Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 4

Bad Boy

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 14, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The robot on the back of the supervillain convention magazine Shego is reading was the one created by Drakken from Nakasumi's video game factory in Crush.

    • Ron is seen watching Agony County at his house, but he does not get cable until Dimension Twist

    • When Kim and Ron are talking to Wade before entering the International Villain's Convention, we see Duff Killigan enter the convention three times in the background.

    • When Sean throws the cake, Ron's freckles disappear.

    • After Ron turns back to good and the machine blows up, as Kim and Ron are exiting, Ron is in his mission clothes instead of the Zorpox costume.

    • When Dr. Drakken is shown fixing the Attitudinator, his skin is blue, but it should be pale since he is currently good

  • Quotes

    • Shego: Come on, Stoppable! You're coming with us.
      Drakken: If you don't mind terribly.
      Ron (as Zorpox): No one commands me! No one!

    • Mr. Barkin: No food fight goes unpunished on my watch, Stoppable. That's one month of detention.
      Mr. Barkin: Oooh, that's funny to you, food fighter? Fine, let's make it TWO MONTHS!

    • Drakken: (to Kim) I'm feeling super-evil. How do I look?

    • Jack Hench: Well, I just wanted to say how terribly sorry Hench Co. is about the unfortunate mishap.
      Shego: What mishap?
      Jack Hench: Well, our analysis of the ruckus at the convention shows that Dr. Drakken's evil was clearly transplanted to that Zorpox fellow.
      Shego: Aha! No wonder Dr. D's messed up!
      Jack Hench: Hey, hang on, your check bounced...
      (Shego disconnects the satellite feed)

    • Ron (as Zorpox): (after Cousin Shaun throws a cake to his face) You think you got game?! You ain't got game! That's right, baby, it's payback time. BOOYAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!! I refined my potato tosser into a plasma catapult.
      Kim: That's an unexpected twist.
      Ron (as Zorpox): This will cut that brat down to size! (activates the device and shoots plasma to Cousin Shaun who runs away from the device)

    • Ron: (about his experiment) Ooh, things are about to get spudtacular.
      (Ron runs away as the device begins to throw mashed potatoes to the students)

    • Kim: Ron, you better stop this. Evil isn't your thing, it's Drakken's thing.
      Ron (as Zorpox): But I'm so much better at it. Did Drakken ever built a plasma blaster this dangerous?
      Drakken: (sadly) I did not.
      Shego: You didn't? Who knew the buffoon was a natural? Later, Dr. Do Nothin! (tosses Drakken out of the hovercar)

    • Drakken: You've been a bad boy!
      Ron (as Zorpox): Hey, what the... (Drakken puts the Attudinator on Ron's head, and the device explodes, giving the two their original attitudes)

    • Kim: (after Ron throws potatoes to the students) Ron, what's your damage?
      Rufus: Yeah!
      Ron: Oh, I see now. I see what it is. You turned against me. Can't handle the bad boy, huh?!
      Mr. Barkin: (grabs Ron) No, but I can.

    • Kim: Ron, there's something you should know. Hey, you're blue.
      Ron (as Zorpox): Kim Possible!
      Kim: Since when did you use my last name?
      Ron (as Zorpox): Since I realized my full evil potential.
      Kim: Yeah, about that.
      (Cousin Shaun throws cake on Ron)

    • Kim: Shh-shh-shh! It's starting. (The words "agony county" appear on the screen)
      Ron: You actually watch "Agony County"?
      Kim: Just to stay current.

    • Ron: Come on, KP, you know where nice guys finish.

    • Drakken: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Shego: That you're paying retail?

    • Shego: You'll just gorge yourself on corndogs and hock on Dementor again.
      Drakken: That was last year and those were funnel cakes.

    • Drakken: The super villain trade show and convention? (reading ad) Doomsday demonstrations. Henchmen seminars. Evil snack bar!

    • Kim: You watch Agony County?
      Ron: Am I not supposed to stay current?
      Kim: Yeah.

    • Charity: Danny, you have spinach in your teeth and your hair is a mess!
      Danny: But I'm the one who doesn't care.
      Charity: But I care! I care so much it hurts.
      Danny: I like when you hurts.

