Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 22

Graduation, Part 1

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Sep 07, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Kim and Ron on their way to spoil another one of Drakken's plots. This time, Drakken is located somewhere in some snowy mountains. Ron is excited for graduation- mainly, because there's no way that he can lose his pants while wearing a gown. Meanwhile, Drakken is busy preparing his latest world domination plot: killer plants. Apparently, he will be able to control the world by commanding an army of mutant plants. He has a backpack thing full of green goo which he can use to shoot out mutant plants. Just then, Kim and Ron arrive. Drakken tests out his new device, shooting out a bunch of green goo... which blossoms into a pretty tree full of flowers. Nothing evil about it. Frustrated, Drakken commands Shego to "do what you do!" as he reconfigures his backpack. Shego and Kim procede to fight. Drakken finally fixes his backpack- only to find that Rufus has tied the hose part of the backpack up, rendering it useless. Kim then crashes into Drakken, sending him into one of the huge towers of green goo behind him. It all spills out, leaving Drakken's lair bursting with flowers. The goo also mutates Drakken... growing pretty, large petals out of his neck. Not that frightening. Kim and Ron escape amidst all of the confusion and head back to Middleton.

Later, Ron is working at Smarty Mart. Seeing Barkin, he starts bragging about how perfect his life currently is. He's the star of the football team, he's dating the most popular girl in school, and he's about to graduate. Barkin then remarks that as a senior, he used to be just like Ron- but after graduation, his life went downhill. He warns Ron that nothing can last forever, and that after graduation Ron's life will also head to downhill. Sightly upset, Ron then heads over to Kim's house. There, he finds her sifting through a mountain of college acceptance letters. While Kim has been getting them for weeks, Ron hasn't even gotten one letter yet. This, combined with what Barkin said earlier, freaks Ron out and he leaves.

Dr. Possible (Kim's dad) is golfing with his friends and brother at the Middleton Country Club. While there, he sees what he assumes to be vandalism on one part of the lawn. The camera then zooms out, and it is revealed that a large, mysterious insignia has been burned into the turf.

When Dr. Possible heads home, he and Kim discover that the strange insignia has been burned into golf courses worldwide (via the news). Concluding that golf courses must equal Duff Killigan, Kim grabs Ron and heads out to Killigan's lair. There, they discover that Duff is not the one behind the symbols- in fact, one has been burned into Duff's very own lawn. Strangely, Wade can't seem to get a good signal to talk to Kim. Since he can't arrange a ride, he sends Kim and Ron back to Middleton via plane. At the airport, Kim notices that her graduation has made the cover of a magazine. Ron's face is halfway in the picture on the magazine- causing him to remark that he's already being pushed out of the picture.

Back at school, Kim and Ron talk with Monique about their excitement for graduation. Or at least, Kim talks- Ron is quiet. It's almost the end of the day, and Barkin has been called in to supervise the seniors' last hour of high school. Felix, who is the valedictorian, asks Kim to say a few words at graduation. She agrees. During the period, the lights start to flicker. However, Barkin dismisses it as a lame attempt at a senior prank. The last few seconds of school begin to count down... but just as the clock reaches the 12, the power goes out! Barkin then gives his own rendition of a school bell, and the students rush out, finally free from high school.

After school, Kim and Ron head to Bueno Nacho for some food. There, Ron finally loses it and confides his fears to Kim. She reassures him that graduation is not "the end of the world," but Ron isn't completely convinced. Kim then heads home, and she confides to her mother that she too is scared about graduation. Her mom in turn reassures her. Outside, Jim and Tim successfully launch a rocket sattelite they have built. They plan to use it to spy on Kim during her dates.

It turns out that Kim's Nana had flown in for the occasion. Kim's whole family is there to see her out of high school. She goes upstairs to change into her graduation robe. Through a cute montage, we also see Ron getting ready for graduation. After Kim is fully dressed- with her hair looking amazing, by the way- she and her family head off to graduation. A few seconds after their car pulls out... an alien space ship crashes down onto their house, destroying it!

Ron is fighting his jitters in the bathroom at school right before graduation. Sensei appears to him, telling him that his greatest challenge will soon come. Unfortunately, Ron doesn't understand the warning and heads off to join Kim for graduation.

Kim and Ron meet up. Kim tells Ron that she has a confession to make. But before she can, she and Ron are separated as the seniors sit in alphabetical order.

Back in Drakken's lair, Drakken is trying furiously to rid himself of his mutant petals. Every time he pulls one out, though, they pop back up. Suddenly, an alien space ship crashes down into the lair. A beam of light shoots out, and Drakken is lifted up, up, up...

At graduation, Kim is trying to tell Ron something, but he can't hear her. She is then called up by Felix to speak at the podium. But just as she begins, a ray of light shoots down from the sky at her. Just like Drakken, she is lifted up. Ron reaches up to try and grab onto her, and he does- but he slips and tumbles to the ground.

Kim finds herself inside of an alien spaceship, held captive with Drakken. It turns out Warmonga and her friend, Warhok, have kidnapped them. She kidnapped Drakken for deceiving her, and Kim for defeating her. She and Warhawk plan to get revenge by taking control of Earth, Kim and Drakken's home planet. What will happen to Kim and Drakken?

To be continued...