Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 2

Emotion Sickness

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Oct 15, 2004 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When the mind control device breaks off Kim, she puts it in her hand. Seconds later, the device isn't in her hand any more, nor was it on the ground.

    • The stripe at the bottom of Ron's shirt changes from black to red numerous times throughout the episode.

    • When Kim sits down in the class, there is a child sitting down, however in a few shots later, the child is gone.

    • Twice, the moodulator control shows a purple gloomy face instead of the blue crying face: When Dr.Bortel is testing the moodulators at the begining, and when Jim and Tim are fighting.

    • When Ron is talking to Kim, the moodulator controller is seen in his left pocket when it beeps. But when he takes it out he pulls it out of his right pocket.

    • When Shego and Drakken are sharing a root beer float, the direction of the straw changes between shots. First it is aimed at Drakken, then it is facing Shego, then the straw is pointing towards Drakken again.

    • Coloration error: The second time we see Kim switch to anger her eyes flash green instead of red; and, when she switches to confused after that, her eyes flash pink instead of green.

  • Quotes

    • Shego: (to Drakken in a happy mood) I am so glad you're not hurt. (Sad) Because if anything happened, I don't know what I'd do. (Angry) But you'd like to know, wouldn't you?

    • Shego (angry like): I like Kissy Face!
      Drakken: Ok evil date it is.
      Shego (overjoyed): Yay!

    • Wade: Were you two smacking lips?

    • Kim (Sobbing): When will the carelessness end?

    • MHS Sign: Middleton Days - This Weekend

    • Drakken (hiding from an angry Shego): Find your own hiding place.
      Ron (hiding from an angry Kim): Oh, right, like you called dibs.
      Drakken: Well, I am now; Dibs, ha!
      Ron: Well, I'm calling double dibs.
      Drakken: Grrrr, you win this round with your superior dib calling…

    • Ron (bumps into Shego): Shego! KP, help!
      Kim (angry): Grrrrr!
      Ron: KP? Help! Sidekick in trouble! (Shego slashes his belt, causing his pants to fall off) Oh, man. Not now.

    • Barkin (seeing Ron in a pickle suit): Stoppable, explanation, now!
      Ron: I'm Kosher Dilley. The Pickle Works beloved mascot (of Rufus) and this is Gherkin.
      Rufus (in pickle suit): Hi.

    • Kim (angrily to Ron): Ron, you got some 'splaining to do!

    • Mrs. Possible: We're just tickled pink about you and Kimmy.
      Ron: We are?
      Mr. Possible: But not to pink. Time for a fam to Ron talk.
      Ron: It is?
      Mrs. Possible: We want Kim to be happy.
      Ron: We do.
      Mr. Possible: If not, it's a one-way ticket on a deep space probe.
      Ron (nervously): H-how deep?
      Mr. Possible: Black hole deep, Ronald.
      Ron: Great...

    • Kim: Hello, baby! (Ron's jaw drops at seeing Kim in an attractive black dress): Oh, I felt like dressing-up. You don't mind, do you?
      (Mr. Possible sets Ron's jaw back into place)
      Ron: Um, no. Not at all.

    • Ron: Okay, we've been friends a long time. We're a great team but-
      Kim: HA HA! Team! Ah, you said, "team."
      Ron: Uh, yeah. Earth it KP: "team" is not funny. Being serious here..Dating could.. complicate things...
      Kim: (turns angry)Things should never be complicated.
      Ron: Well thats what I'm saying!

    • (Shego and Kim are chasing Drakken and Ron respectively)
      Kim: Men!
      Shego: Oh yeah!

    • Drakken: I believe the phrase is "BOOYAH".

    • Shego: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Drakken: Uh. "This ice cream is going to go straight to my hips and I'll never fit into a size six."
      Shego: No, Silly.
      Drakken: Right, who am I kidding? I've *never* fit into a six.

    • Kim: Ronnie, I have a favor to ask you…
      Ron (nervous):Sorry, KP, I was just Leaving.(runs off)
      Kim (to Monique):He's shy, but so cute~ (runs after Ron)
      Monique (smiling): I'd say green n' freaked.

    • Ron: If you see Kim, you didn't see me.
      Monique: And what if Kim sees me seeing you?
      Ron: What? (Monique points behind him at Kim) Ahh! Kim!

    • Ron: Coast clear.
      Monique: Clear for what?
      Ron: Kim. She's crushing on me.
      Monique: Kim's crushing? On you?
      Ron: Yes. And it's freaking me out!
      Monique: You sure you're not majorly misinterpreting.
      Ron: Trust me on this. Kim's got it bad for Ron.
      Monique: And that's not good?

    • Ron (After Kim sees Josh with Tara): It's brave the way you mask your Mankey-pain.
      Kim: Seriously, I'm over Josh. Thought you'd be the bummed one.
      Ron: Why?
      Kim: Tara.
      Ron: What about her?
      Kim: She used to like you. You mean you didn't notice?
      Ron: No! Why didn't you tell me!?

    • Ron (seeing Josh with Tara): Uh-oh.
      Kim: What's the big?
      Ron: Nothing. Kim, there's something in my eye! OW!
      Kim: It's your finger.
      Ron: Oh, he he. How'd that get there?
      Bonnie: (she gasps) Josh Mankey has a fresh crush, and her name isn't "Kim Possible".
      Ron (ducking in cover): Ahh! Bonnie!

    • Drakken: Mommy!

