Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 10

Fashion Victim

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 14, 2007 on Disney Channel
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When the Fashionistas and Camille team up to steal secret designs from Club Banana, Kim, Monique, and the Fashion Police must stop them. Meanwhile, Ron and Barkin get trapped inside a shipping crate.

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  • Kim must prove her innocence after Camille Leon frames her

    Not the best episode but not the worst. The Fashion Police weren't that great because all they did was criticize others for bad taste rather than go after a thief like Leon and several of the jokes were lacking. Still it did have some good character development.

    Kim wants to see the new outfit designs but she isn't management. Meanwhile Camille Leon escapes from prison (diguised as a guard), steals the designs for Coco Banana (while diguised as Kim) and takes them to the Fasionistas in Italy. Kim and Monique then return the favor by disguising herself as Camille Leon and heads to Milan to settle the score. Meanwhile Ron and Mr. Barkin get stuck in a shipping crate and head to Milan as well where Barkin just loses it.moreless
  • A below average effort. The premise is good, but the episode never kicks out of second gear.

    Didn't really like this episode, I felt Camille Leon was wasted on her second outing, thus making for a pretty lousy follow up compared to her great debut in Trading Faces.

    The idea of Kim getting framed by Camille was a great one, but we really should've saw something happen that affected Kim's reputation because of Camille's actions(perhaps her getting arrested or losing her job only for her to get it back by proving herself innocent), but instead we got her being watched by the Fashion Police as punishment. WEAK!!!

    Speaking of the Fashion Police it was nice to hear Neil Flynn doing voice work on KP for a 2nd time as one of the FP's. Scrubs fans would know Neil Flynn as The Janitor.

    It was nice to get some development on Mr. Barkin and why he works at SM, but his antics inside the crate were way to creepy for my liking, I prefer the Mr. Barkin thats "tough but fair" that we see in episodes like Ill Suited, not a guy who loses his mind because he's locked in a crate. I also liked the Fashionistas alot better in Clothes Minded, here they were never properly expanded on.

    Overall there's a couple developments, and a few nice action sequences, but it just doesn't add. Thus giving us one of the weaker episodes of Season 4.moreless
  • This episode was decent.

    I was a little bit bored with this episode even though i like when they deal with fashion because that means raven and ashley get to have some time on the show. It was about ashley getting money for the lastest clothes and went to some people to sell them to so that she can get the money for it. I can't remember the characthers names that why i'm using their real names. I think they really need to work on the writting but since the show is over that is not gonna happen. I wonder is the main characthers gonna find any jobs.moreless
  • Camille shape-shifts into Kim to steal a top-secret "Co-coa Banana" designs. At the time, Ron and Mr. Barkin get accidentily trapped inside of a shipping crate.

    I love this show! It's sooooooo cool! I like it how Monique gets in the middle of one of Kim's missions. I also think it's funny that Rin and Mr. B get trapped in a crate and Mr. B loses it. My favorite part of the episode is when Ron mixed Kim and Camille up. He said, "I think I know my own girlfriend!" And Kim replied annoyed, "Um, no, Ron, you don't. I'm Kim." There is one part of the episode I didn't get. Ron didn't know that Mr. B worked at Smarty-Mart, but in the episode Grande Size Me, he did! Oh, well! I guess the way Ron didn't know he worked there in Fashion Victim sorta fits in this episode. Whatev.... :)moreless
  • Droll and disappointing

    The weakest episode of season four, IMO. First of all, Camille Leon isn't that great a villain. She's a rip-off of a Spider-Man villain with exactly the same power and almost exactly the same name. And in this episode, she doesn't even take much advantage of her power. Second, some of the joke ideas are just too silly. The coincidence that Ron and Barkin end up in Milan with Kim because they accidentally fell into a Smarty-Mart box going overseas is too much of a stretch. And it's just plain embarassing that Ron mistakes Camille for the disguised Kim when even the viewers can see clearly who the real Kim is.moreless
Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

Professor Dementor

Guest Star

Phill Lewis

Phill Lewis

Coco Banana

Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Price Check Announcer

Guest Star

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

Camille Leon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Monique is fighting Espadrille, before the camera focuses on the press, Kim looks exactly like Camille, but when it comes back, she looks normal again.

