Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 13

Day of the Snowmen

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 14, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • A snow day brings live snowmen

    And they aren't the jolly happy souls like Frosty, they are evil mutants that seem to have come from nowhere and are terrorizing the citizens of Middleton. Kim gets slightly suspicious with the storm clouds looking more menacing and spends the rest of the day saving the town from the snowmen. To make matters worse they are closing in on the Possibles' residence. It turns out that the snowmen are after their creator who is hiding at Possibles' home. She is a news reporter who is aging out and thus receives less airtime as a result. She obtains a weather machine (from the episode Job Unfair) and used the polluted water from Lake Wannaweep.
  • So, no snow cones, then?

    "Day of the Snowmen" finds the Possibles (and a visiting Ron) under siege one wintry day. The attackers? Toxic, killer snowmen. Let me type that again in case you weren't paying attention: The Possibles (and Ron) must ward off toxic, killer snowmen.

    As it has been proven by the direct-to-video Jack Frost films, toxic killer snowmen make for weak entertainment. This episode does nothing to turn the tide. In fact, it doesn't so much play like a bad horror movie as it does a parody of bad horror movies, but without those pesky laughs getting in the way. There's the ludicrous revelation about one of the trapped characters (in this case, local weather lady Summer Gale). One of the characters (their identity concealed so as to preserve their dignity) foolishly remarks "It's over", an instant invitation for more badness to occur. And if you've sat through even one horror movie, the final shot shouldn't be anything even remotely resembling a surprise.

    It's interesting to note that the weather machine from "Job Unfair" makes a return. The respect shown for continuity is about the nicest thing I can say here.

    Even at 11 minutes, "Day of the Snowmen" seems drawn-out. Instead of watching it, there are much better ways to spend your free time, like doing your homework, cleaning out your bathtub or (in the spirit of this episode) watching ice freeze.
  • I felt like they could of done better in this episode.

    Kim thinks that she is late for school, when it ends up being a snow day. Her parents want to spend time with her and her brothers, but Jim and Tim are building something special, and Kim is spending time with Ron. Just when Kim and Ron are getting use to their day, an army of mutant snowmen start to attacking everyone! They save Summer Gale and her camera man from them. At the Possibles' house, Kim wonders where are they coming from, and why are they after her. Wade tells Kim that the snowmen are coming from her house, and she figures out that they are after Summer. Summer tells everyone that she use a weather machine, and got the water from Lake Wannaweep! So Kim and Ron go to the weather machine, when doing so, they get attcked by the snowmen. When they defeat the snowmen, Ron and Kim go inside the weather machine and try to stop the snow. When Ron makes it so it literally rains frogs, Kim takes over and saves the day. Meanwhile at the Possibles' house, everyones trying to stop the snowmen until the sun comes out! After Kim and Ron defeat all the snowmen, they gather up all the water and take it back to Camp Wannaweep. Ron keeps on telling Kim that its a place of evil!