Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 5

Car Trouble

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 15, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Kim and Ron start learning how to drive

    All the students seem to fail and Kim is sure that she can pass but she chokes and fails as well. In fact the only student that seems to pass is Bonnie. That is mostly because Bonnie was chatting on her cell phone and looking at a book while the rest of the class was watching the Ghost Car movie which clearly frightened the viewers. Meanwhile Dr. Freeman a genius inventor of smart devices and vehicles gets kidnapped by Drakken and Shego. Dr. Drakken tries every device he has to get Dr. Freeman to talk or at least convince him to program Drakken's robot army. However Freeman survives it all unscathed until Shego plays to Freeman's ego and he does the programming to prove it because he doesn't want any hacks from Lowerton to best him. A driverless car named Sadie seeks out Kim Possible for her services to find her kidnapped owner and even cheats for her to give Kim a confedience boost.
  • This episode showed just how strong both Ron and Kim are, not just physically, but mentaly.

    This episode is sorta like the coming of age episode. I think this because Kim was having trouble with her driving test and after a talking car cheated for her, she had to drive to save her and three other people's lives. She said she couldn't because the car cheated for her, the car said that Kim did all the driving herself. Kim then realized she could do anything. She did drive, and she saved the lives of three people. Then it was confession time. The car then said that it was itself who drove the test, but it was kim who saved their lives. Kim then as an adult, re-took the test, on her own, only to lower her grade from a A++ to a B-
    This shows that kim realized what she had to do. She even passed. Ron on the other hand may need a ride from Kim every know and again.