Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 11

Coach Possible

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 23, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • After Kim and Ron land in the bushes outside Bueno Nacho, Ron's hair is messed up when he sits up (and there's a flower sticking out of it). However, when it shows him with Bueno Nacho in the background, his hair is back to normal.

    • When everyone is dancing at Junior's party/Senior's modified trap, the skin of the gray haired lady briefly turns blue.

    • When Kim has on her sunglasses, you can see that the frame sides switches between solid plastic, and plastic with a clear triangle on the side.

    • When Kim says the words 'family issues' during one of the scenes, her nose is black instead of its usual color.

    • When Kim and Ron land in the bushes outside Bueno Nacho and Kim's butt is sticking up in the air, her back is black as if her shirt is tucked in.

    • During Ron's "Yeah you are alike! Wow, that's weird!" line, the color level of his shirt keeps changing as he moves.

    • In Bueno Nacho, Rufus goes through the motions of pouring a packet of Diablo sauce over the chimerito, but the red sauce was not animated in. Also, the outline of what was supposed to be the poured on sauce suddenly shows up on the chimerito, but was not colored in.

    • When Wade tries to put the sunglasses on hypnotized Kim, for a brief frame or two, her hair is parted on the wrong side (flopped cell).

    • When Ron says "Have you ever seen me shimmy? It's not pretty," as he and Kim hang beneath the helicopter, his glove is missing.

    • During Kim's line "I'm just glad Ron was there to serve as ballast", during the hot air balloon ride, Ron's left forearm is colored black, like his shirt sleeve.

    • When Kim and Ron run for Señor Senior, Sr. and Señor Senior, Jr. just before the end of the episode (the shot before the smokescreen) Ron is closest to the camera. After the smoke vanishes, and Ron says "I hate it when they get away", he is on Kim's other side. Ah, the ol' switcheroo...

    • During Ron's line "Come on, we don't have much time", the color under his belt is colored black like his shirt. It is normally gray, as it's the top of his pants. None of his shirts are visible under his belt.

    • When Kim says "It's Señor Senior, Sr. and Señor Senior, Jr.", you can see J.P. Bearymore closest to the helicopter window. For the next several shots, the beaver is closer. From SSJ's "Why not?" on, Bearymore again appears to be the closest.

    • Kim and Ron were still hypnotized dancing in the cages even though the disco ball had been retracted back into the ceiling. (no ball, no hypnosis) SSS then revealed it to the people below in order to hypnotize them.

    • Nitpick: When Kim is talking to her dad inside the house, the steam from Dr. Possible's coffee seems to be rising awfully high.

    • While Kim and Ron are hypnotized, Señor Senior, Sr. says that they are open to suggestion. However, he orders his son to laugh-- surely the hypnotized Kim and Ron would have heard the command and laughed too.

    • When Junior does his video ad for his disco, he calls the club "Club Lair," but when the outside of the club is shown, the giant neon sign says it's called "Jr's."

    • When Kim enters the room that her parents are in, Kim's mom is putting a pillow behind Kim's dad's head. Yet when they show the front of his head the pillow is gone.

    • Cleanup Goof: A stray, straight line inexplicably appears across Señor Senior, Sr.'s face, extending from the side his nose to the edge of his jaw for several frames as he attempts to negotiate a kingship over "everything".

    • When Ron shouts "Pizzapotamus!" and dives for the robot, he gets carried up pretty high. When Kim goes for Ron soon after, she doesn't have to jump or anything to get to his feet, though she would have not only have to have leapt up on the stage, but also into the air to even REACH Ron.

  • Quotes

    • (Four mechanical animals are playing, a soccer ball hits one, and bounces back to Mr. Dr. Possible)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (angry) Now boys!
      Jim: You said we should practice. You also said we can't touch the ball with our hands.
      (he kicks the ball)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Save it for the field, boys!
      Waiter: First time coaching?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Is it that obvious?
      Waiter: Your lack of protective gear gave it away. (a ball hits him)
      Jim and Tim: (together) Sorry.

