Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 23

Graduation, Part 2

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Sep 07, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Bonnie fails the 12th grade and must repeat it; Drakken reforms and is fully pardoned by the UN; Ron turns into the Hand of God, saving Kim and the world (again); nobody who made a damsel of Kim throughout this series gets the recognition they earned.

    Although I haven't actually seen GRADUATION in its entirety, I've been disappointed with the word of mouth regarding it.

    First and foremost is the overuse of the "Sidekick saves the day while Heroine gets demoted to victim" gimmick, which began with SINK OR SWIM. That's been done so many times throughout the series, there's no longer any suspense as to whether or not the world will be saved. The suspense is in wondering whether Kim herself will actually get the chance to do so--also, whether her wits and resources will extricate her from mortal peril--before the "Hand of God" does. After all, since the series bears Kim's name, it's no fun watching her get upstaged by her family (friends, guest stars) in almost every other episode. At least, not unless the end of said episode complements the proceedings.

    Here's an example:

    Suppose, at the end of GRADUATION, Ron--having become the Supreme Monkey Master, to save Kim and the world from those evil aliens--is recruited (right in front of family and friends) by other, good, aliens to keep their planet safe and free. Get this: The leader of these good aliens is a dead ringer for Kim! She talks and behaves like Kim, and looks like her...except for her Drakken-blue skin. So does Ron's fear of being separated from Kim after graduation come true, sort of. But Kim just wishes Ron well and blows him a kiss, calling after him to "send a postcard!" After all, there's no way she could protect the world as well as the Supreme Monkey Master...right? Needless to say, Rufus tags along with Ron--since the planet in question just happens to be where naked mole rats come from! And, being Ron, he wastes little time introducing his alien hosts to the Naco.

    Later, at the post-graduation beach party, Kim gets another hit on her site. Instead of responding to it, however, she recruits valedictorian Felix Renton to handle it. After all, Kim points out, "You're better at everything else than I am, so I'll just retire from saving the world and tutor Bonnie for her GED." When she mentions how Felix repeatedly rescued her and Ron from Motor Ed, Felix argues that was just the easy part...thereby proving Kim's point. With a smile and a shrug, he taps a button and his high-tech super-wheelchair transforms into a mini-jet plane. This makes things easier for Wade, since he'll never need to wrangle a ride for his new day-saver-for-hire. After Felix soars off to fill Kim's shoes, Senor Senior Junior takes his place on the volleyball court...having proven himself useless at helping Bonnie with her makeup-studies. When Kim steps in to assist her longtime rival, Bonnie is deeply touched; they walk off into the sunset, arm-in-arm. "Bonnie, after four years, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." (An homage to CASABLANCA.)

    Over the end credits, as Drakken (and Shego)'s former colleagues discuss his (and her) reformation and full pardon by the UN, Felix and his super-wheelchair burst into the room. He thoroughly cleans all their clocks, trashing the room in the process. Finally, in an homage to THE NAKED GUN, he calls back to them: "And don't ever let me catch any of you guys in Middleton!"

    So, what do you think...better or worse than the GRADUATION script they actually used, or about the same? Thanks for your feedback!
  • i miss kim

    i miss the show soooooooooooooooooo much <3 <3 <3 i feel so sad its over the new kid cartoons sux no wonder my lil sis wouldnt miss the new cartoons if they where long gone she misses the old ones like kim possible as much as i do :'(
  • Good But...

    Now, I really liked the series ending, but I rather wish Disney had made a full length movie instead of 2 episode finale. Too many things were left off like where the heck are Kim and Ron going to college? Is Ron the Great Blue? What the heck happened to Warhok and Warmonga? What's with Monkey Fist fate? How did Drakken turn blue? When are Kim and Ron gonna marry? Apart from that the finale was funny, entertaining and everything.

    I SO want Disney to make a Kim Possible theatrical release, That's ALL I want, only that and I'm completely satisfied. Please Disney! Bring KP back, forget that Phineas and Ferb sH&t useless Jim and Tim rip off. Please!
  • i prefer so the drama

    Honestly, i wish So the Drama was the end of the series. Not that i dont like the recent episode its just that i dont think this was a good ending. In So the Drama, they ended off with a kiss and i thought it was so fantastic. But then, it was nice to make a new series. The problem with this movie is that they ended off with Kim and Ron being boyfriend and girlfriend kissing. thats not as romantic as so the drama.
    One thing i liked about this movie was that my favourite villians: Shego and Drakken got together. awwww
    The credits were funny too.... i guess
  • The epic conclusion to a thrilling adventure

    I must say I find it hard to chose between this episode and So The Drama. Ron was really upset that aliens took his girl. Willing to do anything to save her, he teams up with a villain. I found Drakken's new powers interesting. Looks like he's a real super villain now. Hard to believe the blue guy finally won, and it happened when he was with the good guys. Ron really stepped up in this episode. Two aliens were threatening to harm the love of his life, so what does he do? He becomes the super being he was destined to be. Ron's not just a sidekick anymore, he's Kim's equal, her partner, in missions and in life. I did find the ending scene with Kim and Ron kissing very touching. Not as magical as the one in So The Drama, but still. This episode certainly left a few questions: Will Drakken and Shego remain villains or become heroes and will they form a relationship like Kim and Ron's? How will Drakken and Ron's new skills effect the series? And of course: What does the future hold for Kim and Ron. These questions need to be answered, so I for one hope that the FFKP succeeds in their goal. Don't count KP out yet folks!
  • Pretty good. Thought not at the level of So The Drama. Was Ron the Great Blue?

