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Am I the only one missing any romance whatsoever between Kim and Ron?

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    Well, pre hook-up romance. There seemed to be slight romance in the first episodes of the last season..

    I'm putting this from a shipping neutral POV. Everything seemed so forced and awkward to me. It's like Disney just pulled their usual "A boy and a girl who aren't related and are the same age can't be just friends" cliche.

    Ron's romantic affection prior to "So the Drama" seemed forced to me. His behavior in the movie seemed more like a friend missing there friend then a love-sick friend whose love loves someone else.

    Likewise with Drakken/Shego except that one just apparently poofed out of nowhere to me. They had like one romantic hint before the last season and very few before the finale. The always seemed to have a big sister - little brother thing to me.

    Am I missing something or is this just Disney's romance logic and it just is like that?

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    I don't think so, because I just think that Kim and Ron already show quite a good chemistry between them before they're a couple. Ron actually shows his affection to Kim before "So the Drama" but he only shows it in the more subtle way instead of the overtly way like on "So the Drama." The romance between them shows more clearly throughout the season 4 after "So the Drama."

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