    • (Mrs. Dr. Possible and Kim arrives outside the Pizza Partytorium)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, would you go in and get them please?
      Kim: Mom, they're your kids!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I hate this place; you go? I'll give you five dollars
      Kim: But the place reeks of burnt pizza! (Kim's mom uses the puppy dog pout) Not the puppy dog pout, that's mine! (she continues it) Ok, but keep the engine running for a quick getaway!

    • (Kim enters the Pizza Partytorium)
      Ron: Kim! KP!
      Kim: Ron? What are you doing here?
      Ron: I come for the games, but I stay for the burnt pizza smell.
      (a beeping sound comes from the game machine) Oh!
      Rufus: I win!
      Ron: Rematch!
      (they start playing again)
      Kim: Have you seen my dad and the tweebs?
      (Ron points over to the left, and Kim heads over there)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Give me that ball right now! I'm not just saying this as your father, but as your coach!
      (he catches the tweebs, but ends up falling)
      Kim: Dad!

    • (In the Possible living room, Kim's dad is shown to have broken his leg)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, the team needs a coach, just until I'm back on my feet.
      Kim: You cannot be serious; I don't know the first thing about soccer.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: What's to know? You're wonderful with children. (Jim and Tim come in rolling, fighting and knocking over furniture)
      Kim: (angry) Those are not children! I'm not even sure if they are human! (the Kimmunicator beeps) Wade, what's the sitch?
      Wade: There's been some trouble at JP Barrymore's Pizza Partytorium!
      Kim: Tell me about it! My dad is totally out of action.
      Wade: No Kim, after you guys left, they were robbed.

    • (At the Pizza Partytorium)
      Waiter: (upset) Somebody stole JP Barrymore!
      Ron: At least you still have the back up band.
      Waiter: The bear was totally carrying those hacks! JP is the state of the art animatronic musicians!
      (Ron connects some wires, causing the hippo to drum on the waiter's head)
      Kim: (pointing to a hole in the roof) Who ever those thieves are, they're not subtle.

    • (In a helicopter)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: He he he!
      (Señor Senior, Sr. slaps his forehead)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: No! No! A villainous laugh needs to be deep, from the diaphragm. Try again.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Oh, the laugh is not important. I have the bear!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Yes, but why stop at the bear?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: I have no use for the otter, and the beaver was off key.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: (sighs) Junior, a true arch villain doesn't leave behind a perfectly good otter!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: I though this was my crime to run?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Yes, of course, provided you make sound decisions!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Fine, I will get the otter.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: And the beaver.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: What ever.
      (he turns the helicopter)

    • (In the Pizza Party-torium)
      Wade: That bear is quite a piece of work Kim, state-of-the-art inside and out.
      (a hook starts grabbing the other animals)
      Kim: Okay, so we need to think about who might want it?
      Wade: Industrial rivals?
      Ron: Other animal bands? (the hippo gets grabbed) Pizzapottomus! No!
      (Ron clings to it)
      Kim: Ron!
      Ron: Not Pizzapotomus!
      (Kim clings to Ron)
      Kim: It's Señor Senior, Sr. and Señor Senior, Jr.!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Looks like we picked up a few passengers, Kim Possible, and her sidekick type friend whose name escapes me.
      (Señor Senior, Sr. opens a window in the helicopter)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: (to Ron) What is your name again, young man?
      Ron: It's Ron! Ron Stoppable!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: That's right.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: I will smash them into a building.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior, no!
      (he barely manages to steer the helicopter away)
      Ron: I do not like this at all.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: You simply cannot smash your foe
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Why not?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: You must give your foe a chance.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: To do what?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: To shimmy up the cable and try something heroic.
      Ron: Quick, shimmy up the cable.
      Kim: You're closer, you shimmy.
      Ron: Have you ever seen me shimmy? It's not pretty.
      (the helicopter flies on, and they nearly fall)
      Kim: Hang on!
      (Kim grapples them down)

    • (After saving themselves from the Seniors' helicopter)
      Ron: Come on, we don't have much time!
      Kim: Ron! They're in a helicopter! We'll never catch them!
      Ron: Who's talking about them? Bueno Nacho closes in three minutes. I'm starvin!
      Rufus: Yeah, hungry.

