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Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 8

Clothes Minded

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Mar 17, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Club Banana discontinues Kim's mission clothes just as she needs new ones, she is forced to find a replacement for her long worn clothes. Meanwhile, Kim and Ron start looking for colleges while Drakken starts his next plan.

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  • Kim must find new mission gear while trying to foil Drakken's latest plan and look for a college to apply for

    A very fun and enjoyable episode. Drakken and Shego are back to working together and Drakken's next/newest plan is to move all the land masses together in order to conquer it easier. During a scuffle she damages her mission outfit beyond repair. It get's even worse when she can't seem to stop Dr. D or Shego with improvised mission outfits which prove to be ineffective. The reason why she's seeking new mission clothes is beacause the outfit she wears has been discontinued. With help from Rufus, Monique, and the jailed Fashionistas Kim obtains a new cool mission outfit that proves practical. Dr. D's latest invention falls victim to its effectiveness because the new university he creates to hide isn't built to withstand earthquakes. In the end, the Fashionistas aren't happy with Kim wearing the outfit they designed without her busting them out of prison.moreless
  • Kim must find a new mission outfit while studying for the college application test and busting Drakken's new world domination scheme.

    This episode was kind of funny. Kim ripped her mission clothes while fighting with Shego at the beginning of the episode. When she went out to buy some new ones, she discovered they weren't sold anymore and she would be unable to wear them. She tries out new outfits designed by her dad and her brothers, but they either explode or fail. It was funny watching Shego and Drakken rolling on the floor laughing at Kim trying to stop them. Kim is so desperate to find a new outfit she even goes to the prison to ask the fashion group she threw in jail. They designed her an outfit, but they refused to make it for her because she wouldn't bust them out of jail. On top of all that, Kim even has to tour colleges. It was kind of funny watching her parents silently argue about which college she should attend. They both wanted Kim to attend the college they attended when they were her age. It was funny how Kim's dad was remembering the chemistry lab. He told Kim how it was the first chem. lab he ever accidentally blew up. Poor Ron. It always seems as if he's the one who accidentally finds Drakken and Shego's lair. He thought the college they were using as a lair was really a college, so when he went there to tour it, they found him and tied him up. It was hilarious how Drakken was standing by the door with a bat ready so he could hit Kim when she walked in to help Ron. It was funny how Ron was trying to tell them he came alone. Drakken didn't believe him, but then about a second later he said the same thing. The expression on Ron's face was priceless! I also liked how Ron and Shego were arguing with Drakken about the lair not being a university. It was funny. Kim's new outfit is awesome! I like it better than the previous one. The ending was funny. Kim thanked Ron for getting captured because if he hadn't, she would have never found the lair. In response, Ron said that's what he was there for.moreless
  • Drakken tries to make a "Drakken-Gea", while Kim searches for a new mission suit, because smartymart and club banana ran out of hers, at the same time while she and ron start searching for some colleges they'll apply to.moreless

    I'll miss her old mission suit, but i'm sure they'll show it again sometime around. and i'm still wondering about her battlesuit... will it ever fix? i thought wade was a super-genius, can't he fix it in like ten minutes or something? some parts of these shows are very confusing, but oh well! my favorite part of the episode was when drakken, shego, and ron were saying this:

    Ron: Yeah, he never got into college, did he?

    Shego: REJECT!

    Drakken: Drop-out, Shego! Drop-out, they let me in, I L--oh, nevermind!

    That part was pretty funny. And I really do think that this episode is "Adventurous", because of all the adventures in it!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :Dmoreless
  • Kim must find new mission clothes when her original duds get discontinued. Kim and Ron start preparing for college. Drakken makes a machine to merge all the continents together.

    The theme of “Clothes Minded” is growing up. We all have to do it eventually, and Kim and Ron start preparing for life after high school. The young loves start sending in applications for colleges. Ron can’t understand why a star football running back is not having his door, while Kim is caught between her parents’ old colleges. And in a more dramatic turn of events, Kim’s choice of clothing has been discontinued, forcing her to find new mission wares. And through every carnation she tries, she ends up getting her butt kicked by Shego. That is until Rufus and Monique finally come up with the right fit for our red headed heroine, just in time to stop Drakken’s evil plan to merge all the continents together into one, “Drakkengia!”

