Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 21, 2002 on Disney Channel
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When Kim's parents chaperone a school ski trip, she is greatly humiliated. Meanwhile, a mad geneticist threatens the trip.

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  • ok episode...

    I like some parts of this episode, but I didn't really like the story. Kim and Ron go on a school skiing trip and meet DNAmy which wants to make an army of mutant creatures. The story just did not interest me and it seemed a bit cheesy at times. I liked the story of Kim's parents being embarrassing because every kid can relate to that, just maybe not on that extent. The parent's being embarrassing story line was unoriginal , but it was still funny and interesting. Overall , ok episode with many funny moments and a weird story line.moreless
  • This is more trip than ski.

    The students of Middleton High head on a trip to Mt. Middleton for a little winter activity. Unfortunately, the trip is short on adult chaperones, so Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible are called upon for assistance. Good ol' Bonnie (who made this arrangement) watches as Kim suffers the embarrassment of her parents ingratiating themselves with the teens and revealing childhood secrets, like the fact that she once collected Cuddle Buddies, and still does.

    Meanwhile, in a somewhat more interesting part of the story, Ron and Mr. Barkin search for the fabled Snow Beast of Mt. Middleton in hopes of attaining fame and the reward. What they find is Amy Hall, a sweet-natured woman who invites the men to her place. They soon discover that she is to Cuddle Buddies what Annie Wilkes was to Paul Sheldon's books. Also, she delights in creating real life Cuddle Buddies, which, by the way, are combinations of different animals. Next on the list: Barkin and Rufus.

    This episode comes to life every so often, with DNAmy's politeness a nice contrast to her less-than-reasonable lifestyle, but it's rather flat stuff. However, the 'Possible family outing' plot thread is worth sticking around for Mrs. Dr. Possible's delicious retaliatory strike against Bonnie at the end.

    Along with "Crush", the title and episode are perfectly matched here.moreless
  • Not the very best

    This episode focuses around Kim and Ron's ski trip to Mount Middleton. Of course, there is always danger. THis time, it is a big snow beast rumored to roam the vast Mt. Middleton. Of course, no one believes it. Except Ron and Barkin. But is the snow beast all there is in Mt. Middleton? Or is there more? Ron and Barkin discovers something else: A woman. But this is not any ordinary woman, this is a rogue scientist. OF course, they are unaware of that at the current time. I I can blend my opinions here, I must say that the woman, or DNAmy as she is nicknamed, is not the very best character in the KP universe. _-_-_ Of course, there is trouble for Kim as well, in form of her parents being chaperons on the trip. They do what stereotype parent chaperones are supposed to do: EMbarass their child, in this case Kim. They tell stories about her that she doesn't want others to hear, and they try to act "cool and hip", much to the amusement of the other children. _-_-_ Kim gets involved in the plot as well, and she ends up destroying the bad guy(girl)'s lair, and everything seems well, except her parents, who are angry at Kim after understanding that they only humiliate her, and that she wished for them to never be at the trip. But, they had forgiven Kim, and she had apologized to them, and in the end they called Bonnie's mother as revenge for BOnnie making it so that Kim's parents were the chaperones. _-_-_ Well, there was one bad thing, which was DNAmy, and one fair thing, which was the ski trip and the stuff between Kim's parents, in this episode. SO, all in all, it wasn't quite the best episode. Nevertheless, it was OK. Nothing I'd watch again though.moreless
  • This episode is the first appearence of DNAmmy and it's about finding out about a rumord snow beast.

    Kim finds herself in "humiliation nation" when her parents chaperone a school ski trip to Mount Middleton. Meanwhile, Ron and Barkin hunt a rumored "snow beast". The snow beast or may I say snow beasts are inhuman and when I say inhuman I mean not human at all. The beasts are legendary monsters that actually are mutated experiments of a rogue geneticist. My favorite part of this episode is when we see the adventure to find the snow beast and when Kim tried to save Barkin and Ron which were captured by DNAmmy. This was a very good episode and I would recommend it to anyone but the people that don't like to see mutations but it doesn't mater because they are like huge little fluffy animals that obey a weird person like DNAmmy.moreless
  • A school ski trip needs to be rescued from DNAmy.