    • (At Middleton High, Kim is looking through something at her Kimmunicator)
      Ron: KP, this can?t go on.
      Kim: What?
      Ron: Studying, in study hall, it sets a bad precedent.
      Kim: Don't worry, it's not school work.
      Ron: Working on the Senior and Junior case?
      Kim: Wrong again.
      (Ron sees what Kim is doing)
      Ron: Ah, soccer. Or as the English call it, football.
      Kim: So you know a lot about soccer?
      Ron: Oh yes, I will teach you all I know. Let's see, Soccer is the world's most popular sport, you can't touch the ball with your hands.
      Kim: ... unless you're the goalie.
      Ron: Really? Well that's it, the student has surpassed the teacher. Nap time.
      (Kim gives an upset sigh)

    • (At soccer practice, Kim is playing almost by herself)
      Kim: Keep 'em coming, Ron! (Tim grabs the ball) Are you the goalie?
      Tim: No, Katelyn's the goalie.
      Kim: Then no hands!
      (Kim heads the ball away)
      Tim: Cool! Let me try!
      Kim: Wait, your approach us all wrong. Like this.
      (Kim takes the ball from him)
      Katelyn: Take it, Tim!
      Tim: I got it, Katelyn.
      (she passes the ball, )
      Kim: Okay, here's a Give-and-Go. See, you pass it right back to the person who passed it to you.
      Tim: I could have done that myself.
      Kim: There's no "I" in team.
      Tim: (angry) And there's no "fun" in soccer.
      Jim: (also angry) No with her hogging the ball.
      (Kim is playing with the ball, not allowing anyone else to play with it)
      Kim: No, no, no, let me show you. Do it like this.

    • (At the Seniors' island, there is a big sign outside the lair)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior, I do not approve of the sign. Your lair should be secret!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: But I want people to find me.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: So it is a trap? Ah, clever boy.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Father! It is my scheme.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Yes, yes of course, I just want to see if it is evil enough.
      (he grabs the plan blueprint, but Junior takes it back)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Please! I assure you, it will be the greatest achievement of my life!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Greatest evil achievement?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Oh yes, yes indeed (he makes a rather bad villain laugh)

    • (At soccer practice)
      Kim: Keep it moving; use both sides of your feet. Here, I'll show you!
      Ron: (to Rufus) Is she scaring you to?
      Rufus: Oh yeah, m-hm!
      Ron: I'm so glad I'm just the equp...
      Kim: Equipment manager! (she throws a net of balls at Ron) Blow these up, hurry!

    • (The team are having goalie practice, with Tim as the goalie. Kim shoots, but he just dodges the shot)
      Tim: I wasn't ready. Do over!
      Kim: There are no do over's in a real game. Come on, hustle!
      (she continues to practice with him, and he gets really worn out)

    • (the team is having running practice)
      Kim: Survey the field! Keep the ball moving! (the Kimmunicator beeps) What's the sitch, Wade?
      Wade: How's the coach thing going?
      Kim: Getting there. (shouting) Visualize goals!
      Wade: Visualize Señor Senior Senior!
      Kim: What did you say?
      Wade: Triple S has struck again!
      Kim: Listen up team, I've gotta jet!
      Team: Hooray!
      Kim: It's that kinda attitude that says extra header practice! Now remember: hustle! I'll be back as soon as I can.
      Team: Aaw!
      Kim: That's not hustle!

    • (At Neon Inc. headquarters)
      Researcher: Our Company has invented a revolutionary new gas that burns 100 times brighter than neon.
      Ron: Doesn't look so bright to me.
      (Ron takes off his protective glasses, only to be blinded by the gas lighting up)
      Researcher: Yes, it's quite bright isn't it, not as bright as the stolen prototypes, but very bright all the same.
      Kim: Now what makes you think Señor Senior stole it?
      Researcher: (hands over a camcorder) They left this.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: (on tape) Good day, unless you're watching this after dark, in which case, good evening.
      Kim: So Junior!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: You are no doubt wondering why we have taken your super neon?

      Señor Senior, Sr.: What are you doing?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: A video calling card. It will be my villainous trade mark!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Have you studied villainy at all, Junior?
      (Senior drags Junior away by the ear)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Father!
      (the tape ends)
      Researcher: What do you make of it?
      Kim: Family issues.
      Ron: My eyes!

