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would you like to see a seaon 5 of kim possible?

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    I say either a movie about Kim going off to college and finding it hard being a small fish in a big pond, or a redux series where she's in her twenties, retires from crimefighting (owing to a knee injury during her last battle), marries Ron, and trains a protegee. Maybe her cousin Joss could be aged five years and inherit her cousin's mantle.

    Oh, and six-year-old Hana wants to take up her older brother's sidekick role, which embarasses Joss to no end.

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    Nice idea Fekul, and I hear a spin off. Though I'd like to see Kim Possible the College years happen first and then your idea would work after the College years would wrap up with Ron proposing to Kim and it all being wrapped up in a big budget theatrical animated movie. That would be the ultimate tribute to Kim Possible and all Kim Possible fans worldwide.

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