    This is an example of how \"adult\" this series can be. First, they are making fun of beanie babies. Little kids, who collect these things, won\'t think its funny or get the irony. This episode was included on Kim Possible: The Secret Files. This was the debut of DNAmy, who went on to appear in \"Partners\", the extra episdoe on Kim Possible: The Secret Files. In my opinion, I know who the inspiriation for DNAmy was, I swear. Her name is Amy and she looks just like the character, and she\'s crazy. Thats why this episode is a personal favorite of mine.moreless
Jo Anne Worley

Jo Anne Worley

Bonnie's Mom

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Snow Beast/Pig Man/Bird Man

Guest Star

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Mr. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton

Steve Barkin

Recurring Role

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • After Dr. Possible arrives back with Ron Stoppable, Kim, Rufus and Mr Barkin, the group collapse and Mr Barkin is wearing the robe he put on from losing his clothing back in DNAmy's lab but when Mr Barkin sits up, he's wearing the clothing from before he was genetically spliced with Rufus, then is back in the robe again a little later.

    • We find out through Mrs. Possible that Kim is a big fan of the Cuddle Buddies, and that her favourite Cuddle Buddy is Pandaroo, whom she liked to sleep when she was little.

    • Wade's skin tone changes several times throughout the episode.

    • DNAmy's lips perfectly match her flesh tone, yet they leave a lipstick-pink print as she kisses the inside of her squad car's window.

    • We see Ron, Mr. Barkin, and DNAmy start to walk back to the ski lodge. The next time we see them, Mr. Barkin and DNAmy are still walking, but Ron has somehow acquired a helmet and the snowboard he used to spray Bonnie.

    • Also during the jet down the mountain, Kim and Ron momentarily swap arms.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • (Kim is snowboarding through the mountains when she stops and brings up the Kimmunicator)
      Kim: Wade, try searching the Cuddle Buddy website. They profile all major Cuddlers. Uh... collectors.
      Wade: How'd you know that?
      Kim: I've logged on a few times, okay? (pause) They're a good investment!
      (Wade brings up the profile of DNAmy)
      Wade: Good call, Kim.
      Kim: She's a bio-geneticist?
      Wade: That's not all. She was kicked out of her university for unorthodox splicing experiments. Her nickname was DNAmy.
      Kim: An out-of-control geneticist. I should've paid more attention to Ron's crazed snowbeast talk. We need to hurry. Wade, is there a satelite that can scan the mountain for geological anomalies?
      Wade: Match! Hoping we may find a hidden scientific lab?
      Kim: If it's not asking too much.
      Wade: You're on a roll. Artificial reinforcements in a cavern to the north.
      Kim: I'm there!
      (Kim snowboards onwards)

    • Kim: Mom, I am so sorry.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Don't worry, honey. Your father and I were teenagers once. Sometimes we forget what it's like. (they hug, and Bonnie takes a picture of them)
      Bonnie: Isn't this a sweet moment?
      Mrs. Rockwaller: Bonnie!
      Bonnie: (panicked) Mom?
      Mrs. Rockwaller: Pumpkin!
      (Mrs. Rockwaller hugs Bonnie)
      Bonnie: Mother! What are you doing here?
      Mrs. Rockwaller: I heard you kids needed more chaperones, so I just rushed right up!
      Bonnie: (panicked) But... you can't!
      Mrs. Rockwaller: Now, Bon-Bon! Don't go flying off the handle!
      Ron: (amused) Bon-Bon?
      Mrs. Rockwaller: If everything isn't just so, little Bon-Bon go straight to pieces. (she giggles)
      Bonnie: But why? Who called you?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: There's too many kids for just us to handle, and I thought that if Kimmie got to enjoy having her parents around, why not you too, Bonnie?
      Mrs. Rockwaller: This is going to be such fun! You have to introduce me to every single one of your little classmates.
      Kim: You rock, Mom.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: You rock too, Kimmie.
      (they hug)

    • (DNAmy is arrested by the police)
      DNAmy: Come see me, Stevie.
      (Barkin shudders)

    • (After escaping the avalanche)
      Kim: Dad, you're amazing!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Oh, no big!
      (they hug)

    • (After escaping DNAmy's lair blowing up)
      Ron: We made it!
      Kim: Great. Now I gotta find my parents to apologize.
      (everything starts to tremble)
      Mr. Barkin: We might not get the chance.
      Kim, Ron and Mr. Barkin: (screaming) Avalanche!
      (they start to run)
      Mr. Barkin: We'll never outrun it!
      (Mr. Dr. Possible comes on his snowboard which is powered by a rocket)
      Kim: No way!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Get ready, no time to stop! (they rocket down the mountain) Hang on, this could get gnarly.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (down at the lounge) There they are!
      Ron: Awesome ride, Dr. P!