    • (At the Possible residence, at evening, Kim arrives)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: How's it going, Kimmie?
      Kim: Okay, usual villain stuff.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: I meant the soccer practice.
      (Kim realizes that she haven't sent them home yet)
      Kim: Uh oh!

    • (At the soccer field, the team is really exhausted)
      Kim: (feeling bad) Okay, team, that should be about enough. (they all drop to the ground) Same time tomorrow.

    • (In the Possible residence)
      Jim: My legs hurt
      Tim: I can't even feel my legs
      Kim: So, how are my star players? You two better get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, we go full contact.
      Jim: Isn't soccer pretty much no contact?
      Kim: That's what the other teams think.

    • (At Bueno Nacho)
      Ron: You get one Chimurito, and they give you like a dozen little packets of Diablo Sauce! You can't possibly use all this sauce. Some where there's a landfill loaded with unopened hot sauce, and some day, I'm gonna find it.
      Kim: You know, if I put on the uniform, I can pass as a tall ten year old. What do you think?
      Ron: I think it is just a game, and your natural competitive Kimness has taken you to a very dark place!
      Kim: The team needs and edge!
      Ron: You're the coach.
      Kim: I'm a hands on coach.
      Ron: Hands on soccer, interesting.
      (the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Wade, go you think it is wrong to pitch in to try to help my team?
      Wade: Like fundraising?
      Ron: Like playing forward.
      Wade: Then I'd have to say yes.
      Kim: So, what's the sitch?
      Wade: Watch this: Junior calls it his video calling card.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: (on tape) You love the night life? Love to boogie? Then come on over to Club Lair, the globe's latest and hottest disco.
      Kim: He loves the camera.
      Ron: And the camera loves him.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Club Lair is conveniently located in Europe. Drive a little, party a lot.
      Wade: Well, they shouldn't be hard to find.
      Ron: Yea, the map helps.

    • (In the Seniors' lair)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Hm...
      Señor Senior, Jr.: What?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: I didn't say a thing.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: You did, you said "Hm..."
      Señor Senior, Sr.: I did not mean to say "Hm..." it is your evil disco, not mine.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Good! Now, ready, steady, go!
      (he starts the disco)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Yes, yes, very nice, but where is the villainy?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Father, please! I want to do this on my own!

    • (In a hot air balloon)
      Kim: Thanks for the ride Mr. Blomberg.
      Blomberg: I owe you one Kim, I never would've gotten around the world in 80 days, if you hadn't saved me from the hurricane.
      Kim: Any one could've steered a hot air balloon through gale force winds, I'm just glad Ron was around to serve as ballast.
      Ron: (sits down) This time, I'm staying inside the basket.
      Rufus: Oh, yeah!
      Kim: I hope this doesn't take too long, I promised the team I'd do some power drills today.
      Ron: Power drills? That sounds harsh.
      Kim: Hey, no pain, no gain!
      Ron: Kim, the team wanted me to talk to you about your... coaching technique.
      Kim: What about my coaching technique?
      Ron: Too much technique, not enough coach.
      Kim: What's that supposed to mean?
      Ron: They just want to have fun, Kim.
      Kim: Winning is fun, Ron!
      Ron: See, that's your Kimness talking!
      Kim: Well, I am Kim?
      Ron: It's just a game, with small children... who cry when they see you coming!
      Kim: Fine, we will let the team decide when we get back.
      Blomberg: Going down.

