Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 23

Go Team Go

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 30, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Go Team Go
When Ron and Kim travel to Go City, they meet a team of superheroes. But when their arch enemy plans an attack on them, Kim must turn to an unlikely source.

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  • Shego's past is revealed

    After Kim and Ron go to some special Bueno Nacho in Go City they face a villain with a bird fixation they never met or heard of who trashes the place. Kim suddenly gains super strength and it turns out that she has the power of a Bueno Nacho manager and he was part of a super hero team called Team Go. Plus a major bombshell of a revelation is given of Shego once being part of the superhero team/family even though Kim suspects it early on. Why she left is most likely because she started becoming facinated by evil and villainy plus her brothers really started to annoy her. Both Kim and Shego are the ones with powers and they go to the villain Aviarius' lair (nest) to save a couple of members who are held for ransom for the final powers. However once they defeat Aviarius Shego refuses to return the staff which contains the powers. Instead she decides to keep the powers for herself but fortunately Dr. Drakken's causes a distraction which causes the staff to drop and break and thus return all the powers to the original owners.

    An overall funny and charming episode with some character revelation that deepens the plot.moreless
  • There's no 'I' in Team Go.

    Kim and Ron visit Go City to check out the advanced Bueno Nacho. The trip is interrupted by a bird-brained (pun very much intended) villain known as Aviarius. He plots to steal the powers of superhero Hego, but, in the process, they are absorbed by Kim. The accidental destructions of basketball hoops and locker doors convince her that something is amiss. She learns that Hego is a member of super-powered Team Go, along with Mego (who can shrink) and the Wegos (duplication). It turns out that they're all targeted by Aviarius, along with their sister...Shego.

    This episode has the feel of a second-rate comic book, with occasional good moments sprinkled amongst the unevenness and boredom. Still, anything with Richard Horvitz can't be all bad.

    "Go Team Go" isn't that super.moreless
  • Kim and Ron learn more about Shego and her powers, as well as her family.

    This is one of the best episodes of Kim Possible yet! I absolutely loved it. We finally learn what happened to give Shego her powers. We also learn that she has a family who also has super powers. I think it's interesting that Shego and her family were once a team of super heroes, that is, until Shego left them to join the dark side. I liked the fact that Kim and Shego had to work together, lol. It was also funny to see Drakken try to figure out what was happening. I liked the ending scenes where Drakken is seen outside the plane because he talked back to Shego. That part was just too funny!moreless
  • This episode is about Shego's famaly.

    This episode is about Shego's family. On their trip to Go City, Ron and Kim come across a villain named Aviarius who is seeking the power of another hero. However, when Kim inadvertently winds up with the a hero named Hego’s powers, she soon learns that the only way to restore what isn’t hers and to help stop a mad man may be to team up with her deadliest foe; Shego. What we learn is that Hego's team is Shego's family which explains her powers and her outfit. This episode was the first appearance of Shego's family, first reference to Shego having been a good guy previously. First time reference is made to how Shego and her siblings attained their powers. My favorite part of this episode is when we see Shego's family, first reference to Shego having been a good guy previously. First time reference is made to how Shego and her siblings attained their powers.moreless
  • When Aviarius attacks a Bueno Nacho during KP and Ron\'s trip to Go City, Kim learns more about Shego, and her past.

    Awesume episode!I am happy that the show *finally* got around to developing Shego\'s character. Although it is a shock to learn that Shego was a former superhero, it makes sense, in its own wierd way. It adds more depth to Shego\'s character, and also this episode shows Shego working with Kim, which is a suprise,but a good one.I think Disney did a great job potraying Shego\'s brothers as annoying pests. Who knew KP and Shego had so much in common?! And Ron\'s suprise at the \'no nacos\' and \'fish wraps?! That\'s the future of Bueno Nacho?!\' is pretty funny.Not to mention Mego\'s \'it\'s all about me\' attitude. Overall, an awseume episode, and I really do hope that Disney would show more about Shego\'s past in the future.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • When Kim falls to the ground after the giant pink flamingo cuts her grappling rope, as she is falling, her hair is parted on the wrong side and she is holding a device of some kind. This shot was reused from Kimitation Nation, after Shego cuts Kim's rope when Kim grabs the button off her.

    • When Shego throws her green whatever stuff at Hego her brothers Mego and the twins say "Super bad!"
      "Yeah Totally Evil!"
      Mego has one of the twins voices and one of the twins has Mego's voice.

    • When the camera zooms in on Kim's reaction to the Giant Condor's entrance, her hair is parted on the wrong side.

    • When Kim forces Condor to crash, the Salsa Parade is destroyed.

      However, when Avarius leaves, the Salsa Parade is still intact (on the left side of the screen).

    • When Kim and Shego fall on the floor after Aviarius drains their powers, the colours on Shego's suit are reversed.

    • Aviarius says "I could have used all of the powers at once?!" Well he was, he was multipling and shrinking and stuff all at once, just like Shego.