    • (after Barkin and Rufus were genetically spliced)
      Ron: (scared) Rufus! You're a mutant!
      Kim: Gross!
      DNAmy: Naked mole man! My greatest splicing success yet!
      Kim: (to the rabbit/rhino breed) Hey, snowy! Looks like your mommy's got a new favorite. She doesn't care about you. You're just another collectible to her.
      (it attacks Barkin/Rufus)
      DNAmy: Stop it! Stop it this instant! There's room in my heart for all of you!
      (Kim frees Ron, whilst the monsters continue to fight)
      Ron: Thanks KP. We've gotta get Rufus back!
      Kim: And Mr. Barkin.
      Ron: Right. Him too.
      (the monsters begin to ruin DNAmy's lab)
      DNAmy: No! These materials are unstable!
      Wade: (on Kimmunicator) According to my readings, the whole place is gonna blow!
      (Rufus/Barkin picks up Ron)
      Kim: Mr. Barkin! No!
      Ron: Rufus, I know you're in there buddy, it's me! (Rufus/Barkin makes a Rufus-sound sigh) That's my Rufus!

    • (Kim falls into DNAmy's lab, and into the collection of cuddle buddies. She grabs a few of them, and holds them in front of her)
      Kim: Let them go, DNAmy, or I'll... Pandaroo... Star Superstar Edition? They only made twelwe of these!
      (Kim tries to fight, but gets caught by the rabbit/rhino monster)
      DNAmy: You like Cuddle Buddies, Kimmie? Wait 'till you see my genetic zipper in action!

    • (In DNAmy's lab, Barkin and Rufus are being carried to the DNAmy's splicing machine)
      Ron: Wait! Why punish Rufus? Barkin's the one you're mad at!
      Mr. Barkin: That's it, Stoppable! You can kiss your two percent goodbye!
      DNAmy: We could have been so cute together, Stevie! Well, now you'll find out what it's like to be genetically fused with a hairless rodent.
      Mr. Barkin: (panicked) Huh?
      Rufus: U-uh, u-uh!
      Mr. Barkin: You are one twisted sister!

    • (At DNAmy's lab)
      DNAmy: (to the "snowbeast") Oh, you can't just go gallivanting all over the mountain. Imagine what people must think!
      Mr. Barkin: What is this place?
      DNAmy: Just my homey little genetics engeneering lab. Let me show you my favorite part!
      Mr. Barkin: Sweet mother of pearl!
      Ron: Uh...
      DNAmy: Every cuddle buddy ever made!
      Mr. Barkin: That's a lot of plush, lady.
      DNAmy: I collected them all! But it wasn't enough! (a beep sounds) Cookies!
      Ron: Uh, question!
      DNAmy: Yes?
      Ron: What's up with all the monsters?
      DNAmy: I wanted more. To go where no cuddler had gone before: Life-size, living cuddle buddies!
      Mr. Barkin: That's quite a leap.
      DNAmy: Not if you're one of the world's most foremost bio-geneticists! They called me DNAmy! Huh, they said I was mad at the Cuddle-Con. Ginger snap?
      Mr. Barkin: Lady, you are...
      DNAmy: ...special?
      Mr. Barkin: You are sick... and wrong!
      DNAmy: You're just a meanie, Stevie, but I can fix that!

    • (Down at the ski resort, Mr. Dr. Possible is building a snowman)
      Girl: Nice outfit, Dr. Possible! It's, like, retro-chic.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Groovy (Kim sighs) I was making small talk. Forgive me if that's out of bounds
      Kim: What do you mean?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: We'd better be going, dear. We wouldn't want Kimmie to be in humiliation nation
      Kim: You heard me? (Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible walks away) Smooth move, Kim.