    Watching this episode I kept wondering if perhaps Ron was the great blue. I dont know if its been officially said anywhere but it would make sense.

    If it is the case I'm a little disappointed the writers didnt make a bigger deal out of this in the plot and work it in more clearly.

    In any case this is still one of the better episodes of the series but I wish they'd have made a movie rather then just a two parter and that Drakken's greatest plan ever hadnt been a little more robust then to just


    attack the aliens machines with his plants. That's not really a brillant plan. It's more an obvious decision.
  • well this last episode of kp ron must save the world draken stuck with kim gradtion is runnied an evil allien returns and bonny fails the 12th grade rons scared about the future draken a flower and shgo and ron work togeher now the four must join forces

    to stop the eviel allien. well the finale episode it was okay to me i liked the other series finale better shego ron kim and dr.d work together fightin side by side and one drakens plan save the world and will draken and shego start go out as for the other viallns they were not in this one witch to me left lots questions i guess they all gave up on viallan like draken and shego . who start to date kim and ron i guess stay together in collge . they was lots of action in this two parter and it was good to see that disney could actually do a seris finale all in all it was good!
  • Excellent Finalie!!!!

    I loved this finalie!!! Some parts were just plain funny: like Shego stealing Mr. Dr. P's spacesuit and leaving him pantless (a running gag with Ron). Drakken proved to be pretty useful in escaping the ship and then saving the world. He actually came up with a plan that worked and this time it was to help our side. Also: it's offical, Shego can't resist Kim's Puppy Dog Pout. I loved the end when after all else fails Sensei appears to Ron and gives him the courage he needs to finally fully tap into his Mystical Monkey Powers (there are a few points in the series where I'm sure he's at least partially tapped into those before throught the series) and defeated and destroyed Warmonga and Warhok. His powers are incredible when fully accessed: he easily defeated both Warhok and Warmonga by himself when even Kim and Shego together couldn't defeat Warmonga alone in Mad Dogs and Aliens. I think he can now use them fully whenever he wants like Niki Sanders could in Heroes once she finally gained full use and control of her super-strength power. That was probably just the tip of the iceberg with his powers and I wish they'd do a new season and explore his newly unlocked powers more.
  • Deus Ex Machina

    Before I begin this review, let me say that I actually found this episode to be quite entertaining. I just had one major problem, which I'll detail below.

    Towards the end of the episode, Kim is thrown into Ron and knocked out. Shego is also incapacitated, leaving Ron to save the day. Which he does by going Super Saiyan on Warmonga and Warhok's asses, tossing them into their descending spaceship and killing them. Afterward, he goes back to normal and Kim wakes up, then rushes over to him and envelops him in a great big hug.

    And therein lies my problem.

    While many will watch this episode and say that Ron "stepped up," I do not choose to see it as such. I see it as a Deus Ex Machina designed to end the episode quickly so that they could move on to more pointless Felix/Zita scenes. It was a cheap victory, if only for the fact that it was over in under ten seconds. They didn't stand a chance against him, which I found to be utterly ridiculous given the close-call nature of Ron's victories the few times that he has actually "stepped up."

    Let's face it: pretty much ALL of Ron's victories up to this point have been the result of a combination of clever strategy and dumb luck (or "dumb skill," as Ron prefers to call it), not overwhelming power. It goes against the nature of his character. Monkeys are known for their cunning, not brute strength.

    I also don't like that they forced Kim into the role of Lois Lane when she's been playing Superman the whole series. Hero worship has never been her style, and while I could have handled her simply being impressed, her awestruck reaction is a bit too much for me to believe. KP was created with the goal of turning the conventions of the action genre on their heads. Here the writers are just confirming them.

    Let me repeat: Ron did not "step up." He achieved a cheap victory by killing two foes who didn't stand a chance against him. Some will say that Ron had no choice because the aliens were going to subjugate the planet. To those people I pose this question: how EXACTLY were they supposed to do that when their army of machines had already been CRIPPLED by Drakken's mutant plants? The planet was no longer in danger, and frankly neither was Kim's life. Ron essentially killed them in cold blood. There's no other way to describe it.

    And then to have Kim fawn over her "savior" when she could have at least gotten on his case about the whole killing thing was enough to make me ROLL MY EYES. Though I suppose that it's actually consistent with her behavior throughout the rest of Season 4 in regards to Ron, where she ignores and even encourages his immoral and in some cases downright illegal behavior.

