Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 07, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • (The Kimmunicator beeps and Kim answers it)
      Kim: Hey Wade, what up?
      Wade: Meet me at your locker.
      (Kim opens her locker)
      Wade: (whilst printer is printing out pages) You will not believe how many hits we are getting on your site. Everyone wants your help!
      Ron: Mrs. Giltmore needs someone to feed her cats... for a week!
      Kim: Ugh. Seven days, eight cats...
      Ron: litterbox. I know your website says you can do anything, but you have to draw the line. (Notices something on the paper) Hey, long distance. Tok-y-o! I love the French.
      Wade: That one's an emergency. I'll stream the security cameras.
      (They watch the security cameras and see helicopters hovering outside a building when all of a sudden someone knocks out the camera)
      Kim: Woah. Rewind and freeze, Wade. (Camera rewinds and freezes to reveal that Drakken knocked the camera out) Doctor Drakken.
      Ron: Our arch enemy! Well, your arch enemy, yeah, you know, I don't think he even knows my name.
      Kim: Come on, Ron, let's jet!
      Ron: (enthusiastic)Oh yeah, going to Tokyo on a school night. How are we gonna get there?
      Kim: I'll phone a friend.