    • (Barkin and Ron are walking up the mountain, when Ron falls in what seems to be footprints from the snow monster)
      Ron: I think we're getting close!
      (a shadow moves in the trees)
      Mr. Barkin: Something moved!
      Ron: It didn't sound beast-size.
      (A dog moves out of the trees)
      Mr. Barkin: Ah, it's just a dog. Hey, pup! What are you doing way out here? (it snaps at Barkin with pincers) Cheese and crackers!
      Ron: Now that's a mixed breed!
      (stomps are heard, and a giant creature that looks like a rabbit and rhinoceros crossbreed appears)
      Ron: (scared) Snowbeast!
      DNAmy: No! You naughty, naughty beasty! You shouldn't have run off like that, you had mommy all worried.
      Ron: Amy! In the nick of time you tamed the beat, you saved me!
      Mr. Barkin: Why did it listen to her?
      Ron: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
      Mr. Barkin: Why did she say mommy?
      DNAmy: Ooh, you're a clever one, Stevie. Get the camera!
      (Amy's henchmen takes the camera from Barkin)
      Mr. Barkin: Hey, that's mine!
      Ron: She wants the reward! (one of Amy's henchmen crushes the camera) Or not.
      (Barkin takes off the hood of the henchman holding him, and it is revealed that it isn't a person, but rather a pig)
      Ron: Don't be a pig! (he removes the hood of the henchman holding him, and it is a bird)
      DNAmy: Take them to the lab!
      Ron: Let me go, let me go!

    • (Ron is walking on the terrace of the ski resort when he notices Kim standing at the fence)
      Ron: Kim?
      Kim: Bonnie knows about Pandaroo. Hope is lost.
      Ron: That's harsh. Can I borrow the Kimmunicator?
      Kim: Your concern touches me.
      Ron: Wade, what's the snowbeast sitch?
      Wade: I got no historical sightings, no local legends, nothing!
      Kim: You pulled Wade in on this?
      Ron: Only if he delivers.
      Wade: What are we talking about?
      Ron: Not the weekly Wonder Award if that's what you're thinking.
      Wade: Barkin already has me down for ten percent.
      Ron: Ten?
      Wade: If I deliver.
      Ron: Fine. Just call me if you find anything.
      (Ron gives the Kimmunicator to Kim)
      Kim: Keep it. Wade may wanna share some beasty breakthrough.
      Ron: You wanna come with me and Barkin to track it?
      (Kim's dad walks in, but stops in the door)
      Kim: Don't you get it, Ron? This weekend is now strictly damage control. If I don't stay on top of my parents every minute, I'll never be able to show my face in school again. I'm in humiliation nation.
      (Kim's dad looks really sad as Barkin also arrives)
      Mr. Barkin: Let's move, Stoppable, before that Amy-woman force-feeds me cocoa again.

    • DNAmy: I'm gonna buy y-o-u a mug of hot cocoa, Stevie.
      Mr. Barkin: That's really not necessary. I need to get back to the slopes.
      DNAmy: With mini marshmellows.
      Kim: (notices a stuffed animal on Amy's jacket) Hey! An otterfly.
      DNAmy: That's right. You collect cuddle buddies?
      (some classmates looks at Kim)
      Kim: Uh, well I've seen them at the mall. No big.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Seen them? Kimme went wild for those little things.
      DNAmy: I'm the past president of the Cuddle Buddy Collectors Club. It's so nice to find a fellow Cuddler!
      (Amy hugs Kim, and Bonnie takes a picture)
      Bonnie: You two must have so much in common.
      DNAmy: You meet the nicest people on Cuddle Functions, don't you?
      Kim: Woah, I've never go...
      DNAmy: So, Kimmie, which is your fave? Mine is Otterfly, obviously
      Kim: Well, eh, it was a long time ago.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: What was that one you would never let me wash?
      Kim: I don't...
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Pandaroo! That's it. You still sleep with that little guy, don't you? Oh, so cute, little Pandaroo!
      (Bonnie lets out an evil giggle)

    • Bonnie: Is everything okay, Kim? You seem kinda stressed.
      (Ron comes sliding down on his snowboard without control)
      Rom: Kiim!
      (Ron stops his snowboard and soaks Bonnie)
      Bonnie: Oh! You did that on purpose!
      Kim: Now who's paranoid, Bonnie? It was an accident. (Bonnie walks away, angry) Oh, I owe you one.
      Ron: Ah, it was nothing.

