter of a guy I went to college with!

    • Bebe #1: Question: If we are perfect. . .
      Bebe #2: Why do we obey. . .
      Bebe #3: One who is not perfect?
      Bebes: Conclusion: Drakken is unfit to command!

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