    • (In the Seniors' disco)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: So you taught the animals to Cha-Cha-Cha? Now, tell me your villainous scheme!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: My plan is this, as the funny animals dance to the bouncy beat, the crowd will be inspired to do the same!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: And then?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: We will party all night long!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Everyone will dance? That is your evil plan?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: And... I will overcharge for beverages. (he laughs)
      Kim: Sorry to break up the party, Señor Seniors.
      Ron: (gasps) What have they done to Pizzapotamus? And where's JP Barrymore's banjo?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: I am so sorry, but tonight is my grand opening. It would be most inconvenient to give up now. (he wrinkles his eyebrow) Did you see the thing with the eye brow? Nice touch no?
      Ron: Um, KP, other than wrapping Pizzapotamus in polyester, this doesn't seem very evil.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: See? What did I tell you?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: I'm sorry, my friends, but this night club is rather exclusive, and you're not on the guest list.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Ah, the clever threat! Good, Junior! Now you must follow through with a display of violent anger.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: But I'm mildly put off at best.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Just throw something!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: But father, I just had my nails buffed for the gala opening.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: (angry) Junior! This is not a party. This is not a disco! This is not fooling around!
      (Señor Senior, Sr. flips a switch, and a disco ball appears from a hatch in the ceiling. He puts sunglasses on himself and Junior, whilst Kim and Ron gets hypnotized)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Sunglasses indoors, how stylish!

    • (After Kim and Ron is hypnotized by the disco ball)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: No longer will you interfere, Kim Possible, now you are under my control! Junior, now is the time!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: What?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: The villainous laugh, Junior!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Not now, I don't feel like laughing.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Laugh!
      (he makes a bad attempt at a villainous laugh)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: (sighs) I've heard worse.

    • (In the Seniors' lair)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: (upset) What have you done, father?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: The intense light of the super neon is refracted into a hypnotic pattern by the modified disco ball.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: You modified my disco ball?! But now they're standing still. Everyone must dance!
      (Kim and Ron starts to dance)
      Ron: (with a "hypnotized" voice) Gotta dance.
      Kim: (also with a "hypnotized" voice) Can't stop dancing.
      Rufus: Must boogie. Oh, yeah!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Did I not mention the hypnotic victim responds to the first suggestion given?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: They dance well for hypnotized people.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior! Now is not the time! Europe's elite will be here in a few hours!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Yes. To get down with our bad selves.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: (angry) No! To be hypnotized pawns in our plan to take over everything.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: But that is not my plan!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: It is now.

    • (The guests are arriving at the Seniors' disco)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Ready?
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Whatever. This is no longer my party.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior, you can party all you want when we control everything.
      Señor Senior, Jr.: I don't want to control, I just want to…
      Señor Senior, Sr.: No! Do not speak the "D" word. (a person enters) Ambassador, so pleased you could make it.

    • (At the Seniors' disco)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: The crowd is starting to perk up.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Not for long.
      (he activates the disco ball, hypnotizing everyone, and then makes a call to a radio station)
      Rado Guy: Hello, Europe.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: This is Senor Señor, Sr., I am in command of a disco filled with fabulous VIPs.
      Radio Guy: Can you speak up sir, the music is awfully loud.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: In exchange for these very important persons, I demand that you name me, king. King of everything!
      Radio Guy: I'm going to have to have someone get back to you on this.

    • (Kim is dancing, hypnotized, in the Seniors' disco)
      Wade: Kim? Kim!
      Kim: (hypnotized) Can't talk, dancing.
      Wade: Oh my gosh! (he brings up a camera, and it notices the disco ball) A hypnotic disco ball?
      Rufus: Help!
      Wade: Help is one the way, Rufus!
      (he manages, after some work, to put a pair of black sunglasses on Wade)
      Kim: You rock, Wade!

    • (In the Seniors' disco, everyone is hypnotized)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Let's get this blackmail over with so the party can start.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Patience, my son. We are on the verge of being royalty!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Fine, what ever. Then we can all…
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Don't say it!
      Kim: Sorry, Seniors, cancel the coronation.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Ah, Kim Possible. You are so resourceful, unlike some people I could mention. (pointing to Junior)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Always the put downs, where is the praise? Where father?
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Now is not the time, Junior.
      Ron: Señor Senior sounds like a certain soccer coach I know.
      Kim: Oh, does he have too much Kimness too?
      Ron: Not exactly, he's just a control freak, you're... well, yeah you are like.., well that's weird.
      Señor Senior, Sr.: You know, Kim Possible, the disco ball is not the only thing I modified.
      (he presses a button, and JP Berrymore starts shooting lasers at them)
      Ron: JP Barrymore's gone rouge. First they take his banjo, now this?

