Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 07, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • A running joke in this episode is Ron thinking that Dr. Drakken's evil plan is to steal Christmas, a far cry from the truth.

    • When Kim is saying "I'll just spit it out", when sitting in the cantina, Josh passes by her. He was supposed to say hi, but no voice came. You can see that he was supposed to say hi, because Kim noticed he was there, even though she was looking the other way, and from the movements of his mouth.

    • During the intro song, "Call Me, Beep Me," watch the blonde cheerleader on the right. When she stops and kneels her eyes are blue. Yet when she stands up to pose her eyes turn brown.

    • Whenever Mr. Dr. Possible mentions Dr. Drakken, he pronounces the name "Drocken."

    • For a moment, when Ron's holding Rufus in Heinrich's snow-mobile thing, his hands are flesh-colored, when he should be wearing gloves.

    • When Ron is pinned by the forklift, his shirt is a light gray rather than black.

    • When Kim punches out the camera on the back of Drakken's robot, the hand still in the suction cup is glove-less.

    • When Ron is hanging upside down when the Ultimate Robot Warrior grabs him, Rufus falls out of his pocket. After Kim rescues Rufus, she puts him in her pocket. But when Kim rocket skates to Ron's rescue as the Robot is falling, Rufus is back with Ron.

    • As Josh bends down to pick up his posters, the inside of his ear is momentarily transparent.

    • Kim and Ron are both suddenly wearing helmets and goggles as soon as they open the door and exit Heinrich's snow vehicle.

    • When Kim is hanging from the scaffolding fighting Shego, Shego raises a black boot to knock Kim off. In the next shot, as Kim grabs the boot, it's green.

    • When Kim's grappler rope is first shown, it's the typical hemp color. As she fires it up the side of the Z-boy factory, it's black.

    • When Ron manipulates Rufus' mouth during the Rufus show, he's missing his gloves.

    • When Dr. Possible (Dad) says, "Josh?", his eyebrows are black.

    • For a brief second on the plane, part of Ron's sunglasses are missing (the part that rests on the ear -- the right one).

    • During Shego's "... Every time you blab about your big plan..." rant, her mouth completely disappears for a frame or two when she says, "She wins!"

    • Because it's been recycled from an earlier sequence, the overlay representing the view from Drakken's Ultimate Robo-Warrior incorrectly identifies Ron as Kim, and vice versa.

    • When Ron screams (after the "Naked Mole Rat Show"), his freckles are missing.

  • Quotes

    • Kim: And I gotta tell you, Drakken was easy compared to this.
      Ron: Reality check, Kim. If you can defeat an international superfreak, you can handle Josh Mankey.
      Wade: (on the Kimmunicator) Kim. He has just left third period, and is headed your way!
      Kim: What?
      Wade: Subject: Mankey. I triangulated his position on a GPS satellite. He's passing the gym.
      (Kim runs into the nearest broom closet, and drags Ron with her)
      Ron: Okay, I think you've crossed the line here.
      Kim: I... can't do it
      Wade: Target is on the move. Closing in... 4... 3... 2... he's on top of you!
      Kim: Maybe I just give up
      Ron: I repeat... (in a megaphone) you can handle this!
      (Kim runs out of closet acting very nervous)
      Josh: Hey.
      Kim: Hey. Um, oh... I'm sorry about the banner. You know, the one I tore down.
      Josh: It was kinda weak anyway.
      Kim: Oh, great! I mean, too bad. New one's better?
      Josh: Much. Don't tear it down.
      Kim: Definitely not. (nervous) Eh... guess I'll see you at the dance, huh? Maybe I'll there.
      Josh: At the dance?
      Kim: Sure! Maybe you'll be there? Maybe with me?
      Josh: Are you, what, asking me to the dance?
      Kim: I know, I know, I sound so random, but yes, yes, I am.
      Josh: Cool.
      Kim: Very.
      Josh: So I'll come by around seven?
      Ron: (in megaphone) I need a ride too. (Kim slams the closet door) You can swing by around seven fifteen. Actually, no, my mom's gonna be hanging my pants, so maybe, like, seven thirty?