    • Shego: Brrrr. Cold weather; perfect for cuddling. Latte!
      Drakken (confused): I like latte, but as to the cuddling; Pasadena.
      Shego: Why?
      Drakken: Because-uh-because you're freaking me out, that's why!

    • Shego: Gosh, I feel like I should say something sarcastic, but I just can't 'cause you're so cute.

    • Shego: Fire in the hole!

    • Wade (after catching Kim kissing Ron): Uh. B-bad time to call.
      Kim (giggles): Guess what the sitch is, Wade.
      Wade: I'm-uh-just wanted you to know I've got a lock on the kimmunicator, and-were you guys smacking lips just now?
      Kim (looking into Ron's eyes): Great, Wade.
      Ron (looking into Kim's eyes): Whatever you say, man.

    • Kim: You see, tonight's the big Middleton Day festival and I don't have a date.
      Ron: Date? You wanna go to the festival as my date?
      Kim: Oh, I thought you'd never ask!
      Ron: Wait, but I... (Kim kisses Ron on the lips, silencing him)
      Wade: Hey, guys. I (spits his drink out of his mouth) ...whoa! (falls out of his chair)

    • Shego: I was thinking it's time for some evil.
      Drakken: Evil, you say? You mean "take over the world" type evil or "Drakken goes ouch" evil?

    • Dr. Bortel (of moodulator controller): The circuits have been fried!
      Ron: That means Kim's back to normal, right. Tell me Kim's back to normal!
      Dr. Bortel: I'm afraid your friend is now locked in an irreversible frenzy of rage.
      Ron: Dude, what I just say?

    • Ron: Just go with me on this, Monique. Kim has it bad for Ron.
      Monique: And that's not good?
      Ron: I don't know. It's not that I haven't thought about this. I mean, who hasn't?

    • Drakken: Shego! I'm sorry! I'll make you dinner.

    • Shego (crying): But... I broke a nail!
      Drakken: I break mine all the time; you don't see me crying. Not on the outside.

    • Wade (after Kim and Ron kiss): This isn't normal!

    • Ron: So that whole crush thing was all the Moodulator?
      Kim: Not everything, there's still fireworks.
      Ron: You think so?
      (Kim points to fireworks above them)

    • Drakken: Do you mind? I'm trying to get away!
      Ron: Kim! He's trying to get away...and he's kicking me!
      Kim: And you're surprised?

    • Kim Ron Heartbreaker!
      Ron No, Stoppable! It's pronounced, "Stoppable!"

    • Ron: Thanks man, you've been a big help.
      Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?

    • Ron: Okay, so Kim and I have been best buds forever. Maybe dating is the next step. I mean, hey, what's not to like about Kim? She's smart, cute and dating could be good.

    • Drakken: (in a fetal position) Did I forget your birthday? Is that what this is about? Because right now, I'm scared. (sucking his thumb)

    • Drakken (trying to comfort Shego): All I said was, "let's get this party started." Look, I'm going to supercharge that laser, so we can do evil. We-uh-like evil. Don't we?
      Shego (crying): You're leaving in my time of need.
      Drakken: No. No, no. I'll be right back.
      Shego: I'm not going to forgive you for this, ever!

    • (Kim wins a prize at the festival)
      Kim: (sweet and giggly) Uh, this is where you say "Boo-yah".
      Ron: Yeah, okay, boo-yah. Look, we need to talk.

    • Kim: (to Ron) I'll see you after class (giggles and blows him a kiss)
      Bonnie: (looking at Kim, then Ron) Some things are to weird to even think about.

    • Ron: Kim, it's me: Ron. Remember the good times. (Kim throws Ron) Oooh, Okay, maybe they weren't all good…

    • Kim: (sobbing) I can't believe we lost the kimmunicator.
      Ron: Hey, it's not the end of the world. (worried) Is it?

    • Kim: (furious) Nobody dumps Kim Possible!
      Ron: Braking up is so not easy!

    • Kim: (sad) You're braking up with me?
      Ron: Yes. No! Well, yah; but, ya know, don't get upset.
      Kim: Oh, I knew it. I knew it! I knew it! (runs off crying)
      Ron: Wait. Come back. Your dad's going to put me in a black hole!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: Emotion Sickness:

      The title of the episode, Emotion Sickness, is a play on the phrase "Motion Sickness".

    • Veggietales:

      Ron's pickle costume in this episode looks similar to the way Larry the Cucumber looks in Veggietales.

    • The Incredible Hulk:

      Kim and Shego have just gotten stuck on extreme anger. Then a split-screen is shown, with half of Shego's face and the other half of Kim's face put together. This recalls a technique used in The Incredible Hulk TV show whenever David Banner would change into the Hulk.

    • Romeo and Juliet:

      The music being played when Kim kisses Ron in front of the locker is from "Romeo and Juliet" ballet score composed by Sergei Prokofiev. It is commonly used in pop culture to express romance, in every thing from Hershey's ads to the Sims computer games.

    • Shego: You Talkin' to Me?

      The most famous line of Robert DeNiro in Martin Scosese's Taxi Driver

    • I Love Lucy:

      Kim: You've got some 'splainin to do!

      This is what Ricky says to Lucy on the show I Love Lucy everytime she does something crazy that annoys him. Kim even said this line with a spanish accent just like Ricky did.

    • Drakken: Find your own hiding spot!

      This is a reference to Steven Spielberg's Oscar-Winning Film, Schindler's List, in which a Jewish boy looking to hide from the Nazis, jumped in an outhouse, but soon heard a response that "he should find his own hiding place."

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