    • (Señor Senior, Sr. is attacking Kim and Ron)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Attack, my robotic animal pawns!
      (the hippo and the other animals shoot at them as well)
      Ron: Not Pizzapotamus!
      Kim: Ron! We can't let those innocent people get hurt.
      Ron: Not to mention us innocent people.
      Kim: (to the Kimmunicator) Wade, can you hack into the system controlling the animals?
      Wade: Kim, it's the most sophisticated computer system I've ever seen!
      Kim: It's a banjo playing bear.
      Ron: They took his banjo!
      Wade: I can't hack the bear, let me try the beaver!

    • (the animals are shooting at Kim and Ron, whilst everyone else is hypnotized)
      Señor Senior, Jr.: Father has made my party a major drag. Everybody dance!
      (everyone starts dancing)
      Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior! What have you done?
      Wade: (through the Kimmunicator) I'm in! Kim, I took out the otter and the beaver!
      Kim: Sweet, Wade!

    • (Kim kicks down the disco ball in Seniors' disco)
      Kim: I'll be right down!
      Ron: No, coach Possible, this is my ball! (he shoots the disco ball, and the animals' lasers, now following the ball, reflect back from it, and knocks them over)
      Ron: Goal!
      Señor Senior, Sr.: This is the last time I let you run the show!
      Señor Senior, Jr.: If you had let me run it, none of this would've happened.
      Kim: (to Ron) Nice hustle.
      (Senior activates a smoke machine, and they disappear)
      Ron: I hate it when they get away.
      Kim: (angry) Lets go. I've gotta do some hands off coaching!

    • (At soccer practice, Tim scores a goal)
      Katelyn: Good shot! Next time try for the other team's goal.
      Jim and Tim: (together) You got it!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: The important thing is that they're having fun. I'm glad you see that now.
      Kim: Whatever.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, you better perk up, you're the coach.
      Ron: Not any more, Dr. P. While Kim was learning to let go, the team let her go.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Who's coaching then?
      Kim: The guy with the banjo.
      JP Berrymore: Way to go, team. Kick that ball. Way to go, team!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Galaga:

      When Kim spots Ron playing an arcade game at the pizza place, sound effects and music stings from the 1981 arcade game Galaga can be clearly heard.

    • Super Mario Brothers:

      When Rufus wins, the 1-up tune from SMB plays, and the in-game sounds are the jumping and coin noises from SMB. Odd thing is that Ron and Rufus are playing what appears to be a space shooter.

    • Hot Air Balloon Pilot: I wouldn't have made it around the world in 80 days if you hadn't have saved me from that hurricane.

      This is a reference to the Jules Verne novel, 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Although a journey by hot air balloon has become one of the images most strongly associated with the story, this iconic symbol was never deployed in the book by Verne himself.

    • Señor Senior, Jr.: Do you love the nightlife? Love to boogie?

      Paraphrases Alicia Bridges' "I Love the Nightlife": "I love the nightlife / I got to boogie / On the disco 'round"

    • Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior, this is not a party. This is not a disco. This is not fooling around.

      Señor Senior, Sr.'s paternal chiding paraphrases the Talking Heads' "Life During Wartime": "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around."

    • Pele:

      In the disco scene, when Kim kicks the disco ball from its moorings in the ceiling, she uses the same style kick method as the famous Brazilian soccer player and legend Pele (it's called a FLIP kick and Pele can do it WITHOUT using a rope!)

    • Chuck E. Cheese:

      Animatronic J.P. Bearymore and his game-stuffed pizza chain ref animatronic Chuck E. Cheese and his game-stuffed pizza chain (est. 1977).

    • Kim: Can't... stop... dancing...

      This episode's hypnotically-induced frooging alludes to The Groovy Guru, an episode of the 60's series Get Smart.

    • Claw Machine:

      Junior's use of a suspended metal claw in his theft of the Pizza Party-Torium's animatronic figures is likely meant to represent a larger-scale version of the "claw machine", a classic quarter-guzzler in which one attempts to hoist stuffed animals (and other objects) from a small, glass-enclosed prize pit using a similar (though flimsy, and much smaller) joystick-controlled claw. In fact, one such machine is visible in the background as Pizzapotamus is literally "lifted".