Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 12

Gorilla Fist

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 18, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Its great to see Yori again!

    When Sensei goes missing, he sends Ron a message in Mistory Meat sauce. Ron gets freaked out and hides, Kim tells him to calm down and not to worry about anything. Then Ron starts to block this front door. When he gets done, he sees that Yori comes by to see him. When they see that the only evidence is monkey fur, they believe that Monkey Fist is behind everything. Then Yori comes to Middleton High to help Ron get ready for the trip. Kim and Monique, especially Kim, both get suspicous about Ron and Yori. Ron and Yori are off to South America to look for Monkey Fist. After they battle the posion monkey teeth, and into Monkey Fist's tree house, they see that he, or Sensei, isn't there. Then they see that Monkey Fist is in an abandone zoo. Meanwhile, Kim is back in Middleton having Wade find out stuff on Yori. He tells her that he can't find anything about her yet, but he does tell her where the two are. She pops up in the middle of their trip, and gets to the bottom of what really happen in Japan! After she hears about that, they find Monkey Fist in hidding. He tells them that he had nothing to do with Sensei disapearence. All of a sudden a group of apes comes after them, Monkey Fist tells them that he was hiding from that. Later we see the apes take the four to a secret hide away. Then we get to see Sensei again! But the main apes tells them that she only wants Monkey Fist, and drops the rest over a water fall. They get back on their feet, and try to save Monkey Fist. When they battle the two apes, we see Yori and Kim work together as friends. After we see the apes get pinned down, the main one takes off her mask, and we see that its DNAmy! Monkey Fist flips out in fear, and tells everybody that its not what you think. But Amy tells him htat he was just saying that, and everyone agrees that this whole thng was wrong-sick! After DNAmy chases Monkey Fist away, we find out that Yori liked liked Ron. When she left, she kissed him, and thought it was cute how he had no that she liked him. So Kim and Ron start to go home after the adventure, adn Ron says, "It will be my honor to walk."