    • Bonnie: So you built your own snowboard, Dr. Possible?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Yeah, you be surprised what you can cobble together with odds and ends from around the space center.
      Bonnie: I'd love to see it in action
      (Kim slides in on her snowboard)
      Kim: Woah! Slow down there, dad
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Kimmie?
      Kim: Yours is so much cooler than everyone else's. You don't wanna bum the other guys, do you?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Gosh, Kimmie, I don't wanna bum anyone out.
      Kim: Good, dad. Real good.

    • (After falling down a cliff)
      Ron: Rufus! Rufus, you okay?
      Rufus: Uh-huh.
      Ron: Where's Mr. Barkin?
      (Mr. Barkin appears from the snow)
      Mr. Barkin: Ugh. It got away.
      (the snowbeast growls)
      Ron: (panicked) It's coming back!
      (A silhouette appears. Ron screams)
      Mr. Barkin: Calm down, Stoppable. It's a woman.
      DNAmy: Thanks for noticing.
      Mr. Barkin: Well, you know, you are obviously... you know, female.
      Ron: Phew. We thought you were the snow beast.
      Mr. Barkin: Not that you look beastly in any way, ma'am
      DNAmy: Oh, please. Don't tell me you believe that silly fairytale?
      Ron: No, no, no, no. Oh no. No, no. Oh no.
      DNAmy: I'm Amy Hall. Pleased to meet you, Mr...
      Mr. Barkin: Barkin. Steve Barkin.
      DNAmy: Say, Stevie...
      Mr. Barkin: I prefer Steve
      DNAmy: That makes two of us. Anywho, I got all turned around up here. Would you mind leading me back to the lodge?
      Mr. Barkin: Actually, we...
      Ron: ...would be tickled pink
      DNAmy: (giggles) Pink is my favorite color.
      Mr. Barkin: Excuse us. (takes Ron away) What about the photos?
      Ron: The photos can wait, Mr. B. You've got a lady on the line. Come on, Stevie.
      Mr. Barkin: Stoppable!
      DNAmy: Ste~evie! the lodge is awaits us.
      Ron: Mr. Barkin. Babe magnet
      Mr. Barkin: Drop it, Stoppable. (To Amy) Ma'am. Please follow me.
      DNAmy: To the ends of the Earth, Stevie

    • (Mr. Barkin and Ron are traveling up Mount Middleton)
      Ron: (exhausted) Shouldn't we have mules or sherpas or something? When I snow hike with Kim, we get sherpas.
      Mr. Barkin: You're not travelling with the pep squad today, son. Up here, you gotta earn your two percent. (pause) Wait a minute. I heard something!
      Ron: Teeth chattering? Knees knocking? Bladder sloshing? That's me!
      Mr. Barkin: Shh! Listen.
      (a huge growl is heard)
      Mr. Barkin and Ron: Snowbeast!
      (They begin chasing the beast)
      Mr. Barkin: Get a move on, Stoppable.
      Ron: It's on, it's on!
      Mr. Barkin: Over there!
      Ron: Wait, it changed direction.
      (They run after it, but they fall off of a cliff, and down into the snow beneath)

    • (Outside the school bus)
      Mr. Barkin: (whispering to Ron) Ready to find that snow beast?
      Ron: Mr. B? I don't get it! You said... (Barkin covers Ron's mouth)
      Mr. Barkin: Stoppable! Do you want the whole class going after the 5 G's?
      Ron: Oooh! I gotcha!
      Rufus: U-hum!
      Ron: What about Rufus?
      Mr. Barkin: Tell you what Stoppable. You help me get that photo, and I'll cut you in for two percent. Now how you divvy it with your hairless pal, that's your business.
      Ron: Deal! Catch you later, KP!
      Kim: Ron! Where are you going?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (to some of Kim's classmates) That reminds me of the cutest Kimmie story. (Kim groans) So we were on our first family ski trip. Kimmie is two years old, and she takes off her clothes in the middle of the lo...
      Kim: Mom! Not now! Not ever!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, honey. Two-year olds have been known to strud around stark naked. Am I right?
      Bonnie: Absoulutely. Please, go on.

