Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 12

Gorilla Fist

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Nov 18, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Whenever Monkey Fist is shown or talked about, the same Harpsichord music is played in the background, acting as his theme.

    • Monkey Fist shows no interest with DNAmy in this episode, yet in Partners, we see he has a picture of her.

    • The events in this episode prove that Kim had feelings for Ron long before So The Drama, she was just to proud to admit them at the moment.

    • When Kim is jumping out of the plane to find Ron in the Amazon Rainforest, it is completely daylight, but when she lands on the treehouse, it is completely dark.

    • During the scene in Ron's house, Rufus's shadow is not connected to his body.

    • When the two ninjas give Ron the airplane tickets, the ninja who gives the tickets to Ron briefly has ungloved hands.

  • Quotes

    • Wade: (About Yori) I searched all the known schools and I found nothing, so I checked into the unknown.
      Kim: And I thought I could do anything.


    • Ron: (looking at map) Wait a minute, this zoo's all the way in Arizona. How are we gonna. . . (Ninjas appear piloting a helicopter) Uh-huh. You know, it's great them showing up and all, but where were they when we were FIGHTING OFF ALL THE MONKEY TEETH?!

    • Yori: The zoo appears to be closed.
      Ron: Closed? It's out of business. No churros! (disappointed) Why did we even come here? (Yori walks past him) Other than saving Sensei of course!

    • Ron: Notice it's always "monkey house," not monkey home?" That says a lot.
      Yori: What does that say?
      Ron: Well, I don't know, just pointing it out.

    • Ron: Whoa, are you freaking over my friend, Yori?
      Kim: (gives weird look) I am not freaking, I am not jelling.
      Ron and Yori: Jelling?
      Ron: What's jelling?

    • Kim: Weird.
      Monique: "Secret girlfriend" weird?
      Kim: No, he'd tell me. I mean, why wouldn't he?
      Monique: 'Cause you'd go all Jel.
      Kim: Jel?
      Monique: Green-eyed!
      Kim: So? I've always had green eyes.
      Monique: (slowly) Jealous!

    • Ron: So why are we saving the bad guy again?
      Sensei: A weed that never grows does not need to be cut down.
      Ron: Good gardening tip. Now, why are we saving Monkey Fist?

    • Yori: Kim Possible? I have heard much.
      Kim: Really? I haven't.
      Ron: Oh, you know Yori from... seventh period history. She's an old friend from Camp Wannaweep. Actually, we've never met. (to Yori) Who are you stranger I do not know? What do you want?
      Kim: But you just said that her name was Yori.
      Ron: Well, it's a popular name in Japan. Well, I-I-I-I gotta go.

    • Ron: Check me, KP. I'm an arch foe.
      Monkey Fist: You're not an Archfoe! You're an arch-bumbler.

    • Ron: The dragging-knuckled Ying to my knuckle-headed Yang.

    • Yori: Oh, Stoppable-san, you are so funny with your American misunderstanding of women.

    • Kim: Is this Yori girl dragging him around the world or something?
      Wade: Hmm, sounds familiar.

    • Ron: Then it'll be my collapse from exhaustion. (Rufus chatters excitedly) What? This is my honor nap.

    • Kim: Did you analyze the gravy sample?
      Wade: Yeah.
      Kim: And?
      Wade: You don't want to know... not until graduation... from college.
      Monique: I say we trust him on the gravy.

    • Yori: Sensei is using his powers to contact you.
      Ron: Oh sure, why pick up a phone when you can terrorize.

    • Yori: Stoppable-san, you make danger comical with your American style Buffoonery.

    • Monkey Fist: No! Get back! Stay away!
      Amy: Get back here! You're my newest and only cuddlebuddy.

    • Ron: Wait, so Yori liked me like me?
      Kim: You really don't understand girls do you?
      Ron: No I don't.

    • Kim: Wrongsick!
      Ron: That's what I'm saying.

    • Ron: This goes beyond sick and's wrong sick!

    • Kim: I knew he was crushin' on someone in Japan!

    • Ron: Why couldn't she just tell me she likes me? She was being all ninja about it.

      Kim: Well, you've got me...

    • Ron: Dude, I think you're on a date.
      Monkey Fist: Nonsense! It was merely a professional relationship.

    • MHS Sign: Home of the Gravy Ghost

    • MHS Sign: Home of Double-Cheese Pizza

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Scholl's:

      Monique says Kim is "so jelling" (as in jealous), and she vehemently insists, "I'm not jelling!" This plays on a Dr. Scholl's ad for a gel-based shoe insert, in which people use the word "gellin'" to indicate they use the product, and proceed to rhyme the word in a series of clever wordplays.

    • Inidana Jones:

      Ron's reaction to discovering the partially obscured monkey head statue is very similar to the reaction of one of Indiana Jones' assistants at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark

    • Indiana Jones:

      The Monkey Teeth trap is direct homage to the poisoned darts that shoot out of the walls of the Asian temple in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • Ron: Allllllrighty then!

      Ron uses Jim Carrey's catch-phrase from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective