Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 4

Bad Boy

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 14, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Ron gets all of Dr. Drakken evil and Dr.Drakken in turn Ron's goodness. Due to a incident at a supervillian convention.

    Ron has always had a very good imagination when it comes to being evil. As he was able to advise Senor Senior Senior how to better defend his mansion in "The New Ron". Drakken's evil and Ron's imagination create a villian far more dangerous than any of Kim's previous foes. He's to figure out how to defend against Shego's energy blast with a force field, and even able to put Shego in her place. Locates Kim not by security camera but by scanning the Kimunicator frequencies, and has a secondary world conquest plan.

    Drakken on the other hand seems to be no more than a male Martha Stewert making coco and cookies.
  • Ron's bad side showing!

    Okay what is with blue bad guys? Anyways, this episode is great. Ron becomes a evil manical genius that even Shego adores. Dr. Drakken turns normal skin color and good. He works with Kim Possible to stop the crazy Ron Stoppable on his bad guy rampage! Either you will love this episode, or not, but it is truly a good animated adventure that the whole family will enjoy. Good acting and plot. The fact that Ron becomes bad is funyn and you get to see lots of new outfits o nthe characters that have never been seen before. I give "Bad Boy" and "Good" rating of 9.7.
  • Bad Boy was one of the rare Ron episodes that was well written in the series.

    Bad Boy had us seeing Ron wanting to be a bad boy. Drakken also wants to be more evil but they end up switching characters.

    Ron was quite irritatng with his laughter but he was innovative with his design and I liked the parts when Drakken kep saying "Coco Mu!?", I love those words! We also get to see the Kim/Ron relationship continueing when Ron said "Thanks for being my date!" which means Ron likes Kim alot.

    I think Will Friedel did a good job with Ron's laughter but I did feel like Shego that the laughter was irritating and the fact that the scenes Ron was trying to be bad was pa9nful to watch.

    So, this episode builds the character development for Ron and a moral for all of us, that Ron is better at being Evil and Drakken is better at being Good!
  • You asked for an evil Ron? Well, here he is!

    Some could call this episode good, while others could call this episode bad. Me? I'd describe this episode to be like a rose with thorns on it--some parts are good, others not so good. I'll list the thorns of this episode first:
    While the part at the beginning where Ron was explaining about his cousin Sean woes to Kim while she was fighting Shego put some excellent pointers on the hope of Kim and Ron pairing up, to me, it felt sort of otherwise pointless. 'Agony County' also felt pointless. The scene where Drakken keeps making his coco moo comments to Shego were just plain annoying. The part where Shego ditches Drakken to be with Ron put a negative point on the Drakken/Shego relationship. And then there is the sharpest thorn: As amusing as it may have been for other viewers, I did not like the scene where Ron put Shego in her place, nor the scene where Ron attacked Kim. Kim and Shego are my favourite characters, so having them being threatened and/or hurt always makes me dislike a certain episode.

    Time to move on to the roses: The scenes where Kim and Shego were being threatened by Ron were practically the only scenes where Ron's villainous character was unlikeable. All the other scenes where Ron was evil were enjoyable, right down to Ron's villainous laugh. Will Friedle did a five star job of doing an evil Ron in this episode, as John DiMaggio also did a five star job at good Drakken. Kim looked great in her leopard costume. And last, but not least, there is the part where Ron inadvertantly asks Kim to be his 'date' (er, friend) to the wedding.

    So while this episode isn't the best episode ever made, it's still an okay episode watching only once.
  • 'Bad' is quite right.

    There's a device known as the Attitudinator that can distill out a person's goodness while amplifying the evil. Drakken wants it, but Kim tries to stop him.

    As with "Triple S", writer Nicole Dubuc tries to stuff 10 gallons worth of plots into a five-gallon hat. There's the conversation during "Agony County" (a heavy-handed, wince-inducing moment, to be sure). This leads up to the bit with Ron changing his attitude, figuring that bad boys get the girls (which is forgotten until the last scene). And then there's Ron preparing for his cousin's wedding, where he must deal with his nasty cousin, Shawn. (It's time to come clean, folks: when it comes to Ron's fears, you're not even trying anymore, are you?)

    Then the Attitudinator ends up on Ron and he absorbs Drakken's essence, leaving the not-so-good doctor a pale shadow of his former self. Drakken as a nice guy was funny...for the first 30 seconds, but they really should've stopped there.

    The episode is (almost) worth it for super-villain Ron. Even though his evil plan isn't that great, one can't help but enjoy Ron casting off his nice-guy, pushover self and indulging in badness. Will Friedle's uncanny Drakken impression was the icing on this piece of cake.

    "Bad Boy", while not terrible, is pretty overrated. Still, there is that small pleasure mentioned above.
  • Show what would happen if Ron was the evil one and not Draken. And event though it was a very new episode when Disney Channel's Kim Possible Click it to Pick It: So the Countdown started, it was voted number 2 by us the fans.

    This is another one of my favoret KP episodes. The funny factor in this episode is just off the scale. First with one trying to act as a bad boy so he could get a date to his cousins wedding. Then they way Kim and Ron were dressed up as evilens then how Ron was a better evil genius than Draken. The way he scared Shego was just pure gold. But even though he was evil the writters still managed to keep him the same old Ron.
    Evil Ron (in bad german accent): All will fear me and tremble beneath my storm, and then hand over to me the world supply of…NACOS!!! BOOYAH-HA-HA-HA!!!

    Same ol', same ol' Ron :)
  • After a mishap at a Villains Convention, Ron and Drakken switch energies, turning Drakken good and Ron pure evil. When Ron teams up with Shego in a plot to take over the world, Kim must form an alliance with Drakken to set things right.

    With Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith currently in theaters, it’s all about good guys turning bad. And like Anakin Skywalker, Ron Stoppable joins the dark side, albeit briefly, in “Bad Boy.” Will Friedle is great in this episode as “Darth Ron”. From his evil laughs, to his getting even with his cousin Sean, and especially his putting Shego in her place. The biggest revelation from this episode is that Ron should have become a villain, because he would have been darn good at it. Fortunately, his friendship with Kim kept him from going there or else he could have been ruling the world by now. Not to mention controlling the world’s supply of Nacos. John DiMaggio is also pretty good as nice guy Drakken. He got a few chuckles with his “Coco Moo” references. There was also some nice hints of a Kim/Ron romance (I thought the “Agony County” conversation was cute). Will Friedle totally made this episode enjoyable. Bad is good.