    • (On the bus)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh! I know a fun travel game that Kimmie used to love on family trips.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: When she wasn't begging for a rest stop. (everyone laughs)
      Ron: Incredible!
      Kim: I know! Bonnie will pay for this!
      Ron: No, I mean this! (points to newspaper) Check it out, KP: We're heading straight into the lair of the beast
      Kim: The snow beast of Mt. Middleton makes tracks? Right. From the same hard-hitting journalist who broke the frog boy story.
      Ron: I was personally touched by frog boy struggle to fit in a world that could never truly accept him.
      Kim: Ron! Look at this picture. It could be anything!
      Ron: Well, that's why The Wonder is offering five thousand dollars for a clear photo of the beast! (everyone looks at Ron)
      Mr. Barkin: You don't really believe all that hoo-ay, do you Stoppable?
      Ron: Well...
      Kim: Thank you, Mr. Barkin. (to Ron) Some of us have real issues to deal with!
      Ron: Like helping your parents with the sing-along?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Here we go!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (shouting to Kim) Join in Kimmie! (to the others at the bus) Did you know that Kim has a beautiful singing voice?
      Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible: (singing) 99 bottles of pop on the wall, 99 bottles of pop... (Ron joins in) You take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of pop on the wall! 98 bottles of pop on the wall, 98 bottles of pop! You take one down, pass it around, 97 bottles of pop on the wall!

    • (Outside the tour bus)
      Bonnie: You know, It just occured to me: Some people might find it humiliating to have their parents along on a class outing. Especially one with a big photo spread in the yearbook.
      Kim: (angry) You did this to me on purpose, Bonnie!
      Bonnie: You are so paranoid. I think your parents are... cute.
      Ron: What you got there Dr. P?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: My homemade snowboard. I'm ready for shreading!
      Ron: Excuse me?
      Kim: Dad's trying to act cool? I'm doomed.

    • (At middleton High, the students are packing into the school bus)
      Mr. Barkin: Let's keep it moving, people. (notices Ron with his skis on) Stoppable, stow that gear
      Ron: Aye, aye, Mr. Barkin (he turns around, and almost hits a kid)
      Kid: Hey!
      Ron: My bad (he turns again, and almost hits Kim)
      Kim: (annoyed) Ron!
      Ron: Sorry, KP. I'm just totally psyched!
      Kim: Tell me about it. It's been so long since I've skied without some crazed henchman after me
      Rufus: Wo-hoo!
      Ron: Naked mole rat, good to go.
      (Kim and Ron notices a sad kid)
      Kim: Aww, look, Ron. (sad music plays)
      Ron: Alan Platt. He deserves our pity, KP.
      Kim: So sad
      Ron: The biggest trip of the school year...
      Kim: And his parents are the chaperones
      Ron: Humilation nation.
      Kim: Tragic. (pause) But better him than me!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie!
      Kim: Mom? What's the sitch? Did I leave something at home?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Not at all, honey! Your friend Bonnie called us. The Platts came down with a flu at the last minute.
      Alan Platt: Wo-hoo!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: So we grabbed our gear, dropped the boys at Nana's, and hightailed it right over.
      Kim: (panicked) Wait. You don't mean...
      Bonnie: Meet our new ski trip chaperones! Smiles (Bonnie takes a picture of them)

    • Kim: For once, I wish the bad guy's lair didn't have to blow up.

    • Ron: Rufus! You're okay!
      Rufus: Mmm hmm!
      Ron: And you're wearing Mr. Barkin's clothes...
      Kim: Then what's Mr. Barkin wearing?!
      (Barkin sticks head out from Genetic Zipper Machine)
      Mr. Barkin: Stoppable! I need pants!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Wuzzles:

      The Cuddle Buddies mentioned in this episode have similarties with the Wuzzles. Most notable, they are both animal hybrids.

    • Kim: The snow beast of Mount Middleton makes tracks?

      Ron's snow beast story sounds a lot like the rumors concerning the yeti (also known as the abominable snowman).

    • Beanie Babies:

      The Cuddle Buddies are obviously a parody of the Beanie Babies craze.

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