    • Ron: So you like the bad boys.
      Kim: Well, sometimes I, (sees her dad walk by) No. Not at all.

    • Kim: I never thought I'd say this, but Dr. Drakken, I'm counting on you.

    • Shego: Don't you have something you want to take over? Starts with a "W."
      Drakken: I love guessing games. Don't tell me. Watermelon? Wooly Mammoth? Woodchuck? (phone rings) Whirly-gate?
      Jack (on the phone):Is this the lair of Dr. Drakken?
      Drakken: Wombat?
      Shego: More or less.

    • Drakken: Want a PB sticky? (Shego blasts PB sticky) Oh, someone's a grumpy monkey.

    • Kim: Why don't you tell your parents that Sean is always picking on you?
      Ron: I tried, but they're all like, "Seany is littler than you. . ."
      Kim: How "littler"?
      Ron: Seven. But he's like, an evil seven!

    • Ron: I need to go badder.
      Kim: (sarcastically) You wouldn't want anyone liking you for the real you.

    • Ron: All will fear me and tremble beneath my storm, and then hand over to me the world supply of nacos! BOOYAH-HA-HA-HA!!!

    • Ron (as Zorpox): Welcome, Kimberly Ann Possible!
      Kim: The middle name is so overkill!

    • Ron (as Zorpox): (to Shego) Did ya see that? You were all "boom boom" and I was all "zap zap" and now you're all "boo hoo!"

    • Kim: (after Ron and Shego team up) This is bad.
      Drakken: (with his face in an entree) I have to disagree; it's delicious. I must ask the cook for the recipe.

    • Ron (as Zorpox): Shego, Kim Possible is coming.
      Shego: How do you know? She's not on any of the monitors.
      Ron (as Zorpox): I just did some scanning on the Kimmunicator's frequency.
      Shego: Why didn't Drakken ever think of that?
      Ron (as Zorpox): That's why I'm the big dog now. WOOF WOOF BARK!

    • Drakken: There must be some world domination plan I've tried that worked.
      Shego: Here's a news flash: If it worked, you'd be running the world. The only thing I see you running is your mouth!

    • Shego: Stop saying Cocoa Moo!
      Drakken: (takes a sip) Mmm, that's good Cocoa Moo.
      Shego: (frustrated) AAAGH!

    • Drakken: Someone needs some Cocoa-Moo!
      Shego: (angrily) If I hear Cocoa-MOO one more time, I'll flip!
      Drakken: Someone's grumpy. I think you need some Cocoa-Moo!

    • Ron: Oh please, are they still teasing that Charity and Dannie are gonna get together?
      Kim: Like that's ever gonna happen. It would end the series.

    • Shego: Why are you dressed in that stupid costume?
      Kim: Have you looked in the mirror?
      Shego: Grrr. . .

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ron: Oh please, are they still teasing that Charity and Dannie are gonna get together?
      Kim: Like that's ever gonna happen. It would end the series.

      This is an obvious dig at Kim and Ron's own "Will they/won't they" relationship. Ironically, the series almost did end with So The Drama, in which they finally give a romantic relationship a try.

    • Ron: Did you see that? You were all 'boom boom' and I was all 'zap zap' and now you're all 'boo hoo!'

      What Ron says is very similar to the movie Finding Nemo, where Crush, a turtle, says something in a very similar manner.

    • Ron: Just call me "bad boy."

      Ron's 'bad boy' outfit makes him look a lot like Shaun Hunter from Boy Meets World. Will Friedle, who voices Ron, used to star on the show.

    • The O.C.:

      The in-show television show Agony County"is very similar to another program called Orange County, more popularly known as The O.C..

    • Horror Movies:

      The organ music playing under Ron's rant to Shego in the lair is "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor." This is commonly used in horror movies.

    • Superheroes:

      The outfit looks remarkably like Catwoman's, only with spots. Sheela sounds like a spoof of the character "She-ra". Both are famous female superheroes.

    • Drakken: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

      A nod to Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Shego's answer was random, but not as random as Pinky's usually is.

    • Wade: Zorpox the Conqueror, from The Villain's League of Evil Villains...

      The comic book Wade sites as the source of Zorpox is a parody of the Leagion of Doom from the 1970s cartoon The Challenege of the SuperFriends.