    One of my biggest problems with this show is that it places people in the position of role model who have no right to be there. The ironic thing is that I would be perfectly fine with this episode if they at least ADDRESSED the issue. But they just totally ignored it, as if they were saying that killing people, even a hostile people from another planet, is something that you can just forget about. Sorry, but I just can't buy that. And that's my biggest complaint with this episode.

    The rest of this episode was actually quite good. The ending is left open enough that fanfic writers like me will have enough material for years to come, and people can decide for themselves how things work out. After all, anything's possible for a Possible.
  • Dam it is over but what an ending

    Man i wish they could have made it a bit longer but dam for an ending it was realy good. I Realy liked the way ran steped up to the plate in this one realy reminisent of dragon ball in a way. blowing up barkens car classic. you know i would like to know where the girl phelix was with came in and how they hooked up. I would also like to say the un thing giving drakken a medil for saving the world is cool. but Drakken and shego creeply. The ending with them driving off into the moon light is a little sappy but cool.
  • Best Fanale Ever! That was the best cartoon show ending I've ever seen! It felt just right. Most toons never get a finale that is meant to be one.

    It was perfect, the way good and evil came together, and the way everything changed with the destruction of all the core buildings, breaking that 'staying the same' mold all TV shows tend to have. I was impressed by how it was just plain good. Frankly I was not really expecting much of this season or this finale, but this whole season was just really good.

    Just one complaint about the season and finale though, why was this Felix's first and only appearance in this whole season? Monique was in practically every episode. where was Felix? Maybe with him dating Zeda and Ron dating Kim they were all busy from one another, but still they only pull him out again for the Finale? Felix and Zeda as an Item was a cute and unexpected twist though.
  • Monkey style

    Ron looks similar when he uses his monkey powers (the blue light around him), to Uzumaki Naruto when the red chakra (from the kyuubi) leaks out of him. Good seen by the fight against sasuke on the waterfall. Is a nice ending of the 4 season but so a drama was a better season ender as graduation. Yes so a drama is more film like as this 2 episodes. Also is it like a parody on war of the worlds. But all in all a good episode with many funny scenes and a happy ending for all. Shego and drakken together. Mislike is that it seems now really to end the serie.
  • This did not live up to my expectations at all.

    I love how Kim and Ron teamed up with Drakken and Shego, but there is so much more this episode could have offered. I think there could've had more Kim and Ron moments about talking about college and if they'll ever see each other again. The kiss at the end was really disappointing. The kiss in So The Drama was heart felt and I really liked that one. If I had known this was how it was gonna end, I would've settled for So the Drama being the finale. I was expecting I guess something you could call more character development in Kim and Ron. I did like it when Ron stepped up and kicked butt but he kinda did that in Oh No! Yono. He didnt seem all that worried about Kim in this one as he did in the other one. I think they should've brought monkey fist back instead, he held Kim hostage, and then Ron go all Monkey style. It just didnt seem like there was enough Kim and Ron for this to make sense. I honestly was disappointed in the ending.

    It had a great plot but it would've been so much better if they had made it an actual movie.
  • Perfect series finale! Packed with plenty of action and humor.

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of the entire series! It was so hilarious! I loved how Drakken's plan with the killer plants went haywire and he ended up having a daisy growing out of his neck. It was funny how he kept pulling it out, but it kept growing back. Shego's comment about him being a daisy bazooka was funny. It was also funny how Kim and Drakken were trapped together. When Kim was "killed" by the gun, Drakken went into a speech about how great of a foe she was. It was funny how he used his daisy as an accomplice. I couldn't stop laughing when Shego messed up Kim's dad's plan and stripped him off his clothes because she needed the space suit. It was cute how Kim and Ron ran to each other when they met again on the spaceship. It was funny how Drakken and Shego almost ran to hug each other too, though they stopped right before they touched. I also liked the scene where Shego flew down the hall with Kim while Ron flew down the hall with Drakken. Drakken's comment about the cursing the lemons life gave him was hilarious! I almost spat my water all over the place. The fighting scenes in this episode were great. Especially Ron's monkey ninja powers at the end of the episode. It was cute how he said he couldn't live without Kim. The look on her face when he said that was priceless. The ending was great: Kim and Ron accepted their future, Bonnie is forced to take summer school, the Tweebs kept blowing up Barken's car and getting chased by him, Drakken is a hero, and Drakken and Shego might become girlfriend and boyfriend. That part was both cute and disturbing. Overall, this was great series finale.
  • Great way to end a series

    Drakken finally won, so happy for him, and he has a new power, he is no longer the helpless man he used to be.

    The Kim / Ron stuff were great, I loved the finale image of them riding into the moonlight. An awsome part was Ron fighting Warhok with his monkey powers. A loved that it was seeing Kim helpless and in the clutches of Warhok, that got Ron to master his monkey powers and become the the monkey master.

    Seeing Ron like that, it reminds of the Avatar state, it was so cool to see Ron like that, and for this time for Kim to see it, unlike last time. And Shego's line to Drakken, "You had to be there." So true.

    And I got a tengling feeling seeing Kim, Ron, Drakken, and Shego all holding hands and fighting the alien invasion.

    Just loved it. 10 / 10