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Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 6

Dimension Twist

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 01, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Kim discovers that Ron has missed practice and their daily trip to Bueno Nacho, she finds out that television is the reason he has been busy. She manages to get him and they head out to stop Dr. Drakken and Shego to get back the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer, but when his laser goes awry and sucks them into a television world, Ron’s newfound knowledge of television may just prove useful.moreless

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  • Kim, Ron, Rufus, Shego, and Drakken find themselves trapped in Drakken's TV when his 'trap' goes horribly wrong.

    This episode was both great and funny. I loved the story line and the fact that the shows they were stuck in were actual TV shows, only altered a little. I liked the part where Ron finds himself on the channel with all the monkeys and then he starts freaking out. I also liked the part where Ron and Drakken were stuck on the same show together and Kim and Shego are stuck on the same show together. Another scene I enjoyed, was the scene where they are all on the game show with the other characters from the shows they were just stuck in.moreless
  • Shego,Drakken,Kim and Ron get sucked into a tv.

    When Kim discovers that Ron has missed practice and their daily trip to Bueno Nacho, she finds out that television is the reason he has been busy. Ron got cable finally. She (Kim) manages to get him (Ron) and they head out to stop Dr. Drakken and Shego to get back the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer, but when his laser goes awry and sucks them into a television world, Ron’s newfound knowledge of television may just prove useful and when I say may I mean does help them get out of the TV. My favorite part of this episode was to see the kinds of episodes that Kim, Ron, Rufus, Shego and Dr. Drakken.moreless
  • Classic!

    Other shows such as Teen Titans and Fairly OddParents have done this kind of episode where characters (namely heroes and villains) get stuck through the channels. But each and every time (at least that I've seen) it's very funny. My favorite part(s): MR. SIT-DOWN! Funniest thing ever! Great stuff! I love it!
  • Can the writing on this one be more funny!?!

    This was an absolute delight! I haven't laughed at a episode of any show as much as this. All I can say is "You've been voted out of the igloo! Turn in your fish!"

    The TV references in this episode are absolutely priceless. To see Drakken all dressed up by the "Evil Eye for the Bad Guy" team was painfully amuzing.

    It's too bad they couldn't have actually gotten William Shatner to do the voiceover for the Captain of the Revenge for the sci-fi spoof of Star Trek.

    Pay attention to the scene when the alien attack rocks the ship and the Captain and the rest of the all sway back and forth as the impact of the alien fire hits the ship. Kim is the only one who doesn't actually sway!

  • Too much television can be bad for you...especially if you're stuck in it.

    The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer is back, this time to be installed in Drakken's laser cannon. Also, he just had cable installed in his lair. Unfortunately, the installer plugged the cannon into the television, sucking heroes and villains inside.

    As with several 'trapped in TV' plots, there are some good moments and some not-so-good moments. Rufus ends up in a classic cartoon, while Shego makes some new...friends. Drakken, meanwhile, finds his way on a creepy kids' show. Kim gets stranded on a space mission wearing a red shirt and Ron's destination is so ridiculous, I shouldn't even say anything. (Hint: it involves monkeys. Yep, big surprise there.)

    Even more parodies see them on a reality show, a makeover program, a talk show and more. Sadly, I can only imagine how funny it would've been if the characters ended up on "Kim Possible".

    "Dimension Twist" is worth losing the remote for.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Announcer: (to Kim and Shego) You are nine stories above a busy city street. Does that scare you?
      Shego: No.
      Kim: Not really.
      Shego: Should it?
      Announcer: Well yeah because we are talking about a bungee jump! (Kim and Shego look at each other) Aren't you scared?
      Kim: No.
      Shego: Are you?
      Announcer: Why would I be. . . (Shego picks him up and jumps off the building with him)
      Shego: (over the announcer's screams) Here we go, pretty boy!
      Kim: Uh! Shego! (jumps after them)

    • Kim: Wade, 411.
      Wade: This is the part of the show where they pick series regulars to go on a mission, just make sure you're not the one wearing. . .
      Kim: A RED SHIRT?
      Captain: (points at Kim) You! You're expendable.

    • Doctor: You can't walk away! THIS IS MEDICINE!
      Shego: Uh-huh. And THIS is OUCH!

    • Ron: Oh man! A re-run!
      Kim: Too much TV, Ron. Real life here.

    • Ron: Rufus, I think some serious physics just happened.

    • Puppets: Lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa
      Shego: This is so worse than Moopy.
      Main Puppet: Today's Color is green. Do you see anything GREEN?
      Shego: Yeah, I've got your green right here, Felt Face!
      Drakken: Shego, you're going to anger Mr. Sit Down!
      Shego: What? (Splat sound. Music Plays after Mr. Sitdown sits on Shego and Drakken) Oh.

    • Puppets: Happy Blue Day.
      Drakken: Ah, put a ham in it you little jabber mittens!
      (Complete silence)
      Puppet: (points at him) You're a meanie!
      Drakken: Am I? Well, get used to it!
      Puppet: Do you know who visits meanies?
      Puppets: (in unison) Mr. Sitdown.
      Drakken: Mr. who-down? (looks up and sees a giant puppet in front of him) Oh, snap. (splat)

    • Shego: Woo-hoo, extra hoo. Happy?

