Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 20, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Just when Drakken sprays Kim with a special substance that slowly makes her disappear, she must finally confront Josh Mankey about her feelings for him.

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  • This episode is about Kim not trying to get imberrassed on a date with Josh Mankey.

    When Kim is sprayed with some pollen that causes her to vanish more and more each time she blushes, she must stay at home while Ron and Wade work together to find the cure. However, when Josh Mankey asks Kim on a date, she risks her life to go out with him; though Drakken and Shego take notice of her foolishness and exploit the opportunity to make it one of the most embarrassing nights of her life. My favorite part of this episode is when we see when Kim is finally cured and doesn't have to worry about her disappearing.moreless
  • It's not too embarrassing.

    Drakken is fed up. After a series of (hilarious) defeats at the hands of the titular heroine, he decides to solve the Kim Possible problem once and for all. Thanks to, of all things, teen magazines, he hits upon the unusual concept of actually dying from embarrassment. Kim gets sprayed with a pollen that will cause her to disappear whenever she feels embarrassed. Ron heads to South America to locate a plant that will reverse the effects, leaving Kim in her room. Then Josh calls...

    The best moments in the episode are the scenes with Ron and Rufus in the jungles of the Amazon searching for the plant. Lending a hand is Wade...though not how you'd expect. There are many exciting moments, as well as a cool musical reference to "Jonny Quest".

    These elements almost succeed in masking a major problem that becomes all but obvious in repeat viewings: Kim essentially puts her own life in danger...for a date...with a guy around whom she can't string together two sentences. Kind of makes it hard to root for her, despite her situation.

    Another thing that's tough to miss is what is done with Josh. Throughout the episode (not just in the rather painful 'Mankey-Monkey' scene), there are these little signals as if the makers were telling the audience "Don't worry. We don't like him much either." Kind of petty, if you ask me. And need I mention the Embarrassment Ninjas?!

    If you're unwilling to think too hard, I suppose it's a good episode. Otherwise...moreless
  • Drakken has a new plan, kill Kim Possible. And he just might do it with a special toxin that will make her disappear every time she gets embarrassed. Ron must race against the clock to find the antidote.moreless

    I had a fundamental problem with this episode. Kim is a hero, not only because she is strong, but because she is also intelligent. Yet, “Blush” made her look dog dumb. She was more than willing to risk death just to go out with Josh Mankey. Yeah, that’s rational. But other than that, this episode was enjoyable. Ron’s misadventures with the Wade-bot in the Amazon were great fun, as was Kim’s battles against the embarrassment ninjas. But to me, the ones who stole the show were Drakken and Shego. The opening sequence was side-splitting, and it is always cute when they act like a grumpy old married couple. My favorite lines; Shego: “When I am crushing hard on someone I let them know by, A. writing a flirty e-mail. B. giving them romantic gifts. Drakken: “I don’t know, I guess use some sort of mind control device.” Shego: “Charming.” The voice acting and animation was all top notch as well. Even though “Blush” wasn’t perfect, it was still pretty good.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (9)

    • According to the "tweebs", Kim would start writing in her diary at 10:01 and they would sneak a peak at her diary at 10:02; Kim would obviously be writing about such an important date for much longer than 1 minute.

    • When Shego says, "Pimple Punch?" the green part of her collar is missing.

    • When Shego hands Drakken the magazine regarding embarassment, she was reading the front cover, but when Drakken has it, he's reading the back.

    • When Drakken and Shego walk into the store at the end of the intro segment a few salmon-colored fish drop to the floor, yet in a wider shot a moment later the fish are blue.

    • Ron claims to have never been embarrassed. However, in "Bueno Nacho" when Shego asks him if his tie is a clip-on, he blushes.

    • Right before reaching the rapids, the camera on top of the Wade-Bot disappears.

    • The Possible family living room has switched locations with the kitchen. This is not, however, the first time it has happened (ex. DotS).

    • When Drakken and Shego are in the mall, leaning over the railing and watching Kim trip down the stairs, some of the colours on Shegos suit are reversed.

    • When Kim and Ron walk to the mall, Kim's hair is parted on the wrong side due to a flipped cell.

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    • Kim: I had to get the thing from the guy at the place.

      Rueben Tishkoff says nearly this exact line ("We go back a long ways, and I still owe you from the thing with the guy in the place, and I'll never forget it.") in Ocean's Eleven. Incidentally, in the movie, Rueben was played by Elliot Gould, who also does the voiceover for Mr. Stoppable.

    • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me:

      Drakken's Laser to Destroy Earth is similar to Dr. Evil's plan in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

    • Jenga:

      Ron's game of pulling out nachos from the stack without knocking it over is played in exactly the same manner as the game Jenga.

    • The Emperor's New Groove:

      Ron, Rufus, and Wade-bot being chased to a cliff by a jaguar is reminiscent of Kuzco being chased to a cliff by multiple jaguars in The Emperor's New Groove.