    The mission suits were definitely the main attractions in this episode. It was about time Kim changed her mission clothes any way, and the different choices were all very funny. First, there was Kim’s father who gave her something from out of the 1950s, some of kind bulky space suit. I loved his line about Kim’s mid drift. After that, there was the tweebs giving her a suit that I swear I once saw in a Mega Man X game. And then there was a purple molecular compound that Kim tried, that did not turn out so well. Finally she sets on a purple top, with black pants with matching purple strips. Not bad. It may take some getting use to for the fans, but I think it works. Most everything in this episode works, from the animation, to the jokes (Pangia), and the action. They only thing that bugged me was that Drakken and Shego were for some reason working back together again, with no explanation. Okay. Don’t get me wrong, their chemistry was as spot on as ever. But, I would have liked a better reason for them to work back together again then just for the heck of it. But despite that, the episode was wonderful, showing that our little couple is growing up and just getting better. And it was nice that Mr. Possible’s dream did come true after all.moreless
  • I do like this very much

    This episode is about Kim getting her new mission outfit, because her old one got torn and has been discontinued. She's so distracted into getting the perfect mission outfit, she's not focusing on the Drakan and Shego's plan. Kim also has to worry about Collage including Ron, who's not sure what collage will take him. Ron finds a collage to go to, which ends up being a lair of Drakan and Shego, then gets captured without Kim knowing till she realizes that he's two hours late for their date. She calls him, finding out that Drakan and Shego kidnapped him and starts focusing on saving her boyfriend. I think when Kim finds out Ron is kidnapped, it gets her focused more. Like in So the Drama, when she realized that Erik was kidnapped, she was more focused and started wearing the new jumpsuit, although he ended up being Drakan's sinthodrone. I really do like her mission outfit, it's really her style, especally when it ends up that Rufus stole the idea of the design from the fashion thieves.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Ron is being held prisoner by Drakken and Shego, he admits that Kim doesn't know he's there. Yet at Bueno Nacho as Wade reveals to her Drakken's latest hideout, Kim admits that it was the school that Ron was going to visit that same day.

    • When Kim is standing by the open window, her hair is moving in the opposite direction the wind is blowing.

    • When Drakken and Shego see Kim in the samurai outfit her brothers made, Shego says "Where are the fashion police when you need them?". In Kim Possible, there are actual Fashion Police as seen in Fashion Victim.

    • When Kim and Ron visit the Fashionistas in jail, Kim mentions that she and Ron put them in jail, but in Fashion Victim, Ron was trapped in a crate while Kim and Monique did battle with the Fashionistas.

    • When Shego said Kim wore the same outfit season after season after season, she was refering to the previous three seasons of the show, and in turn breaking the fourth wall.

    • This episode marks the last appearance of Kim's original mission outfit that had previously been used for all of Kim's missions.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Kim's new mission outfit.

    • When Kim and Ron go to the Middleton Magnetic Institute and Drakken activates the giant magnet, Ron's watch gets attracted to the magnet, however Kim's metal spacesuit remains unaffected.

    • At the beginning of the episode the Middleton High School sign reads "Senior Prank Week." The next time the sign is said it reads, "earn keeP Sir Wonk," which is an anagram of the sign's previous message.

    • Since Disney Channel is airing the episodes out of order, the Fashionistas make their first appearance in this episode as prisoners, but we meet them and they go to prison in Fashion Victim.

    • When Kim and Ron run from the imploding college, the window they exit is alligned with the front entrance; however, it should be off the the right as seen earlier in the episode

    • When Wade shows Kim a geothermal scan of Drakken's lair, it shows that the stolen parts are spread out over the lair, but they are all on one machine.

    • When Drakken shows Shego and Ron his plan, he says that there would only be one timezone, but in reality, only a few timezones would be eliminated, not 23 of them.