    • (Wade is hacking into the robo-warrior)
      Wade: I'm in!
      Computer: Password required.
      Wade: Huh? Oh, great! Um... Nakasumi? (writes in password)
      Computer: Access denied.
      (at Drakken's lair)
      Ron: Flying kick now.
      (He tries to take a flying kick to the robot, but a claw from it grabs him)
      Robo-Warrior: Konnichiwa
      Ron: ...and now I'm upside down.
      Drakken: Ooh. The buffoon. (Rufus falls down)
      Ron: Rufus!
      (Kim shoots her grappling rope, and flies down to grab Rufus)
      Drakken: What!? (tries to take down Kim using the robot's arms)
      Drakken: (has Kim cornered) You should have stuck to babysitting! What makes you think an ordinary teenager could possibly defeat me?
      Wade: (still trying to figure out the password) Uh... Z-Boy?
      Computer: Access denied.
      Wade: We do not have time for this!
      Robo-Warrior: Konnichiwa
      Wade: Ah! Konnichiwa!
      (laser beam deactivates just as it was going to blast Kim when Wade then appears on the big screen)
      Wade: Score!
      Kim: Wade!
      Drakken and Ron: (in choir) What?
      Drakken: No-ho!
      Ron: Busted!
      Drakken: Indeed.
      (Shego removes the Kimmunicator as the robot begins to go berserk. Kim and Shego fight in the control room, and spins around, with Drakken and Ron hanging in the arms)

    • (Kim is climbing up the back of the Robo-warrior)
      Kim: Where is that override thingy?
      (a camera appears and Drakken sees Kim, just before she knocks out the camera)
      Drakken: Get of my back!
      (one of the robo-warrior's claws rips off big parts of the back, and reveals the override module)
      Kim: Yes! (she attaches the Kimmunicator to the override module) Good luck, Wade!

    • Drakken: She's gone! It's impossible!
      Ron: Actually, it's Possible. Kim Possible. But that's a common mistake.
      Robo-warrior: Konnichiwa
      (Robo-warrior blasts Ron as he evades it)
      Ron: Hey, hey! I'm only the distraction!

    • (The robo-warrior is searching for Kim and Ron)
      Kim: Wade, we're up against a giant robot warrior...
      Wade: ...which used to be a robot assembly line! According to these schematics (the ones on Wade's computer screen), Nakasumi-san installed an override module
      (The giant robot appears behind them but they don't notice it)
      Rufus: Huh?
      Robo-warrior: Konnichiwa!
      (Kim and Ron notice the robot, and manages to evade it just before it was going to strike)

    • (Kim is holding on to a platform in Drakken's lair with one hand so Shego prepares to step on that hand)
      Shego: Ohh, sorry, no price for second place.
      (Kim grabs Shego's boot and knocks her down and climbs up on the platform)
      Kim: Ron! Lipgloss me!
      (Ron throws the box of "lipgloss" to Kim and she holds her breath and opens it)
      Shego: (whilst fainting) Ugh! That stinks!
      Ron and Rufus: (High fives) Boo-ya!
      (Kim jumps down)
      Kim: Nice work, boys! Now, where's...
      (Drakkens comes down, on a small, moving platform)
      Drakken: Ah, my teenaged foe, and the buffoon.
      Ron: Well, this buffoon knows your secret plan! You wanna steal Christmas!
      Drakken: Not even close.
      Kim: So this is a "take-over-the-world" thing, Ron!
      Drakken: (whilst the factory turns into a robot) Watch as this state of the art assembly line becomes... the ultimate Robo-Warrior!
      (A big screen says "Konnichiwa" as the robot grabs a tank and breaks it in two)
      Ron: (worried) That would be so cool if it wasn't gonna hurt us!
      (The robo-Warrior tries to blast them as they avoid it)
      Ron: (panicked) Don't freak out, Kim!
      Kim: I'm not!
      Ron: Well, that makes one of us!

