Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 9

Big Bother

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 07, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • During the battle in the first shrine, two KP title references were made in this episode. Ron told Yori there was nothing wrong with showing a little Emotion Sickness when she stated she had no qualm with the fact that Kim and Ron were dating, and Monkey Fist said So The Drama in response to the whole situation.

    • When Ron asks his parents why they didn't tell him about Hana, they say this is our way of telling you. This is similar to the events in A Sitch In Time where they fail to mention that he is moving to Norway.

    • Running Gags: Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas crashing into an object, causing Monkey Fist to say "That's what I get for letting the monkey drive", and Ron's flour babies keep getting destroyed are running gags throughout this episode.

    • Ron is seen asking for bacon in this episode, but he is Jewish, meaning that he doesn't eat pork. This means that he is not Orthodox Jew, seeing as he celebrates Christmas, not to mention the naco combines ground meat and cheese made from cow's milk, which goes against the kosher law of not using the meat and dairy products from the same animal in the same dish.

    • Even though according to production codes, this episode is after Clothes Minded, Kim continues to wear her old mission outfit clothes.

    • When Ron's father tells him that he installed a new ceiling fan, it is the exact same one as the one in the beginning of the episode.

    • Ron's fighting technique is shown to have improved in this episode, and he is able to hold his own.

    • When Ron is handing his flour to Barkin to get a grade, the wall behind him is blue; however, once Barkin gives him a grade, the wall is orange.

    • When Kim and Ron ring Barkin's doorbell, they are just as tall as Barkin is. However, in Grande Size Me, only the largest Ron could match Barkin's height.

    • For Ron's last flour sack, he calls it MCMXXXIIII. This is not a real Roman numeral since it should be MCMXXXIV.

    • Ron leaves to rescue Kim with his twenty-second sack of flour and arrives with his thirty-eighth one; however, he only kept the flour in his closet, and did not take it with him.

    • In the first encounter with Monkey Fist, his (Tom Kane's) voice does not sound like it usually does.

    • Just before Monkey Fist and his monkeys crash into the tree, we briefly see the road ahead of them, and there is not a tree.

    • In one shot we see Kim's mom starting to make pancakes from scratch, but in the next shot about two second later, they are completely cooked and ready to serve.

    • When Kim and Ron go to Barkin's house to get the second sack of flour, Kim gets is wearing a green shirt. In the next shot, she is wearing a pink shirt.

  • Quotes

    • (Ron is swinging Hana back and forth on a swingset)
      Ron: Babies are just so cool! They just...change your life.
      (Ron notices the same girl in his health class next to him with a flour baby)
      Geeky Girl: Yeah, that's for sure. Isn't that so? Who loves his mommy? Who loves his mommy?
      (Ron and Hana look at her oddly)
      Ron: (to Hana) Let's go over to the slide now...

    • Mr. Stoppable: We just want to thank you and the adoption agency for helping us find Hana.
      Mrs. Stoppable: She's already brought such joy to our lives.
      Mr. Stoppable: And Ronald has really taken to her.
      Mrs. Stoppable: He's turned out to be a fanastic big brother.
      Sensei: I was sure young Stoppable-sun would rise to the occasion. He has much to teach her, and she has much to show him as well...much to show the world.

    • Tim: Trouble with the flour-child?
      Ron: Keep it down, okay!
      Jim: We heard you bought up all the flour at Smarty Mart.
      Ron: Shh! Sacky MCMXXXIIII and I are just fine!
      (Ron walks over to Barkin to hand in his sack of flour)
      Ron: Well, Mr. Barkin, the week's up, and here's and sound.
      (Barkin further inspects it)
      Barkin: F-!
      Ron: What?! But she's in perfect shape!
      Barkin: She's sugar!
      (The class breaks out in laughter)

    • (Ron hands Yori the scroll)
      Yori: The scroll will be returned to the Yamanuchi School. Its secrets will remain safe.
      Ron: I guess you'll want the keys back too.
      Yori: No, the shrines have been compromised, and I cannot think of a safer place to keep them than with Stoppable-san.
      Ron:'s my bag.
      (Ron trips and squishes the flour sack)
      Ron: Ohh, some things are just not meant to be!

