Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 11

Coach Possible

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 23, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • Kim takes on the coaching role

    Kim subs for her dad while he's out of commission due to an injury to coach for the twins' soccer team. However she allows her competitive spirit to override proper judgement and as a result the team starts to view her as a bossy drill sergeant and takes all the fun out of practice and the sport. Meanwhile Senor Senior Senior is being equally bossy toward his son by scolding him for not being criminal/villainous enough. Junior desires to open a night club/dance club with the stolen animatronic animals from a pizza restaruant. Junior just isn't interested in being a big time bad boy. He just wants to dance, have fun, and be popular.
  • This episode is definately great!

    This episode was definately good and the rank I had to give it was "Cleverly Plotted" because I thought it was. It also learned the viewers that Kim can be very bossy when she wants to be. It was also nice to see Senor Senior Senior and Senor Senior Junior back on the show too. The comedy was also good as it usually is and the action had me hanging on the edge of my seat! The animation used was quite good, it looked a little weird from what it currently looks like but it is still a great episode that Kim Possible fans just have to see.
  • This episode is about when Kim takes over her fathers soccer coaching practice.

    After Dr. James Possible breaks his leg because he was with his team (soccer team) in a pizzeria and Tim and Jim kicked the ball to his foot and broke it. Kim takes over coaching his soccer team and drives the twins (Tim and Jim Possible) and the other players insane when her ultra-competiveness pushes everybody to the breaking point. In between practice she and Ron try to recover state of the art animatronics animals from the thieving Seniors. My favorite part of this episode is when we see Kim coach the soccer team and when one day she left the team playing soccer but she forgot about them and when she came back to the soccer field they were tired and barely walking or running they were more like trudging.
  • Coach Possible had us seeing Kim and Senor Senior Senior being bossy.

    Coach Possible is yet another episode with SSS and SSJ. Now, Animal Attraction was one of the bad episodes with them, so this episode met up to my expectations and it did fairly well, but like many people here, it could have done better.

    The good and funny parts of the episode were hard to miss. I did feel sorry for Jim and Tim but they dserved the harsh treatment for injuring their father. I also was impressed by Junior's plan.

    The only bad part was that kids having fun. I don't have fun in my CCA so why should bratty 10-year-old kids have? The other flaw was Wade saved Kim and Ron too soon.

    Overall, it was an alright episode that could have done better.
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