Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 9

Big Bother

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 07, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the best episodes

    Ron has to take care of a flour sack like it's a baby and he's up for a surprise when his parents adopt a baby girl from Japan and Ron is forced to make major adjustments and dislikes his new sister but grows to like her despite all of his flour sacks getting damaged or destroyed. Meanwhile Monkey Fist is seeking a power but secret weapon with the nature of it being unclear. A very funny episode with many funny parts and themes, wonderful character development, and a great plot, with a return of Yori and Master Sensei.
  • Ron gets a baby sister, whilst Monkey Fist is looking for a powerful weapon

    Well, this episode was truly a good one. Yori and Monkey Fist being two reasons. You gotta love those episodes. And then there is Ron's project at school. THe flour sack assignment was just so cool. And Ron having to get new ones all the time ws just as hilarious. He actually used up close to 2 000 sacks. He must hav a lot of money, that kid. And of course, there is Ron's baby sister, Hana. She got adopted, and the adoption agent was none other than MAster Sensei from Yamanouchi. Of course, we see no special things about Hana at first, and Ron's acting cold. I liked how he eventually warmed up to her. I mean, how can one not like a baby? (if one take away diaper change from that statement first) And I liked how Hana took Monkey Fist. It was pretty cool, and from then I knew that Hana ws soemthing special. And the "weapon" that Monkey Fist was looking for throughout the whole episode, it was none other than Hana herself. That was kinda cool. And the running gags, like the monkey ninjas driving and crashing various vehicles and Ron's flour sacks getting destroyed made it all much funnier. All in all, a very good episode 9.2/10
  • How can you not like this episode and little Hana?

    I saw it on Disney, and made sure to record it during it's premiere. Overall, it's a pretty great episode, much better than Queen Bebe (Not that I dislike that episode) Weisman's first episode in the series. Recently my stepsister had a baby last summer, she's really adorable. So, I can really understand the Stoppable's feelings towards Hana. Right up there with Alexander Xanatos, as one of the best animated babies introduced.

    Favorite moments include Ron's attempt at taking care of a sack of flour and sugar, Ron breaking the news to Yori concerning him and Kim and of course the end of the episode.
  • Flower sacks galore and monkey mayhem. Need I say more?

    This is definately worth watching. Ron gets a new health assignment at the same time he gets his new adopted sister. Due to all the commotion at his house he has to figure a way to keep his flower sack alive despite its short comings. All the Sacky's he goes through are hilarious. And at the end it ends up being Sacky MCMXXXIIII (should be IV instead of IIII but thats what Ron says) Which in roman numerals translates to 1,934. Aside from that he also has to think of a way to break it to Yori that Kim and him are dating.
  • Ron has a new health class assignment: to care for a sack of flour. . Also, Ron gets his new adopted baby sister, Hana. They team up with yori to stop monkey fist, and Ron must tell Yori that Kim and Ron are dating.

    Wonderful. Hana is so cute! It was kind of sad how Ron kept calling her "the intruder", when she had such a beautiful name. But, it was nice how he finally came around to love Hana. I am upset that Kim is not wearing the new mission clothes. Sure, the old ones were nice, but the new ones are so so so much better. Also I laughed so much at all the "sacky's" that died in the episode. My friend and I tried to count them as they died, but we gave up half way into the show. I also liked how Kim was a little hostile towards Yori. She didn't trust her, but in the end all was well. My fave episode. I waited weeks for this to come on. Disney Channel out did themselves this time. Extraordinary! I can't even begin to explain how much I like this episode! It ROCKS!
  • Awesome awesome awesome!

    I really enjoyed this episode. It is always fun to see Ron holding his own on the missions, and Yuri is a fun character. I also enjoyed the idea that Ron's new sister has mystical martial arts powers of her own, and that she and Ron will learn from each other. Of course, the show won't go on for that long, but it was a fun plot development. I think it's really neat that Ron's parents adopted, and it looks like Hana is Asian. A pretty serious strain to an otherwise lighthearted show. All in all, a great episode, one of the best.
  • Ron deals with flour sack parenthood and a new sister. Monkey Fist steals a scroll with the secret of a mystical weapon. Kim, Ron and Yori team up to foil the self proclaimed Monkey Master

    This episode has some excellent action scenes as Kim, Ron and Yori attempt to foil Monkey Fist. To suceed they must overcome quicksand, gargoyles and a volcano, not to mention Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas. The misfortunes of the monkey ninjas adds a spark of humor. I particularly enjoy the Kim-Yori interaction. Kim is obviously jealous when Yori enters the action. After a few pointed exchanges and a "girl's night out" the two seem to work well together. I think this is the best sub plot in the episode. Ron again proved himself a capable fighter, even encumbered by a baby and pseudo baby. I hope we see this side of Ron again this season. The Stoppables again display a unique parenting style. No wonder Ron calls his new sister "the Intruder." Once I saw baby Hana, I was not really surprised at the end when we discover that Sensei had a hand in the adoption. I look forward to seeing more of the Hana sub plot and Sensei's influence on Kim and Ron's lives. There are some humorous moments in the Sacky sub plot which would be much better if the concept had not already appeared in so many other shows. Overall another triumph for the KP crew. Surely there is at least one more season in this property.
  • One of the best episodes yet. Definitely worth watching I give it two thumbs up.

    This episode was in my opinion one of the best ones of this season yet. I think it was worth watching and I will probably watch it at least a couple more times to. The story line in this episode was extremely funny and Ron in the flour baby in the new baby sister as he calls it "the intruder". Throughout this show he refers to his new baby sister as intruder and is quite cool areas how he do it does it. And the flour baby was an added bonus and how many times he killed he win all way up to 39 I believe. But how he was going to fool the teacher was he bought the same brand and had the same expiration date that the original flour baby was given to him with being very "devious" as Kim says. I fully recommend watching this episode it is worth watching and I look forward to seeing how they will top themselves in the future episodes.
  • Baby, baby, baby...

    Ron finds that his family has gotten a little stranger - the adorable Hana, adopted by his parents. What’s more, his latest assignment for health class finds him playing father to a sack of flour.

    Ah, the ‘raising an inanimate object like it was a child for a school assignment’ plot. We meet again. Several cartoon shows have been obliterated in its wake: “Batman Beyond”, “Danny Phantom”, “Hey Arnold!”, “Pepper Ann”...okay, so that show had a decent episode. Sadly, this show is the latest casualty. The methods by which the flour sacks are destroyed are silly, contrived, downright boring...pretty much everything except funny.

    Thankfully, this is not the only thing going on here, as Yori returns to help Kim and Ron stop Monkey Fist from gathering the items necessary to obtain a powerful weapon. While I could’ve done without the ‘we’re a couple now’ schtick (which smacks of the irritating coyness of the third season), these scenes were packed with excitement.

    And though I hate how they’ve been reduced to only the most rudimentary of appearances (seriously, why weren’t they in “Grande Size Me”?!), I loved seeing Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable again. And Hana is a welcome addition to the series, even if Ron referring to her as ‘The Intruder’ runs the sack destruction a close second in this outing’s lameness.

    Not a perfect episode, but a fairly entertaining one.