    • (After being captured at Drakken's alpine lair)
      Kim: (irritated) I have never been captured that fast! This is almost as embarrassing as cheerleading practice... Ron!
      (We see that several henchmen are standing all around them)
      Ron: Embarrassing? Perhaps, but it did get us inside the bad man's lair.
      (Shego jumps in, standing on a platform above them)
      Shego: Don't mind me! I just wanna watch.
      (Kim jumps up to Shego as the henchmen prepare to attack Ron)
      Ron: Um... can one of you guys give us a boost?
      (They turn their shock sticks towards Ron)
      Ron: Kim! (Kim throws him what would seem to be lipgloss)
      Ron: Badical! Back up goons, 'cause I'm packing! (he shows the box with lipgloss)
      Henchman: Lipgloss?
      Ron: (worried) Uh.. yes, lipgloss.
      (The henchmen laugh)
      Kim: (fighting with Shego) Ron! Open it and hold your breath!
      (Ron does as Kim said, and the henchmen falls down on the floor, knocked out by the ooze of green gas that came out from the lipgloss box)
      Ron: What is this stuff?
      (At Wade's house)
      Wade's Mom: (holding socks that ooze green gas)Wade, I'd wish you'd stop taking you father's dirty socks!
      Wade: Mom! I need those!
      Wade's Mom: For what?
      Wade: They're integral to my top secret stink formula!

    • (Kim is looking at Drakken's alpine lair through high-tech binoculars)
      Kim: Talk to me, Wade.
      Wade: (through Kimmunicator) This is unquestionably Drakken's latest lair! I've hacked into the security system, but it's tight! (sighs) Can't shut down the sensor beams... but I could use the frequency so that you can see them.
      Kim: Please and thank you!
      (Wade folds his hands for a second, before tapping wildly on his keyboards as the sensor beams become visible. Meanwhile, Ron has gotten up and his snowboard is now sliding down with the broadside towards Kim)
      Ron: He-ey! This isn't so hard (falls down the hill) Wooah!
      Kim: (unaware of Ron falling straight towards her) So Ron, we can't touch the red beams. Ron?
      (Ron hits Kim, and they both fall down towards the sensor beams as they avoid hitting them, but Rufus slides down and hits one)
      Rufus: Uh-oh
      (An alarm goes off, and cameras appear around them and immediately recognize them then walls appear around their positions)

    • (Kim looks into the gym hall where Josh is painting a poster)
      Kim: Deep breath, then take the plunge! Here goes!
      (Bonnie arrives, and she slams the door)
      Bonnie: Hi, Kim!
      Kim: Bonnie.
      Bonnie: You don't mind if I watch, do you?
      Kim: Watch what?
      Bonnie: You. Josh. It's so obvious that you're crushing on him.
      Kim: It is not!
      Bonnie: Oh yeah. Gonna ask him to the dance?
      Kim: Why?
      Bonnie: I think it is great
      Kim: (with a sarcastic tone) Really?
      Bonnie: Totally. I get to see you crash and burn.
      Kim: Maybe he'll say yes.
      Bonnie: Maybe. But he has said no to girls much higher in the food chain than you.
      Kim: (irritated) Well, I'm gonna ask him anyway!
      Bonnie: (opens door to gym hall) Go for it.
      Kim: I will... (looks through door) after practice.

    • (Kim is sitting in the cafeteria with some other girls)
      Kim: (referring to the cantina door) Josh will come through that door any minute, and I'll just spit it out!
      (Kim drinks some water )
      Josh: (as he passes by behind her.) Hi.
      (She spits out the water in her mouth, ands slowly sinks down into the chair in embarassment)