    • When Mr. Barkin is walking down the stairs at the school with Kim and Ron, the door at the top of the stairs only has blue sky through it, meaning they lead nowhere.

    • In The Cupid Effect, which comes after this episode in production order, Kim is wearing her usual mission clothes, but this episode ends with Kim wearing her new outfit.

  • QUOTES (55)

    • Ron: You'll never get away with this, Drakken!
      Drakken: What?! Why? What do you know?
      Ron: Nothing. It just seemed like the thing to say.

    • Hoodie: So, we get you the orange jumpsuits, you get us out of the laundry duty.
      Prison Guard: Done.
      Kim: And you're done too!
      Prison Guard: Got the entire bribe on tape!
      Chino: This is an outrage!
      Ron: Don't do the time if you can't do the crime... or something like that!
      Chino: I meant your mission clothes!
      Espadrille: Yeah, that's our design!
      Kim: Uh, gotta go. Bye!

    • Mrs. Dr. Possible: So, were dying to know, did you apply to my or your father's...
      Kim: Actually, neither.
      Ron: But I did!
      Kim: Ron applied to every college.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Every college in the country?
      Ron: Playin' the odds.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: And Kimmy, what about you?
      Kim: Well, medical school is perfect for you, mom, and science for you, dad, but I gotta go with my...
      Ron: Mojo.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Mojo? Is that a state school?
      Kim: I applied to these schools. Actually, Drakken sort of gave me the idea.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Drakken?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Hong Kong? London? Venice?
      Kim: It's a small world. I know, I've saved it over and over.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, we couldn't be prouder!
      Ron: I've got to send out more applications. A lot more!

    • Ron: (during his college admissions test) Hey, a question about Pangea!
      Kim: Ron!

    • Ron: Say, um, thanks for the save, Kim.
      Kim: Back at cha'! I'm not sure what would have happened if you hadn't gotten captured!
      Ron: That's what I'm here for, KP!
      Kim: Only one mission to go, the college admission, um, mission.

    • Drakken: You think your new mission clothes are all that, but they're not!

    • Shego: Uh, Dr. D., you did build this place to seismic standards, didn't you?
      Drakken: Seismic standards?
      Shego: For the shaking, as in entire continents move!
      Drakken: It's always one tiny detail isn't it?

    • Kim: (About Drakken's machine) What's that thing supposed to do?
      Ron: Merge all the continents into one.
      Kim: You mean like Pangea?
      Drakken: Drakkengea!

    • Drakken: It's working!
      Shego: Yeah, I'm as surprised as you!

    • Drakken: It's almost done charging! Three...Two...One...
      (Kim arrives in her new clothes)
      Kim: Since we are counting, I count one, oh no two, losers.
      Drakken: Kim Possible!
      Ron: KP! Hey, sweet mission threads!
      Shego: The look actually works, and it totally bugs me to have to say it.
      Kim: And I can't wait to break them in!
      Shego: Neither can I!

    • (Ron is tied up in Drakken's lair)
      Ron: (Giggling) Phone on vibrate, tickles! KP, stop callin'! I can't take it!
      (Shego takes the phone)
      Shego: Hey, Kimmie! Your boyfriend says not to call him anymore!

    • Drakken: Oh, look how the continents fit together like a puzzle. And only I, Dr. Drakken, was brilliant enough to see it!
      Ron: Umm, not really. The Earth used to be like that a few hundred million years ago.
      Drakken: What? It's been done before?
      Ron: Yeah, it was called Pangea. I missed it on a test. Or was it the only one I got right?
      Drakken: Huh, I wouldn't want to copy. I'll call it Drakkengea. Yes! Ha ha!
      (Shego and Ron look at him)
      Drakken: What? It works!

    • Bueno Nacho Employee: Hey, are you gonna order anything?
      Kim: Waiting for my boyfriend, for two hours! Huh, Ron a no show on a three for one chimarita day?

