Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 21

Hidden Talent

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 02, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Hidden Talent
When Kim is forced by Ron to enter the school's talent show, she begins to stress out. Meanwhile, Kim is tricked into doing chores for Drakken.

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  • Ron signs Kim up to be in the talent competition, but she can't hit the high notes.

    I LOVE this episode!!! :) It is my second favorite episode of Kim Possible, and I love it so much! Especially the song, "Say the Word". Here's my full summary of this episode, Hidden Talent:

    So, there is a talent competition that will be hosted at Middleton High School. Ron goes over to the sign up board. Kim thinks he's signing him self in it and she's proud of him, but then she finds out that he actually signed her up in stead. She was afraid because ever since she had a solo when she was a preteen in Silent Night at a Christmas Concert, she could never hit the high notes and made a complete fool out of herself. But at the night of the competition, Drakken locks Kim underwater where she will get destroyed, but thanks to Wade, she gets herself to the top of the water where she finds there is ice that is blocking her escape plan. She then hits the high notes and breaks all of the ice. While she is escaping, Rufus signs Ron in the talent show before Kim, to stall. He does a comedy act, but then Kim gets there in time, she sings her song, Say the Word, beautifully, and guess what? You will never guess who won if you haven't seen this episode. RON! :)

    :D It was a totally awesome episode, next to Emotion Sickness.moreless
  • This episode is about Kim trying to show hert talent and save the world.

    When Ron signs Kim up for the talent show without her permission, Kim needs to think of a way to not make a fool of herself but still have a chance to perform better than Bonnie. However, when Wade requests Kim take an unorthodox mission and offers her some unorthodox instructions, Kim and Ron discuss the talent show while performing Wade’s obscure requests; though Kim soon discovers her hidden talent, which may just save the day and her performance. I liked this episode very much because we see Kim sing. We also see Ron do his talents which won the talent competition. Another part of this episode that I liked was to see Kim use her new gadget which looks like a ring but is also a kimmunicator/lazar.moreless
  • this is deffinently one of my favorite episodes of kim possible.

    so this episode is really good. ron signs kim up for a talent compitition. Bonnie gives kim a hard time about it and haunts her atleast 3 times a day telling her that she owns the talent show and she will win and kim should just quit while she is ahead. Drakken sets kim up and kim gets stuck underwater in a steal cage with a shark and large squid. this is one of my favorite kim possible saves that she does. she makes it to the compitition and neither, bonnie or kim win. ron does. ron won because of saving more time for kim.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes, and a great mix of the usual elements.

    When this show works well, it delivers a balanced mix of action slapstick and surprisingly well observed coming of age moments, and this episode is a good example. It begins with Bonnie being her usual hypercompetitive self. There is an upcoming talent show. And she intends to win. So Ron signs Kim up, forcing her to deal with her flashbacks to earlier school pageant traumas. Complicating things further, Ron and Kim must also deal with Dementor AND Drakken, with no time to rehearse. Will they be back in time for the show? Will they even still be alive to perform? Great suspense, wild slapstick caper action, cleverly blended into the usual teen trauma of the week, in this case school pageants. One of my favorite episodes.moreless
Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd

M.C. Honey

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Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan


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Rider Strong

Rider Strong

Brick Flagg

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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Dr. Drakken

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Ron performs his "fire breath" trick, he accidentally burns the judges' hair, but after approximately thirty seconds, the judges are shown again, only with their hair back in full.

    • Interestingly, this is only the second and most recent time Kim has sung during an episode. This is in sharp contrast with Christy Carlson Romano's more frequent performances as Ren on the show Even Stevens.

    • The close captioning refers to Drakken as 'Draken'.

    • When Drakken says "Imagine it, Shego!" his collar is blue.

    • When Kim dials a number on the teleportation module, the gold thing disappears.

    • When Kim told Bonnie she was rehearsing, Kim was on the stage. But when Bonnie played the film, all of the sudden, Kim is in a seat next to Ron. And when Kim told Bonnie "That was a long time ago," Kim is once again standing.

    • When Kim is tying up Drakken, she's wearing two gloves when she's only supposed to be wearing one.
      Near the end of Kim's talent show performance, as she sings "anytime, anywhere", you can see she has both gloves on. In the next shot, she's back to only one.

      Kim's left glove makes another appearance -- this time for a single cel -- as she spins to face Drakken's shark in the "bottomless" chasm.
      When Kim and Ron hop into the boat outside of Dementor's lair, Ron is wearing no shirt. After a shot of Rufus starting the motor, he's suddenly wearing a shirt under his lifejacket.

      During Kim's song, Ron is shown still wearing his gi. But once it's announced that he wins, he is drawn out on stage in the outfit with the green pants, without much time to change in between.
      When Ron accepts the trophy, his black and white sneakers are colored all gray, like his mission shoes.
      During the talent show, Ron burns off the judges' hair with Bueno Nacho Diablo Sauce. The next time it shows them, it's back!

      When Shego lights her hands up and gets ready to go and retrieve the adapter for the teleporter, her eyes briefly overlap her hair.

      During the locker scene after the theme song, Ron's turtleneck is colored red when it shows him from the back.
      The bottom of Ron's shirt is red in the very beginning of the air duct scene.

    • Also seen in the turtleneck goof shot: The bottom of Ron's shirt is red.

