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    I remember when Kim Possible first began to air in 2002. I've been a novice viewer of Disney Channel for quite some time, so I can recall the manners in which they have so drastically evolved since that time. Many of their decisions have been verifiable, others have been malformed. Recently, however, it appears one decision was made that very well could lead to the downfall of their more loyal viewership.

    Over this long summer, Disney Channel began to exclusively air more modern programming throughout their entire (non-Playhouse Disney) schedule (now 2 PM - 4 AM), limiting themselves to Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana (Forever), Jonas (LA), Phineas and Ferb, Good Luck Charlie, The Suite Life on Deck, and Sonny with a Chance. Reviewing the history of the network, one will notice that Disney Channel routinely shifts their schedule between Memorial Day and Labor Day to appeal to a larger audience for summer vacations. This year, predictably, Disney Channel stopped airing the classic shows that were shown in the early morning hours before Memorial Day, including shows such as The Replacements, Kim Possible, The Emperor's New School, American Dragon: Jake Long, and several others. Looking at the scheduling blocks after Labor Day when the summer programming officially ends, however, all of these older shows will remain off of the schedule. There will be no more classic programming. Period.

    Apparently Disney Channel has forgotten how they have gotten to where they are. It was with the viewers of these classic shows, some only a year removed from ending, that established itself as a legitimate competitor to Nickelodeon. Eventually, though, these older programs were ushered to the background, only airing in hours where few could watch them. That's okay, at least you still have a variety of programming. What they are doing now, however, crosses the line. They are now going to rely on seven shows to fill a fourteen-hour programming block each and every day.

    You know, it certainly hurt when Kim Possible was cancelled the first time, but they remembered where they came from and gave it another season. If their executives are allowing programming decisions that completely alienate their past like this to fly, then I have little hope that Kim Possible and other great shows like her's will ever see the light of day again. Might as well jump on the Sitcom bangwagon, because that's just about all they have to offer. If the network truly understood anything beyond ratings, it would re-establish the early morning programming block for older shows.

    Long? Yes. Rant? Most likely. Is it the truth? ...

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    Your so right bbqsauce but then again when does Disney the corporation listen to anyone. Disney Channel is suppose to be Disney animation and Disney live action, as Walt Disney himself loved animation, classic hand drawn animation. It was the labor of love to create and put together a classic animated movie or series that gave Walt the joy. Yes I'm sure he was thinking profit as well, but the love for the creation and the hard work was still there. You can see it in Disney's time-less classic which out does Bolt and any other CGI animation Disney's got, it also out does Hanna Montana which I still can't even sit through an episode to watch...sorry Billy, I'm a fan of yours, but the show is just to cheesy for me.

    If Disney at least had a classy sitcom line up then it would work, but everything they have on is recycled cheese all American cheese that is. Without a mixture of animation and live action and the classics added to the recipe Disney Channel is nothing but a wannabe ABC and that's not saying much.

    Disney has the chance to go back to it's roots, Kim Possible can be renewed anytime as it's a timeless classic too and you can bring back American Dragon Jake Long and have back to back animation block. Even bring back made for Disney Channel movies of Gargoyles and a new generation of Duck Tale and Rescue Rangers and then you got a Disney Channel that's rocking.

    Keep your cheesy sitcoms, but mix it up and add what Disney Channel fans out there still want to see again and again like Kim Possible, American Dragon, and classic Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, Gargoyles, Tale Spin, and Gummi Bears to mention a few.

    Now if only Robert Iger would pay attention to not just me, or even bbq, but to all the fans out there who have been trying to tell him and Disney Channel that it's time to listen up and bring back what the fans demand to see...Kim Possible and other classics and not just try to score rating on recycled sitcoms.

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    Whenever I tune in to the Disney it's always the same old stuff. Nick is the same way. How many times are you going to run the same episode I love the Action Adventure cartoons. That used to be the best thing on T.V. Now, for me anyway, there's nothing. CN, Nick, and Disney have gotten away from those shows. When it came to Danny Phantom and Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nick ended them real quick and have never run them scince. As for Disny they had three channels, but due to the economy and the direction the original channel was going, they knocked it back to two channels; the regular one for girls and XD for the boys. I'd rather watch the boy stuff, it's less cheesy. W.I.T.C.H. is another good show, along with Kim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long. As for live action I was huge So Weird fan.

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