Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 13

Cap'n Drakken

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 19, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Kim breaks into Drakken's underwater lab, Kim and Ron's scuba suit isn't attached to their shoes, but in the next scene, they are.

  • Quotes

    • Captain Drakken: Mark me words, mates. I'll be back. We have a date with destiny, says I!
      Frank Barkin: (gasps) The spirit of Black-Eye Brown...
      Townsman: He vowed to return one day...
      Frank Barkin and Townsman: And conquer our fair town!

    • Drakken: Good. Shego, give me the sword.
      Shego: After throwing me in the stockade? Yeah, that'd be a "Nay". I'm captain now!

    • (Kim has her new pirate outfit)
      Kim: Thanks for buckling the swash, Monique.
      Monique: Tis my pleasure.

    • Franklin Barkin: (giving orders) Weigh anchor! Hoist the main sail! Ready the rudder!
      Ron: Aye aye, captain. (looks at Kim) Okay, like what's a rudder?

    • Shego: (to Drakken) You know, this whole possessed pirate thing has turned you into one dangerous dude. It's a refreshing change of pace.

    • (Shego is about to attack Kim)
      Kim: You know, I wouldn't. You might break a glass window...
      Ron: ...and let in (pointing outside) the ocean!
      Drakken: Hmm, they have a point.
      Ron: A very sharp point.
      (Ron grabs a pick and strikes the window, causing ocean water to flood into the lair)
      Kim: I promised Ron he could do it.
      Drakken: Shego, to the escape craft. (talking like a pirate) And save my booty!
      Shego: (hauling the treasure chest) If I had a dubloon for everytime I'd done that.

    • (Kim and Ron enter Drakken's undersea lab)
      Drakken: Avast, Shego. Capture these scurvy dogs at once.
      Kim: Scurvy dogs?
      Ron: It has a certain offensiveness to it.

    • (The Seniors arrive in the history town)
      Ron: How? No cars, no movie theaters, and not one Bueno Nacho. How do they live!?
      Kim: On hard work and simple pleasures?
      Monique: Sure. Who needs movies when you can hit the Friday Night Witch Trial?
      (Ron notices a suit of armor with a "Do Not Touch" sign on it)
      Ron: Well and cool, suits of armor!
      Kim: DNT sign, Ron.
      Ron: Aww man! I hate the DNT!

    • (Barkin blows a whistle which scares Ron)
      Barkin: Listen up Senior-trippers! This year's outing to South Beach Bay Harbor has regretably been cancelled.
      Seniors: What?
      Kim: What happened, Mr. Barkin?
      Barkin: Freak storm.
      Ron: Define "freak".
      Barkin: Volcanic ash.
      (Kim and Ron look at each other)
      Monique: Well there's plenty of other Senior-trip sites. What about North Beach Bay Harbor?
      Barkin: Booked
      Kim: West Beach Bay Harbor?
      Barkin: Booked
      Ron: East Beach...
      Barkin: Everything's booked, people! But fortunately through my connections, I got you in at Port Mystic Cove Haven.
      Ron: Liking the word "cove". Still sounds like watery fun.
      Barkin: If by "watery fun" you mean a living history town...
      Kim: Living history?
      Barkin: For the next week, you will dress, speak, and work as though you were living in the 18th Century.
      (The Seniors act in disgust)
      Barkin: Hey! This isn't a vacation, people. This is an assignment!
      Monique: We're going to be graded? But we weren't going to be graded on our other trip.
      Barkin: Ha, says you. Now start boarding.
      (Ron begins to get onto the bus)
      Barkin: Not that ride, Stoppable.
      Ron: Then how are we getting there?
      Barkin: Move that bus!
      (The school bus rides off revealing a horse-drawn wagon)

    • Monique: South Beach Bay Harbor, girl. A whole week of sun, fun, roller coasters, and word has it...
      (Ron comes in with a suitcase)
      Ron: Coming through! Yeah, had to finish loading my pool side pack. CDs, DVDs, and MP3s. Plus the Multi Media Player, back up Player, and back up back up Player.
      (Kim points at a lunchbox-type container Ron is holding)
      Kim: You fit all that in there?
      Ron: Uhh, no way. All my clothes are in here. This is my pool side pack.
      (The camera zooms out and shows a suitcase as tall as Ron)
      Kim: Overpacked, and ready to go.
      Bonnie: We're only staying a week, Ron!

    • Shego: Do you see that skull in crossbones? It doesn't exactly say "open me".
      Drakken: Yeah, when have I ever cared about warning labels, Shego?
      Shego: Got me there.

    • Pirate Drakken: (to Shego) Aye, set the main sail, wench.
      Shego: Okay, first of all, we don't have any sails, and second of all, call me "wench" again, and we'll be planning a burial at sea!

    • Kim: (to Drakken) Yeah the pirate's life - so not for you.

    • Pirate Drakken: (to Kim Possible)Ye think ye're all that, but tis not so!

  • Notes

    • In order to promote its new movie, Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, Disney chose to air this episode a week before the film's premiere. It is worth noting, however, that the episode was not created with such a purpose in mind. Bob Schooley claims that he simply pitched the idea one day that it would be funny if Drakken got hit with a pirate curse.

  • Allusions

    • Pirates of The Caribbean:

      While Barkin's dad, Ron, Kim, Monique, and Bonnie are sailing in their ship, the music that is playing is a remake of the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean.

    • Pirates of the Caribbean:

      When the pirate ship appears from the mists of the open sea it is a reminder of the infamous Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:

      When Barkin tells the school bus driver to move the bus, he is making a reference to when Ty Pennington tells the RV driver to move the bus when showing the family their house in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.