Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 17

Clean Slate

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 28, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • An episode you won't forget (no pun intended)

    I really enjoyed this episode. Before this episode aired, I made speculations that Kim would lose her memory (others thought it meant a villian would turn over a new leaf). When I first read the spoilers for this episode, I was surprised by how close I called it (part of me felt like gloating). For two weeks I waited for this episode, and when it aired, I wasn't disappointed. True, some parts didn't go like I thought they would (the scene during the ending credits could have been better), still, this episode was really enjoyable. There were a few things I would've done differently though. For one thing, I would've had Drakken strip Kim of her memories on purpose, showing how evil and clever he can really be. Second, I probably would've gone with Kim just losing her memories of events that occurred in season four, having her memories stop after season three (she'd still lose her memories of dating Ron, that's what really matters). Also, I would've thrown in a subplot involving Kim and Ron's anniversary and Kim worrying that Ron forgot about it (that would be a twist of irony). Don't get me wrong, the writers' ideas were good too, I'm just saying I would've used a few different plot devices if I was them. There were a lot of parts of this episode I really enjoyed. Ron trying to convince Kim they were dating throughout the episode was good (I thought that picture of them at the prom was cute, and Kim mentioning Ron's dream from Ill-Suited was funny), Kim continuously saying "Rockets are go!" was cute, Drakken's thing with those cards was pretty funny, and seeing the flashbacks of Ron losing his pants was hilarious too, but I have to say my favorite part was at the end when Kim said the "L" word to Ron (personally, I would've waited till the season/series finale for her to say it), and I'm sure many K/R shippers will agree with me. I'm also sure that many will agree with me in saying that scene was probably the best part of the ep. That scene reminded me of the final scene of So The Drama, because it made the whole episode worth watching. In my opinion, this is one of the best season four episodes yet.
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