    • (At the breakfast table in the Possible residence)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (reading the newspaper) I do not believe it! That Doctor Drakken fellow stole a factory! Seems two employees were rescued by world famous teen hero... he-ey! Kim Possible! Nice work honey.
      Kim: (dejected) Well, sure... until I let Drakken get away! I gotta figure out his plan before he tries to take over the world! Oh, and then there's the Josh thing.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Josh? Another mad scientist bent on world conquest?
      Kim: So not. Josh is this guy I wanna to take to the dance.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Oh... now don't you and your friend Ronald usually go to school functions together?
      Kim: Yeah, but Ron's a friend, and Josh is a hottie.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (clears throat) I wouldn't just give up without a fight. With Drakken, I mean. You better get on that case tout de suite. And Kimmie, let's not talk about "hotties" at breakfast any more.
      (Mrs. Dr. Possible comes in)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Who's a hottie?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: We're not talking about it!
      Kim: Josh Mankey. (Kim sighs)
      Jim and Tim: (in choir) Ooh... Kim's got a boyfriend, Kim's got a boyfriend!
      Kim: (irritated) Don't make me hurt you!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Eat your cereal, boys.
      (The twins sit down at the breakfast table and Tim makes loud crunching sounds)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: So, this Josh is cute?
      Kim: He's golden, mom.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (to Mr. Dr. Possible) Golden? That's good, right?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, I prefer it over hottie.
      Kim: Josh's so cool, and smart and really talented, and (Tim slurps and burps) kinda quiet. (To Tim) Excuse you!
      Tim: Wanna know what I think?
      Kim: No.
      Tim: Send an anonymous email.
      Kim: I couldn't do that.
      Tim: Yes you can. You like, route it through Sweden or someplace, and it can't be traced.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (whilst reading newspaper) Hmm... your principal has been getting anonymous emails from Sweden.
      Jim and Tim: (in choir) Uhh.. gotta go!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie... telling a boy you like him is really getting into a really cold pool; deep breath, then take the plunge.

    • (We see many screens with a Z-Boy saying Konnichiwa every second)
      Drakken: (irritated) Cartoons make my eyes itch, can't you shut that thing off?
      (The workers shake their heads)
      Drakken: (Still irritated, kicks a henchman) Put some greasy elbow into it!
      (Shego taps Drakken on the shoulder)
      Shego: Dr. Drakken?
      Dr. Drakken: Gah!
      Shego: AAH!
      Dr. Drakken: Shego, never sneak up on me like that!
      Shego: I wasn't sneaking!
      Dr. Drakken: Ninjas make more noise than you, Shego. Quit it!

    • Kim: Okay, I'll free the hostages, you take this (gives Kimmunicator to Ron) Jack it into the video.
      Ron: You mean I'm...
      Kim: ...the distraction.
      Ron: (disappointed) Oww! Always the distraction.

    • (Kim is climbing up the wall to the Z-Boy factory)
      Ron: Hey, wait up! (Ron shoots a grappling rope up the wall, and his pants fly with it)
      Ron: Waah!
      Kim: Ron! Stop playing around!
      Ron: (prepares to shoot another grappling rope) Okay, I'm gold. (His sweater flies up with the rope)
      Ron: Oh, co...are you kidding me?
      Kim: Very funny!
      Ron: (now standing in just his boxershorts and shoes) The third time's the charm.

    • (Inside Brittina's plane)
      Ron: Oh-oh-hoo...sweet ride!
      Kim: Thanks for the lift, Brittina.
      Brittina: Kim, duh. It's the least I can do after you saved my Chicago show.
      Kim: Oh, the backstage fire was no big.
      Brittina: For you maybe. It must be awesome not to be afraid of anything.
      Kim: Fearless, I am not.
      Ron: Oh, come on. I've seen you wrestle a shark with your bare hands!
      Brittina: Yeah, what could scare you?
      Kim: (slightly embarrased) His name is Josh Mankey.
      Brittina: Oh...crush story.
      Kim: I feel so ridiculous around him.
      Brittina: Just go for it. What's the worst thing that can happen?