    • In the Battle with Aviarius kim fires her grappling hook, the hook looks like sort of spear shape. Then in the next frame the spear returns to the familiar grappling hook.

    • When it shows the whole group inside the jet as it rises up through the tower, Ron has no gloves on.

    • When Kim shot her grappler around The Flamingo of Doom, Kim's shade of lipstick is red. But when she lands, her lipstick is once again orange.

    • The black that tops Shego's collar is missing for most, if not all, of this episode.

    • Ron's gloves are missing when the hummingbirds are released, and again when Rufus slams into his face.

    • On the sidewalk, before the theme song, the bottom of Ron's shirt is red.

    • Changed Premise: We discover that Shego's glowing hands are not the result of "clawed gloves that shoot out destructive rays" as reported on Kim's website at, but are in fact super powers bestowed by the multicolor meteorite that gave the Go Team their powers.

    • The button on Shego's belt turns green for about two frames after she says, "Just do your computer thing, Nerd Linger."

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Shego: See, this is why I hate family reunions!

    • Ron: At least we still have one thing on our side. The power of imagination! (Rufus looks at him like he's crazy) You're right, we got nothing.

    • Hego: Here's my plan.
      Shego: (to Hego) You-- don't talk.
      Mego: Seriously, Hego, give it a rest. I mean, the whole "team leader" thing is so old.
      Shego: (to Mego) Yeah, you-- same as him.

    • Hego: Looks like this bird is ready for his cage. (laughs)
      Aviarius: Do you have to say that every time you capture me?

    • Mego: I can't believe I lost my powers. You have no idea how horrible it is. How empty I feel.
      Hego: Actually, Mego, I do know. I, too, lost my powers.
      Mego: Uh, Hego, let's focus here-on me?

    • Ron (to Mego): Were you, like, some kind of fire guy?
      Mego: (impatiently) Noooooooo!
      Ron: Purple, purple... Uh, does your power have to do with bruising?
      Mego: (more impatiently) Noooooooooo!
      Hego: (dismissively) He's a shrinker.

    • Aviarius: Soon the powers of Team Go will be mine, and then all of Go City will be mine, and then vengaence shall be finally be mine!
      Wego 2: Mine, mine, mine.
      Wego 1: He sounds like Mego.

    • Hego: (talking to Shego) You may be a cranky smart-mouth, prone to excessive violence, but deep down, you are still a member of Team Go. A Hero.
      Shego: (annoyed) Hego, I quit your stupid team years ago and after I quit, I went to work for a guy who wants to take over the world!
      (Hego gasps)
      Kim: It's true.
      Hego: But deep down...
      (Shego attacks)
      Shego: I... am... evil! Have I made myself clear?
      Mego: Super bad!
      Wego 1: Yeah. Totally evil!
      Wego 2: Evil.

    • Shego: Okay, let me get this straight. Possible and I are the only ones with power?
      Ron: Ah, what about the power of imagination?
      Hego: That's true. I'm starting to like this fella. He's a positive thinker.
      Shego: And you people wonder why I quit.

    • Aviarius: Release the Flamingo of Doom!
      Kim & Shego: The what?

    • Shego: (snidely) Need a little help?
      Kim: (in disbelief) Are you. . . offering?
      Shego: All right, look, I just don't wanna lose to a giant flamingo, all right?
      Kim: You hit him high. . .
      Shego: . . .and you hit him low.

    • Drakken: Shego, I take it back! You're not a softie! Shego!

    • Ron: I'm happy to be the distraction.

    • Aviarius: Oh! I could have used all the powers at once?!

    • Drakken: (in a giant, menacing robot) Kim Possible's computer kid told me how you were at the mercy of a villain. Where is this Aviarius?
      Aviarius: (holding up Ron) Here he is.
      Ron: Dude, Drakken knows who I am.
      Drakken: Yes. The name escapes me, but I do know the air of buffoonery.

    • MHS Sign: Vegan club meating canceled.

    • Hego: Perhaps you have surmised I am no ordinary fast food manager.
      Ron: Duh! You're the man who tried to kill the naco.

    • Shego: I am evil! Have I made myself clear?

    • Hego: Is his name Stoppable?
      Kim: You've heard of him?
      Hego: Corporate sent out a memo. There are some special procedures I'm supposed to implement at this point.

    • Ron: The special orders can get as wild as we want! There's no one to judge us.

    • Ron: That explains a lot! Though. . . not everything.
      Kim: Ron! Drop the naco thing.

    • Kim: Does the name Shego ring a bell?
      Hego: You know of my sister?
      Ron: Oh yeah. We're on a first name basis. Actually, does she have a last name?

    • Hego: The more we fought Evil, the more Shego liked it.
      Ron: The fighting?
      Kim: The Evil.

    • Drakken: I believe some introductions are in order here.
      Ron: (shaking his hand) I'm Ron Stoppable. We've met before, but you never seem to remember my name.

    • Kim (spinning through rock): Ooh! You know... I do not recommend that.