    • (Drakken is showing Shego and Ron his plan)
      Drakken: Once charged with enough electrons, an intense magnetic beam will merge the world's continents into one supercontinent.
      Shego: (Sarcastically) Oh, it moves continents, who wouldn't want one of those?
      Drakken: Ahh, think how easy it would be to rule the world, Shego, if it's all in one central location! No more bumpy transatlantic flights.
      Shego: Because there won't be an Atlantic?
      Drakken: That's right. One ocean, one continent, and best of all, one timezone!
      Shego: Well, I do hate to set my watch. (Looks at Drakken's visual) Oh good, the next time I'm in Miami, I can walk next store to Morocco and buy carpet!
      Ron: You'll never get away with this, Drakken!
      Drakken: What? Why? What do you know?
      Ron: What? Oh, nothing, it just seemed like the right thing to say.

    • Drakken: It's charging!
      Ron: So, what's it do?
      Shego: Curious myself, in an I know this will never work sort of way.
      Drakken: Let me educate both of you being that this is a university.
      Shego and Ron: No, its not!

    • Drakken: Without Kim Possible, there is no one to stop me from charging my greatest invention...
      Shego: We know, the Intercontinental Hooy Majiggy...
      Drakken: Intercontinental Electro Magnizizer, Shego!

    • (Drakken is holding a bat behind his back and has an evil smile on his face)
      Drakken: Where is that Kim Possible? My arms and jaw are killing me!
      Shego: Don't you hate it when heroes show up late? It's just so rude!
      Ron: (Tied up) I told you, I came alone. KP doesn't know I am here!
      Drakken: You know what, I'm beginning to think that he came alone, and that Kim Possible doesn't know he is here.
      Ron: Yeah, okay, never went to college did he?
      Shego: Reject!
      Drakken: Dropout, Shego! For the last time, they let me in, I just... Ugh!

    • Kim: I've tried everthing!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Kimmy, you'll find something.
      Kim: I won't. Maybe Ron was right.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Ronald? Right? Uh, about what exactly?
      Kim: Maybe the clothes were key. With out my mission outfit, I'm Kim Impossible.

    • (Ron discovers Drakken and Shego in what he thought was a university)
      Ron: Let me guess, not a real university?
      Shego: Oh, you're gonna be schooled!

    • (Kim is covered in the RF-78)
      Shego: Shouldn't you be shopping for something suitable to wear?
      Kim: Why, purple seems to be my color!
      (Drakken opens a drawer full of computer chips)
      Drakken: He he. It's like a little slice of computer chip heaven.
      Kim: I'll take that.
      (She grabs the one that he was trying to take)
      Drakken: Shego! Is it so hard to keep one bouncy teenager at bay?
      Shego: Trying!
      (Kim begins to bounce off of things uncontrollably)
      Drakken: My techtonic microchip. At last!
      Shego: Oww, she's making me more nausious than usual! Looks like purple isn't your color after all, Kimmy. But come to think of it, what is?

    • Wade: Guess where Drakken and Shego are stealing something now.
      Kim: Where?
      Wade: About thirty yards from you! Computer Lab 35T
      Mr. Dr. Possible: No dice, Wade. That's a top secret lab with the highest level security. Nobody gets in. We were just about to tour it.
      Wade: They should be tripping the alarm...
      (The alarm goes off)
      Kim: Now!
      Wade: Good luck, Kim!

    • (Kim's dad is giving her a tour of his old college)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Experimental Compound RF-78. This is dating myself, but they were only on RF-16 when I was an undergrad. I wonder...
      (Her dad sticks his bear arm into the compound)
      Kim: Uh, dad, are you sure about sticking your hand in there?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Kimmy, there is no place for skeptisism in science. Now watch this.
      (He punches a hole straight through a three foot thick concrete wall)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well all be, they perfected it!
      Kim: Wow, I didn't know you were that strong!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: I'm not, RF-78 absorbs energy, multiplies it, then outputs it. (Looks at his hand) And they seemed to have solved the hives glitch too!

    • (Kim's dad is giving her a tour of his old college)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Ahh, Lab 32A, the first chemistry lab I ever accidentily blew up. Maybe one day soon you'll be evacuating a lab on this very campus, Kimmy.
      Kim: Right.

