Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 17

Clean Slate

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 28, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Kim loses her memory and must gain it back while Drakken tries to use his mind controlling serum to turn the military into his slaves.

    Well done from start to finish with the villains particularly Shego using Kim's amnesia to the villains' advantage. Kim starts to regain her memory and recalls just about everything expect that she and Ron are now a couple. Eventually she and Ron foil Drakken's 'foolproof' plan. The best part was a "Make a Wish" kid who had a moment on the show.
  • Well i had thought this was an ok episode but i like the idea that she lost her memory.

    I had liked this episode some what. But i do like the idea that she loses her memory. That is very original. I had also that this episode was very cleverly plotted and planned carefully. It is a pleasure to watch this episode. It is very original and i had enjoyed very much. I will watch it over and over and search for mistakes and admire its greatness. She had lost her memory due to Drakken's stupidness, but it showed what it would be like if Kim wasnt a super hero because she forgot how to fight. I think this episode and think it is very creative. I also like the idea that she forgets that she and Ron are together.
  • Kim loses her memory

    Yeah, this episode was great.
    Already from before, there had been speculation about Kim losing her memory, and everyone thinking that were right. Kim did lose her memory... by accident. I had thought it would be more like Drakken doing it on purpose, but, well not everything can go the way I want.
    And I liked how she kinda gradually got her memory back, and I liked the Captain Constellation stuff. "Rockets are go!" Hilarious.
    And then there was the relationship. Kim didn't believe it at all. But she finally remembered, when Ron lost his pants. It was a weird trigger for it, but it did the work. Kim remembered him losing his pants, and her giving him a belt for the "half-versary" And she finally said those three words; "I love you". Been waiting a long time to hear that.
    And then there was Drakken and his papers, they were hilarious. He almost ended up losing his memory as well, becoming completely dependent on the papers to remember stuff. And his supposedly "foolproof" plan. When will he learn?
    Finally, there was a "make a wish" kid in this episode. When she entered the screen, asking for Kim's autograph, I was jut like "Make a wish kid". And I was right.
    All in all, this was a really great episode, and it deserves the score 9.2
  • An episode you won't forget (no pun intended)

    I really enjoyed this episode. Before this episode aired, I made speculations that Kim would lose her memory (others thought it meant a villian would turn over a new leaf). When I first read the spoilers for this episode, I was surprised by how close I called it (part of me felt like gloating). For two weeks I waited for this episode, and when it aired, I wasn't disappointed. True, some parts didn't go like I thought they would (the scene during the ending credits could have been better), still, this episode was really enjoyable. There were a few things I would've done differently though. For one thing, I would've had Drakken strip Kim of her memories on purpose, showing how evil and clever he can really be. Second, I probably would've gone with Kim just losing her memories of events that occurred in season four, having her memories stop after season three (she'd still lose her memories of dating Ron, that's what really matters). Also, I would've thrown in a subplot involving Kim and Ron's anniversary and Kim worrying that Ron forgot about it (that would be a twist of irony). Don't get me wrong, the writers' ideas were good too, I'm just saying I would've used a few different plot devices if I was them. There were a lot of parts of this episode I really enjoyed. Ron trying to convince Kim they were dating throughout the episode was good (I thought that picture of them at the prom was cute, and Kim mentioning Ron's dream from Ill-Suited was funny), Kim continuously saying "Rockets are go!" was cute, Drakken's thing with those cards was pretty funny, and seeing the flashbacks of Ron losing his pants was hilarious too, but I have to say my favorite part was at the end when Kim said the "L" word to Ron (personally, I would've waited till the season/series finale for her to say it), and I'm sure many K/R shippers will agree with me. I'm also sure that many will agree with me in saying that scene was probably the best part of the ep. That scene reminded me of the final scene of So The Drama, because it made the whole episode worth watching. In my opinion, this is one of the best season four episodes yet.