Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 5

Car Alarm

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 17, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off in Kim's kitchen where Kim tries to fast talk her way into taking her mom's car to meet Ron at Bueno Nacho. She grabs the keys and begins to walk off, but her mom snatches the keys from her and says she needs to drive Jim and Tim to their soccer practice. After she says that, the Tweebs are heard breaking something. Kim's mom then thinks that Kim could drive them to their practice, and then she could go to Bueno Nacho. Kim gets angry over this and tells her that she will not be their taxi driver. Kim says she will walk and begins to walk away. In a desperate plea her mom bribes her five dollars, but Kim does not take it. To up the anti, she bribes her ten dollars, but Kim still doesn't agree. In a last ditch effort, just as Kim is walking out the front door, her mom offers her twenty, but Kim refuses. Mrs. Possible overhears the Tweebs break something else and she drops her shoulders.

We now go to Kim as she is walking down the hill in front of her house. We see a clean white convertible pull up beside her. We soon find out it is Bonnie in the car. Bonnie stands up and notes how immature Kim looks when she is walking. To get back at her, Kim pretends to see a dent on Bonnie's passenger door. Bonnie quickly responds and says she doesn't see anything, but the sound of a horn cuts her off. We see Ron riding up on them on his old scooter. He yells that he got a new horn. Bonnie wishes Kim the worst and squeals off in her car. Once she is gone, Ron stops in front of her and says his new horn has bubbles also. Once Rufus floats by in a bubble, Kim says that she needs a car. The opening music starts.

After the opening music, we go to a car lot where Kim is trying to find a new car. She thinks she finds something, but Ron points out the price. Although it is not exactly said, Ron faints from the price and Kim says she would have to baby sit ten thousand Saturdays. Kim's dad walks up to them and asks how it is going. They tell him about the outrageous prices so he says he has an idea.

The three go to Kim's garage. We see her father open the garage door. He immediately says, "Here's your new car." Kim sees only his car and says how unbelievable it is that he is giving her his car. Her father quickly points out that he is not giving her that one, but the car that is covered up beside it. He lifts the tarp off of it and exposes a forty year old Sloth. A Sloth is a rusted up piece of junk as Kim says, but is cut off by her dad before she could finish. He starts naming all the good things about the car and that it was his first car. He says that they don't make them like that anymore, but Ron adds, "Not after the recall", just as a mirror falls off and shatters. Kim sarcastically says thank you to him and sighs after he leaves. To add to all of this, the car completely collapses. Ron tries to lift her spirits and sees what is under the hood. He opens it and a flock of ravens pick at him as be begins to run around like a mad cow. Kim watches him in despair and says that even if she could get it running, she couldn't be seen in it.

We now see the outside of a prison at night. We go into a cell where Frugal Lucre is constantly rambling on about various stories. Doctor Drakken is doing his best to block him out by putting a pillow over his head. We go back outside the prison where we see a one hundred foot tall robotic dinosaur. We see that Motor Ed is driving the beast. He easily flattens the front gate to the prison and continues inside as the prison's alarm sounds. Through his pillow, Doctor Drakken hears the ruckus and sees what's up. He goes to the window where his Cousin Eddie is passing by and Motor Ed says hi to him. He continues on past his window. Doctor Drakken remarks on how he knew family would come through for him as he gets his bag out of under his bed. He goes back to the window to leave and sees Motor Ed and Shego going past him. Motor Ed says bye to him and Shego calls them losers as they exit the prison. Drakken is left again as Frugal Lucre begins to talk again.

We go up a hill just out of site of the prison when Shego sort of thanks him and she hops out of the machine and begins to walk away. Motor Ed quickly responds by stopping her with one of the machine's arms. He rushes down to her to tell her to give him a chance. In his process of talking, he calls her his lady, which makes her throw him to the ground where he says how much he loves her green magic.

We now go to Kim's garage where Kim and Ron are in mechanic suits and attempting to fix the Sloth. Ron is telling Kim to give the car more gas as he is under the hood trying to get something working. Whatever he was testing now blows a huge black cloud into his face and says that he car must have poor mileage as the car is already out of fuel. Wade calls them to say something, but he cuts himself off when he sees that Kim and Ron are sitting in a Sloth. Ron takes the Kimmunicator from Kim and adds that it is a good vehicle. Wade mentions the recall, but Ron says not to talk about that. Kim snatches back her Kimmunicator and asks Wade why he called. He tells them that Motor Ed busted Shego, and not Drakken also out of prison. He says he will get back to them when he finds out where they are and in the meanwhile to work on their 'car'. As Wade signs off the Tweebs walk into the garage, but Kim demands they leave. They say they have an offer for her. She says 'no', but they continue anyway. They say they can get her car running only if she gives them free rides. Of course she refuses. They walk off, and Ron tells her that wasn't smart. She replies by saying that she can do anything, just as a door falls off the car.