    • (Rufus runs off of Ron's shoulder)
      Ron: Rufus? Something we said?
      Rufus: Plans!
      Ron: Plans? What plans?
      Rufus: Oh sorry, gotta go!
      Ron: Oh don't tell me he is touring colleges too! Oh man, now I'm in a funk, and it isn't a good look for me!
      Kim: Bueno Nacho later?
      Ron: I think I'll keep you around!

    • (Ron is looking for possible colleges on a computer)
      Ron: International Continental University. You know, since they've never had students before, they can't be that picky. Yep, sounds like ICU is a perfect fit.

    • (About Kim's mission clothes problem)
      Kim: Maybe I'm trying too hard. Maybe all I need is a t-shirt and these cuffed jeans.
      Ron: Cuffed jeans?
      Kim: Yeah, how over?
      Ron: I think I was twelve!
      (Kim drops the jeans in hopelessness)

    • Barkin: Possible!
      Kim: Don't worry Mr. Barkin. Colleges, tests, applications, I'm on it!
      Ron: Uh, and when is my college admissions appointment, Mr. B?
      Barkin: Ha, ha, ha. You?
      Ron: Uh huh. C+ grade average, former mad dog, current all star running back. How many colleges you courting me? Huh? At last count... (Ron is continuing his sentence at Kim's computer) ...zero, KP! Not one of these so called "institutions of higher learning" asked about the Stoppable.
      Kim: Yeah, that's really surprising.

    • Kim: So dad, how many colleges did you apply to?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, there was only one college for me, MIST.
      Kim: Missed?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Middleton's Institute of Science and Technology. I'll give you a tour, how about tomorrow afternoon?
      Kim: Oh, well, umm...
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Good, seeing that you've already visited your mother's university.
      (Kim's mom looks at him)

    • (Kim and Ron want the fashionistas to design her a new mission outfit)
      Chino: Sorry, not gonna happen!
      Kim: Well, I guess if we can't intrest them in designing my new signature mission outfit...
      Chino: Don't move! Pen!
      Hoodie: Shorten the sleeves...
      Espadrille: Move the pocket...
      Hoodie: Adjust that...
      Espadrille: Change the neckline...
      (They throw Ron the basketball they were writing it on, and Ron smears it with his hand)
      Ron: Oh gee, sorry 'bout that!
      Chino: Ball!
      (He redoes it and hands Kim the ball)
      Kim: I love it! It's perfect!
      Espadrille: Yes, the perfect mission clothes...
      Hoodie: To break us out of here.
      Kim: No deal!
      Hoodie: What ev's!
      (Chino takes the ball from Kim and smears the design onto the ground)

    • (The Fashionistas see Kim and Ron)
      Chino: Well, there goes the prison yard.
      Ron: Yo, fashion felons, my lady and I are cruising for some hip designage, so we came to the best.
      Kim: (Under her breath) Or the worst!

    • (Kim and Ron walk up to the Fashionistas)
      Espadrille: Okay, who is that blocking our sun?
      Hoodie: We only get an hour a day!

    • Chino: So about the orange jumpsuits...
      Espadrille: We've got seamstresses on the outside...
      Hoodie: Cheaper, faster, below wholesale.
      Prision Guard: I'll talk to my people.

    • Kim: This is so frustrating. I don't have time to shop for a new mission outfit because of college admissions, and I don't have time for college admissions because I need to shop for a new mission outfit.
      Ron: Whoa, KP, okay, hang on, one crisis at a time. Otherwise I get so confused it's ridiculous.

    • Kim: I can't believe Drakken and Shego got away, again! I really need my old mission clothes mojo.
      Ron: Ain't no mojo in clothes. That's not what makes Kim Possible possible.
      Kim: Aww, I think I'll keep you around, Ron.
      Ron: Unless, you know, what if those were your lucky duds, the secret to your success without which you can never defeat Drakken or Shego again, or anyone! Of course that's just one theory.

