Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 23

Graduation, Part 2

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Sep 07, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Everyone (sans Kim, of course) has gathered in the high school auditorium to regroup. Barkin is crying hysterically, prompting Nana to banish him to the nurse's room. Meanwhile, Ron, Dr. Possible, and Wade are trying to figure out what is happening. The entire world has been taken over by Warmonga and Warhok. They took out the world's electricity, and then proceeded to attack with tripod-like robots that are indestructible. Ron and Dr. Possible rush off to find a rocket to rescue Kim with.

When Ron and Dr. P reach the rocket place where Dr. P works, they are confronted with Shego. Shego joins the two as they race inside, using a generator to power the place. When Dr. P informs Shego that he and Ron will be flying the rocket while she stays behind, Shego objects and steals Dr. P's space suit, leaving him in his boxers. Shego and Ron then jet off in the rocket.

As Shego and Ron approach Warmonga's ship in space, they don't know how to get inside. Luckily, Ron figures out how they can enter through the garbage shoot. Inside the ship, Kim and Drakken are left alone and imprisoned. Drakken discovers that his mutation can sprout tendrils which obey his commands. Drakken then uses the tendrils to help him and Kim escape. Drakken and Kim run out and meet up with Shego and Ron.

The four run down to the ship's noisy control center. Nobody can figure out how to shut down the ship, until Ron points out the obvious: an off switch. They turn the switch of, and the ship begins to plummet. Realizing what has happened, Warmonga and Warhok run over to the four and procede to fight them. During the fight, Warmonga makes the mistake that shego and Drakken a couple- a claim which Shego furriously disputes. A little too furiously. Warmonga then wonders why Shego felt so threatened by Warmonga the first time the alien appeared, and why she jetted into space this time to save him. Before Shego can object again, Ron uses his space suit to blast off and flies off, carrying Drakken. Shego does the same with Kim. Warmonga and Warhok follow on their own gliders. Everyone escapes the ship just as it explodes in Earth's atmosphere, and they fight in midair as they glide to the ground. After landing, Drakken and Shego run off and Kim and Ron are left to fight.

And so a long fight goes on. Just as the good guys appear to be losing, Drakken and Shego return. They had gone back to Drakken's lair, where they grabbed the rest of Drakken's plant goo. Using the goo, Drakken commands his plants to destroy all the alien tripods and capture Warmonga and Warhok. While the plants do destroy the tripods, they are not strong enough to hold the aliens and Warhawk captures Kim. Just then, Sensei appears to Ron. Sensei tells him that Ron is a mystical monkey master and that he should use his powers to save Kim. Ron does just that, glowing blue and fighting off both aliens, flinging Warmonga and Warhok into space, where they collide with something and explode. Everyone is left safe.

Graduation finally commences. As Bonnie goes to get her diploma, Barkin reveals that since she skipped the last week of s, she failed a pop test and was short one credit. She can't graduate and is forced to go to summer school! Luckily, her boyfriend Junior is there to help her. Ron and Kim both graduate smoothly- except for Ron ditching the traditional robes and instead wearing his space suit. Kim tells Ron that the confession she had been talking about earlier was that she too was scared for the future. Ron finally comes to accept that him and Kim will face the future together.

The following things all happen in an ending montage: After graduation, Kim and Ron head off to a beach party. Everyone is having fun- except Bonnie, who is studying for summer school. Drakken turns to good and is seen speaking in front of an audience, telling them his ideas. After the speech, his plant tendrils reach out and hug Shego romantically. And... roll credits.

During the credits, we see a cafe where all of Kim Possible's former foes are sitting. Drakken is talking to Professor Dementor, who comments how ironic it is that Drakken was horrible at being evil, but great at being good. Dementor then asks about why Drakken is blue. We hear Drakken say how "it was a Tuesday" before he is cut off by the show ending. Guess that's one mystery that will go unsolved.