We progress to the next afternoon where we go to Kim's garage again. We go inside and see that Kim has grease all over her and her hair is a mess. She says that it just keeps getting worse and we see that by the entire garage floor covered in parts, and no visible car anymore. Ron now wobbles in as he has a string tied all around him. He is clueless on how the string got there as he apparently did not help Kim. Just then, the garage door opens behind them and we see two shadows. As the door opens we learn it is the Tweebs back to convince Kim to sign their contract. She still says no way, but Ron gets through to her. The Tweebs go and get their contract, which turns out to be at least 500 pages. Kim reads some of the conditions and refuses to sign it, but they remind her that either she signs of she will walk again. Kim reluctantly signs it. They begin a celebratory dance, but Kim tells them to stop mocking, but it turns out that they are contractually obligated to mock her. She angrily walks away as they continue.

We progress in time to an undefined point. He see weird colors coming from the window of the garage as Kim and Ron wait impatiently outside. We hear a crash then see the Tweebs standing outside with the garage door opener. The slowly open it, revealing parts of the car at a time. Kim and Ron are greatly impressed. Kim doesn't know what to say, but the Tweebs say that she is contractually required to thank them so she does. The Tweebs tell Ron to pop the hood, but he remembers what happened last time with the birds and refuses. So then, he gets attacked by the same flock from behind. He runs around again as the Tweebs show Kim what is under the hood. They say, "Let's go", but Kim is unsure about where exactly. They pull out the contract and say that Kim has to transport them wherever they want. They run into the back seats as Kim and Ron look at each other puzzlingly.

We now see the car going down a curvy road as Kim is begging the Tweebs to go home as they have already gone to three places. They say that they want to go to one more place, a kid themed pizzeria. Ron, who was reading (wow) overhears them say this and gets all excited. A reluctant Kim tells him that he is not helping things.

We now see the car sitting in a packed parking lot. Inside the car, Ron and Rufus are jealous over the fact that the Tweebs could go in, but they couldn't because of Kim. They ask her one more time, but she does not budge. So they give her the puppy dog pought. She soon gives in and she tells them to go in, get a pizza, and come out with the Tweebs. They rush of into the pizzeria.

The next thing we see is the exact same thing as the last segment left off at, only it is pitch dark and the parking lot is empty, except for Kim's car. Kim who has been waiting patiently for several hours comes rushing in their and demands they go back to the car. The Tweebs quickly go because they just beat Ron's record on an arcade game and do not want him to get it back. Then a more reluctant Ron comes out and says that he never gets to have any fun. Kim says how annoyed she is at boys by calling them all Tweebs. Wade calls Kim to say that someone broke into the space center's computer and stole some records on Project Kepler, which her dad is working on.

We now go to the Middleton Space Center where it is the middle of the night. We go inside and hear Dr. Possible talking as we get a look at the enormous Project Kepler. Her dad tells her about it. She tells him that someone might try to steal it since someone stole its plans. He seems unworried, but changes his mind when Shego finishes that statement for him. A commercial starts.

After the commercial, Shego gets right to business by shooting a blast towards Kim, Ron, the Tweebs, and her dad. They all dodge it with the help of Kim. Kim asks her why she is out of prison and she says that she got an early parole. Shego deactivates the security system and Motor Ed grabs the huge rocket with the same thing he used to break Shego out of prison. Kim and Shego face each other and are about to attack when Motor Ed uses the free claw of his machine to grab Kim through the hole Shego made in the window. Kim is now dangling several hundred feet off the ground by the machine's claw. Kim insults Motor Ed and then asks Shego why she would work with him. Shego says that she has to do what she was to do. Motor Ed flings Kim into the air as they escape.

We now go to Kim as she is flying hundreds of feet off the ground. She quickly calls Wade and tells him that she needs a landing solution. He tells her to take out her hair gel that he gave her the previous week. She quickly finds it and he tells her that it is a special compound that expands when mixed with air. We see her nearing the ground as we see her release the compound onto the ground. She quickly goes right into it and it stops her from hitting the ground. She claws out of it and as she does, her hair is standing straight up as it is also real hair gel as Wade points out. Kim angrily walks to the nearest road where Ron and the Tweebs pull up in her car. She gets in the driver seat and tells the three to not mock the hair. Ron tells her that he would never do that as she is his girlfriend. However, the Tweebs say that they have to mock her as it was part of the contract. She tells them to get it over with, but they say that it is no fun if she helps.