    • (The Kimmunicator beeps and Kim answers it)
      Kim: Hey Wade, what up?
      Wade: Meet me at your locker.
      (Kim opens her locker)
      Wade: (whilst printer is printing out pages) You will not believe how many hits we are getting on your site. Everyone wants your help!
      Ron: Mrs. Giltmore needs someone to feed her cats... for a week!
      Kim: Ugh. Seven days, eight cats...
      Ron: litterbox. I know your website says you can do anything, but you have to draw the line. (Notices something on the paper) Hey, long distance. Tok-y-o! I love the French.
      Wade: That one's an emergency. I'll stream the security cameras.
      (They watch the security cameras and see helicopters hovering outside a building when all of a sudden someone knocks out the camera)
      Kim: Woah. Rewind and freeze, Wade. (Camera rewinds and freezes to reveal that Drakken knocked the camera out) Doctor Drakken.
      Ron: Our arch enemy! Well, your arch enemy, yeah, you know, I don't think he even knows my name.
      Kim: Come on, Ron, let's jet!
      Ron: (enthusiastic)Oh yeah, going to Tokyo on a school night. How are we gonna get there?
      Kim: I'll phone a friend.

    • (Kim is still staring at Josh Mankey)
      Ron: Amp down Kim, someone might think you're crushing on Mankey.
      Rufus: Ugh, Mankey (Ron shoves Rufus down into his pocket, but when he looks up, Kim isn't there)
      Ron: Huh, Kim?

    • (Kim is standing next to Mankey)
      Mankey: (about the poster he has made) What's this say to you?
      Kim: (nervous) Oh, it's, it's, eh... you know... I mean yeah, totally, eh...
      Mankey: Hey, you're Kim Possible. You were on the news last week. Saved some ambassador or something?
      Kim: (still nervous) Um, yeah, I...
      Mankey: That was cool.
      Kim: Yeah... thanks, ehe... bye.

    • Ron: (Searching through a locker) Rufus, Ruufus, here boy!
      Kim: Hey, Ron...
      Ron: Hushhh, Rufus has gone missing!
      Kim: Maybe he's hibernating?
      Ron: Not likely, Kim. It's Spirit Week. If the little boy missed it, he'll be crushed.
      (Everything in the locker falls out, and appears Rufus)
      Ron: Rufus!

    • Ron: Kim, Drakken's in jail. Christmas was saved! What's the big?
      Kim: Okay, first of all -- he was not... trying... to steal... Christmas!

    • Dr. Drakken: (after he's defeated) You think you're all that, but you're not!

    • Dr. Drakken: Why did she have to be a cheerleader?! If she was on the debate team, I would have vaporized her by now!

    • Ron: So... Heinrich. Got any teenage daughters who might want to go to a big American dance party?
      Heinrich: Nein!
      Ron: Nine?! One's plenty! Well, maybe two...
      Heinrich: "Nein" means "no"!
      (Heinrich slams door and drives off)
      Ron: Hey, wait a minute! I helped with that avalanche!
      Kim: You started it. Come on! (Kim snowboards away)
      Ron: Right behind 'ya (Ron has problems with sliding down on the snowboard, and he falls backwards)
      Rufus: Uh.. hehe.
      Ron: (irritated) Not a word!

    • (A snowcat is driving through the snow while inside, Rufus is freezing)
      Ron: I told you to bring a jacket, Rufus! Naked and snow just don't mix.
      Kim: Okay, let's recap what we know.
      Ron: Check. Subject: "Joshua Wendell Mankey."
      Kim: I meant about Drakken's Alpine lair.
      Ron: Oh... Yeah, I got nothing.
      Kim: Wait -- his middle name is "Wendell"?
      Ron: Well, it could be.
      Kim: (sarcastically) You've obviously done your research.
      Ron: I assure you, the rest of my report is completely factual.
      Kim: Gossip you've heard around school?
      Ron: Moving on... Mankey has rejected invitations to the Spirit Week dance from the following: (Rufus shows pictures as he says the names) Courtney Loope, Maria Rodriguez, Natasha Pootney, Julia Roberts, no relation, and of course, Bonnie Rockwaller. (Rufus shows a horribly drawn picture of Bonnie) No current photo was available.
      Kim: Josh spiked Bonnie?
      Ron: And Bonnie spiked me! As did Courtney, Maria, Natasha and Julia. (in a weak, irritated voice) High school!
      Heinrich: Okay kids! We're here.
      (Kim and Ron exit the car)
      Kim: Thanks for the lift, Heinrich.
      Heinrich: Oh, Kim, you silly! It's the least I can do after you saved our village from that avalanche last year.
      Kim: No big.