    • (Kim arrives at the Middleton Geological Center in the Tweeb's suit and Drakken and Shego break out in laughter)
      Drakken: Oh Shego, my sides hurt!
      Shego: I know, I know. Where are the fashion police when you need them?

    • Wade: Reports of a break in at the Middleton Geological Center.
      Kim: We have a geological center, who knew?
      (The Tweebs break Wade's connection)
      Tweebs: Hey Kim, heard you need a new mission suit.
      Wade: Hey! I was talking to Kim!
      Tweebs: But this is an emergency!
      Wade: I know, I'm trying to brief her so stop interrupting.
      Tweebs: Your suit is...
      Wade: Drakken is probably going to steal...
      Tweebs: Check the trunk, Kim!
      (Ron unexpectedly breaks in)
      Ron: Uh, what about me? Hello! I have to know where to go!
      Kim: Geological Center, Ron, and hurry!
      Ron: Where's that?

    • Wade: So Drakken is obviously stealing parts to build something.
      Kim: But what? I so hate surprises!
      Monique: Surprise!
      Kim: Call you back, Wade!

    • Drakken: The transhemspheric magnetascope is mine, Shego!
      Shego: (sardonically) Now we can live happily ever after.
      (Kim, in the space suit, and Ron arrive)
      Kim: Once upon a crime?
      Ron: Okay, I am so outshined right now it isn't even funny.
      Shego: You know what's funny? That get up. It's an astro-not!

    • (Kim is trying on her dad's space suit)
      Kim: It's sort of bulky.
      The Suit: I beg your pardon?

    • (Kim's dad is showing Kim a new mission suit)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: It's been my dream for you to save the world without you baring your midriff.

    • Kim: Wow, college is a lot of paperwork and stuff.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Naturally honey, college is a major step. Everything changes.
      Kim: Everything?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I know, isn't it exciting?
      Kim: Yeah, exciting, change is good. Hey! Wait a minute. This stuff is all for the University of Upperton!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Hmm, how'd that happen?
      Kim: Maybe an alumni did it? Mom!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Well, they do have a wonderful pre-med program. You know, FYI.

    • (Shego sees Drakken's new superweapon)
      Shego: Huh, pretty impressive for a college reject.
      Drakken: Hey! College dropout, Shego. They let me in, I let myself out.

    • Drakken: (about his new lair) What better place to hide my greatest superweapon ever, the intercontinental electro magneticizer! And beacuse I put college, not lair on the grant applications, the government is paying for everything! Except for a few key parts that we still need to steal.

    • Shego: We're building a university?
      Drakken: It might look like a university on the outside, but on the inside...
      Shego: It also looks like a university.
      Drakken: Wrong you are, Shego. Welcome to my new superlair!
      Shego: Seriously?

    • Kim: Uhh, Mr. Barkin!
      Barkin: Where do you think you are going, Possible? Hmmm?
      Kim: Uh, history class?
      Barkin: But then you would miss your college entrance appointment with your guidance counselor, wouldn't you?
      Kim: Today?
      (jump to a room where Kim is sitting opposite of Barkin at a desk)
      Barkin: Okay Possible, let's get to it!
      Kim: You're my guidance counselor?
      Barkin: Affirmative. Ever since Ms. Specturm decided to change careers and go into professional shrimping. Now I assume you have narrowed the field to three universities?
      Kim: Well, no, I... Three?
      Barkin: Are scheduled today to take your Factual Aptitude Test?
      Kim: Umm, not exactly.
      Barkin: Finished and proofed a college entrance exam?
      Kim: I haven't started an essay per se.
      Barkin: Letters of recognition?
      Kim: No.
      Barkin: My mistake then. I thought that you wanted to go to college, Possible! Here, take this info sheet on shrimping, just in case.

    • Kim: What about the battlesuit?
      Wade: The battlesuit has numerous problems, including a glitch with the stealth mode. For two hours last night, I couldn't even find your battlesuit. I'll keep at it.
      Kim: Please and thank you!

    • Kim: Can you believe this? My look was everywhere, now it's nowhere!
      Ron: It's tough staying with the fashion, KP. Believe me, I know!