We now go to Motor Ed's lair where we see him chain sawing off one of the wings of the Kepler. Shego tries to stop him, but when she fails she asks him what the heck he is doing. He says it is part of his plan. She wants him to explain, but he says he is working and throws her the blueprints and tells her to find a place for a cup holder. She is about to go ballistic, but she looks at the prints and smiles.

We now go to the next morning where Kim is adjusting her mirrors in her car. She sees the Tweebs in the back seat and sighs. She tells them that if she is going to drive them to school they have to duck so they will not be seen with her. They obey and she turns back around. She notices Ron ducking as well, so she tells him that she did not mean him too. She pulls out of the driveway.

We now go to the city where Kim is driving down the road with her hand dangling out of the window and part of her hair blowing backwards in the wind. Up ahead, she spots Bonnie's car stopped at a red light. She tells Ron to act cool and the Tweebs to stay out of sight. She pulls up beside her and asks her what's hot. Bonnie notices the piece of jump Kim is driving and asks if she begged for it, borrowed it, or stole it. Kim says that it is all hers, so Bonnie says she must be taking it in for the recall. The Tweebs get angry over this and pop up and yell at her saying that they customized it their selves and that Kim has to drive them where ever they want when ever they want. Bonnie laughs and says it is a babysitter car and then squeals off. Kim gets extremely angry over this and is about to kill them when Wade calls on the screen the Tweebs put in the car. He shows them an animation of what he thinks Shego and Motor Ed are doing. He says that if the rocket reaches its top speed while in Earth's atmosphere, they will send shockwaves that destroy everything. The Tweebs and Ron say that is cool, but Kim quickly corrects them. Ron asks who would be dumb enough to try that, and Kim says Motor Ed.

We now go to Motor Ed's lair where Shego is still looking at the blueprints. She says that she could go with the plan. Motor Ed shows her that he is done with his modifications to the Kepler. She looks at it and says that it looks like a race car. He says that she says that like it is a bad thing. He adds that Shego's "chasse" could be tricked out to. Shego finds that very insulting and blasts him into a pile of tires. He quickly gets up and tells her that he meant her disguise and that it is part of the plan. She reluctantly agrees and adds that there will be no flames.

We go to the car which is sitting at a red light. Ron begs Kim to stop at Bueno Nacho for a naco stop as they have apparently been driving around for hours. She tells him that there is no time and that they have to find Motor Ed. Ron gets bummed and puts his hand on his chin and watches the rear view mirror. Then, he spots the Kepler gaining on them fast. He frantically tries to warn Kim, but every time he even says one word she tells him no, thinking he is still talking about Bueno Nacho. Ron gets bummed and puts his hand on his chin and watches the rear view mirror. Then, he spots the Kepler gaining on them fast. He frantically tries to warn Kim, but every time he even says one word she tells him no, thinking he is still talking about Bueno Nacho. The Kepler flies past them as they all gasp. Kim asks why he didn't say anything, and he says it was because he forgot its name. Kim floors it and catches up with the Kepler. Motor Ed spots them and puts it into second gear. The rockets make Kim's car stop immediately. Ron points out that it is as fast as a rocket. The Tweebs tell him that's obvious. The Tweebs demand Kim takes them home. Kim gets very upset and tells them "no" and that she is going to catch Motor Ed. They tell her that she isn't going catch them in her car. They tell her to drive them home so they can supercharge the engine, as "this is personal". A commercial starts.

After the commercial, we go to Kim's garage. The garage door begins to open and we slowly see the new car being revealed from the shadows. Once the door is fully up, we hear the Tweebs say what they are calling the car, the Rock SL Coupe 2.0. Rufus gives it a thumbs up and Kim and Ron get in followed by the Tweebs.

We now see the Kepler slowly cruising through suburban Middleton. Shego complains to Motor Ed that they could go a lot faster. He says that the slower you go the more enjoyable it is. He tells her that she is supposed to be chewing gum, as it goes with her new fifties disguise. She reluctantly pulls out some gum and asks what his plan is. However, he tells her "no spoilers". Then he notices something gaining on them quick, Kim's new car. In Kim's car, Kim asks the Tweebs if they are sure they can keep up with them, and they assure her that with the new modifications they can. Shego says that now that Kim has a car she is everywhere. Motor Ed floors the Kepler, which makes it go somewhat faster, so Kim does the same. The Tweebs flip a switch which makes a supercharger come out of the hood of their car. Wade calls on the screen in the car to remind them they have to stop the Kepler before it reaches its threshold speed and destroys Earth. Ron asks what that is, and Wade says that he will know it when he sees it. Back on the Kepler, Shego is asking Motor Ed why the dice are fuzzy when she spots Kim's car coming up beside them. She tells him to punch it, but he tells her that shotgun babes don't call the shots. He then presses a button that activates the rockets, leaving Kim and her car in the dust. The chase enters the highway.