    • Yoshiko: Thank you for coming, Kim Possible. I am Yoshiko, translator for Nakasumi-san. (Ron slicks his hair back)
      Ron: Y'know, I'm looking for a lucky someone to go to a dance with me...
      (Yoshiko whispers to Nakasumi; gong sounds are heard; Nakasumi mutters back)
      Yoshiko: Uhhh... Nakasumi-san says he's very flattered, but given the current crisis, he feels it would be... inappropriate... to go to the dance.
      Ron: No! Ew, no! I meant --

    • Ron: Sooo, Britina. As a pop superstar, I'll bet you miss out on stuff like school dances with, y'know, normal, average guys...
      Britina: True.
      Ron: Friday. Dance. You. Me. Average guy.
      Britina: No. (Buzzer sounds)
      Ron: See? Was that so hard?
      Kim: Only to watch...

    • Kim: (irritated) I can't even form a sentence around Josh, how am I gonna ask him to Friday's dance?
      Ron: Ask Mankey? I don't know Kim. Don't you think he might feel... awkward... with us?
      Kim: "Us?"
      Ron: Well, we always go together.
      Kim: Yeaahh... But that's as, y'know, friends. And, this time, I was thinking about lining up a... Y'know...
      Ron: An enemy?
      Kim: A date.
      Ron: A date! Right! Date, like, uh -- dating. Dating in a date-like-kinda-way. U-huh. I can do that. The date thing.
      Kim: Great. So who are you going to ask?
      Ron: For me to get a date, who am I not going to ask?

    • Kim: A naked mole rat? Ron, ever think about getting a normal pet?
      Ron: Like what?
      Kim: Something not naked. (Rufus blows a raspberry at Kim)
      Ron: (dramatically) Never be normal, that's the Ron Stoppable motto.
      (Kim's jaw drops at something offscreen)
      Ron: Kim? KP? (waves hand in front of Kim and speaks in French accent) Kim Possiblé?
      (notices that Kim is staring at Josh Mankey)
      Ron: (spiteful) Oh, Josh Mankey.
      Rufus: (also spiteful) Ugh, Mankey.

    • Kim: What's Drakken doing in a video game factory?
      Ron: Duh. Do you know what this factory makes?
      Kim: Video games?
      Ron: The Z-boy. Only the fastest graphics system ever.
      Kim: So, video games.
      Ron: It's not even coming out back home until Christmas. It's the must have gift of the holiday season. (gasps) Drakken's gonna steal Christmas!
      Kim: Ron. I know my arch-foe. Drakken wants to take over the world.
      Ron: He wants to steal Christmas!
      Kim: Take over the world!
      Ron: Steal Christmas!
      (They continue to argue about this as they enter the facory)
      Kim: Fine. Whatever.

    • (Kim takes up her compact mirror)
      Ron: Kim, Drakken's in the house. Is this really the time to fix your makeup?
      Kim: (looking at her compact mirror) I see the hostages. (gasps) Oh no!
      Ron: What?
      Kim: Thought I saw a zit. False alarm.

    • Kim: Before this day is over, I'm going to ask Josh to the dance.
      Ron: And I'm going to ask... somebody.
      Kim: (sarcastically )Your standards are so high.
      Ron: Flexibility is key, Kim
      Kim: Good luck
      Ron: Don't need it.