    • Pet Groomer: (gasps) Oh no! Overgroom victim! Have you no mercy?!
      Ron: Naked Mole Rat! Hello? Naked!

    • Contestant: Can I pick Kim twice?
      Drakken: How come no one ever picks me?
      Contestant: 'Cause you're the creepy blue guy!
      Evil Eye for the Bad Guy Host #1: Blue is so last season.
      Evil Eye for the Bad Guy Host #2: This year is evil umber!
      Doctor: Blue skin? That means he's not breathing! Quick, somebody, get the jaws of life!

    • Ron (as talk show host) Um...and we're back. I'm Ron and we are talking to...Doctor Drakken who is...
      Drakken: talk about (picks up the book on his lap) my book!
      Ron: Book?
      Drakken: Apparently...
      Ron: Ooh! What's it about?
      Drakken: Um, me. It's about me.
      Ron: Y'know, you've been threatening to write a book for a while. Can you tell us more?
      Drakken: Well, I rather like me...
      (channel changes)

    • Shego: Back off, Barn Boy! (Flares her hands)
      Villagers: A witch!
      Shego: What?

    • Ron: Oh wait. "Cooking with Cactus" is on next.

    • Ron: Oh, they have cable! (Kim gives Ron a frown) Maybe I'll stick to playing videogames for a while.

    • Ron: So…many…channels.

    • Shego: I can't believe that you're just now getting cable.
      Drakken: I thought it was just a fad.

    • Kim: You got cable? Your dad finally gave in?
      Ron: He thought it was just a fad.

    • Shego: You always got to be the hero?
      Kim: You always got to be a pain?

    • Ron: Rufus, you've got a combover!

    • Shego: Believe me, doc, you scare me just the way you are.
      Drakken: Are you being sweet or sarcastic? I never can tell.

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (20)

    • The Adventures of the Gummi Bears:

      When Drakken is trapped on "Puppet Pals", a series of lines are heard that go "Here", "There", "Where?" This is a variation on the famous line from Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears cartoon, "Here, There, Everywhere."

    • Robot Chicken:

      The way this episode employs static to represent channel flips is taken directly from the show called Robot Chicken, a stop-motion cartoon which often features short TV show parodies among its many sketches.

    • That 70's Show:

      That 1670's Show is an allusion to That 70's Show.

    • Alias:

      The pink-haired spy girl looking for "the device" sequence is based on the drama series, Alias, in which Jennifer Garner's main character spends much of her time looking for a near-legendary, "Rimbaldi Device."

    • Batman:

      The "Fearless Ferret" opening titles (which Ron and Drakken find themselves stuck in) are based on the opening title sequence of the 1960's live action Batman series.

    • P.A.L.S./Friends Character References:

      Shego: Monica
      Brunette: Rachel
      Blonde: Phoebe
      Guy: Chandler, Richard, etc.

    • Teletubbies:

      There is a scene in this episode that resembles the Teletubbies series.

    • Hollywood Squares:

      One of the shows parodies was similar to Hollywood Squares, which is a tic-tac-toe question game; some of the characters in this episode were in a similar game show.

    • Ron: The perfect naco!
      When Ron attempts to get the perfect naco from the Beuno Nacho commercial, it is a reference to how fast food commercials always show food that is of much higher quality than the real meal.

    • The scene in which Kim and Shego are told to bungee jump off of a skyscraper and the way the host presented the scenario is an exact reference to host Joe Rogan and to his series Fear Factor.

    • Host: You've been voted out of the igloo.
      This scene was a parody of the hit reality program Survivor, in which people are voted out of the location they are attempting to survive in.

    • The scene in the cartoon Scamper and Bitey was a reference to the classic series Tom and Jerry.

    • The title of one of the segments in this episode was "The Real North Pole", this is a reference to a real series titled The Real World.

    • The scene with Kim in space makes several references to Star Trek. Not only is she wearing a red shirt, in which the red shirted characters in that series would usually die in the episode, as Wade told Kim; the Space Commander also calls Kim Ms. Enson, in which most of the red shirted characters were called Enson, so both of these serve as references towards the Star Trek series.

    • The premise of this episode is quite similar to the 1992 comedy film, Stay Tuned, in which the characters in that movie were sucked into a television realm by an evil satellite dish they recently acquired.

    • Towards the end of the episode when the monkeys are running into the portal; Ron falls out of the tree he was in and plummets straight into the stampeding monkeys. This is very similar to the way Mufasa fell into the stampeding wildebeest in the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King.

    • Kim: You were on Pals? I love that show!
      The series Kim is referring to is a parody on the show Friends.

    • TV Announcer: The Running of the Monkeys
      This is a reference to the annual Running of the Bulls festivals during the Pamplona Festival in Spain.

    • When Dr. Drakken's lifestyle was changed by the Evil Eye for the Bad Guy crew, it was similar to the Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

    • Kim: Am I missing something here?
      When the starship captain tells his crew to brace for impact, the crew fall over in various places but Kim remains standing and she says the above line. This is a reference to how such the shows they were in were really fake and the actors had to pretend to be knocked over; at this time, Kim didn't realize that she was in a television realm.