    • Mego: See. Shrinking comes in handy.
      Hego: Super-strength is so much better.
      (Condor flies toward them. Kim grabs Condor and flings him into a wall)
      Ron: I'm with the big guy. Mad love for the superstrength!!

    • Kim: Shego! I thought we were in this together!
      Shego: Oh, come on! Don't you know me better by now? I mean, (laughs) seriously.

    • Kim: Knock, knock!
      Drakken: Kim Possible! Since when do you glow?
      Shego: Like Hego?

    • Shego: (irritated) Five minutes with my brothers and I'm ready to claw my own eyes out!
      Kim: Shego, I have brothers, too. I know how annoying they can be, but you can't walk out.
      Shego: Why not?
      Kim: Because if you don't help, I'll tell the world that you used to be a good guy.
      Shego: You wouldn't!
      Kim: I've got a website and I'm not afraid to use it.
      Shego: My reputation would be shot! Ugh!

    • Ron: (referring to Shego) Has she always been this cranky?
      Hego & Mego: Oh yeah.

    • Wade: Kim, is Shego in your kitchen?
      Shego: Just do your computer thing, Nerdlinger.

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (19)

    • Batman:

      Shego's reverse over-the-shoulder punch of the condor is a cool move that she obviously swiped from Batman.

    • Team Go Color Scheme (Green, red, blue, purple):

      The color scheme pays homage to the four Links from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures for Nintendo Gamecube.

    • X-Men:

      The plane the team uses is a repainted SR-71A Blackbird similar to the blackbirds the X-Men use.

    • Aviarius: FLAMINGO OF DOOM

      The villain Aviarius has many similarities to the title character from the short-lived (but highly praised) Nickelodeon series, "Invader Zim". Both characters are played by Richard Horvitz and both characters sound and act very much alike. It's almost as if Zim were playing the role of The Vulture from Spider-man. The biggest clue that Avarius is some kind of tribute to Zim is when Aviarius refers to the flamingo as a "FLAMINGO OF DOOM." The word "doom" was used excessively in the "Invader Zim" series, especially the first episode.

    • Ron: That is the second largest flamingo I have ever seen!

      This is a reference to the old TV series Get Smart, in which the line "That's the second biggest (whatever) I've ever seen" was one of Maxwell Smart's (Don Adams) trademark lines.

    • Character: Mego:

      Mego was also a toy company, making 8" and 12" posable action figures which ran from 1971-1982.

    • The Empire Strikes Back:

      Kim's attempt to trip the Flamingo of Doom by wrapping up its legs with her grappling hook is the third time this series has made this allusion to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (and the first time it has failed to work).

    • Power Pack:

      Team Go is in fact a reference to many superhero teams of the past, but perhaps the most prominent are the Power Pack (a group of siblings fighting crime with alien-granted powers) and the various Japanese sentai teams with their color coded outfits, and (more often then not) single female member.

    • The Avengers:

      Mego's powers are excactly the same as Giant/Antman of the Avengers.

    • Teen Titans:

      Actually, Go Tower bears more resemblence to the "T" shaped tower utilized by the Teen Titans, rather than the old tower once used by the Fantastic Four. For instance, Go Tower, like the one used by the Titans, is on a small island in the middle of the bay, rather than in the middle of the city, as both the Baxter Building and Four Freedoms Plaza (both used by the Fantastic Four) were.

    • Ron: That is the second largest flamingo I have ever seen!

      A variation on a running gag in Lucasarts' "Monkey Island" series of computer games, sparked by a line in the first:

      "That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen!"

      Appropriate, given Ron's fear of monkeys.

    • Hego: Those powers are a great responsibility.

      This bears strong resemblance to the classic line from Amazing Fantasy #15 (The first appearance of Spider-Man) and subsequently repeated in several Spider-Man issues and the Spider-Man movie, first coined by the great Stan Lee, "With Great Power must come...Great Responsibility."

    • The Vulture:

      The villain Aviarius is very similar to the Spider-man villain The Vulture.

    • Ron: Were you, like, some kind of fire guy?

      Ron references the Fantastic Four superhero Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch.

    • Fantastic Four:

      The Go Tower is very similar to the Fantastic Four tower, right down to the special access lock.

    • Ron: Ah, Go City. If you can make it here, well, then... y'know, you've... made it here. Which is pretty good!

      Ron spoofs the popular Frank Sinatra song "New York, New York": "If I can make it there / I'll make it anywhere!"

    • Superman:

      Hego (when dressed normally) bears a striking resemblance to Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent. In fact, Hego's character is a parody of Superman's idealism.

    • Kim: spinning through rock): Ooh! You know...I do not recommend that.

      A dig at Superman, who uses the same method of tunneling through rock but never seems to get dizzy.

    • X-Men:

      Wego's power is very similar to that of X-Men character Mutiple Man. given the style of animation, it is also a reference to Multi-Man of the 1960's Hanna Barbera cartoon; The Impossibles.