Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 5

Car Alarm

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 17, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When the tweebs activate "second gear," a hood scoop pops up. However, when Kim's car launches into space, the hood scoop disappears in a couple of shots.

    • When Kim says the Tweebs have to duck or walk to school, they never go to school, but instead drive around for hours trying to find Motor Ed.

    • When Kim and Ron are looking at cars in the car lot, the camera briefly shows all around Kim's car. Two seconds later Ron pops up when the camera is inside the car, but he was nowhere to be found in the first camera shot.

    • In the very beginning of the episode Kim says that she needs the car to meet Ron at Bueno Nacho, but we see him cruising around Middleton showing off his new bubble horn.

    • The Kepler chase started in Middleton and ended in Middleton, without ever leaving Middleton. This is highly unlikely as they would have gone coast to coast in minutes at those speeds.

    • When Motor Ed and Shego emerge from the river, they can still see the Kepler. However, at those speeds, it would have been hundreds of miles away by then.

    • When Kim is about to enter the pizzeria to demand the Tweebs and Ron leave, her shadow can be seen through the door.

    • Throughout the entire episode Shego's skin is a light fade of green. Her skin is usually white and Drakken has the theme colored skin. This could be a change in animation for the new season, but it can't be since she had her regular skin tone in The Big Job

    • Goof:
      Since this episode is supposed to come before Trading Faces, Bonnie should not make friends with them in that episode since they ticked her off in this episode

    • Motor Ed says "Seriously" only 14 times, a record low for him

  • Quotes

    • Motor Ed: (to Drakken) Later, Drew, seriously.

    • Frugal Lucre: (after Drakken finds Motor Ed with Shego) Listen, if it's any consellation on the whole counting on family front, I'm still waiting for my mother to post my bail.

    • Motor Ed: Yo, cuz, it's me! Eddy!
      Drakken: Ahaha! I knew I could count on family! Freedom is at hand! No more lockdown, no more prison food, and no more yakkity-blah from you, Lucre!

    • Frugal Lucre: So anyway, my mother wanted to be an orthodontist, but that was her dream, not mine. My dream was to be a supervillain.
      Drakken: (complains) Of all the prisons of all the world and I got stuck with the blabber-mouth!
      Frugal Lucre: You, you're a real supervillain with the blue skin and a hot temper, and everything but of course you got caught too. So, there you are equals...

    • Motor Ed: What's shakin' Red?
      Kim: You tell me, squirrelhead.

    • (Bonnie breaks the contract and begins to drive away, so the Tweebs use the grappler beam to destroy her car again)
      Kim: Grappler beam?
      Tweebs: Yeah, the parts came in this morning!

    • Bonnie: (signing Tweebs' contract) So what's a car monkey?
      Tweebs: Oh, you'll see!

    • Ron: Please tell me you put a grappler beam on this thing!
      Tweebs: We're waiting on parts to come in.

    • Wade: Wait, before you go...
      (Two gold rings appear)
      Rufus: Do do do do, do do do do (Wedding Music)
      Ron: I...I had nothing to do with this!
      Wade: Ron, they're magno-rings. They'll help Kim hang on to the side of the Kepler.
      Ron: Ha, ha ha, ha, that's what I thought they were for...ha...

    • Ron: Finally, a chance to test my theories on zero gravity naco eating! (throws Rufus toward a floating naco, and Rufus eats it) Oh, still good. Food of the future!

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: (The Kepler passes his car) The Kepler! Lookin' good! Nice speed, sweet paint job!(Kim's car passes him) Slow down, Kimmie-cub! And pick up some milk on your way home!

    • Shego: (About Kim's tricked out car) Great, now Kimmy gets a car and she's everywhere. (under her breath) Like bacteria.

    • Shego: Could you possibly drive any slower?
      Motor Ed: The faster the ride, the slower the glide, babe.
      Shego: Please!

    • Tweebs: We have to supercharge the engine, no body blows our doors off! (The screen widens) personal!

    • Tweebs: (about the Kepler) Did you see that?
      Ron: It's as fast as a ROCKET!
      Tweebs: Hicka Bicka Duh!

    • Ron: We've been driving around for an hour and haven't seen anything. Naco stop?
      Kim: No time. We have to find mullethead before he puts the pedal to the metal.
      (Ron sees Motor Ed in the mirror)
      Ron: Kim, it's the...
      Kim: Ron, I said no!
      Ron: Yeah I, but KP!
      Kim: I don't care how hungry you are!
      Ron: Its, its, its the...
      (The Kepler flies by)
      Kim: The Kepler! Why didn't you say anything?
      Ron: I forgot what it was called!

    • Kim: (to the tweebs) The only ride you're going to need is to the hospital!
      (Wade pops on the screen)
      Tweebs: Whew! Saved by the Wade!

    • (Kim pulls up to Bonnie in her car)
      Kim: What's hot B?
      Bonnie: Oh, you have a car K? Begged, Borrowed, or Stolen?
      Kim: You wish, this is all mine!
      Bonnie: Oh, taking it in for the recall?

    • Kim: Okay, here's the deal, I may have to drive you to school, but that doesn't mean I have to be seen with you, so duck or walk!
      (The Tweebs and Ron duck)
      Kim: Ron, not you!

    • Kim: (to Motor Ed) Put that rocket down!
      Motor Ed: Sorry, time to fly!
      Ron: You're not going anywhere!
      Motor Ed: Oh not me... (Points at Kim) You. Seriously!

    • Kim: (about Motor Ed) I can't believe you actually teamed up with this loser!
      Shego: Look, I'm not exactly thrilled about it, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

    • Kim: Shego, shouldn't you be behind bars?
      Shego: I got an early parole. Only here to say "hi."