    • (Monkey Fist has been defeated and Kim and Yori walk out of the red shrine)
      Kim: Wow, Ron, nice babysitting.
      Ron: Nobody talks trash to my little sister!
      Kim: Nobody?
      Ron: Huh, yeah, well, umm, maybe I've been a little, umm...I'm sorry about that, Hana.
      Kim: Her real name? No more little intruder?
      Ron: (in a baby voice) Intruder? Who would ever consider you an intruder?

    • (Ron finishes fighting off all the monkey ninjas)
      Ron: Never...threaten...Ron Stoppable's sister! Ha, sister.
      Monkey Fist: Oh, well played. You've dispatched the lackies, but I think you'll find their master more of a challenge!
      (Monkey Fist attacks Ron)
      Monkey Fist: (while throwing punches) Once I have the weapon, the entire world will fall to my power! As the clue says, achieving the weapon is your good fortune.
      (Monkey Fist punches part of the shrine causing debris to cover him)
      Ron: Well, that was lucky!
      (Monkey Fist breaks out of the debris and throws a piece at Ron causing him to fall to the ground)
      Monkey Fist: My love for power will bring me invincibility for loving the weapon makes it unstoppable.
      Ron: (struggling to get up) Hey!
      (Hana comes out of Ron's carrying device and throws Monkey Fist over towards the volcano as it erupts)
      Monkey Fist: Uh oh!
      (Rocks come flying onto Monkey Fist thus trapping him)
      Ron: (getting up) Owned!
      (Ron takes the scroll, the blue key, and the yellow key from him)

    • (Kim and Yori are hopping across a field of lava tied together)
      Kim: So, Yori, are you really okay with Ron being off the market?
      Yori: Off the market?
      Kim: You know, mine.
      Yori: I believe Stoppable-sun is your destiny, Kim Possible. Like change, we must always welcome destiny.
      (They cross the field, and Yori grabs the red key with her teeth)
      Kim: Yori, you sorta, kinda rock.
      Yori: (with the red key in her mouth) Domo!

    • Monkey Fist: (noting on Kim and Yori's problem in the shrine) Whew, quite relieved they went in first.
      Ron: You won't be! Not after you face the wrath of Ron Stoppable, Rufus, and Sacky XXXVIII!
      Rufus: Thirty-eight?!
      (Hana giggles)
      Monkey Fist: I don't know what that means.
      Ron: Follow the jist, monkeyman.
      Monkey Fist: What kind of hero brings a baby on a mission?
      Ron: A baby...and a bag of flour!
      Monkey Fist: Ahh, yes, that explains everything. (ordering his monkey ninjas) Get him! Get the rat! Get the flour! Get the baby! Throw them all into the volano!
      (Ron fights off all the monkey ninjas)

    • (Kim and Yori are tied together in the red shrine)
      Kim: Since we're stuck in here, we might as well try to get the red key.
      Yori: The shrine's safeguard will attempt to bar our way.
      Kim: Then we'll have to be smarter then both the shrine and monkeyboy.
      Yori: Together then...1...
      Kim: ...2...
      Kim and Yori: ...3!
      (They fly through the air and land further into the shrine only to find that they are on a single piece of land in the middle of a lava field)
      Yori: Hmm...this is a mild setback.
      Kim: Calm in the face of danger much?
      Yori: Very much like you, Kim Possible.
      Kim: Ugh, this is so complicated!

