Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Oct 22, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • Fantastic

    In this episode, kim and ron fight draken when ron put's a device in his pocket. This device make things strick together and soon enough, Ron and Mr Barkan get stuck together. Ron run's to warn kim but finds out that Kim and Bonnie are also stuck together. Ron and Kim need to find a way to do their crime figfting dutie's while being stuck with Bonnie and Barkan. Wade is making a substance to make them unstick but it take's a while. Also in this episode we find out that that mr Barkan is the leader of the pixie scout while Bonnie has some mean sistyer's. Bondind is a surburb episode and it is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In this episode Kim finds Bonnie a very close person - the same for Ron and mr. Barkin... No way? See for yourself!

    In "Bonding" creators used old ,same scheme as in "Truth hurts" , "Emotion sickness" and some more. We have Villians and Some Invention. Next Heroes appear and we get some action. Once fight is finished, everything seems fine. But later, Heroes wil feel influence of Some Invention for quite time - leading to many suprising situations. Here we have "Bondo-ball" - very sticky gadget.

    That's how Ron gets sticked with mr Barkin, and Kim with Bonnie (good it's not classic "Kim & Ron" situation). AS result we get fine episode with handful of funny situations (mr.Barkin's teddy and date at cinema - great!). Well, we also have some silly moments (Ron's rapping for example) - luckily, not many. Suprisingly, it's the first (only?) episode, where we can see "good" Bonnie for a moment - and even feel bad for her (scene with the sisters). But somebody has to be a "meanie" - and it's her part.

    Sometimes very good idea for episode can be messed up . In "Bonding" we don't get very original concept - but great realization.
  • Kim and Ron get a hold of Dr. Dementor's "Bonding-Ball", but when Ron accidentily drops it, he gets stuck to Mr. Barkin, and Kim gets tuck to Bonnie.

    This episode sure was "Cleverly Plotted"! I thought it was a nice touch to get inside Bonnie's life and see what her life really is about... It reminds me of an--No, it reminds me of THREE episodes of the popular tv series, Lizzie McGuire (which I haven't seen in a VERY long time!). Bonnie has always reminded me of the mean girl, Kate, in Lizzie McGuire. Does she you? Anyways, I always liked the giant wiener dogs in this episode, and how Rufus and Ron were eating all of those muffins that they were supposed to sell and it didn't work out. As I said, "Cleverly Plotted"! Nice work, Disney! Nice work...
    :) :D ;P :) :D ;P
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. If you can look past the pretense and the lame use of a mad scientist's bonding ball, you can enjoy the hilarity that ensues.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. If you can look past the pretense and the lame use of a mad scientist's bonding ball, you can enjoy the hilarity that ensues. While it would be assumed and was even teased that this bonding would result in Kim and Ron getting stuck together, it was the next obvious pairings of Barkin and Ron as well as Kim and Bonnie that ended up happening. Great comic potential and delivery.

    This episode gave us a little insight on a couple of supporting characters which is a pleasant change from the lives of Ron and Kim. The interactions between the odd couples made the episode all the more enjoyable. My one gripe is that they'll probably not pursue the whole Bonnie as the picked upon sibling in her family in future episodes, but it was an interesting thing to show to explain her general negativity and her need to succeed which sticks her into her rivalry with Kim in the first place.
  • Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am...

    In lieu of defeating Professor Dementor, Kim and Ron come away with an unusual device - a Bondo Ball. It causes people to stick together, but only if they make contact. Ron runs into Mr. Barkin and Kim and Bonnie get too close, leading to a sticky situation (ugh!) for all.

    Given a premise like this, there are bound to be some flaws. First and foremost, there's Bonnie. We are led to believe that her nasty attitude comes from her even more one-dimensionally obnoxious older sisters, Connie and Lonnie (nice names, BTW). This trick to engender sympathy for the youngest of the Rockwaller girls works for all of 30 seconds; the 'Helga G. Pataki' mistake of not keeping up the humanizing wrecks whatever heart this part may have had.

    And then there's Ron. Granted, he's been treated way worse in way worse episodes, but writers John Behnke and Rob Humphrey seem to still think they're on "Dave the Barbarian", and that's just how Ron comes off. For anyone who's seen a first season episode of this show, they'll know how far from right this is. Also, the rapping is just painful. (Who'd thought that the show would get it right with "Rappin' Drakken"?)

    Still, there are some solid laughs, courtesy of the giant mutant weiner dogs, the Pixie Scout cookie drive, the gift shop outside Dementor's lair, Ron and Barkin at night and (especially) Dementor's complaints when the door of his lair is kicked down. I could easily imagine Chuckles the Silly Piggy saying those lines.

    A good episode that could've been better.
  • As a change of pace, Kim and Ron have to save the world from Dr. Dementor, but being hit by his bondo-ball has made things more difficult... Kim is stuck to Bonnie and Ron is stuck to Mr Barken. They all have to overcome their differences to save the day.

    This is one of my favorite episodes, not only because it is a Bonnie episode, but it is also a look into the lives people who think that they have nothing in common.

    Kim learns much about Bonnie in this episode. She learns that the reason why Bonnie acts the way she does is because she wants to be accepted by her big sisters.

    Ron learns about Mister Barken and what he does in his free time.

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode.
  • One of Dementor's devices causes a molecular bond to form between each of Ron and Kim and their principal antagonists at school. Ron gets stuck to Mr. Barkin and Kim gets joined at the hip with Bonnie!

    Kim and Ron get to know their school nemeses up close and personal thanks to one of Dementor's goofy devices: a green gas which causes you to stick to the first thing you touch. As (bad) luck would have it, Ron gets stuck to Mr. Barkin and Kim forms an attachment with Bonnie. So, Ron gets to spend the weekend getting dragged through Barkin's workout regimen of rugby, swimming and muffin sale fundraising! And Kim gets dragged along on Bonnie's date with Brick (literally, as Brick's motorcycle has no sidecar). Then Barkin and Bonnie get to be reluctant baggage as Kim and Ron go after Dementor in Bavaria. Along the way, Kim gets insight into Bonnie's hostility and competitiveness when she meets Bonnie's witchy older sisters. And Bonnie gets a lesson in being a teenaged action hero.