Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 13

Day of the Snowmen

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 14, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Day of the Snowmen
When Kim wakes up to find a snow day, her fun is quickly reversed when she discovers the town is being taken over by mutated snowmen.

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  • So, no snow cones, then?

    "Day of the Snowmen" finds the Possibles (and a visiting Ron) under siege one wintry day. The attackers? Toxic, killer snowmen. Let me type that again in case you weren't paying attention: The Possibles (and Ron) must ward off toxic, killer snowmen.

    As it has been proven by the direct-to-video Jack Frost films, toxic killer snowmen make for weak entertainment. This episode does nothing to turn the tide. In fact, it doesn't so much play like a bad horror movie as it does a parody of bad horror movies, but without those pesky laughs getting in the way. There's the ludicrous revelation about one of the trapped characters (in this case, local weather lady Summer Gale). One of the characters (their identity concealed so as to preserve their dignity) foolishly remarks "It's over", an instant invitation for more badness to occur. And if you've sat through even one horror movie, the final shot shouldn't be anything even remotely resembling a surprise.

    It's interesting to note that the weather machine from "Job Unfair" makes a return. The respect shown for continuity is about the nicest thing I can say here.

    Even at 11 minutes, "Day of the Snowmen" seems drawn-out. Instead of watching it, there are much better ways to spend your free time, like doing your homework, cleaning out your bathtub or (in the spirit of this episode) watching ice freeze.moreless
  • The weather outside is frightful when evil, toxically-mutated snowmen terrorize Middleton.

    The weather outside is frightful when evil, toxically-mutated snowmen terrorize Middleton. The water was used from lake wannaweep and the weather machine is the same one used to attack Canada in Job Unfair. This is one of my favorite episode because we see lots and lots of snow like we see were I live. There was a lot of action and suspense in this episode because the snow men were alive. There was so much action that it's hard to believe that this was a half a show. This episode was like 15 minutes and the other half is Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles.moreless
  • I felt like they could of done better in this episode.

    Kim thinks that she is late for school, when it ends up being a snow day. Her parents want to spend time with her and her brothers, but Jim and Tim are building something special, and Kim is spending time with Ron. Just when Kim and Ron are getting use to their day, an army of mutant snowmen start to attacking everyone! They save Summer Gale and her camera man from them. At the Possibles' house, Kim wonders where are they coming from, and why are they after her. Wade tells Kim that the snowmen are coming from her house, and she figures out that they are after Summer. Summer tells everyone that she use a weather machine, and got the water from Lake Wannaweep! So Kim and Ron go to the weather machine, when doing so, they get attcked by the snowmen. When they defeat the snowmen, Ron and Kim go inside the weather machine and try to stop the snow. When Ron makes it so it literally rains frogs, Kim takes over and saves the day. Meanwhile at the Possibles' house, everyones trying to stop the snowmen until the sun comes out! After Kim and Ron defeat all the snowmen, they gather up all the water and take it back to Camp Wannaweep. Ron keeps on telling Kim that its a place of evil!moreless
Hallie Todd

Hallie Todd

Summer Gale

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John Kassir

John Kassir


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Rider Strong

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jim: You wear a lot of makeup.
      Tim: More than the younger weather ladies.
      Summer: Such charming children.
      Jim: Time to make slushies!

    • Ron: Lake Wannaweep, everytime I think I'm out, she draws me back in.
      Kim: Turn down the drama, Ron. Once we dump the water back into the lake, everything will be fine.
      Ron: Really Kim? Place of evil! Place of evil!

    • Wade: Kim, every snowman in the tri-city area has come alive and gone on a rampage.
      Ron: And they don't seem like jolly, happy souls.

    • Ron: (referring to the snowmen zombies) Okay. Sick and wrong!

    • Ron: Bad! Bad evil snow zombies!

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: Either you're with us, or you're with the zombie snowmen.

    • Ron: (At the controls of the weather machine) I feel a heat wave coming on (creates a tornado) Oops. Okay honest mistake, people.

    • Kim: Why are they after me?
      Ron: Everyone's after you. You should be used to it by now.

    • Ron: An army of evil zombie snowmen! Man, I always knew that's what would get me.

    • Kim: (blows into her hands) Aren't your hands freezing?
      Ron: (producing packets) Bueno Nacho extra hot five alarm sauce. Just keep 'em in my pockets and my hands stay toasty all day.
      Kim: I thought they discontinued the five alarm sauce.
      Ron: Oh, they did, but I got these babies before the man got wise.

    • Ron: Kim, there's five feet of packed powder on Dead Man's Hill. Will you join me in my quest for the ultimate ride?
      Kim: Love the sledding. Not sure about the questing.

  • NOTES (3)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Spider-Man (1967):

      The plot is very reminiscent of the Spider-Man (1967) short "Trouble With Snow", which also involved a giant snowman built with chemically-tainted snow that came to life and fed on electricity.

    • Army of Darkness:

      In this episode, Kim destroys a crowd of snowmen with a snowplow. This is a reference to the Army of Darkness where in one scene, the living dead were crushed by a giant fan installed on a car.

    • Mrs. Dr. Possible: It's over...

      The leading actresses in Capcom's Resident Evil zombie game series always saying this at the seeming end-of-story. And in this situation, it becames a routine that something big and surprising is going to happen, just like the show itself.

    • Day of the Dead:

      The episode's title, "Day of the Snowmen" is a reference to George A. Romero's classic zombie movie, "Day of the Dead".

    • Dawn of the Dead:

      When one of the Snowmen throws itself on the Plower's windshield, it's reminiscent of a scene in Dawn of the Dead.

    • Mall Attack:

      Among the many references to George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead movie series, one of the main attacks takes place in a mall, much like Dawn of the Dead.

    • Destroying the heads:

      One of the episode's subtler nods that isn't really emphasized, much like Romero's Living Dead series, the only way to "kill" the zombie snowmen is by destroying the head. (You'll notice that when Kim "kills" the first snowman during the first attacks she destroys the middle and the snowmen rebuild themselves. However, in all later attacks Kim destroys the snowmen's heads and they do not rebuild themselves)

    • Ron: They don't seem like jolly, happy souls...

      References the popular holiday song "Frosty the Snowman", which makes the opposite claim of its title character.

    • Calvin & Hobbes:

      The snowmen monsters are similar to the ones found in a series of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips where Calvin creates "mutant snowmen". The strips are reprinted in a compilation titled "Attack Of The Deranged Mutant Killer Snow Goons"

    • Ghostbusters:

      The whole scene with the giant snowman is a refernce to Ghostbusters, from Jim and Tim's heat rays you the snowman itself (compare to giant marshmallow man in Ghostbusters).

    • Ron: Lake Wannaweep. Every time I think I'm out, she draws me back in.

      A riff on an Al Pacino line from The Godfather: Part III: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

    • The Ten Plagues of Egypt:

      The raining of frogs is a reference to the Ten Plagues of Egypt. The third plague was the raining of frogs.

    • Ghostbusters:

      Jim and Tim's Snowclearing Device is very similar to the proton packs used in Ghostbusters to hold ghosts at bay in order for them to be captured.