    • (Ron is reading a parenting book)
      Ron: (thinking) Okay, bad time, worst case complications.
      (We see Hana in a sink splashing water)
      Ron: Ha, mock me at your parrel, intruder. Yeah, and that adoring gaze is not going to change my mind.
      (Hana grabs the gloves that Ron is wearing and wrips them off)
      Ron: Ha, ha, some grip you got there. You know, why are people always impressed by a baby's grip anyway? You know, it's not like you do anything useful with it.
      (Hana blows a bubble)
      Ron: Ha, so a wicked kinda way.
      Wade: Ron! Ron!
      (Ron puzzlingly looks at the baby talker)
      Ron: Wade?
      Wade: I think Kim's in trouble. Her Kimmunicator called in, but all I got was this...
      (We hear monkey noises over the talker)
      Ron: Monkey Fist!
      Wade: Exactly. I know you're on babysitter patrol, but...
      Ron: ...but it's time this kid found out what it means to be the sister of Ron Stoppable.
      Rufus: Yeah!
      Ron: Come on, Rufus. Intruder. Let's go. Oh, yeah, and you too Sacky XXII.
      Rufus: Twenty-two?!
      Ron: Don't ask!

    • Monkey Fist: As the blue shrine was guarded by stone, the red shrine is guarded by lava. Oh, sounds dangerous. Ladies first...
      (Monkey Fist shoves Kim and Yori into the shrine)
      Kim: Always the gentlemen!
      Monkey Fist: You just worry about springing the traps so I can safely secure the red key, and with it finally revealing the true nature of the secret weapon!

    • Yori: Where is Stoppable-son?
      Kim: My boyfriend...I mean Ron's babysitting his sister.
      Yori: Then it is, how you say, girl's night out.
      Kim: Something like that, sure.
      Yori: This time we must not become a pawn of the monkey man.
      (A rope binds them together)
      Monkey Fist: How disappointing. It's just no fun when the good guys don't play along, so I suppose I'll simply have to make you play.

    • Ron: (to Hana) I cannot believe I have to miss the mission because of you! Yeah, yuk it up, intruder, but you won't be laughin' after sacky proves to be superior in the first annual Ultimate Infant Championship. Event number one: world's quietest baby.
      (Hana giggles)
      Ron: And the winner is Sacky XI!
      (Hana destroys Sacky XI, so Ron gets a new one)
      Ron: Event number two: world's most motionless baby.
      (Hana gets up and walks around)
      Ron: And the winner is Sacky XII!
      (Hana destroys Sacky XII, so Ron gets a new one)
      Ron: Event number three: world's least violent baby. And the winner is...
      (Hana destroys Sacky XIII, but begins giggling)
      Ron: Ha, hey. You sure are a giggler, aren't you? Even evil can be cute sometimes.

    • Ron: Come to papa, Sacky X.
      Kim: Number ten? You know you're gonna get so busted for this, right?
      Ron: No bustage. I made sure to get the exact same brand of flour, down to the expiration date. What Barkin doesn't know, etcetera, etcetera.
      Kim: Who knew my BF had such a nefarious streak?
      (Ron's parents walk in)
      Mrs. Stoppable: I think you meant such a responsible streak, didn't you, Kimmie?
      Kim: Uh, yeah, sure.
      Mr. Stoppable: Great, because our Ron-sponsible is recruited for baby sitter duty.
      Ron: What? Wait. No!
      Mrs. Stoppable: Don't worry, Ronnie. If you get in a pickle, I left a parenting book in the kitchen.
      Mr. Stoppable: What to Expect when you are Panicking.
      Ron: They cannot be leaving me alone with the intruder. This is not cool!
      Kim: You're not alone, I'm... (The Kimmunicator beeps) Just a sec!
      Wade: Hey, Kim. I've got the location of the final shrine.
      Ron: Oh great, I'll meet Yori there, and Kim can baby sit.
      Kim: You and Yori? Umm, no.
      Ron: Well, Rufus, I guess it's just you and me, and Sacky X of course.
      (Hana destroys Sacky X)

    • Monkey Fist: The second clue: loving the weapon makes it unstoppable. Excellent, I love it already.
      (He notices a rock in the water ahead of them)
      Monkey Fist: Look out! (They crash into the water) This is what I get for letting the monkey drive my new boat!