    • Smarty Mart Employee: Sorry, they blew out of here at a buck ninety-nine!
      Kim: Even the knock-offs are gone?

    • Kim: What do you mean? I just saw them two weeks ago, I even sold a pair!
      Monique: The last pair. Those cargo pants have been discontinued.
      Kim: Well what about the...
      Monique: Crop top too!
      Kim: Oh great! That means I will have to buy the... cheap knock offs!
      (We see Kim sneaking into Smarty Mart)

    • Kim: Good to go, Ron.
      Ron: Yeah, but what are you going to do without your mission outfit, KP?
      Kim: No big, Club Banana employee discount!

    • (Kim just got hurt on a mission, and we now see her mom operating)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I'm sorry, Ron, there's nothing I can do.
      Ron: But, but, you can sew up the damage can't you?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Ron, I'm a brain surgeon, not a miracle worker! Besides, I'm kind of busy right now.
      (The camera zooms out, and shows that she is working on some guy, and not Kim as we thought)
      Ron: Well, it was worth a shot.
      Kim: I told you, she only sews living tissue!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Clear!
      (Ron throws up off screen)

    • Ron: Got her (Shego), Kim!
      (A steam vent opens up on his back)
      Ron: Ohh, Oww! The hot, steamy badness!

    • (Kim rips her mission pants on something)
      Shego: That's what happens when you buy off the rack!
      Kim: I stick with what works!
      Shego: Yeah, season, after season, after season!
      Kim: Since we are being honest, I am so over the green!
      Shego: This is a classic.

    • Kim: Let's save time! Whatever you've stolen, give it back!
      Shego: We haven't stolen a darn thing!
      Drakken: I've stolen the darn thing, Shego. Let's go!

    • Kim: Why would Drakken want to steal from a hydrolics lab?
      Ron: You ask why, I ask how.
      Kim: How?
      Ron: How fast can we get out of here? How long 'til I loose my pants? How bad will I get...(Shego sneaks up to him and kicks him against a wall)...hurt!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode was first offered as a video on the Disney Channel website on March 10th, 2007, a full week before it premiered.


    • Kim's Astronaut Suit:

      Kim's Astronaut suit that her dad gives her looks similar to Danny's jumpsuit in an episode of Danny Phantom, also provided by his dad.

    • Baretta:

      In the closing tag, Ron tells the Fashionistas, "If you can't do the crime, don't do the time or something I like that." He meant "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime", a line of a song in the old show called Baretta.

    • Gundam/Power Rangers/Transformers:

      One of Kim's potential new outfits, the one supplied by the tweebs, is a reference to Gundam, a long running Japanese Anime series featuring giant robots, or mecha. The series, produced by Sunrise, inc., is actually made up of several series, including Gundam Wing and Mobile Suit Gundam. The name "Gundam" is thought to have derived from a variety of sources, but the most agreed-upon is that people needed to conform to a single name for giant robots in the 1970s. Gundams are piloted by humans, and vary in size.

      The suit is also a reference to Power Rangers, in which the characters would summon giant robots, known as Zords, to defeat their enemies (this happened in pretty much every episode as the show practically invented plot-recycling). The series, like Gundam, began in Japan with the Super Sentai franchise.

      A third reference is to Transformers, which has seen multiple iterations over the years, including the Beast Wars TV series. It started with a line of toys from Hasbro, which featured toys that could transform from everyday vehicles into imposing mechs. Unlike Gundam and Power Rangers, however, Transformers originated in the U.S.

    • Cindy Crawford:

      When Kim is trying out potential new outfits, one of them involves a blonde wig, a purse, and a mole, and is meant to make her look like a fashion diva. The mole is a reference to Fashion legend Cindy Crawford, who became famous by embracing what other people would have considered a flaw: a mole on her face.

    • Star Trek: The Original Series:

      While talking about repairing Kim's mission outfit Mrs. Dr. Possible says "I'm a brain surgeon, not a miracle worker" in homage to Dr. McCoy's famous line "Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a [fill in the blank]". Of course, she left off the "Damn it, Jim!" part.