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: (about the Kepler) I guess she'd be worth stealing!
      Kim: You don't seem too worried.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Honey, Middleton Space Center uses the best security measures, if there ever was a break in, I'd...
      Shego: ...know about it?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Exactly! ...Uh-oh!

    • (Kim has been in her car for several hours)
      Kim: Okay! Party's Over! Lets Go!
      Tweebs: Good timing, we just matched the high score on Space Squid!
      Ron: Oh, I never got to have any fun!
      Kim: Boys, there all Tweebs!

    • (Kim is outside the pizzaria in her car)
      Kim: How long does it take to eat burnt pizza?
      Ron: If you let Rufus and I go in, I'll show you!
      Kim: No!
      (Ron and Rufus give her the puppy dog pout)
      Kim: Oh no, not the puppy dog pought! Oh okay, but just grab the Tweebs and run!

    • Tweebs: (reading contract) Kimberly Ann Possible, who shall be known as the car monkey...
      Ron: Could you not call her that?
      Kim: Thank you, Ron!
      Ron: Oh no, not for you, its for me. Still got some monkey issues!

    • Tweebs: Open the hood!
      Ron: Oh no, I remember what happened last time.
      (The flock of birds attacks him from behind)

    • (Jim and Tim bring in a 5000 page contract)
      Kim: What's this?
      Tweebs: Contract. In exchange for our services, you'll...
      Kim: I know, give you rides, wherever you want, whenever you want!
      Tweebs: Or you could not be driving at all.
      Kim: Fine! (Signs it)

    • Kim: It just gets worse!
      (Ron comes in with a string all around him)
      Ron: How did this happen? I wasn't even helping!

    • Tweebs: We can get your car running!
      Ron: Hmmm, ya know, they did build a spacecraft out of a lawn mower, a toaster, and well ya know, rocket parts, but still it worked, kind of!

    • (Ron is under the hood of the car)
      Ron: Give it more gas, more, more, give it more... (A big black cloud gets him in the face) Okay wait, your out of gas, its not so good on milage is it?

    • (Motor Ed trying to get Shego to go with him)
      Motor Ed: Hear me out, hey I'm not Cousin Drew, I am Motor Ed! I respect my lady's appitite for destruction, seriously dude, I do!
      Shego: Your lady? (Hits him with a blast)

    • Shego: (After Motor Ed breaks her out) Well this has been fun. Actually it hasn't. I'm gone!

    • (About Kim's dad's old Sloth)
      Ron: It might not be so bad, lets see what's under the hood
      (He opens the hood and a flock of birds attacks him)

    • (About Kim's dad's old Sloth)
      Dad: They don't make them like this anymore!
      Ron: Not after the recall!

    • (About a car in the car lot)
      Ron: Sticker shock! Kim, have you seen how, how much... (He faints)
      Kim: Your right, to pay for this I would have to babysit like 10,000 Saturdays!
      Ron: And sell a kidney! (Faints again)

    • (About his new horn)
      Ron: Oh and look, it squirts bubbles too!
      (Rufus floats by in a bubble)
      Kim: I so need to get my own wheels!

    • (Kim points at Bonnie's car)
      Kim: Is that a door ding?
      Bonnie: What? Where? I don't see any...
      (Ron rides up on his scooter)
      Ron: KP! Check out my rockin new horn!
      Bonnie: Oh, now I see the ding, your boyfriend!

    • Kim: Gotta meet Ron at Bueno Nacho, okay if I borrow the car, thanks!
      (Her mom grabs the keys)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Sorry Kimmy, I have to drive Jim and Tim to soccer practice, unless you want to
      Kim: Oh no, I'm not going to be the Tweeb's taxi drives, I'll walk first, bye!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I'll give you five dollars!
      Kim: Not listening!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Ten?
      Kim: Walking Away.
      Mom: Twenty, firm!
      Kim: Tough love mom, tough love!

    • Jim: (showing Kim a piece of paper) We're contractually obligated to mock.
      Kim: Fine, get it over with!
      Tim: It's no fun when you help out...

    • Wade: Get this, Motor Ed just busted Shego out of prison.
      Ron: Shego... and Drakken?
      Wade: Nope, just Shego.
      Kim: Motor Ed and Shego? Why would they be working together?
      Ron: Well, I mean weirder things have happened. Just look at us!
      Kim: True, but there's a major diff' between "weird" and "wrong on all levels."

    • (Jim and Tim offer to help Kim fix up her new car)
      Kim: What's the catch?
      Jim or Tim: You just have to give us rides.
      Kim: So not going to happen! I'll get it running on my own! Now go! Shoo!
      (Jim and Tim shrug and walk away)
      Ron: Uh, are you 100 percent about this, KP?
      Kim: I'm Kim Possible! I can do anything! (A door falls off the car) I think!

    • Jim and Tim: (about Kim's car, when it is going really fast) That was just first gear!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Simpsons

      When Kim and Ron are in outer space, Ron says that he wants to try out a theory on eating in outer space. This is sort of like an episode of the Simpsons where Homer eats potato chips in outer space. The camera angles even resemble each other.

    • Married. . . With Children:

      Shego's "disguise" bears a striking resemblance the outfit worn by Peg Bundy, a character on the TV sitcom Married. . . With Children.

    • Jim and Tim: Saved by the Wade.

      This is a play on the popular phrase Saved by the Bell, which means that something came up that saves you some trouble. In this episode, it is when Kim is about to get onto the Tweebs and Wade interrupts. Saved by the Bell was also the name of a classic TV sitcom.