    • Ron: Aww, Sacky, you're such a cutie baby, yes, you know you are, don't you?
      Kim: See, Ron, you make a great big brother. But you'd get more out of it if you were cooing over your sister, instead of a bag of... hold on. There's no way Barkin would have given you Sacky V, I mean five.
      Ron: Oh well actually, this is Sacky VIII. (A short flashback shows how he got to eight)
      Kim: Sacky Eight? Just how many sackies are there?
      (Ron opens a closet full of flour sacks)
      Kim: Ron!
      Ron: But I won't need any of them! Honest. Sacky VIII is going to be perfectly safe in these hands.
      (He holds Sacky VIII up over his head as his dad walks in)
      Mr. Stoppable: Ronald, did you see the new ceiling fan I put in?
      (He turns it on, and Sacky VIII is destroyed)
      Ron: Sacky Eight, we hardly knew ye!

    • Hana: Ha, hi!
      Kim: I'm afraid Ron isn't coming around.
      Mrs. Stoppable: Oh, Ronnie just needs a little time.
      Mr. Stoppable: Now get over here for a little fawning over Hana. It's good for the soul, you know.
      Kim, Rufus, Mrs. Stoppable, and Mr. Stoppable: Awww!

    • (Rufus saves Kim and Yori from the living statues)
      Kim: Way 'ta go, Rufus! (A statue ambushes her from behind)
      Ron: (Still trapped) A lotta help here!
      Kim: Be right there!
      Yori: If you could please duck, Stoppable-san. Your head blocks the creature's stress point.
      Ron: Sorry.
      (Yori destroys the statue and Ron is free)
      Ron: Thanks, Yori. You're the best!

    • (Kim, Ron, and Yori are inside of the blue temple)
      Kim: We beat Monkey Fist!
      Ron: (Pointing at a statue) That is, unless ugly here already ate him.
      (The statues all come alive)
      Ron: Hey, hey, just kidding, just kidding! You are one handsome grotesque. No intense offended, I mean, awww!
      (The statues grab the three as Monkey Fist comes in)
      Monkey Fist: Now, don't mind me. I have no intent of interrupting. Please do carry on. (He escapes uncontested)

    • Ron: Looks like Wade was right, this is it.
      Yori: What if Monkey Fist has already come, and gone with the blue key?
      Kim: One way to find out
      (They precede inside the temple as we see Monkey Fist hiding behind some rocks)
      Monkey Fist: The scroll warns that as the yellow shrine was guarded by sand, the blue is guarded by stone. So, why risk myself and my monkeys when I can get Team Possible to find the traps for me?

    • (Monkey Fist is being driven by one of his monkeys)
      Monkey Fist: (Reading a scroll) The first clue: achieving the weapon is your good fortune. Now what does that mean?
      (He notices a tree right in front of them)
      Monkey Fist: Look out! (They crash) That's what I get for letting the monkey drive!

    • Kim: Morning, mom.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmy, have you seen the pancake mix?
      Kim: Your making pancakes?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I'm feeling retro today. Huh, I guess I'll have to start from scratch.
      Kim: Wow, that is retro!
      (Ron walks in and sets Sacky III on the counter)
      Ron: Morning Mrs. Dr. P.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Making pancakes, Ron.
      Ron: Cool, retro.
      Kim: How'd you ever convince Barkin to give you a third chance?
      Ron: I'm not a proud man, Kim, but listen. Mucho serious development.
      Kim: Monkey Fist?
      Ron: Bla, no! The intruder. This morning the little creature spit up in my backpack. No one spits up in my backpack except Rufus...and occasionally me. So what, now there's eighteen more years of this torture?
      Kim: Ron, I don't think she'll still be spitting up when she's eighteen.
      Ron: Well that makes one of us! Why can't the intruder be more like Sacky III?
      Kim: You mean Sacky Three?
      (Kim's mom brings over the pancakes)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Here you go, kids. From scratch!
      (Ron notices that Sacky III is gone)
      Ron: Sacky III!
      (Rufus smells the pancakes)
      Rufus: Yumm!
      Ron: Rufus! No!
      (Rufus shoves a pancake in his mouth)
      Ron: Okay, you know, it's okay. I think this is how Sacky would have wanted it. Got any bacon?

    • (Kim is overseeing Hana in her room)
      Ron: Kim, where are you going? The attic is this way!
      Kim: Come on, Ron. Don't you want a little peek at the cuttie?
      Rufus: Ha, ha, cuttie!
      Ron: What, and play right into the intruder's plan? Thank you, no!