Once on the highway, the Kepler flies by Mr. Dr. Possible's car. He remarks on how nice it looks, its nice speed, and nice paint job. Then Kim's car flies past him and he gets worried, but then oddly asks her to pick up some milk on the way home. We go to Kim's car where Ron asks Kim if they are slowing down, but Kim corrects him by saying that they are speeding up, but they are topped out. Jim and Tim prove her wrong when they press a red button and three rocket engines pop out of the trunk. Kim gives them credit, but she can barely talk because they are going so fast. We see Kim's car fly past the Kepler, leaving Motor Ed stunned. Shego tells him not go worry about them and to get on with their plan. He tells her to never touch the driver and that babes can't boss dudes around. Shego gets irritated and is about to sock him when he tells her that she has some lipstick all over her cheeks. She forgets about what just happened and checks herself in a mirror. Back to Kim's car, it is going so fast that the front tires lift off of the ground and propel them upwards just like a rocket would do. The next thing we know, we see them in space.Ron finds this the perfect time to test his theories on zero gravity eating. He sends Rufus towards a floating naco and he eats it. Kim, how is not amused with what Ron is doing turns the car around and goes back to Earth. She somehow finds the highway and continues the pursuit. They again catch up to the Kepler and Kim asks Wade, who she called on the car's screen how she would stop the Kepler. He shows her a diagram of it and tells her that there is a removable panel on the left side where she can cut a wire that will make it stop. The Tweebs realize what Wade is getting her to do and they find it brilliant. Kim interrupts them to ask Wade that all she has to do it jump onto a speeding rocket. She rolls down the window and begins to climb out. Wade stops her and tells her he has something that might help. Two rings appear and Rufus begins to hum wedding music. Kim looks at Ron strangely. He says he doesn't know about it, and Wade explains to them that they are magno-rings that will help her hold onto the side of the Kepler. Kim puts them on and climbs onto the roof with Ron driving. She hops onto the side of the Kepler with no problem with her rings. Motor Ed sees the whole thing and decides to activate the quantum drive. He presses it which makes a huge jump in speed. Shego gets excited and says out loud what she thought was the plan the whole time. Motor Ed looks at her strangely and tells her that the plan was to drive hypersonic across country with a babe in the passenger seat.This pushes Shego over the limit and she throws him and her out of the Kepler and into the river that they were going over. Back to Kim, she finds the panel. Wade tells her that the Kepler is nearing its threshold speed and no ones driving. She goes to cut the wire, but a bump in the road sends her backwards. Ron, who is desperate to help Kim, asks the Tweebs if they have a grappling ray, which he could catch Kim with. They say they don't have the parts yet. As the Kepler hits its threshold, it begins to turn white and Kim quickly climbs back over to the panel as they exit the highway.

On their way onto the roads, they make the streetlights bend towards them. We see Bonnie stopped at a stop sign doing her makeup. We see the Kepler and Kim's car go in front of her and all of her car falls apart except the seat under her. She begins to cry for her mangled car. Kim notices what happened and says, "Oops!" sarcastically of course. Next they fly by the pizzeria that the Tweebs and Ron visited earlier and it completely falls apart. Ron and the Tweebs all scream for it, but they get over it and get back to the current situation. Back to Kim, the Kepler is starting to send off shock waves when Kim cuts the wire. The Kepler comes to a stop within a few seconds.

We now go to the side of the river that Shego pushed Motor Ed into. They crawl out soaked. Motor Ed sees the Kepler across the river and on a road and says that Kim has some good road skills. Shego takes out a Kleenex and blows her nose. Motor Ed looks at her and tells her that she needs to do something with her look. She gets annoyed and shoots a blast at him. They walk their separate ways.

We now go back to Kim's house where Kim, Ron, and the Tweebs are standing outside the car. Kim says that the car is not perfect, but it care through in the end, and makes it a metaphor by comparing the car to the Tweebs. We see the car, as a headlight falls out. The Tweebs say that they will fix it up and add even more modifications. Kim asks if there is going to be another contract, but they say they have another client for that.

We go to Bonnie's house where Bonnie is with her wrangled car. The Tweebs show up with their contract. We see that Bonnie has already signed and is looking through the conditions. She asks them what a car monkey is, and the Tweebs tell her that she will find out later.

For the credits scene, we see Bonnie driving around Jim and Tim. They tell her to drive them somewhere and call her a car monkey. She orders them to get out and they do. She begins to drive off when they use their new grappling ray that they got that morning on Bonnie's car. Since she violated the contract, the grappling ray destroys her car to the same condition it was before they worked on it, which makes Bonnie cry again. We hear Kim offer the Tweebs a ride to an ice cream parlor and they accept it. End of episode.

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