    • In this episode, we learn Mr. Barkin has worked at Smarty-Mart for eighteen years, or since Ron and Kim were born.

    • When Kim and Monique were fighting the Fashionistas and Camille, the music that was played was the same music played in the dramatic fight scene between Shego and Kim in So the Drama.

    • This is the first episode in which Monique has a direct involvement in one of Kim's missions.

    • In Trading Faces, Camille could nano-morph exactly into anyone, but in this episode she is unable to change the color of her skin and eyes.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Whispering to a rubber chicken)
      Barkin: Codename "Ron Stoppable" has crossed over to the other side.
      Ron: Hey! At least I'm not the one talking in to the rubber chicken... this time.

    • (Kim, Ron, and Rufus land on the roof where Dementor has the duke)
      Dr. Dementor: Kim Possible!
      Ron: And sidekick!
      Rufus: And wingman!
      Kim: Free the duke, Dementor!
      Dr. Dementor: So, you want the duke, do you? (He lets out a long sarcastic laugh) Okay.
      Kim: Really? No fighting?!
      Dr. Dementor: Unfortunately, my caper includes a grevious accounting error. The duke's randsom isn't worth half a king's. Add the helicopter drones, and the nano jetpacks, I'm loosing millions!
      Ron: Nano jetpacks?
      (Dr. Dementor launches off with his nano jetpack)
      Kim: (to Ron) You had to ask?
      Duke: I say, thank you for dashing to my rescue with such haste.
      Kim: No big.
      (Kim's watch beeps)
      Ron: Uh oh. New world crisis?
      Kim: No, worse, we're late for work.

    • (Ron and Rufus are grapped by Kim just before crashing)
      Ron: Ohh, nice catch, KP!

    • (Kim connects the Kimmunicator to a helicopter's auto-pilot control)
      Kim: Take it away, Wade.
      Wade: I gotcha.
      (Wade uses a joystick to destroy the other two helicopters)

    • (Ron and Kim are on a four wheeler when Kim propels herself up to a helicopter)
      Kim: Head for the fort!
      Ron: I'm on it. Rufus, wingman me.
      (Up on the helicopter, Kim attempts to open the door with a tube of her laser lipstick)
      Kim: Oh, nice color...wrong tube.
      (She puts away her lipstick, and pulls out the correct tube of laser lipstick and opens the door)

    • (Camille is arrested again)
      Camille: But, prison is so, like, lame! Can't I just stay at, like, one of those nice villas in Tuscany?

    • (the real Camille is observing Kim's Camille Leon disguise)
      Camille: Puh-lease. It took, like, a lifetime to perfect this.

    • Camille Leon: Kim? As in Possible??
      (Music plays while Kim takes off her wig)
      Kim: Oh, very good, Camille!

    • (Monique ties up Espadrille)
      Monique: New knot, you like?
      Espadrille: Ugh, yes.

    • (Kim and Ron are on a four-wheeler being chased by three black helicopters)
      Ron: So, what are the chances that they're not after us?
      Kim: They're black helicopters, Ron. They're always after us.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Phill Lewis and Ashley Tisdale, who co-star in this episode, both star in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    • This episode first aired on Disney's "Disney on Demand" service on their website six weeks before it aired on television.


    • Spaceballs:

      When Monique catches Wade playing with action figures, it is similar to when Colonel Sandurz catches Dark Helmet playing with his dolls in the movie Spaceballs.

    • Fashion Police:

      This is a reference to the term used for people who critizizes other people's fashion style. In this episode the phrase is taken literally.

    • Episode Title: Fashion Victim

      Fashion Victim is also the name of a song on Green Day's Warning album.