    • Ron: (after defeating all the monkey minions) No one threatens Ron Stoppable's sister! Huh, sister!

    • (Ron is telling Yori that he is a couple with Kim)
      Yori: Sensei teaches that change is a part of life, and leads to growth, wisdom, and happiness.
      Ron: Yeah, who doesn't love change, but you can admit to a little emotion sickness if you want.
      Kim: Ron, she said she's okay with it!
      Monkey Fist: So the drama! I'd love to stay and see who ends up with whom, but I really have to run. Ta ta!
      (Monkey Fist escapes)
      Yori: This is unfortunate.

    • MHS Sign: If you lived here, you'd be home schooled by now.

    • Kim: Ron, maybe you should tell Yori the big news.
      Ron: What? Oh, you mean the intruder?
      Kim: Not that news!
      Ron: Oh, right. Sorry. So see, I got this new assignment in health class...
      Kim: Ron!
      Ron: Okay, okay. Yori, the thing is, Kim and I, we're not just friends anymore. We're kind of, well, dating.
      Yori: I see.
      Ron: Totally didn't mean to break your heart or anything.
      Yori: I believe my heart is intact.
      Ron: Wait, it is? Does everyone have a heart of stone these days?

    • (Kim, Ron, and Yori intercept Monkey Fist in the first temple)
      Yori: Stoppable-son, we must get that key!
      Ron: Don't worry, Yori. You can count on me!
      Kim: She can count on you, Ron, but not for everything, right?
      Yori: What are you saying?

    • (Ron slips on a banana peel)
      Kim: So this is a real mission?
      Ron: Same old Stoppable-son, with his inappropriate clownistry.
      Kim: Ha, ha. Yeah.

    • Yori: Lord Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas struck again last night.
      Ron: Why does monkey fist always use monkey ninjas? I mean bunny ninjas would be a nice change of pace.

    • Yori: It is a great relief to see you, Stoppable-san.
      Ron: Always good to see you, Yori.
      Kim: Uh hum!
      Ron: I mean we can see each other as long as it's clear that we are not seeing each other.
      Yori: I don't know what that means, but I'm still glad you are here.

    • Kim: So, how do you plan to break the news to Yori that we are a thing now?
      Ron: Thing? You mean a couple?
      Kim: Aye-Yi
      Ron: I'm sure that she's gotten over me. I mean to the degree that any girl can. Oh, right full disclosure. Got it.

    • Ron: It all happened so fast!
      Kim: I know, but one smile from Hana, and you'll...
      Ron: Oh not her! I'm missing Sacky II!
      Kim: Enough with the Roman Numerals! Besides, you only had Sacky Two for like two seconds.
      Ron: Have you a heart of stone, women?
      Kim: Right.

    • (Ron rings Barkin's doorbell)
      Barkin: Stoppable! How many times to I have to say it? Home time is my time! Doubly so at bath time!
      Ron: Mr. Barkin, please. You have to give me another flour baby.
      Barkin: You blew the assignment already? Its only been two hours!
      Kim: To be fair, it wasn't entirely Ron's fault. There were, um, extenuating circumstances.
      Ron: The intruder sacked Sacky!
      Barkin: I don't know what that means, but here, I'm running out of hot water!
      Ron: You won't regret it, sir. I will take great care of Sacky II.
      Kim: Sacky II?
      Ron: It's Roman Numerals, KP. It adds the aristocratic touch.
      (Ron trips and breaks Sacky II)

    • Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
      Wade: Got a hit on the site from the Yamanuchi School in Japan.
      Ron: Yamanuchi? Yori!
      Wade: Yeah, she said she needs Stoppable-son right away.
      Ron: Wade, you better fill in some blanks, pronto!
      Wade: To help her, both of you. Including Kim, who she asked about.
      Ron: Nice save!
      Kim: I don't know, Ron-son gots his own sitch right now.
      Ron: So many sitches, so little time!

    • Kim: Face it Ron, you freak fully over change. But you'll adapt.
      Ron: I don't, and I won't!
      Kim: Will! And once that faternal instinct kicks in, you'll love her. Trust me.