    • (Ron comes in and interrupts the cheerleading practice)
      Ron: (talking into a megaphone) Attention, ladies! It is I, Ron Stoppable! Contrary to popular belief, I am not dating Kim Possible. (turns to Josh) Which is good news for you, Josh Mankey.
      Josh: Hey.
      Kim: Oh, no.
      Ron: There is a rare hole in my social calendar for this Friday, please note, I am a bon-diggety dancer. (bows) Thank you!
      (The cheerleaders giggle. Ron sits down, while practice continues)
      Kim: (to the cheerleaders) Okay, everybody, Doghouse Pyramid
      (Kimmunicator beeps)
      Ron: (in the megaphone) Kim, it's for you.
      (This makes Kim lose her balance, and she falls down from the pyramid, tearing down Josh's banner at the same time as Ron gives Kim the Kimmunicator)
      Wade: Hot tip on the Nakasumi heist. Can you cut practice?
      Kim: (Whilst looking up at Josh, he looks sad because of his banner) I'd rather be anywhere, but here.

    • (Ron is sitting with a bunch of girls)
      Ron: (points to his right arm) This arm is going to the dance on Friday, who wants to be on it? (girls leave and Ron points to his left arm) How 'bout this arm?

    • Kim: So, what's the sitch?
      Yoshiko: They have taken over our entire factory. The workers are trapped inside.
      Kim: How many?
      Yoshiko: Two.
      Ron: Hundred?
      Yoshiko: No, just two. This is the most automated factory in the world.

    • Ron: (through bookcase) Hi, I'm Ron Stop -- owww! (as book is shoved back)

    • (Kim appears as Ron is still "forklifted" to the wall)
      Kim: Ron!
      Shego: Kim Possible!
      Dr. Drakken: Her I remember. So, Kim Possible, you think to thwart my plan!
      Shego (groans): Don't stop to tell her the plan!
      Dr. Drakken (sputters): I'll handle this, Shego.
      Shego: Yee-ah. All I know is, every time you stop to blab about your "big plan" -- she wins!
      Dr. Drakken: Oh... right.
      (Drakken presses a button and several drill hooks go through the roof and attaches to the factory)
      Shego: Let's go!
      (A helicopter flies away with the factory and Drakken laughs manically)
      Ron: (still "forklifted" to the wall) Quick! Where's our helicopter?
      Kim: We don't have one
      Ron: Ooh. Too bad.

    • Ron: Hell-ooo? Somebody let me out! Come onnn... I'm a bon-diggity dansah!

  • Notes

    • This episode was published in the Cine Manga Kim Possible Volume 7.

    • This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (less than one hour in length) in 2003. It was the first episode in the series to be nominated for any Emmy.

    • This is the only episode in which Breckin Meyer is the voice of Josh Mankey. He is also reunited with Lauren Tom in this episode---they have done voice work together on King of the Hill.

    • One of five first season episodes altered post-release to include songs from the then-upcoming Kim Possible soundtrack. In this case: Angela Michael's "I'm Ready".

    • Animation Production by: Rough Draft Korea Co., Ltd.

  • Allusions

    • A Wrinkle In Time:

      The family dynamic of the Possible family is almost identical to the family dynamic of the Murry Family in the Wrinkle in Time series.

    • Dr. Drakken: (pins Ron to wall using forklift)

      While in the video game factory in Japan, Drakken pins Ron to a wall with a forklift. The same thing happened to the protagonist of a Japanese serial/TV movie called Fugitive Alien.

    • Game System: Z-boy

      The Z-boy game system's name is obviously a play off Nintendo's smash hit, Game Boy, in addition to Microsoft's Xbox. However, the system looks like the old Sega Genesis. Also, the Z-boy cartoon looks an awful lot like Pac-Man.

    • Character: Britina

      "Britina" is a combination of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, two famous real-life pop stars.

    • Ron: Drakken's gonna steal Christmas!

      This is a reference to the popular children's book/movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The book was written by Dr. Seuss, and of course, the movie was inspired by the work.

    • Shego: Flaring Hands

      Shego's hand trick is very similar to the special talent of Liz Sherman, in the comic book, now movie, Hellboy.

    • Ron: Flying kick now!

      As Ron tries (and fails) to kick Drakken's "ultimate robo-warrior," he yells "Flying kick now!," a reference to animes such as Dragon Ball Z.

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