    • If Kim wanted Ron to stall for her until she could escape Drakken's trap, why didn't he and Rufus sing "Naked Mole Rap"? That song is nearly five minutes long, and it would have been another way to use a song from the sountrack album. That way, when they won, it would have been even more satisfying, at least to some viewers who like that song.

    • When Kim and Ron are in the hall right before they get messaged by Drakkon/Fake Wayd, they talk about the talent show being tomorrow. Then, Drakkon/Fake Wayd tells them to get the cable from Dementor, and says it's "quite urgent". And, when they're at Drakkon's Lair, they say the talent show's starting soon and Ron takes off. Time mess-up?

    • How does Bonnie have video of Kim's inability to hit the high notes but Ron, who has been her friend since PreK, doesn't know about it?

    • As kim steals the teleportation module, she throws her backpack into the water to become a raft. In the next shot, she is wearing her backpack while sitting on the raft.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dr. Drakken: With this teleportation module, I shall be able to instantly transport myself into any high-security area I please! Think of the possibilites, Shego! Fort Knox! The Louvre
      Shego: Or into the "10 Items or Less" line? With 11 items, huh?
      Dr. Drakken: Exactly! Wait. Was that a serious suggestion or are you mocking me?
      Shego: Yeah, I'd say about 30% serious, 70% mock.

    • Kim: (to Drakken) Which part of "she can do anything" do you not comprehend?

    • Dr. Drakken: (describing this episode's death device for Kim, displaying charts) First, you will be sealed inside a reinforced, titanium box. The box shall then be dropped into this bottomless chasm. Next, I will fill the chasm with water. Then, sharks and a man-eating squid will be released into the water, and finally, I will freeze over the top of the water with a 6-foot-thick sheet of ice. . .
      Shego: Wait, wait, wait, wait... If the chasm is "bottomless," how can you fill it with water?
      Dr. Drakken: It's very, very deep, all right?!

    • Ron: You can be Kimbo the clown!

    • Ron: Lets stick to the facts. Fact 1, you are signed up. Fact 2, you won't give Bonnie the satisfaction of backing out now.
      Kim: Fact 3, I know 16 styles of Kung Fu!
      Ron: You really need to take this unproductive anger you're feeling toward me and channel it into your act.

    • Bonnie: (pushing her way through the talent show line) Step aside, people. This is all just a formality. My older sibs have won the this contest the last four years straight. I am not about to break the Rockwaller family tradition.
      Kim: Oh, please, Bonnie. I just ate.
      Bonnie: Just trying to save my fellow students from utter humiliation.
      Kim: And your talent is what? Singing. . . your own praises? Acting. . . obnoxious?

    • Ron: You're gonna risk our reputation in front of the entire school, and you can't even hit the high notes?
      Kim: Fact one: It's my reputation on the line here. Fact two: You are the one who got me into this. And fact three: I can, and will, hit the high notes. I can do anything!

    • Kim: (referring to Drakken's plot) Beats humiliation at the talent show, I guess.

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Transportulator:

      Despite what he may think, Dr. Dementor is not the first to create this device. The precursor device is the "Modemizer", created by Professor Norton Nimnul almost 20 years ago in the Rescue Rangers episode A Fly in the Ointment.

    • Thunderball:

      Drakken's plan mirrors Largo's trap in Thunderball

      In Hidden Talent:

      Dr. Drakken puts Kim in a box under water and seals off the top of the water with ice, sharks are then released into the water through trap doors. Also, Kim uses her class ring from Wade as a re-breather to swim to safety.

      In James Bond 007 Thunderball:

      James is fighting with a henchman when they both fall into a swimming pool. Largo, the villain activates a cover that slides over the water trapping them. he then opens a trap door to his shark tank which then lets the sharks into the pool who then eat the henchman.

      007 escapes by using the rebreather disguised as a cigar case that "Q" gave to him earlier in the movie.

      (he swims through the door the sharks came through, rather than breaking out of the top of the water though)

    • M. C. Honey:

      Reference to the 80s rapper M. C. Hammer, who popularised the "baggy pants" look. He dropped out of the scene in the late 90s, along with a bankruptcy filing. He's currently an ordained minister and can be seen in the reality show The Surreal Life.

    • Marcel Marceau:

      The costumes worn by Ron and Rufus while doing their mime act (walking against the wind) are replicas of the costume worn by famous mime Marcel Marceau (the wind routine his trademark routine).

    • Michael Jackson:

      During Kim's performance, she has on only one glove, much like the way Michael Jackson used to perform wearing one glove.

    • Swan Lake:

      The Swan Tutu is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the ballet Swan Lake.

    • Saturday Night Live:

      Drakken's visual presentation reflects a late-ninties SNL skit "Lease With An Option To Kill" wherein the villain (Christopher Walken) shows Bond the manner of his execution on several poster-board sheets of paper.

    • Björk:

      Bonnie's swan tutu mirrors Björk's much-lampooned fashion disaster at the 2001 Academy Awards.

    • The Matrix:

      Kim teleporting through the phone is a reference to The Matrix. In the movie, "operators" could get unplugged people out of the Matrix by establishing a phone connection and having the person who was escaping hold the phone up to his/her ear.

    • Mission: Impossible:

      Kim and Ron lowering down on ropes over a pressure-sensitive floor is a nod to Mission: Impossible.