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If you could sucessfully get bonnie a boyfriend...

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    bonnie has been with a lot of guys, and in 'homecoming' kim and ron go through a lot to get her a boyfriend then she finally gets together with ssj. sure they may look like a good couple, but i don't think it will last. I'm sure there's some of you who don't even like the bonnie/ssj relationship. So if you could get bonnie a boyfriend, it could be someone on the kp show or you can make up your own person, who would it be?

    Here's some other stuff i've written about bonnie and relationships: Ok, before i talk about ssj, im going to talk a little bit about brick. I think it was hinted that their relationship was based on sex (i'm sure 'bonding' the part where bonnie is talking to brick and she says "don't shower, i like it when you glisten". and another episode i think it's called 'partners' it's in the begining of the episode where bonnie and brick get teamed up for some chemistry project or something and brick's friends act more then excited that he got teamed up with bonnie.) But then in 'Homecoming' she said she thought brick was "the one"! Does that mean bonnie wanted to marry brick? Do you think she really loved him that much?

    Also i'm not trying to be mean or whatever and i like bonnie but in my opinion she just doesn't seem like the type of girl to get married, she seems like the type that goes from one guy to the next. And even if she did get married it would be for money not love. She'd wait until her husband dies so she could get all his money (or find some way to do it herself!?) When bonnie was with brick it only seemed like she was dating him to be popular and to be better than kim. But when she meets ssj we see her act as if she truely loves him (that whole 'love at first sight thing'.) I do want bonnie to be happy, but part of me thinks bonnie only like ssj because of his looks and his money. In fact, it seems like bonnie would go after any guy with money (golddigger haha) she even litteraly threw herself at ron in the hallway in front of everyone when he was loaded with money (no offense to people who like ron). Does anyone think bonnie and ssj would get married? Does anyone think ssj's dad likes bonnie being together with his son?

    Some people even like the idea of ron/bon being together. Opposites do attract i you think it was ever hinted that ron/bon secretly liked each other? In one of the wannaweep episodes after ron saved everyone bonnie said "you rule" and told him he was brave, i think that took a lot of guts for her to say that, since she's so popular and ron isn't. Then in the episode where ron got rich, in the end ron asked kim "what were the chances of bonnie loving the real me?" so does that mean he's thought of bonnie as a possible girlfriend?

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    bonnie's personality... doesn't really go well with any major character on the show imo... so i'd say a totally new character
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    I would luv to be har boyfrand!
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