    • Ron: My own parents, banishing me to the attic!
      Kim: Well they couldn't put the baby up here!
      Ron: Oh, you must be refurring to the intruder.
      Kim: Come on, you've always complained about being an only child. You were even jealous of the Tweebs, Ron. The Tweebs! And now you're a big brother!
      Ron: Don't remind me. Just glad that I can count on you and Rufus to stand beside me throughout this ordeal. Ummm, Rufus?
      (We see Rufus playing with Hana)

    • Mr. Stoppable: Son, our family has adopted a precious little girl.
      Ron: We, you, I, we... Why didn't you tell me!?
      Mr. Stoppable: This is our way of telling you.
      Mrs. Stoppable: Ronny, meet your new baby sister, Hana Stoppable.
      (Ron drops Sacky in disbelief)

    • Kim: Okay, now you have seriously taken the deep leap. You turned your bedroom into a nursery? Wait, when did you turn your bedroom into a nursery?
      Ron: I didn't. Wait, why is my room a nursery?

    • Ron: Kim, I know I'm bias, but isn't she (the flour sack) beautiful?
      Kim: Oh the flour assignment. Aren't you a little old for the flour assignment?
      Ron: Bonding time, Kim! Don't diss me in front of little sacky.
      Kim: Sacky?
      (Rufus tries to take a bite of the flour)
      Ron: Whoa! Hey, hey, did you disinfect? Okay, for the next seven days, sacky is my number one priority.
      Rufus: Uh, stupid sacky!

    • Barkin: Okay, listen up people. Today in health class, we begin an important lesson on responsibility.
      (He places sacks of flour on everyone's desk)
      Ron: A sack of flour?
      Barkin: A bundle of joy.
      Ron: Right, joy. What?
      Geeky Girl: Yes! It's the baby lesson.
      Ron: The what what?
      Geeky Girl: We have to treat the sack like a new born infant. It's way cool!
      Ron: Okay, what does shleping a sack of flour around have to do with health?
      Barkin: Well, for starters, Stoppable, if anything happens to your bag, it would be unhealthy for your grade.
      Ron: Uh huh.
      Barkin: For the next week, you will be tasked with this ten pound sack of stone ground, Minnesota wheat. Treat it like your own flesh and blood.
      Ron: You know, why don't they use like rump roast. Wouldn't it be more authentically fleshy?
      Geeky Girl: Eww, gross! Maybe you need to visualize.
      (She draws a face on Ron's sack)
      Barkin: You will show your parenting burden with patience, tenderness, and love.
      Ron: Yeah, but how do you love a... (He notices what the girl wrote on his sack) She has my eyes!

  • Notes

    • This episode was aired at 5:30 PM on its premiere day, instead of the usual 8:00 PM.

    • This episode was originally scheduled for Saturday, March 31st, but it was taken off the schedule at the last minute. It instead was shown on Saturday, April 7th.

    • This episode was first offered as a video on the Disney Channel website on March 26th, 2007, twelve days before it premiered on television.

  • Allusions

    • Danny Phantom:
      The plot in this episode is similar to the one of Life Lessons, an episode in the first season of Danny Phantom. In that episode, Danny and Valerie, being paired up for a flour sack project, had to prevent Skulker from destroying the sack. In this episode Ron, has to make sure Monkey Fist doesn't ruin his sack of flour. In both instances, they were taking care of flour sacks for a school assignment.

    • Title: Big Bother:

      The title of this episode is similar to the name of the popular reality TV show Big Brother.

    • Columbian Flag:

      The color pattern on Monkey Fist's map are in the same order as on the Columbian flag.

    • Gargoyles:

      In the second temple, which was the blue one, the statues that come to life resemble Gargoyles, from the show Gargoyles. That show was produced by Greg Weisman, who also wrote this episode. He also wrote the season two episode Queen Bebe.

    • What to Expect:

      The parenting book Ron uses, What to Expect When You're Panicking, is a parody of the real-life pregnancy book What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg, and Sandee Hathaway.