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    So, Kim and Ron met in Kindergarten and became the best of friends. I recall, Ron defending and standing up for her because she was being bullied. That's how their friendship formed and developed throughout time. Before Monique, Ron was the only friend Kim had and even when Monique was around, she spent her time with Ron who is obviously her best friend. They went out to battles together to save the world and he was her sidekick. Sure, his attempts have most of the time been a fail but now the question is, why do you think Ron always tagged along with her? Honestly, do you think he really liked getting himself into these situations? In my opinion, Ron shows his care, love, protection and compassion towards Kim and even though he knows things always end up terribly wrong while on their missions, he does it all for a friend. He is always there for her, not because he has to be but because he wants to be. She doesn't force him to do anything he feels uncomfortable with but still he doesn't back down. I've heard so many complaints about how their romance was just thrown out there without consideration and what not. It is really common for best friends to end up together after knowing each other for so long. That's how the buildup of the relationship progresses from the beginning to the point when feelings start to arise. As we all saw, Ron had a crush on Kim but that doesn't mean he felt anything else but that. A relationship needs honesty, committment, loyalty, respect, compassion, love, care, synmpahty, etc. Those are just some factors which should be taken into account. Kim and Ron tell each other everything even if it does hurt and don't like when one or the other is in pain. Ron was actually the first one to question whether or not Kim means something more to him and if he truly is in love with her. Everytime Kim had a new boyfriend especially Josh, Ron was always jealous and annoyed over the matter. He didn't accept her hanging out with them even if just as friends. How many times did you see Ron in an actual relationship? What I am trying to say, Kim and Ron's relationship didn't come out of thin air. They became an official couple during prom and that's years later. Kim and Ron are a committeed couple with no force tearing them apart. Let's examine shall we: Their the best of friends, know a lot about each other's likes and dislikes, always there for one another, both are honest about how they feel, make each other happy, and so on.

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    Whenever Disney "gets it" on Kim Possible should return in 2011 or later: new season and new episodes. How about Ron is her co-spy partner and fiance? They should get married, somethinglike a "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" except the two are part of the same spy team. They will establish a fast food chain (you know, Bueno Nacho will morph into a Taco Bell-ish or a Del-Taco-like regional enterprise). But they are part of the "Right by Ron" spy agency, that should be his nickname...or he goes by Mister Kim Possible, LOL.

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    Excellently put ILoveDemi4ever you summed up Kim and Ron's friendship that blossomed into love so well. Kim and Ron were always meant for each other you could see that from the beginning but the way their friendship blossomed was the best too see. How Kim's feelings changed for Ron and vice-versa, but hey you summed it up so well I don't even have to say anything else. Except the Fight For Five to save Kim Possible is still on and what I would like to see is Kim Possible the college years leading up to Ron proposing to Kim and then a Kim Possible animated finale with Kim and Ron getting married of course it would be one interesting wedding if it was well written.

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