Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 12

Gorilla Fist

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 18, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Naturally, it would be my honor to write this review.

    Yori, I felt was a huge success last time in the "Exchange" episode. I'm very pleased to see her back again. The jealously twist was also very successful. There is a lot the writers can do with this rich storyline to run with in future episodes.

    The sage advice from Sensei was very apt and worked quite well in the story. It made the joke Ron made of 'Nothin but love' for the Sensei (with the out-of-character rapper fist-to-chest bump from the Sensei) all the more hilarious.

    While I think the plot could have been improved, the DNAmy thing with MonkeyFist was a bit amusing, provided that it is not overused. What I liked most about the episode were the two best supporting minor characters being reintroduced -- Yori and Sensei.

    In a way, the sage wisdom offered by Sensei and the emphasis Yori places on honor is quite a welcome relief to see now and again. After watching these two, I am inspired toward nobler acts. Overall, I'm very glad to see Yori back. I'm looking forward to her in more episodes in the future. And more Sensei wisdom would be much appreciated.
  • Its great to see Yori again!

    When Sensei goes missing, he sends Ron a message in Mistory Meat sauce. Ron gets freaked out and hides, Kim tells him to calm down and not to worry about anything. Then Ron starts to block this front door. When he gets done, he sees that Yori comes by to see him. When they see that the only evidence is monkey fur, they believe that Monkey Fist is behind everything. Then Yori comes to Middleton High to help Ron get ready for the trip. Kim and Monique, especially Kim, both get suspicous about Ron and Yori. Ron and Yori are off to South America to look for Monkey Fist. After they battle the posion monkey teeth, and into Monkey Fist's tree house, they see that he, or Sensei, isn't there. Then they see that Monkey Fist is in an abandone zoo. Meanwhile, Kim is back in Middleton having Wade find out stuff on Yori. He tells her that he can't find anything about her yet, but he does tell her where the two are. She pops up in the middle of their trip, and gets to the bottom of what really happen in Japan! After she hears about that, they find Monkey Fist in hidding. He tells them that he had nothing to do with Sensei disapearence. All of a sudden a group of apes comes after them, Monkey Fist tells them that he was hiding from that. Later we see the apes take the four to a secret hide away. Then we get to see Sensei again! But the main apes tells them that she only wants Monkey Fist, and drops the rest over a water fall. They get back on their feet, and try to save Monkey Fist. When they battle the two apes, we see Yori and Kim work together as friends. After we see the apes get pinned down, the main one takes off her mask, and we see that its DNAmy! Monkey Fist flips out in fear, and tells everybody that its not what you think. But Amy tells him htat he was just saying that, and everyone agrees that this whole thng was wrong-sick! After DNAmy chases Monkey Fist away, we find out that Yori liked liked Ron. When she left, she kissed him, and thought it was cute how he had no that she liked him. So Kim and Ron start to go home after the adventure, adn Ron says, "It will be my honor to walk."
  • In this episode Yori is back and so is sensei and Kim and Ron with Yori are trying to figure out who stole master sensei.

    Yori’s sensei has been kidnapped and all evidence indicates that Lord Monkey Fist is responsible for it. Yori comes to Middleton to get Ron, in which Yori and Ron head off to South America to attempt to stop Lord Monkey Fist leaving Kim suspicious. One of the things that left Kim Possible thinking was if Yori and Ron liked each other and she was just so curious that she had to follow them. If you ask me Kim liked Ron a little bit in this episode I mean following them is like too far. When Kim starts to grow suspicious about Yori’s sudden appearance in Middleton, she heads after them to get to get to the bottom of their predicament which is sort of what I said but in different words.
  • Kim/Ron is brought up in this episode through Yori.

    Ron has to help his old sensai, and Yori comes to get him. Kim gets jealous, and jumps to the conclusion that Yori is working for monkey fist (who they assume has taken the sensai) I like this episode because it forshadows Kim and Ron's romantic relationship. K/R 4-ever!
  • No more monkeying around.

    A message is written on the cafeteria walls in gravy. It's a summons for Ron. Ron Rieger? Given that a vision of Sensei appears late at night to him, it's more likely for Ron Stoppable. The head of the Yamanouchi School has been kidnapped and Ron must set out to find him.

    The search reunites him with Yori and they head around the world...followed closely by Kim, who feels that there's more to this girl than meets the eye. It is thought that Monkey Fist is behind the abduction, but the real culprit is far more sinister...

    I enjoyed this episode on a number of levels. The same kind of clever plotting that writer/creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley bestowed upon "So the Drama" (and, for that matter, the movie "Sky High") is on display here. And seeing Sensei in action brought back fond memories of "Kill Bill: Vol. 2". So, what's with the low rating?

    "Gorilla Fist" could easily be considered a classic, but filtered through the sensibilities of the third season, with it's forced slang ("Jelling"? Please!), annoying shippiness and Ron's inexplicably higher voice, it rates a near-miss. Worth watching, but man...
  • A very special K/R episode.

    After getting a spooky message in mystery meat gravy, Ron considers locking himself in his room, but when Yori pays him a special visit to let him know that Sensei is missing and Monkey Fist is the prime suspect, he helps out. Oh yeah, and he still can't tell Kim about his adventure in Japan. Because of this, the green-eyed monster inside Kim gets the best of her and she ends up following them all the way to a zoo in Arizona. But, is Monkey Fist really the culprit behind Sensei's kidnapping? And what happens when Kim finds out?
    I think this episode was on the 'So the Drama' DVD because the Director was trying to help viewers identify the technique of foreshadowing, because this episode foreshadows SD in a HUGE way: When Kim gets jealous of all the time Ron spends with Yori, it's very similar to how Ron gets jealous of all the time Kim spends with Erik in SD.

    One of the things I liked about this episode was how Monique's role becomes bigger: She helps Kim identify her jealousy of Ron and Yori, thus making Kim realize how she really feels for Ron. It is entirely possible Monique will be featured more often if the series returns.
    Another thing I liked was how Kim, Ron, Yori and Sensei went back to save Monkey Fist, especially the climatic battle.

    If not for any other reason, the hilarious surprise ending makes this episode a must-see.
  • The Kim/Ron/Yori relation

    In So The Drama, Ron\\\'s jealous over Eric, but this is the opposite side. Kim was so eager to find out about Yori, and when they met it was frosty... I love it because even Ron wondered if she was \\\"freakin\\\" over his friend Yori. That\\\'s definitely the best thing about the whole episode ^_^ (even though I hate that Yori girl...)
  • In this sequel to “Exchange”, Kim becomes very jealous of Yori when she comes back into Ron’s life. The three of them set off into a mission to save Sensai, but get an unexpected surprise.

    “Gorilla Fist” is an excellent addition to the Kim Possible: So the Drama DVD, which can be seen in the special features. First of all, in “Exchange”, they had to create this lame crushing story in order to have Kim in the episode at all, so it was nice, this time around, for Kim to actually be involved in the main plot. And she is so adorable in it. Ron has always been her best friend, but when she gets the feeling that this attractive young Japanese women might be muscling in on her Ron, she goes into super jealous mode. The first time she meets Yori, I got the feeling that Kim wanted to dropkick her right in the face. In the process she gets some good nature ribbing from Monique and even Wade. Ron is his usual hilarious self. As Yori says, he makes heroism funny with his American style buffoonery It is also great when he steps up. This was one of those episodes when Kim and Ron are on the same level. They did a good job revisiting “Exchange”, bringing back favorites like Yori, Sensai, and of course Monkey Fist. But it also has a surprise ending. “Gorilla Fist” is enjoyable from start to finish, and it was my honor to write this review.
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